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The Ferocious Wolf’s Persistence

The Devil Monarch was the leader of the Abyssal Devil Puppet Clan. An ordinary Devil Puppet had two lives, so how could he only have one? He had been reduced to an ordinary Devil Puppet’s state because the Skycrosser Divine Spear hit his origin power earlier.In any case, an enormous silhouette appeared behind him just as he had revealed himself. The figure swiftly wrapped his arms around the Devil Monarch’s body, squeezing him with terrifying strength! It was the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian who had been waiting at that very spot for some time.

The Devil Monarch was shocked. He struggled with all his might trying to break free from Dong Zian’s embrace, but the Limit Douluo had been bolstered by his three-word battle armor! Of course, he was not as mighty as the Devil Monarch at his best, but the monarch had already been weakened. Attempting to struggle free was not as easy as it sounded.

When the Skycrosser Douluo achieved God rank, he could see beyond his normal vision for a moment. With a single glance, he could see the Devil Monarch’s origin power. As a result, he had transmitted his voice to Dong Zian when he hurled out the Skycrosser Divine Spear. He told Dong Zian that the Devil Monarch might have a second life. Hence, Dong Zian was waiting there in anticipation of the Devil Monarch’s arrival.

Dong Zian had already experienced the Devil Monarch’s abilities earlier. They had only engaged in three collisions, yet he had been injured. The endurance of the Devil Monarch was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Dong Zian. He was well aware that he was no match for the Devil Monarch. The Devil Monarch’s physical endurance had genuinely reached God rank. Had it not been for the Skycrosser Douluo’s fully powered strike, perhaps no one would be able to hurt him.

Thus, Dong Zian had burned the battle armor on his body without the slightest hesitation when he grabbed his opponent.

‘Guan Yue, you won’t be dying for nothing!’

Dong Zian opened his eyes wide to look in the direction of the federal military, and it was as if there was something unusual in his gaze. Just then, silver radiance exploded from his back, and the surrounding space collapsed. His enormous body began to take on a dazzling silver hue.

The reason the Ferocious Wolf Douluo was capable of cultivating to Limit Douluo rank despite only having a wolf-type martial soul was not that his martial soul produced impressive variants, of course. It was because he comprehended the depth of space due to a fortuitous opportunity. This allowed him to continuously break through himself.

Nevertheless, he knew very well that he could not possibly achieve quasigod rank in his lifetime. He had plateaued at demigod rank and was incapable of going further due to the limitations of his natural abilities.

He would be able to withstand ten strikes at most from the Devil Monarch in peak form before he would be defeated. That being said, the Devil Monarch was vulnerable at that moment, so he had a chance.

Dong Zian’s ferocity was not only targeted at the enemy but also himself.

He was guarding not only his glory but also the pride of the Western Army Corps.

He was not only burning his power but also the flames inside his heart. His deep gaze was meant for the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi. Like how he told Yu Guanzhi in the past, he, the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian, the Western Army Corps’ regimental commander, would never allow himself to be pinned to the pillar of shame regardless.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” Incredibly intense explosions of countless silver lights made it look like the sky was collapsing. The Darkness Sky Domain vanished while the two enormous figures were completely annihilated as well.

The massive amount of abyssal energy was about to disperse when a ray of silver radiance appeared out of thin air. It bored out from the space radiance and stabbed into the center of the massive abyssal energy. It was akin to a real enchanted cudgel that calmed the sea as it s----d the Devil Monarch’s abyssal energy so as not to allow any bit of it from dispersing. It was the Silver Dragon Spear that came from the shattered void!

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian was dead!

The king of the Abyssal Devil Puppets, the Devil Monarch, was dead!

Only the word ‘horrifying’ could be used to describe the battlefield at that point.

The Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian, two of mankind’s Limit Douluos, had given their lives to kill the Devil Monarch and Black Monarch of the ten great abyssal monarchs in addition to the Sickle Emperor. The three great abyssal powerhouses had fallen.

