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To Be United Is An Impregnable Stronghold

It was a battle between a quasi god and a god! All the scenes were recorded by satellite.It was rare for ordinary people to come into contact with soul masters, let alone witness a battle of this rank. The scene captured everyone’s attention.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie displayed his incomparably powerful fighting capacity. He fought against the Demon Empress repeatedly. The apocalyptic scene made the viewers feel suffocated.

Had the recording not been shown by the federal parliament, the public would have thought that it was a special effects performance.

Was it really a special effects performance? Of course not. It was a real battle!

The public saw Chen Xinjie’s four-word battle armor and the extent of his powers. Occasionally, Mo Lan would provide some explanations. It made everyone’s blood boil on watching the recording.

At the end, the Boundless Sea Douluo was defeated in the battle. The moment he stumbled into the sea, a feeling of sorrow swept over everyone.

Chen Xinjie had lost. Undoubtedly, his opponent, the Demon Empress, was a god-ranked powerhouse!

Meanwhile, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue made her way to the scene. Countless people cried profusely when they witnessed Chen Xinjie profess his love for Yeyue during their final moments.

The public were not aware that the powerhouses on the continent and from the military had risked their lives to protect them. The powerhouses were battling at a place far away which they themselves had never been to!

The two great Limit Douluos had fallen. On the other hand, the abyssal passage was flaring up once again.

The war was in full swing. The federal military was steadily losing ground as they were being pushed back by their formidable enemies. The first defense line was lost, followed by the second defense line. The mountain was attacked and seized with the abyssal Spirit Dragons leading the terrifying abyssal legion to attack the defense line ceaselessly.

The federal military’s soldiers suffered heavy losses with many lives lost.

Finally, the public saw a silhouette which they were familiar with. It was the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena!

However, Mo Lan introduced her as the newly-appointed Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master.

For the common people, Gu Yuena was a powerhouse whom they were most familiar with since they had watched her during the Joust For A Spouse Festival in the past. They remembered the advertisements promoting the Silver Dragon Princess at the time.

A beautiful woman always attracted the attention of the public, especially when the beautiful woman was also powerful in her abilities and held an esteemed status. She was everyone’s focal point of attention.

Gu Yuena led mankind’s powerhouses to hold out against the enemy’s offensive. The scene on the screen stirred up feelings of righteousness in the public.

At last, Tang Wulin returned. Someone in Mingdu’s central square cheered when he arrived on the battlefield cladded in the Golden Dragon Moon Song. All at once, the cheers of the people echoed throughout the central square.

Tang Wulin fought against the Demon Empress ferociously while Gu Yuena killed the Spirit Monarch.

At the same time, the powerhouses began to fall.

The people were silent when the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu perished together with the Darkness Phoenix Leng Yulai. It was definitely not a performance as the powerhouses were dying over there!

The infrasonic aircrafts appeared. The Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall powerhouses collaborated with the Blood God Army and the air force to suppress the abyssal legion’s offensive. The public felt relieved that everything was progressing favorably.

It was then that the Demon Empress proposed a bet of three rounds of battles.

The scene switched over to Mo Lan once again.

“The bet was agreed upon without the parliament’s approval after a discussion was held between the frontline’s supreme commander and the powerhouses. They had hoped that the decision would increase the chances of survival for the soldiers. I believe that many of our viewers have family members who are frontline soldiers. Our heroes weren’t acting cowardly. They were responsible for the lives of everyone. They chose to sacrifice their lives to uphold the glory of the continent and protect their fellow officers.”

“I understand that the Federation wouldn’t have agreed to proceed with the bet had they relayed the information to the Federation. There’s a saying: ‘A field commander must decide even against the king’s orders’. They made a decision which favored the survival of more soldiers. As a member of the parliament, I condemn them for their behavior. However, as a woman whose entire family died in the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult, they’re the heroes in my heart.”

Mo Lan’s eyes were red by the time she finished her commentary. Her lips were tightly pursed. At the same time, her emotions affected everyone.

They were heroes. Yes, they were the heroes especially in the eyes of the family members of the frontline soldiers. There were hundreds and thousands of soldiers involved along with hundreds and thousands of families!

Thus, the word ‘hero’ was deeply entrenched into their minds.

The scene switched over to the frontline once again. The Federation’s side had completed the grouping. The Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue led a team of the War Gods into the battlefield to engage in an all out war against the abyssal powerhouses.

The Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi did not flinch at all and guarded the team by sacrificing his arm. When the martial soul fusion skill Vast Sun Heaven Guqin appeared on the battlefield, the viewers were overwhelmed with feelings of anger and righteousness.

Simultaneously, the opponents displayed their powerful abilities, not least the ever powerful abyssal Devil Monarch.

The Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue achieved Godhood in a single step. He used his actions to prove the hidden skills of the War God Hall. His earth shattering spear became the mainstay.

On the other hand, the Ferocious Wolf Douluo perished with the enemy. His final, deep gaze was etched into every witness’s mind.

They were the heroes! The two great Limit Douluos sacrificed themselves to achieve the victory of the battle. A number of the War Gods survived. On the other hand, the fallen Limit Douluos were gone forever. Nonetheless, they were determined, calm, and composed.

They were the real heroes.

A large number of viewers were shedding tears. A few common folks might have doubted the frontline powerhouses who made the unilateral decision. Nevertheless, all their doubts were gone now, replaced with emotional tears.

“With great power comes great responsibility. The Skycrosser Douluo and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo taught us this lesson when they sacrificed their lives. Now, please tell me. Are they not the heroes of our Federation?”

“Yes…” The reply, as loud as a roaring tsunami, echoed through the entire Douluo Continent. All at once, a gush of invisible energy known as the power of belief swept through the air. The presence of the aura substantially weakened the pressure emitted by the dark sun in the sky.

The second phase of the war had begun. When the Nine Palace Boxes appeared, everyone was shocked by the sight of it. They watched as the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali ignited her life and even her soul to burn the Ghost Emperor over and over again. In the end, she perished together with him. Consequently, the people cried profusely.

Yali had saved countless lives in her lifetime. Her moniker as the number one beauty in the Federation had existed for many years. She was a very beautiful woman, but her soul was even more beautiful!

She was the only recovery-type Limit Douluo on the entire continent who had also become a victim in this war. She was the last Limit Douluo in Shrek Academy who had vast experience.

Next, Lan Muzi died. Wu Zhangkong was frozen into ice. The scenes were tugging at the public’s heartstrings.

No doubt they were all heroes. They were willing to sacrifice their lives valiantly to protect the continent. Even if they had to die, they would do it to bring victory to the continent.

At last, the current Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, the Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin and the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master, the Silver Dragon Dance Qilin Gu Yuena made their appearances. They led the Shrek Six Monsters together with Sima Jinchi to fight against the Demon Empress and the Intense Monarch’s team.

The viewers held their breaths while watching the ferocious battle. The public cheered aloud when Tang Wulin held Gu Yuena’s hand and together transformed into the Dragon God.

The Demon Empress was defeated and on the verge of death. Mankind had finally achieved a tremendous victory.

It was precisely then that the abyssal Sage King seized the Demon Empress’ body and appeared before them. His shameless voice was heard. The whole story of the conspiracy was told without reservation on the screen.

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