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One God’s Pierce Brought Forth The Plane’s Trial

What could be more worthy of an experiment than being confronted by formidable enemies?All the War Gods could not help showing their sorrow on their faces when they saw Guan Yue’s body burned by flames that came from his battle armor and origin power.

Guan Yue had warned them about everything that would happen. Moreover, he wanted them to memorize all that he would go through. He had also noted his method and plan in detail so the War God Hall would have the record. This would be the most precious treasure he would leave for the War God Hall.

He was already old. How could he continue to live on in this world after completing such a breakthrough and burn? He was confronting all this with a clear heart and a calm mind.

At that moment, he could finally feel the power that came from a brand-new rank after he achieved Godhood. It was the rank that he never reached, despite cultivating for so many years. He could not help feeling emotional.

No wonder all the Limit Douluos were seeking breakthroughs. He was finally in a position to say that the yearning was worth it.

As he made the breakthrough, he felt a purification as endlessly vast as the sea and sky. If one were to say that a Limit Douluo had the ability to control heaven and earth power within the limitations of the world, reaching Godhood allowed one to transcend beyond those limits. For the very first time, he could feel the calling of the cosmos and sense the aura coming from beyond the world.

It was a lofty feeling.

No wonder the Demon Empress despised everyone after making the breakthrough. Such hatred came from being able to tower over the entire world.

Was this the feeling of a God?

Guan Yue t----t his spear forward while being immersed in a trance. It pushed the heaven and earth power aside, and the cosmos could be felt remotely. It was an enlightened spear technique.

The plane core hurled out by the Black Monarch arrived before him just in time. The Skycrosser Divine Spear carried power that did not belong to this world.

Both of these objects collided and resulted in indescribable transformations.

The plane core hurled out by the Black Monarch froze in mid-air while the Skycrosser Divine Spear beamed a brilliant light in a split second.

The Black Monarch felt like the human standing before her had suddenly turned incomparably tall. It was as if she was representing the entire Black Empress Plane as this man judged her!

Yes. One God’s Pierce brought forth the plane’s trial!

“Buzz!” The plane core came to a stop instantly and was devoured by the spear’s radiance. It vanished into nothingness. The Black Monarch’s body froze and began to break down the instant she lost the plane core.

Where the spear’s radiance passed, the darkness faded. In fact, not even dispersed abyssal energy could be seen.

The Skycrosser Douluo unleashed One God’s Pierce and the Black Monarch was dead!

There were loud explosions as the ground quaked. In fact, crack marks had just appeared on the recently sealed passage’s exit once again. Even mankind’s powerhouses could clearly sense the sorrowful howl coming from the abyssal plane.

This time, it was the death of a monarch-ranked powerhouse! The eighth level of the abyss had exploded. Although it was not as terrifying as when the abyss’ second level exploded, it was still enough to make the entire world tremble in fright.

The Black Monarch had actually fallen as well!

Guan Yue levitated in the air quietly as if he was still reminiscing about everything that had just happened. The death of the Black Monarch had affected the entire battlefield. It was a crushing blow to the numerous abyssal powerhouses.

God rank! Mankind’s side had actually produced a God-ranked powerhouse as well! Even the Devil Monarch, who was so fearsome, was still not at God rank yet!

All at once, the numerous War Gods unleashed all of their abilities to dominate their opponents.

However, it was also at this exact moment when the Skycrosser Douluo let out a soft sigh. He turned around slowly and gazed deeply at the Vast Sun Sky Guqin. He nodded at Vast Sun Sky Guqin and then looked behind him once again to Tang Wulin standing at the front of mankind’s legion.

Their eyes met and an ominous feeling immediately arose in Tang Wulin’s chest. He clenched his fists subconsciously.

Guan Yue smiled. He raised his head and looked up to the sky. Though his eyes were turned upward, it felt as if he was looking down at the ground once again. His body began spinning abruptly and he hurled the Skycrosser Divine Spear in his hand!

