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Burn, Holy Spirit!

The light shadows flickered and the Nine Palace Boxes had completed the partitioning.The opponent standing before Qiangu Dieting was precisely the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa. Undoubtedly, Ha Luosa was the most powerful powerhouse in the enemy’s team.

Next to them, in the second box were the Darkness Blood Demon and Qiangu Dongfeng. In the following box, the Ghost Emperor was up against the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. Based on their abilities, Yali was much weaker than the Ghost Emperor in a one-on-one battle. As a recovery-type soul master, she was more suited to provide support for her companions.

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Diantang were up against two abyssal powerhouses. It was obvious the two abyssal powerhouses were creatures with weaker abilities.

The Qilin Douluo Tong Yu’s opponent was the same. It was an abyssal king-ranked powerhouse. The three great Limit Douluos were assigned according to their ranks in the partitioned battlefield by the Sage Monarch.

It was different with the other three battles. The Darkness Bell was up against the Body Douluo A Ruheng, while the Sage Monarch was up against Lan Muzi who was obviously the weakest member from the federal military. Wu Zhangkong was partitioned with an abyssal powerhouse as well, which one could tell from the abyssal powerhouse’s aura that it was a monarch-ranked creature. In this round of battle, the abyssal plane dispatched two great monarch-ranked powerhouses, one being the Sage Monarch, while the other was this creature.

During the partitioning of the battlefield, absolute immobility was applied just as mentioned by Xu Xiaoyan. The partitions would remain in place until the battle was completed. The Nine Palace Boxes would only unlock when only one life source was left in each box.

Based on the overall capability, there was no doubt that mankind’s legion should have the upper hand in this round. The presence of the seven great Limit Douluos was overwhelming. The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali would be able to host the group battle. In a battle of life and death, the final victory would certainly be achieved by mankind’s legion. Furthermore, they probably did not have to sacrifice much to achieve it.

However, the situation completely changed when the battlefield was partitioned. Although there would be four battles where mankind’s legion would have the upper hand, it was difficult to determine the outcome for the other five battles. Mankind’s legion would definitely be challenged to achieve overall victory after the battlefield was partitioned.

Tang Wulin frowned deeply. The enemy came prepared just as expected. However, there was nothing much he could do to change the situation. He only hoped the powerhouses from his side were more powerful and domineering.

His gaze was fixed upon the Holy Spirit Douluo and the Ghost Emperor’s box. He was obviously most concerned about this battle. Although his godmother was no weakling, she was not skilled in direct combat! Moreover, she was up against the second most powerful person from the Holy Spirit Cult. It would be easier said than done to win this battle.

The partitioning of the battlefield was completed. Nine rounds of one-on-one battles were about to commence.

The numerous powerhouses engaging in this battle had rich combat experiences. After the initial surprise, they had adapted to the situation.

Yali was stunned for a moment when she realized that the opponent standing before her was the Ghost Emperor. However, she regained her calm soon. Contrary to her earlier reaction, she did not lose her composure this time.

The Ghost Emperor was savage-looking. He sat cross-legged on top of a gigantic skull and looked down upon Yali. He sneered and said, “Yun Ming died in my hands. Today, I’ll reunite you both as husband and wife.”

Yali looked at him with a calm gaze. She slowly raised the staff in her hand and said apathetically, “I’ve lost my joy of living in this world. Had it not been my son, I’d have followed Brother Ming since earlier. Death has never terrified me. There’s only joy in my heart to be able to join Brother Ming.”

The Ghost Emperor was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Yali to answer in such a manner. Her answer sounded a little feeble even. Yet, he felt an ominous presentiment in her languor.

For some unknown reason, a terrifying feeling arose in his heart. He actually feared being confronted by the woman before him who appeared weak and gentle.

He thought about the Skycrosser Douluo and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo who had sacrificed themselves earlier. He had no doubt that these people did not fear death. Thus, he could not allow her the opportunity to go all out.

At the thought of this, the Ghost Emperor raised his hand and slapped the skull underneath him. At once, the skull opened up its huge mouth. The green flares gushed out from its mouth akin to a waterfall with its waters rushing toward the Holy Spirit Douluo.

Yali raised the staff in her hand. A layer of holy light formed a protective shield around her. The green flares lashed onto the light shield which turned the light shield brighter instantly. A piercing radiance dazzled the eyes with its brilliance. More importantly, it had a peculiar texture to it.

Yali’s body was brightly illuminated. Her eyes were closed, while her lips were muttering something. She was oblivious to the lashings of the green flares around her.

The staff in her hand began to burn with a dazzling brilliance. Strong and intense flares arose and fused into the light shield instantly. It rapidly stabilized the holy light shield which had begun to waver due to the lashings of the green flares.

‘What’s she doing? Why did she ignite her weapon? That’s a part of Yali’s four-word battle armor and also a part of her soul skills! Burning her staff is akin to quenching a thirst with poison. How long can she sustain the effort?’

The Ghost Emperor dared not relax at all. He opened his mouth abruptly and spat out a misty mouthful of blood.

If it were an ordinary battle, he would never have done it, for sure. Using his own blood to urge an attack would hurt his origin power. However, he wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible and not give Yali any opportunity at all.

One had to acknowledge that the Ghost Emperor lived up to his reputation of being the most powerful evil soul master today. After he spat out his blood, the green flares changed colors instantly. From the initial misty green, it was now a ghastly light purple. The light shield around Yali’s body began to melt away rapidly. A third of the flares vanished in an instant.

Meanwhile, Yali opened her eyes. She then turned around with her back facing the Ghost Emperor. She looked through the light shield in Tang Wulin’s direction.

Tang Wulin was beginning to lose control of himself at present, but his aura was suppressed by the Demon Empress in the distance. If he were to make a move, it would immediately turn into a highly chaotic war.

Yali gazed over. Tang Wulin could not help shaking violently when he met her gaze. He saw the smile in his godmother’s eyes. It was a smile of relief. Just as Yali said it herself, she was not terrified of death. It presented a wonderful opportunity for her to look for her husband.

Her soul was already dead ever since Yun Ming’s passing.

There was a slight unwillingness to part only when she looked at Tang Wulin.

“Mother!” Tang Wulin could not refrain himself from shouting.

Yali nodded at him gently, then she raised her hand and pointed at him. In the next moment, a stream of dazzling brilliance arose from the Holy Spirit Douluo’s body!

The piercing holy light illuminated the whole Nine Palace Box which contained her with an incomparably rich incandescent color in an instant. Both she and her four-word battle armor ignited and flared up instantly with the most vigorous holy light flames which swept toward the Ghost Emperor.

The Ghost Emperor shrieked. “You’re mad. You’re even igniting your own soul. Don’t you want your soul anymore?”

He had thought about how Yali might do this and the sort of mad revenge she would take. Yet, he never thought that the Holy Spirit Douluo would be so resolute. The moment the flares ignited, her body, soul, and battle armor burst into flames completely. The terrifying holy light flames transformed into the purest cleansing power of this world. It swept toward the Ghost Emperor wildly.

The Ghost Emperor’s body rapidly sank into the skull below him. His body was ignited with flares similarly. Under such circumstances, there was no need for him to hold back anymore. He would have to go all out to strive for survival.

He felt very confident of himself. After all, Yali’s cultivation base was lower than his by a huge gap!

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