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Suddenly, a person stood up from among the members of the parliament. She walked up in long strides and made her way to the chairman’s side at the chairman’s station.

“Please listen to me.”

Mo Lan was dressed in a fitting dark blue suit of formal wear. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail that made her appear neat and nimble. Her gaze was deep yet determined and not the panic and despair that the others had.

The chairman hesitated for a moment but he did not stop her.

Mo Lan was now the true leader of the Dove Faction. Following the resurgence of the Dove Faction, she had achieved a high status in the parliament. It was a time when there were no leaders among the multitude of people, when the people were confused and disconcerted. When someone came forward with a suggestion, it was certainly better than the present chaotic situation.

Following Mo Lan’s announcement, the members of the parliament shifted their gaze back to the chairman’s station. They recognized Mo Lan obviously. The din quelled soon after.

Mo Lan had a calm and composed expression. “Everyone, why do we get to sit in this room? Are we here just to represent ourselves? No, we’re representing the population in the Douluo Federation. We were voted by them to be present here so as to discuss the Federation’s affairs. If we give up, then it is truly the end of the Douluo Federation, or perhaps, even all mankind! The people are always saying that our parliament is divided into the Hawk Faction, the Dove Faction, the Independent Faction, et cetera. Some are calling me the representative of the Dove Faction. So, if I, the person who supports peace, refuse to give up, what are your excuses to give up then? We only have another three days. There are no lack of miracles in this world. Why can’t we anticipate a miracle to happen then?”

“The soldiers on the frontline risk their lives and there are many who died in battle in icy cold Thule. Meanwhile, what have we done as we sit in this warm hall? If we can’t even give them moral support, do we deserve the right to be here?”

“Now is the time to decide the survival or death of the Douluo Federation. It is also precisely the time that we should all be united as one to fight against a formidable enemy. We can’t give up now. If we give up, the Federation will immediately be in disorder. Only determination and unity can possibly result in a miracle. At least, we must ensure that the Federation is not in chaos under our management before the arrival of the miracle. Even if there isn’t a miracle and the great catastrophe is truly upon us, mankind will die standing with dignity before those alien creatures!”

Her statement was made in a sonorous and forceful tone. It felt as if the windows of the entire parliament hall were shaking.

If one were to say that the noise was reduced earlier, the entire scene was now dead silent after her sonorous, forceful statement was made.

They needed a strong voice during such turbulent times the most.

Any member of the parliament in the room, who represented at least one faction, was deemed a rather influential individual of the Federation. The earlier recordings were truly shocking. The people were scared out of their wits especially after watching the complete annihilation of the three great fleets.

Although many people wanted to know the possibility of a miracle happening, they needed a mainstay such as Mo Lan even more. Undoubtedly, she had managed to bring the people together at this crucial juncture.

Mo Lan did not give them time to ponder. She continued speaking in a loud voice, “Thus, I have a proposal.”

When she made the announcement, she intentionally paused for a moment. Later, her aura became more overpowering.

“The most important task for us now is to bring the people together, so they can act as one and provide moral support to our frontline soldiers. We must tell them that the parliament and the whole population are with them!”

In Mingdu.

The people panicked upon seeing the purple sun in the sky. Some dissident voices were heard coming from the streets occasionally. Many of the shops were closed, especially the shops that sold groceries.

Within a day, all the commodity prices surged to all time highs. Yet, the folks were making panic purchases.

No one knew what was happening, but the oppressing feeling which descended from the sky the other day was for real. Everyone seemingly felt the terrifying feeling of oppression and was certain it was a catastrophe.

The key issue was it had been a full day, yet the government had yet to make any announcements. In fact, even the media was silent. Those who were more intelligent speculated that an important event had probably occurred. It was an event that affected the entire Federation.

In the central square.

It was a bustling area of Mingdu with many landmark buildings. It was a top tourist spot for the outsiders who were visiting. Frequently, exhibitions on consumer and advanced technologies were organized here. For example, the first large soul screen in human history was installed here.

With the constant progress in technology, the large screen was now ten times its initial size. The display screen was a hundred and twenty meters in height, forty meters in width which made it the largest display screen in the Federation installed in the central square landmark where the federal building was located. Many businesses in the Federation were willing to pay a high price for advertising their businesses on the screen which they were really proud of.

At present, the large screen was showing an advertisement. Yet, no one paid it any attention. Usually, there were few who stopped to look at the screen.

All of a sudden, the screen dimmed abruptly. The light, which illuminated the surroundings initially, had vanished.

The people who were rushing by shifted their gaze to it subconsciously due to the sudden change in the lighting. In the next moment, the screen brightened up again.

A woman with a beautiful, dignified face dressed in formal attire appeared on the screen. Her voice was broadcasted throughout the entire central square via the soul audio amplifiers.

All the various media, the soul television stations, the large outdoor screens in the entire Federation played the same scene at the moment.

“Hello everyone, my name is Mo Lan and I’m a member of the parliament.”

All at once, everyone watching the screen stopped moving. It seemed as if they had a premonition. They immediately shifted their gaze to the screen and summoned their friends and family to watch it together. This could affect the future of everyone!

Mo Lan paused for a moment. “I’m going to announce some bad news. As a representative of the parliament and government, I believe every single person deserves to know about an important event which will determine the Federation’s survival.”

“Six thousand years ago…”

It was a story. The story began six thousand years ago when the abyssal plane first arrived.

“… The powerhouses from Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda and the War God Hall led the Federation’s soldiers to defeat the invaders for the first time…”

“… They’ve returned and brought the catastrophe upon us once again. The Holy Spirit Cult contributed to the disaster by letting in the invaders. The scene that you’re about to watch is precisely the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array made from a million human sacrifices. Once again, at this critical moment, Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect…”

“… They sacrificed their lives and poetized their splendid glory. They had crushed the enemy’s conspiracy once again. The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was finally broken…”

The large screen displayed some scenes which were considered top secret following Mo Lan’s announcement. The meticulously edited scenes highlighted the soul masters and soldiers who had devoted their efforts to fight against the enemies in the war.

The public saw the soldiers spared no effort in fighting on the battlefield. They saw the soldiers going all out in their attacks.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was broken, and everything seemed calm at the moment. The defense lines were built once again. Just as everyone was relieved, the scene panned to a view of the sea and showed the Demon Empress transform from the deep sea devil whale king. Her appearance made everyone’s chest tighten in fear.

Next, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie appeared in military uniform with shiny general stars pinned on his shoulders. He fought ferociously against the Demon Empress on the sea.

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