The spear vanished into the air after emitting a dazzling brilliance. Glowing figures began appearing in the area surrounding the Skycrosser Douluo’s body.

It was his Thought Concretization!

“My life was not exciting, but it was simple. It was not fantastic, but it was fulfilling. Heaven treated me well, and at long last, I was allowed to touch that realm. It was so brief, but it was enough. I’m content! I’m way ahead compared to my two seniors. Even though it was only for a moment, I’ve already recorded my experience to pass down to the future generation. I have no regrets!”

Upon saying that, the War God Hall’s Hall Master’s body burst into starlight that dispersed and scattered into the sky.

The Skycrosser Douluo, the momentary God, was dead!

Just when his body burst, the Skycrosser Divine Spear appeared in the sky once again. It felt as if it had torn apart the void and suddenly appeared before the Devil Monarch!

It was the final strike of the real God! Regardless of how mighty the Devil Monarch was, he was still not a God. He watched helplessly as the spear came for him as there was nowhere he could hide.

The spear pierced through the Devil Monarch’s body almost instantly and took all his life force.

A large puff of abyssal energy exploded with a loud boom. The Skycrosser Divine Spear cut out a perfect arc in the sky and arrived before Tang Wulin, levitating in the air.

There was no doubt that this was the Skycrosser Douluo’s final wish. He wanted to pass down the real divine weapon, the Skycrosser Divine Spear, to him.

Everything happened so quickly. No one had expected that Skycrosser Douluo would make such a choice. He sacrificed himself to touch God-rank level. He then killed the Black Monarch and destroyed the Devil Monarch. His personal efforts had determined the victory of this battle.

Sorrowful cries came from the mouths of the numerous War Gods almost immediately. Everyone was flushing scarlet in grief, and sadness filled their hearts.

They were well aware of the Skycrosser Douluo’s tremendous sacrifice for the War God Hall. Without him and the Boundless Sea Douluo, the War God Hall could not possibly be on par with the rest of the few great organizations. They understood why Guan Yue chose to sacrifice himself. He did it so more of them could live!

Otherwise, if they were to fight the opposing team using standard tactics, even if they managed to kill all the abyssal powerhouses, many of them might not have survived.

He relied on his own efforts to kill the Black Monarch and the Devil Monarch so that the opposing team would not stand a chance. He wanted to lead his team to victory.

The Skycrosser Douluo planned everything meticulously in advance. He gave the numerous War Gods a chance of survival while he selflessly chose to sacrifice himself. His entire life was completely devoted to the War God Hall.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s seventh string was plucked, and the entire sky warped violently. It felt as if the Vast Sun Sky Guqin had beamed countless blinding lights in an instant. It was akin to an exploding sun that emitted spectacular, blazing heat!

Among the numerous abyssal warriors, almost all the king-ranked powerhouses were burned by the scorching temperature. Almost driven to madness, the War Gods charged toward their opponents with no regard for defending themselves.

The Bee Monarch was astonished. They say that ‘an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win’, and the War Gods had entered a state that terrified her.

Her compound eyes glimmered, and countless blue light rays rose from the Bee Monarch’s body instantly. There were twelve blue light rays that were especially eye-catching. In the distance, her direct disciples, the twelve great Bee Kings’ bodies exploded in unison to transform into energy that was infused into the Bee Monarch’s body. The twelve blue light rays shot out to collide into the terrifying attack unleashed by the Vast Sun Sky Guqin.

Without the slightest hesitation, the Bee Monarch flapped her wings and retreated at lightning speed.

She could tell that the Vast Sun Sky Guqin could only unleash an outburst like this once and it would consume a massive amount of energy. If she could avoid being hit, she would stand a chance.

Meanwhile, the Devil Monarch that had apparently just been slain by the Skycrosser Douluo had appeared out of thin air in the distance. Though his aura had weakened substantially and he lost an eye, he had survived the God-ranked blow.

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