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The Source Of Confidence

It was exactly then a loud boom was heard in the distance. A dazzling silver radiance exploded in the sky. A gigantic silver dragon’s light shadow seemingly emerged in the sky. The light shadow stretched for a few kilometers.The purple-gold radiance dispersed, then condensed once again in the silver light shadow. Sharp howls were repeatedly heard.

Tang Wulin transformed into a ball of golden light that crashed to the ground causing a deep, gigantic pit which was over a hundred meters in diameter.

The golden light coiled around his entire body but his aura was fast dropping. The unleashing of the Indefinite Storm with the god-ranked Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law’s sixth move was immensely exhausting for him. It was easier said than done to deceive heaven’s jealousy. Even with the support of the Sea God’s Trident, his origin power was shaken.

However, he did not worry about his own condition. He immediately attempted to sense the familiar aura.

The aura had weakened. Fortunately, its presence could still be felt.

In the third round of the bet, four out of the nine opponents were eliminated including the Intense Monarch.

Meanwhile, the sky had become a prohibited zone following the god-ranked collisions earlier. Everyone, the Shrek Six Monsters, Sima Jinchi, and even the opposing team’s remaining few abyssal powerhouses, could only land on the ground.

Gu Yuena was in a truly bad condition at the moment. She had similarly crashed onto the ground which resulted in a deep pit. Furthermore, an exceedingly violent elemental storm was taking place around her body such that no one could get near her.

A large portion of her Silver Dragon Dance Qilin battle armor was charred black. Her long silver hair was an entangled mess with some wavy curls even. Her charming face had turned ghastly pale with some blood stains on the corner of her mouth.

The elemental lightning calamity earlier was really powerful. Gu Yuena did not possess a special spirit soul like the Thunderclap Nether Vine, so she could only rely on her power to neutralize the lightning calamity. It was definitely not an easy feat for her to endure the process.

Apparently, her effort was worth it. The Intense Monarch that was such a huge threat to them was finally killed by Tang Wulin.

It all took place in a short period of time. In fact, it happened under the close watch of the people around them. The Intense Monarch did not get to express much of its abilities before it was killed by Tang Wulin.

Only the powerhouses whose cultivation bases achieved the Title Douluo rank vaguely comprehended the shocking terror of the battle earlier.

It was a true god-ranked trial of strength!

Far away, the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi in the federal military command post clenched his fists tightly. He finally understood why Tang Wulin was so confident. Who would have thought that the current Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda’s newly-appointed Pagoda Master actually possessed the ability to temporarily elevate themselves to the god rank!

Gu Yuena even paid a heavy price for it. On the other hand, Tang Wulin was not affected as much.

This world belonged to the new generation as expected. How many years had it been since mankind’s powerhouses could breakthrough to that rank? They were capable of elevating to that rank by force. Moreover, they did not have to pay such a heavy price as the Skycrosser Douluo. It signified that they were qualified to be gods if the Divine Realm still existed!

The Demon Empress did not seem as terrifying as before after all. The dual Golden and Silver Dragon Kings were the hope of mankind. They took up a whole chapter in the Legend of the Dragon King’s history of the Douluo Continent.

Suddenly, a purple-gold radiance surged skyward in the distance. As compared to before, the purple-gold color emitted an aura with a tinge of wildness.

In the deep pit, Tang Wulin stood up and leaped into the sky. He flapped the wings behind his back and rose into the air once again.

Soon after, a silver light shadow soared straight into the sky and convened with him in the air.

The Shrek Six Monsters did not take to the sky. Neither did the few abyssal kings opposite them.

The battle had reached its final juncture. On the other hand, the finale belonged to the three people in the sky.

The rank they were at no longer permitted others to join in anymore.

The final battle had dawned upon them!

The Demon Empress’ hair was in a jumbled mess, but the wound on her waist had healed completely. Having a god-ranked body gave her the ability to heal herself beyond the abilities of ordinary mankind.

The Demon Empress’ eyes flickered. “I didn’t expect any of you to have this kind of achievement. Since when is there a god-ranked person in the Spirit Pagoda? If I’m not mistaken, you’ve already achieved the god rank since earlier, right? You’ve been rendered incapable of mobilizing the god-ranked power due to the pressure from the plane.”

Her words were meant for Gu Yuena. However, Gu Yuena disregarded the Demon Empress. She watched the Demon Empress calmly with close attention.

The Demon Empress turned toward Tang Wulin. “Tang San really loves his son. The Sea God’s Trident can enable you to achieve the god rank for a while and even help you deceive the heavens. Yet, do you really think that you can defeat me just like that?”

Tang Wulin said indifferently, “Where does your confidence come from, Demon Empress?”

The Demon Empress smiled and replied nonchalantly, “You should ask that girlfriend of yours. What’s the difference between a temporary god rank and a true god rank? Furthermore, I’d like to know how many times both of you can achieve the god rank still. Even if you manage to fight me till we’re all wounded, I’m still a god. You can’t kill me. Both of you’ll still die after three rounds at most, since you’re not gods anyhow. I made the breakthrough using the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. I didn’t deceive the heavens. In fact, it was by defying the heavens. Actually, I’m a stand-alone deity in this world. The planar power is inadequate to suppress me, and it won’t affect me either. Thus, I’m the only true god in this world!”

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena gazed into the eyes of one another. He then said to the Demon Empress, “Let’s end this war. It’s about time we call it quits.”

As he was speaking, Tang Wulin stretched his left hand toward Gu Yuena. Gu Yuena turned her head to the side and glanced at him. Then, she passed the Silver Dragon Spear to her right hand and held Tang Wulin’s hand with her left palm.

Their eyes met one another. There was no need for words. In the next moment, the golden and silver colors from their bodies burst forth instantly.

In the distance, the Heartless Douluo’s and the Amorous Douluo’s expressions changed drastically as they witnessed the battle.

“No, Wulin!” the Heartless Douluo called out anxiously.

His warning came a little too late. The dual golden and silver colors had risen from their bodies the moment Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena held hands.

A gigantic golden dragon’s shadow emerged vaguely behind Tang Wulin. It soared straight into the sky.

The dragon was covered in diamond-shaped golden scales. Its pair of blood-red eyes scouted around. Its incomparably powerful aura had the feel of a dictator’s overbearingness. Even the Demon Empress who had achieved Godhood was affected by the blazing hot blood essence such that she was unknowingly frowning in discomfort.

At the same time, the silver giant dragon arose from behind Gu Yuena. It was covered in circular-shaped scales which appeared rather delicate. A dazzling silver radiance shot out from its body. Its purple eyes had a wise brilliance under the reflection of its silver scales.

There was the Golden Dragon King which symbolized power, wildness, and negative emotions.

In contrast, the Silver Dragon King symbolized intelligence, control, and positive emotions.

Together, both the dragons soared straight into the sky. They coiled around each other, flapping their wings to complement one another. As the golden and silver colors merged when they coiled around each other, a peculiar transformation took place.

The splendor of nine colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white appeared in mist form. It enshrouded the two giant dragons, including Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena as well. It complemented their silhouettes which appeared with intriguing textures.

“It’s too late.” Zang Xin grabbed Cao Dezhi who wanted to rush to the sky. Both of them saw the deep concern in each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the numerous powerhouses on the scene were all shocked upon witnessing the scene. Some of them were elated even.

They finally understood why Tang Wulin was so confident in his remarks earlier.

Who would have thought that the current Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s Sect Master was actually capable of merging with the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master to unleash the martial soul fusion skill?

What else could the transformation be when the two great martial souls intertwined if not the martial soul fusion skill?

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