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Jason was still tied up, he woke up when the sleeping spell caused by Dasos has gone.

Jason: where am I,I think this place is not convenient at all

( still closing his eyes,he snore )

What is going on here

( he trie to loose his hands still snoring )

Come on

( he open his eyes )

What is going on

( he was amazed )

I think I am dreaming before I fall into a deep sleep,so it is reality, can this be real

( he wondered )

This must be real, it has to be real

( he begin to loose his hands until Dasos arrived then pretend to be sleeping while snoring loudly )

Dasos: ha ha, he don’t even know how to sleep, this is bad for him, actually am leaving now and am sure he his save from any protectors and defenders here

( she vanished out of the place,while Jason open his eyes )

Jason: I know she has a plan for me

( he smiled )


Verta and Morgana walk through the forest searching for Jason in order to kidnap him.

Verta: we have to locate the place fast before it is too late

Morgana: that is a better idea

Verta: if we succeed Master Hoxo will grant us our wish I know he might have promise Dasos something

Morgana: I too think of it, all we need to do is to kidnap him by all course and surprised master with it,we are going to lie, we are going to tell master that he tried to kidnap him and also wanted to save him

Verta: I know this will make Hoxo to be furious.

Morgana: not only that, he was going to destroy her once and for all

Verta: but how are we going to makes this fast.

Morgana: don’t worry, I have a tracker

( she bring it out )

Verta: wow, this will surely help

Morgana: I build it two hundred century years ago because I know this day will come and it is time for us to use it.

Verta: ha ha ha

( they laughed together, suddenly, Dasos arrived, they were surprised )

Morgana: are you searching for us

Dasos: probably not

Verta: then why have you come

Dasos: I am on my way to master lair

Verta: that is nice you have to pay him visit

Dasos: where are you going too

Morgana: master gave us a mission to do

Dasos: is it not yesterday mission

Verta: no no no, we haven’t accomplished it yet.

Morgana: we are going now

Dasos: am going too

( Dasos turn back wanted to be going, he then realize something, she turn to them again )

What are you doing with tracker

Morgana: we have to use it on our mission, their is an enemy hiding

Dasos: anywhere, bye

( she vanished )


Morgana and Verta use the tracker to track the location of Jason,before they get their, Jason has escaped only what they could see was a rope

Morgana: oh no he has escaped

Verta: we loose

Morgana: we haven’t loose, this is the beginning

( they all walked out of the place )


Jason begin to run suddenly Morgana and Verta stand on his way

Morgana: what did you think you are doing, you are not even smart at all

Jason: now get out if my way

Morgana: never, this is the beginning

( Morgana and Verta combine their energy blast, they increased it,they send it, fortunately something stop the rushing bomber, it turns to Morgana and verta and it blast them while they feel weaked )

Jason: what is going on

( he was amazed )

Morgana: what have you done to us

Verta: I think he was with supernatural ability

Morgana: I think also but he can’t stop us

( Jason step back, suddenly something like white smokes air cover him down, he could feel something like supernatural ability while his eyes changes, the smokes then vanish out of him)

What have you done

Jason: it is time to pay back

( Keeper spirit enter him while he begin to think and act like keeper )

I am with the spirit, Awesome promise me that few hours ago

Morgana: next we come will be different

( Morgana and Verta were very furious indeed, they all vanish )

Jason: now that I am entrusted with keeper spirit am going to use it and protect my people for good including my belove brother

( he close his eyes )

Something is going on, Fang is not save

( he quickly run out of the place )


Fang was attacked by Jarvis,Fang has been weaked and can’t even rise his sword

Fang: Jarvis am not your enemy I am your friend we protect earth together including the seven kingdom you wish to protect till the rest of your life

Jarvis: keep shut you lair, hiw dare you lie to me

Fang: am not, the evil is using you, Hoxo is mending and retraining you, you have to release your self

Jarvis: ha ha, you want me to believe you, actually I can’t, now pick up your sword and fight me

Fang: I won’t fight you anymore and I don’t want to hurt you

Jarvis: you have to hurt me, hurt me

Fang: I said I won’t

( he shout )

Jarvis: then am going to killed you for good

Fang: if you like, am not afraid of death, before I die am going to make sure I protect you to the end

Jarvis: ha ha ha, I like those who joke with their life

Fang: because I believe you can’t do it

Jarvis: try me.

( Jarvis smile as he rise up his sword )

Jarvis: thanks for giving me your life

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