On the other hand, it was also at this exact moment when almost all the rest of the abyssal kings were enshrouded by the Vast Sun Seventh String Soundwave. Save for the Bee Monarch, all the abyssal warriors were killed one by one under the all-out assault from the numerous War Gods.

With great effort, the Bee Monarch relied on her instantly elevated attacking ability to diminish the Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s power. However, her movements were still slowed down. The deaths of the other abyssal kings had affected most of the War Gods.

The Bee Monarch only wanted to run away. In her eyes, these human beings had gone insane, and she felt an unprecedented fear entwined her heart.

It was at that moment when the light of two swords’ suddenly transformed into an astonishing, curved rainbow, and the area was locked down instantly. A gigantic imperial silhouette with a crown on its head appeared out of thin air and looked down to the ground.

Flares were burning on the figure’s body and the image was incomparably clear. He was over a thousand meters tall, astounding everyone. He held a sword in his hand in a manner that suggested he ruled over Heaven and Earth.

It was the Tianwu-Mengjun Emperor-God Sword!

The giant sword burning with blinding flames was also filled with boundless sorrow and determination. The Skycrosser Douluo and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo had fought desperately just so more of them could live!

Every War God understood the principle profoundly. They would not hold back anymore. They would not let the Skycrosser Douluo and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo die in vain.

The aura of death enshrouded the battlefield. The Bee Monarch’s compound eyes constricted violently, and she burst apart with a loud boom. It was as if her entire person had transformed into thousands of Bomb Bees in a split second. The swarm toward all directions.

Despite the swarm’s efforts, the giant sword radiated a powerful suction force as soon as it was lowered. She had managed to disperse her body, but the transformed Abyssal Bomb Bees could not escape in time, exploding loudly as they were killed in succession.

The giant sword came to a stop. With great effort, a transparent Bomb Bee had blocked the blade, but it only lasted for a moment. Soon enough, the giant sword was lowered once again and the Bomb Bee buzzed as it was slain!

The transparent Bomb Bee was the Bee Monarch’s body. It was also the location of the Abyssal Bomb Bee Clan’s plane core. It exploded and the Golden Dragon Spear came swooping down to reap the result!

The leader of the tenth level of the abyss, the Bee Monarch, was dead!

The Tianwu-Mengjun Emperor-God Sword slashed across the battlefield while the Vast Sun Sky Guqin beamed out light for the last time. Everything gradually became calm. The only noise came from the continuous loud booms from the abyssal passage that reverberated in the air. It was the sound produced when levels of the abyss collapsed. It also signified that the abyss’ origin power was rapidly faltering.

A total of nine levels of the abyssal plane including those that the three great monarchs came from collapsed in this battle. Along with the abyssal levels that collapsed earlier, more than fifteen percent of the one hundred and eight levels of the abyss had been destroyed.

A large area of the densely arranged abyssal legion quickly vanished.

Deafening cheers of the human forces echoed through the sky. It was especially significant for the ordinary soldiers because the powerhouses engaging in three huge bets meant that they did not need to participate in the battle anymore and would stand a chance to live longer. No one hoped for victory more than them.

The War God Hall relied on their fearsome abilities, meticulous planning, and more importantly, the two great Limit Douluos’ spirit of self-sacrifice to turn the tide. They ended the first team of allied forces from the abyssal plane and the Holy Spirit Cult, killing all nine abyssal powerhouses. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear was also glowing brighter and brighter. The Life Subtree was growing steadily in the distance.

In Shrek Academy’s Sea God’s Lake!

Ripples began spreading out on the calm surface of the Sea God’s Lake. The humming sound had even affected the academic buildings around the lake.

The teachers charged out from the classrooms in succession. Those that were capable of flying swiftly rose into the air.

It was also at this exact moment a dash of green gradually arose from the surface of the water at the center of the Sea God’s Lake. Although it was a very slow process, the gigantic tree crown brought out boundless vitality to the place.

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