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An End To All This?

Tang Wulin’s entire body had turned nine-colored in the meantime. The Dragon God’s aura filled the air around his body. In an instant, he transformed into a nine-colored light ray that shot straight at the abyssal Sage King.The abyssal Sage King smiled calmly. “Let’s end all this then.” As he spoke, he pointed ahead with the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. All the abyssal creatures immediately charged wildly toward mankind’s side akin to a mighty torrent.

“Fire!” The Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi dispatched the order in an almost hysterical voice from the command post.

Everything happened so quickly. When Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena unleashed the Dragon God Transformation, everyone thought the outcome was determined. No one expected the disruptive changes.

All their hard work and effort seemingly vanished like soap bubbles in an instant. They were about to fight against an entity that was terrifying and powerful beyond imagination.

Perhaps, they did not stand much of a chance in this war. However, they were willing to sacrifice everything to protect Douluo as Tang Wulin said.

In the distance, the three great fleets’ artillery fire rained down upon the battlefield once again. Everyone was engaged on the battlefield, the infrasonic and soul fighter aircrafts in the sky, even the powerhouses from the Blood God Army.

It was a live or die battle. It was a clan war that only one side could remain standing at the end.

The nine-colored light ray transformed into a shocking rainbow in the sky and arrived before the abyssal Sage King instantly. Tang Wulin pierced forward with the Sea God’s Trident in his hand. Thousands of light rays turned inward and transformed into the most dazzling brilliance. It was the Thousand Accusing Fingers.

“Clang!” A violent, loud boom was heard. Tang Wulin who had already achieved the absolute God-ranked realm was utterly incapable of resisting the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. His entire person was blasted away by the impact.

It appeared even more terrifying when a large opening was torn on the chest of the four-word battle armor Golden Dragon Moon Song. Fresh blood came gushing out of the wound.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in the abyssal Sage King’s hand was the one and only true super divine weapon! Even the Sea God’s Trident was incapable of blocking it as its character was one ignorant of defenses.

It was the most terrifying part of the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. It was peerless in close combat!

If ever there was a ranking list for super divine weapons, then the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss would certainly rank first for close combat weapons.

The Sea God’s Trident’s abilities were well-balanced. Its powerful abilities were its attack, amplification, amongst others. However, it was different from the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ specialized and sheer attacking ability.

The wound on Tang Wulin’s body was healing swiftly. The recovery ability of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King was similarly powerful. The Dragon God fused from the Golden and Silver Dragon Kings ensured that his recovery ability increased exponentially.

Although the wound was healing, he clearly felt an incomparably terrifying, sharp aura that was wildly crashing his body inside. His Dragon Core was pulsating intensely to pump out hot blood continuously and strengthen his body in an attempt to neutralize the intense aura. Nevertheless, it only managed to slow down the process.

It was actually Gu Yuena’s power inside his body which weakened the aura using all the different types of elements. Hence, Tang Wulin’s suffering was lessened.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Loud booming noises echoed inside of Tang Wulin’s body. There was a crucial power inside his body which played its role at the moment.

A seven-colored radiance shimmered and spurted outward during the explosion. The intense aura was neutralized at last by the elemental lightning calamity which was absorbed by the Thunderclap Nether Vine inside his body.

The elemental lightning calamity was a form of planar power. At present, the abyssal Sage King’s attack completely sealed off Tang Wulin’s ability to interact with the plane. Thus, Tang Wulin was incapable of utilizing the lord of the plane’s power. Yet, the Sage King was unaware of the power stored inside Tang Wulin’s body.

Only the lord of this plane could possibly suppress the power of another plane.

Tang Wulin had relied on the elemental lightning calamity’s explosion to block all the power emitted from the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss with great effort at last.

“Huh? That’s quite interesting.” The abyssal Sage King darted Tang Wulin a look and cracked into a faint smile. At present, he exuded the feeling of a cat catching mice. He was utterly at ease as if he was toying with everything in this world.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was focused. He grasped at the air with his left hand. At once, the air around him which was initially filled with an oppressive abyssal aura disintegrated.

It was the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

Soon after, he shook the Sea God’s Trident in his hand once. A terrifying, arrogant overbearingness burst forth at once. His powerful aura shot out akin to an oil blowout.

It was the Forbid Heaven-earth, Dragon Emperor Fight!

The nine-colored radiance on his body glowed brighter and brighter. Tang Wulin’s eyes even turned nine-colored this instant. The final three Golden Dragon King Seals inside his body were shaking violently as if they were about to break at any moment. At the same time, his aura was elevated tremendously once again.

It was the second transformation of the Dragon God Transformation known as the Dragon God Shock Heaven!

“Roar…” An aroused dragon’s roar shook through the vast expanse on the ground. It was even more alarming when something appeared after the dragon’s roar was heard.

A gigantic nine-colored halo over three thousand metres in diameter appeared on the ground. The halo was marked with exceedingly complex patterns, and it was filled with unmatching pride which did not belong to this world.

It was the pride of a person who had stood on the highest peak of this world in the past!

Soon after, dragon roars were heard. A halo was unleashed from Tang Wulin’s body. Gigantic silhouettes arose from the area enshrouded by the nine-colored halos.

They were made of thick and strong bones. The muscles and scales gradually grew under the nine-colored radiance. Their incomparable auras burst forth into the air one after another.

Tang Wulin hovered above them akin to a king surveying his army troop.

Those were giant dragons.

The golden ones were the Light Dragon Clan, while the red ones were the Scarlet Dragon Clan. The huge ones were the Mountain Dragon Clan whereas the ones with powerful fighting capacities were the Darkness Dragon Clan.

Each of the giant dragons came in different shapes, but they were all humongous. Every single one of them possessed an exceedingly powerful aura.

They were the true masters of this world before mankind. Even when the Douluo Divine Realm was newly born, no one could surpass them at the time.

In fact, the entire Dragon Clan disappeared during the generation. It was because they were brought into the Divine Realm under the leadership of the Dragon God. It was precisely due to their presence that the Divine Realm became truly strong.

There was a conflict between them and the Godhoods in the Divine Realm because they were overly powerful. The proud Dragon Clan would not yield to the others. A God War which involved the entire Divine Realm almost caused the collapse of the Divine Realm.

At last, the Dragon Clan was defeated and all the giant dragons were killed. The Dragon God only managed to use its last vestiges of power to build a world that belonged to the Dragon Clan. It was a small and unstable world.

It was Tang Wulin who laid the numerous giant dragon bones to rest. On the other hand, Tang Wulin finally made the call today to bring the Divine Dragon Legion to the world for the very first time.

Even though they were no longer the divine beasts of the past which were transformed from remnant bones and corpses, and were far from being as powerful as before, the pride of the Dragon Clan still existed in their presence.

It was the combination of the Thousand Dancing Dragons and the Divine Dragon Legion!

The resulting Divine Dragon Legion, summoned with the Dragon God’s aura in addition to the token gifted to him in the past, was obviously more powerful than Tang Wulin’s previous bidding.

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