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The Abyssal Sage King’s Conspiracy

“I’ve exhausted all my abilities and finally managed to connect the abyssal passage to your Douluo Star. After the passage was formed, we launched the first exploratory attack six thousand years ago. At the time, the lord of your plane was still very strong. We were not powerful enough to resist it at the time. Hence, we had to cease fire.”“It’s not an easy thing to devour a plane in real life. Mankind’s ability is not weak either. We were looking for an opportunity at the time. In reality, I could have enshrouded my consciousness around your world after linking the abyssal passage. I could not feel all the living souls, but I felt the intense negative energy. Those fools from the Holy Spirit Cult were hoping for the support of an Evil God during their development, yet they were unaware that I was the Evil God who fulfilled their miraculous requests occasionally. In fact, I was the one who helped them to invent the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array.”

“The Holy Spirit Cult came to us on their own initiative. I told them about your Blood God Army keeping guard over the abyssal passage. The Holy Spirit Cult was looking to destroy anything that your Federation guarded. Hence, they made every effort to contact us. They were unaware that everything was being carried out step by step according to my plan.”

“We then had an agreement. The Holy Spirit Cult wanted mankind’s death energy and negative emotions while we wanted your life force. It appeared that both sides stood to gain. However, the Ghost Emperor was secretly scheming against us. At the time, they began to construct the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. The Demon Empress was but a madwoman while the actual leader was the Ghost Emperor. He had a crafty plan to use the Demon Empress to create the Divine Realm which would help him to breakthrough to Godhood. At the same time, our abyssal plane would be their stepping stone. They just wanted to use us.”

“Meanwhile, I turned his scheme to my advantage. I made them think that they were being used as they were more superior. This resulted in the present war. However, they’ve utterly no idea that everything, the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array included, the opening of the abyssal passage, even waging this war, was in preparation for this very moment.”

“As the lord of the abyssal plane, it was truly difficult to move from one plane to another plane. The lord of your Douluo Continent Plane was very cautious. It’s a pity that he was still deceived.”

“Why did so many of my underlings die? Because I needed even more power. The abyssal energy devoured by your side was just a portion of their death aura. On the other hand, I devoured the planar origin power produced when the abyss level they represented collapsed. The power allowed me to break free of your plane’s constraint when I came to this world.”

“Aren’t you curious why there was a bet of the three battles? The goal was simple. I wanted more underlings to die as I couldn’t send them to their doom. The bet made it justified. Also, I needed more time to complete the crossing of the plane. I told the Sage Monarch to inform the Demon Empress that our abyss needed more time to mobilize additional powerhouses. At the same time, I’d have the chance to cross the plane too. On the other hand, the Demon Empress’ plan was to weaken us as much as possible. She was so ambitious that even the Ghost Emperor misjudged her. She wanted to weaken us and devour the Douluo Star’s life force to create the Divine Realm. She would then link the abyssal plane to the Douluo Star and devour me as well, so that she could make her Divine Realm even more powerful.”

“I went along with her plan, of course. Mankind calls this ‘taking advantage of an opportunity provided by the opponent’s reckless move’. Only that, she was unaware her so-called Real God embodiment was arranged by me. I won’t appear until both sides are wounded and defeated. On the other hand, I don’t have a place to sojourn and deceive heaven without a God-ranked body even if I do manage to cross the plane. Thus, the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was producing a body for me to live on this plane in reality. I need a place to stabilize myself after crossing the plane. The extent of my power is beyond your imagination. As long as I can stabilize my body, this plane will be mine completely.”

At this point, the abyssal Sage King looked at Tang Wulin with a satisfied smile. “Thank you very much for your help. Had it not been your effort to injure the Demon Empress severely until she’s in a near-death state, it would not have been an easy feat for me to seize her body. Her willpower is more powerful than I imagined. Besides, she’s wildly ambitious. I only realized after seizing her body earlier that her goal was to resurrect her husband after creating the Divine Realm. That’s truly an impressive goal. It’s a pity she won’t be able to accomplish it.”

The truth was now revealed. Undoubtedly, it would be the most horrifying catastrophe ever to happen to the Douluo Continent. The abyssal Sage King had deliberately planned for this event for a few thousand years so as to complete the crossing now. One could only imagine his efforts.

Tang Wulin slowly raised the Golden Trident in his hand with a solemn expression. The truth was out and the conspiracy exposed at last. If the Demon Empress were a true god, then the abyssal Sage King was most likely a true Godhood. Were they capable of defeating such a Godhood?

Mankind’s powerhouses on the scene had all gathered behind Tang Wulin.

The sky seemed even more oppressed now. The purple sun emitted a faint glow, yet its brilliance complemented the abyssal Sage King’s presence.

All the elements in the air became incomparably scarce. On the other hand, the abyssal creatures which were suppressed earlier were now akin to being injected with stimulants. Their bodies began to swell while their auras also became more powerful.

The reopening of the abyssal passage brought in a large number of abyssal legions which came surging out of the passage.

The abyssal Sage King raised his head slowly, yet his eyes were closed. His arms lay wide open. “This world’s so wonderful! It will be the starting point from this day onward. In the future, the entire cosmos will submit to me and be a part of me. On the other hand, all of you will be the sacrificial offerings for this important event. Don’t you feel proud?”

Tang Wulin said coldly, “This world belongs to us. We’ll do everything we can to protect it even if we’re left bleeding till the last drop of our blood. If you wish to invade and occupy Douluo, you must step over my corpse first.”

The golden trident in his hand glowed brightly. Under the amplification of the super divine weapon, Tang Wulin’s aura began to elevate at full speed.

Gu Yuena’s silhouette flashed once. She fused into his body once again. The nine-color radiance turned into an enormous light pillar that surged skyward as if it were trying to break through the dark sky.

The abyssal Sage King did not do anything. He only watched their transformation with an icy cold gaze. His face even showed disdain.

“Your transformation is quite interesting. You’ve abundant hidden skills. No wonder you’re capable of injuring the Demon Empress severely. However, she isn’t a true Godhood. The same goes for the both of you. You’ve only achieved a certain rank in your power. You have adequate hidden skills, but it’s a pity that your power is far below what’s required. Moreover, there’s something that you may not know. If you were to measure me with the Divine Realm’s rank, my plane overrides the Douluo plane. As the leader of the abyssal plane, I’m a true rank-1 Godhood. Without the Godhood tablet, what makes you a worthy opponent of mine?”

The sky suddenly turned from black to dark purple. Tremendous pressure descended from the sky to shatter the surging nine-color radiance.

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