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Darkness Douluo Star

When the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss landed in his palm, it suddenly turned translucent, appearing as a rising blue-purple flame of a torch.He raised his head to look toward the sky. Meanwhile, the sky was completely filled with nine colors. Calamity clouds at least ten times denser than before were violently gathering.

“There’s no need to struggle. This plane belongs to me from now on.” The man smiled and raised his left hand to make a grasping gesture toward the sky.

At once, the sky turned pitch black. A dark purple sun replaced the original. It hung in the sky radiating a dark light. All the calamity clouds were gone, completely removed by the darkness in an instant.

Thule was not the only place which had turned pitch black. The entire Douluo Star was enshrouded in darkness. Douluo World became a world with a purple sun.

All at once, the entire world panicked!

All the changes happened in a short moment.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena had a drastic change of expression. The remaining mankind’s powerhouses were similarly affected.

Just how powerful could an entity that made the entire world change just by raising his hand to remove the elemental lightning calamity be?

In the meantime, a silhouette appeared next to the man. He bowed respectfully and lowered his arrogant lizard’s head.

“Congratulations and welcome, Sage King!”

All the abyssal creatures got down on their hands and knees. They faced the man in a black cloak with utmost respect.

Tang Wulin felt his chest turn icy cold. The thing that bothered him the most happened anyway.

It was the abyssal Sage King. The abyssal Sage King had surprisingly shown up.

How was it possible? As the lord of another plane, he should not be able to break through the limitations imposed by the Douluo Continent plane to appear here before its collapse!

After all, the Douluo Star was the mainstay of the Douluo Continent plane. The lord of the Douluo Continent plane guarded and mobilized the power of the entire plane.

The abyssal Sage King paid a heavy price in his attempt to kill Tang Wulin across the plane in the past. He only managed to bring forth one finger. Currently, he had brought over his whole body for real. It signified that the Douluo Continent plane could not resist him.

Under ordinary circumstances, the master of a plane could only invade another plane when the lord of the invaded plane was rendered incapable of mobilizing the planar power.

The current Douluo Star seemed to be encircled by the entire abyss. It was akin to a huge invisible hand which had grasped the Douluo Star plunging the whole world into darkness. It was beyond imagination, yet so terrifying.

In spite of Lan Muzi’s warning of a possible conspiracy earlier, who would have thought that it was such a big conspiracy. The abyssal Sage King had arrived on their plane directly. Tang Wulin was duly worried that the abyssal Sage King might project a portion of his power to make his move here just like he did previously. In fact, Tang Wulin suspected that he might even be more powerful than before. However, Tang Wulin knew that he was no longer the person he was previously. He could fuse with Gu Yuena to unleash the Dragon God Transformation. They should be able to resist the abyssal Sage King even if he were to project a portion of his power.

In any case, Tang Wulin did not expect the abyssal Sage King to come to this plane directly. In addition, the Douluo Continent plane was deceived and failed to resist. The abyssal plane’s dominator and the lord of the abyssal plane had arrived on the Douluo Star.

Almost all the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses were annihilated when the Demon Empress was killed during the battle. The numerous abyssal plane’s powerhouses were killed successively resulting in the abyssal levels collapsing.

All the efforts they put in earlier were futile when the abyssal Sage King arrived. At present, the aura emitted by the abyssal Sage King exuded a complete dominance over everything.

“Stand up. You did very well.” The abyssal Sage King waved his hand toward the Sage Monarch by his side.

“Yes.” The Sage Monarch stood behind him respectfully. Its small, glistening eyes had a proud and fervent brilliance.

As long as the abyssal Sage King could devour the Douluo Continent plane successfully, he would be able to convert this plane into a habitat for the abyssal creatures and turned the original abyssal plane into the Divine Realm.

By then, the abyssal Sage King would be the God King. At the same time, the Sage Monarch would certainly be able to achieve Godhood since he was the most powerful abyssal monarch-ranked powerhouse apart from the Sage King.

The abyssal Sage King’s gaze landed on Tang Wulin. There was a tinge of evil brilliance on his handsome face.

“Are you curious as to how I manage to come to your world?” The abyssal Sage King was not in any rush to make a move. He was extremely content to just feel the life source in this world.

Tang Wulin tried to calm himself to the best of his abilities. As unbelievable as it was, it still happened. The only thing they could do now was to face it. They would search for the opponent’s flaw. He refused to believe that the Douluo Plane would just fall into the enemy’s hands so easily. It was impossible that the lord of the Douluo Plane would abandon this world! Abandoning the world would only bring about his own death.

“Yes, I’m indeed curious,” said Tang Wulin coldly.

The abyssal Sage King smiled. “I took great pains for six thousand years just to achieve the success I have today. How can I not share my joy? Everything that happened today was planned when we first invaded six thousand years ago. I shall share my knowledge with you today.”

“Our abyssal plane is of a higher rank than your Douluo Star. Even though we’re not the Divine Realm, we exist in the cosmos with even more agility. We rely on the power existing in the cosmos to strengthen ourselves. In the beginning, I was only a wisp of consciousness. As time went by, I gradually grew more powerful with the absorption of the powers in the cosmos. I began to create the abyssal clans one at a time as well.”

“It took a very long time, but we grew rapidly. The abyssal plane was advancing at a fast rate. I gradually realized that the lack of a star entity to support us became the bottleneck of our development.”

“From an evolutionary perspective, the rate of our evolution is definitely much faster than your mankind’s. We’re perhaps a hundred or even a thousand times faster. However, the development of your world is supported by a star which is stable. To put it simply, you’re the power supplier of the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm becomes powerful from your belief power such that it controls a large number of territories. You’re but the Divine Realm’s slaves. The Divine Realm allows you to enter it if you are powerful enough. It does this so that your entire plane will submit to the ruling of the Divine Realm with full devotion.”

“On the other hand, we’re not the Divine Realm. Hence, there’s nothing we can do to absorb the belief power. We must depend on ourselves for everything. Moreover, we’re also constantly evading the Divine Realm. We conceal ourselves in the dark plane to await the opportunity to sublimate.”

“Our powers are no longer inferior to the Godhood. In fact, we’ve surpassed the ordinary Godhood by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, our abyssal plane’s power is not enough to become a Divine Realm. Following my breakthrough to the Godhood rank, the abyss can’t absorb anymore power from the cosmos to strengthen itself. More precisely, my presence will be discovered by the Divine Realm had we continued to absorb the power. Our abyssal plane will end up being the nourishment for the Divine Realm if that happens.”

“We’ve been waiting for an opportunity to invade the Douluo Star for countless years. When the gush of a strange turbulence suddenly appeared in the cosmos to take away the Divine Realms, I knew that our opportunity was here. However, not all the Divine Realms were swept away. So, I did not continue to absorb the powers in the cosmos. I had to search for a star entity that wasn’t protected by the Divine Realm. We can only evolve further with the support of a star.”

“The Douluo Star is not the only star that I found, but it’s the most suitable one. I won’t settle for an ordinary Divine Realm, but the Douluo Star is powerful enough. Although its life force is declining, its initial resources are huge. It’s also the main star controlled by your Divine Realm.”

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