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Don’t Think That You’ve Won

The entire inside of the box was rapidly tainted with a fiery world of pink and white. Both their silhouettes were completely swallowed by the flames.

The two equally matched flames were burning and jostling at one another.

The people watching the battle on the outside could not help feeling extremely stressed and anxious.

It was especially obvious to the people from Shrek Academy. The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had already passed away, so Yali could be said to be the only elder from Shrek remaining. She was the source of their inspiration!

‘Don’t let anything happen to her. Please don’t let anything happen to the Holy Spirit Douluo!

Gu Yuena grabbed Tang Wulin’s arm as if she was trying to transfer her strength to him. However, she could clearly feel that Tang Wulin’s body was trembling and shaking violently.

Tang Wulin felt his chest tightening. His adoptive mother was killed by the Darkness Blood Demon before being saved by his birth father. It could be said that Yali was the closest thing he had to family on the Douluo Continent. Yet, there was nothing he could do when Yali was facing a life-and-death situation.

The victory in the struggle between the two clusters of flames was gradually decided. Although holiness had an obvious suppressive effect over evil, Yali was still weaker than the Ghost Emperor when it came to overall strength.

The pink flares gradually gained the upper hand while the incandescent flares vanished. Over time, the flares inside the box weakened.

Tang Wulin felt like his heart had rapidly fallen off a cliff. He was well aware of the significance of the situation. Moreover, it was already too late even if he wished to do something at that point!

‘Why must it be like this?’ Tang Wulin closed his eyes in agony. ‘It’s over, Mother…’

“Hee hee hee hee hee!” The Ghost Emperor’s piercing laughter echoed through the entire scene. The flares weakened and his silhouette appeared once again.

The Ghost Emperor appeared unusually shabby. The robe on his body had burned to ashes and his naked body was on display for all to see. His body was actually a skeleton shimmering with dazzling green radiance. He had abandoned a large portion of his physical form to bolster his cultivation. The skull beneath his body was covered in holes, and his suit of four-word battle armor had disappeared. It was apparent that he had ignited his battle armor completely during the brutal collision.

Nevertheless, he was still the final victor anyhow. Yali’s body had vanished completely.

“Holy Spirit Douluo, do you think you can burn me to death just by igniting everything of yours including your soul? Even if you were a quasigod, you don’t stand a chance against me. I fused my skeleton with my armor so I could create my one of a kind four-word battle armor. Death belongs to you after all. You won’t be able to reunite with your damned husband. He still has a soul, but you, your soul has already been burned. You can only wail in pain and agony under my Death Flame. Tee hee, hee hee hee hee…”

The Ghost Emperor laughed hysterically as if he was venting his pent up anger.

The people from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were drowning in sorrow.

Tang Wulin swayed his shoulder abruptly and struggled free from Gu Yuena’s hand. At that moment, he could not care about anything else. He did not care about the overall situation or the bet. He only wanted to seek revenge for his mother now!

“Wulin, don’t be impulsive. It’s not over yet!” A voice came from beside him, and a huge hand gripped his other hand.

His eyes reddened, Tang Wulin turned his head to the side and was met by the deep gaze of the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi.

‘It’s not over yet?’

Just as the words reverberated in his mind. All of a sudden, the Ghost Emperor’s laughter came to a stop. It was as if he had just seen a ghost. “How is that possible? You…you’re still alive?”

Tang Wulin turned to look at the battlefield.

A sparkle of white light suddenly appeared out of thin air in the box where the Ghost Emperor and the Holy Spirit Douluo had fought. The light was enshrouded by dark green radiance. The green radiance did not come from the Ghost Emperor’s Death Flame. The Death Flame had an aura of death, but the light had a lively aura.

In the next moment, a silhouette had struggled free from the white light and brazenly appeared before the Ghost Emperor. Could that really be the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali?

As compared to before, her body seemed to be slightly illusionary. She did not look like a solid entity, but she appeared to be condensing gradually. Her four-word battle armor had vanished, but her body still existed. Her charming face had even cracked a mocking smile.

“Why don’t you keep laughing?” Yali said coldly.

The Ghost Emperor behaved as if he had really seen a ghost. Astonished, he sputtered, “How? How is it possible that you are not dead? Wasn’t your soul extinguished?”

Yali said calmly, “I saved the lives of countless people in my lifetime. Would I not have the ability to resurrect myself? I acknowledge that I’m genuinely not a match for you in a one-on-one battle. Even Brother Ming couldn’t kill you in the past, let alone me. What a waste that all of you were too presumptuous to trap me in the tiny box with you. Now, this confined space is the only chance for me to kill you. This is because you will have nowhere to run.”

As she spoke, blazing flames rose from her body once again. The dazzling holy fire burst forth with an incomparably majestic pressure and swept toward the Ghost Emperor once again.

The scene shocked every person there instantly. Who would have thought that the Holy Spirit Douluo actually possessed such an ability?

The Ghost Emperor yelled, and his entire body glowed green. The many-holed skull underneath his body engulfed him rapidly and unleashed a burst of flames to resist the holy light’s assault.

With all of that, anyone observing could tell that both the flames unleashed by the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali and the Ghost Emperor’s resistance had weakened substantially. After all, they did not have any battle armor to burn anymore, only their most innate powers. The two flames lashed at one another wildly in the box. They were both sparing no effort and risking their lives! They were not utilizing any skill or technique but their origin powers.

The Ghost Emperor was still stronger than Yali due to his quasigod-ranked cultivation base. Had it not been that the Holy Spirit Douluo’s holy power had an inherent suppressive effect over him, Yali did not stand a chance to win this battle. After all, one of them was a quasigod and the other was a demigod. There was still a huge disparity between them.

The holy light faded gradually and the green flares weakened greatly soon afterward. When the gigantic skull appeared before everyone’s eyes once again, close to half of it had disintegrated completely. The Ghost Emperor reappeared on the top of the skull, his body looking quite tattered. His glossy bones had turned dim and dull as well.

He had assumed that the Nine Palace Boxes was going to be his chance to kill the Holy Spirit Douluo. He thought it would be relatively simple, yet he had never expected that the Nine Palace Box would turn into his prison. There was nowhere to hide from Yali’s life flame in this cage. Without even a place to run to, he could only endure it. It was like he had lifted a rock only to drop it on his feet.

‘Is it over now?’ The Ghost Emperor lowered his head, ghost flames flickering in his eyes. He looked at his tattered body. He knew that his origin power had been njured and even his soul was damaged to a certain extent. Even if he could recover from this, it would take countless years. His hopes of becoming a God were completely cut off by the burning of the holy flame.

Although he relied on a variety of methods to manage the problems resulting from his cultivation process, his body was still constantly breaking down due to the influence of evil martial souls. It was already very hard for him to sustain his life. After being so severely injured, it was almost impossible for him to heal, and his heart was filled with a fearsome hatred.

As he seethed with rage, the sparkle of white light suddenly illuminated before him.

“Don’t think that you’ve won!” Yali called out once again. When her body reappeared before the Ghost Emperor, the flames inside his pupils had revealed his despair.

‘How is that possible. How did this happen? She is actually capable of resurrecting herself again?’

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