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One should know that even the weakest member of the Dragon Clan was of God Officer rank when the Divine Realm still existed!After the downfall of the Dragon Clan, the dragons’ abilities weakened substantially. Nevertheless, every giant dragon was still equal to Title Douluo rank at the very least.

Tang Wulin summoned the Golden Dragon Spear to his left hand and pointed it at the abyssal passage. Immediately, the Divine Dragon Legion advanced toward the tide of abyssal creatures at the sound of deafening dragon’s roars.

The artillery fire blanketed the battleground while the Divine Dragon Legion resisted from the front. All at once, the combat zone fell into total chaos.

The abyssal Sage King merely stood and calmly observed everything that Tang Wulin did. He did not express anything as if everything was unrelated to him.

The Divine Dragon Legion spearheaded the offensive, so Tang Wulin turned around as well to face the abyssal Sage King. He raised the Sea God’s Trident and Golden Dragon Spear simultaneously.

All of a sudden, he turned and hurled the Golden Dragon Spear. It moved like an arrow toward the abyssal Sage King.

The abyssal Sage King kept his left hand behind his back just as before while he swung the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in his right hand. “Clang!” With a clang, the Golden Dragon Spear was tossed aside after being hit.

“Don’t you understand yet? Your efforts are futile regardless of what you do. It is because I’m already here.”

Halos of nine colors descended from the sky. It was the divine skill, the Indefinite Storm!

As he was confronted by the halos, the abyssal Sage King held his Heaven Saint Crack Abyss straight before his body. The smile on his face remained unchanged.

It was a success!

When the halos wrapped around the Sage King’s body, Tang Wulin could immediately feel that the Sage King was already within his grasp. It seemed that the opponent had carelessly been trapped by his divine skill.

The Indefinite Storm’s control ability was so strong that it was able to trap a God long enough for Tang Wulin to unleash his next attack.

The darkness between the sky and ground abruptly turned even darker. It was so dark that one could not see one’s own hands. Even the purple sun had vanished.

It was Forbid One World!

Piercing brilliance suddenly burst forth. It was a blazing hot white light that carried an incomparably majestic aura.

Tang Wulin was well aware that this was perhaps his only chance. Thus, he held nothing back as he channeled all that he had into his Sea God’s Trident.

The sharp aura erupted with an ineffable terror. Everything turned into an incandescent color including his body and the Sea God’s Trident. It transformed into a bright ray of light that swept past the abyssal Sage King, still immobilized by the Indefinite Storm.

The sky and ground were still frozen.

The powerhouses that were engaged in the battle shifted their gaze to this side.

All of them knew that the battle between Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena against the Sage King was the crucial factor that would determine the outcome of the war!

The loud blasts of the artillery fire should have drowned out the attack. However, it seemed that even sound was stripped away from the world when the bright light ray pierced through the Sage King.

Radiance flashed past, and an unhealthy pallor could be seen on Tang Wulin’s face, despite still being in his Dragon God Shake Heaven form. Fatigue was the price he paid for unleashing everything. He was thoroughly exhausted after launching the attack. However, it would all be worth it if he could defeat the abyssal Sage King.

“I said before that both of you aren’t real Gods yet. Even if you were a real God, how can you possibly hurt me without the power of a rank-1 Godhood?”

The abyssal Sage King lowered his head and looked at himself. More than half of his body had been ruptured by the Dragon Emperor Shine, but the smile on his face only grew wider.

The nine-colored Indefinite Storm coiled around his body vanished. There was a flash of blue-purple radiance, and all his wounds disappeared without a trace as if he had never been injured.

“How is that possible?” Tang Wulin could not help screaming out.

The abyssal Sage King said calmly, “Nothing is impossible. Why don’t you think about this? My subordinates can be resurrected through the abyss. As its leader, I am the abyss personified. Who do you think you are to try to kill me?”

Tang Wulin’s heart sank immediately. The combination of the Indefinite Storm and Dragon Emperor Shine was already the most powerful technique he could unleash, especially when it was unleashed in his Dragon God Transformation. He had already exhausted all his abilities with that strike. Moreover, the abyssal Sage King could recover from that just in a moment.

He really was immortal!

The abyssal Sage King appeared to be very patient. He looked at Tang Wulin and said, “Do you know what it means if I die? It means that the core of the whole abyss will fall apart. The entire abyssal plane will crumble for me. My death will detonate the abyss. As the only plane that is linked to the abyss, your entire star will explode as well. Thus, even if you have the ability to defeat me, you won’t be able to kill me. Moreover, you’re still far from being able to achieve that.”

“Frankly, I was already very bored of living on the abyssal plane for so many years. I was constantly doing the same thing every day. I’m very happy that I got to chat with you today. What a waste that I’ll still need to end you. After all, I’m still able to sense something that threatens my presence in you. I shall let you bear witness to my real power.”

As he spoke, the abyssal Sage King stepped forward with his left foot.

The step seemed normal, but Tang Wulin felt as the abyssal Sage King had already moved across the vast sky. In the next moment, he arrived before Tang Wulin and swung the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in his hand horizontally.

The blue-purple blade’s radiance was only about three meters in length just as before. It appeared to be quite easy to dodge, but Tang Wulin realized that he could no longer move. It felt as if the entire world was repelling him and pushed him to the front of the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss by force.

“Pssh…” There was a flash of blood as Tang Wulin let out a muffled grunt. Even though the Sea God’s Trident managed to block the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss, Tang Wulin was still blasted away by the impact.

Two silhouettes became separated in the air. Gu Yuena stumbled out from his body.

Gu Yuena was safe and sound while Tang Wulin’s chest and abdomen were fully exposed. A large amount of blood was gushing out. The Golden Dragon Moon Song was utterly ineffective in resisting the attack.

“The super divine weapon is dependent upon who wields it too. I wouldn’t stand a chance if the Sea God’s Trident were held in your father’s hand. The same divine skill unleashed by him would have already killed me. What a waste that you’re still far from that. You’re not even a real God yet. How can you possibly rival me?”

“Wulin!” Gu Yuena held Tang Wulin in the air. Fresh blood was streaming out from his nose and mouth. His body was even uncontrollably shaking.

His wounds were healing rapidly, but his face was starting to turn paler and paler. His entire body was shaking violently as if he was struggling to hold onto his own life.

Gu Yuena’s eyes instantly filled with tears. She had only just realized what had happened.

The Dragon God Transformation fused them as one. Any injury endured during the process of Dragon God Transformation was supposed to be shared equally, but Tang Wulin was constantly controlling the skill. As the main controller, he was the only person enduring the injuries.

The abyssal Sage King’s attack earlier appeared simple, yet the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ ability was unleashed in an unparalleled manner.

One could imagine how terrifying the attack had been when even the Sea God’s Trident was incapable of resisting it. Even so, the first thing Tang Wulin did when he was hit was to separate himself from Gu Yuena instead of concentrating their powers to resist.

This was because Tang Wulin understood very well that they may not necessarily be able to resist it even if he were to concentrate their powers. It was highly possible both of them would end up severely injured.

Because he separated from Gu Yuena, he became even weaker. The abyssal Sage King’s Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was tilted upward when it pierced Tang Wulin’s chest and abdomen from below. It broke Tang Wulin’s Dragon Core and his heart. The incomparably sharp aura burst through Tang Wulin’s most vital organs. His heart and Dragon Core had crushed.

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