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The War God Hall’s Hidden Secret, Martial Soul Fusion Skill

Its only flaw was its slightly weaker endurance, but it usually did not need defense in a battle. With its incredible speed and attacks, it would be able to overwhelm the enemy and achieve victory before its opponent could react to the situation. Why would it need defense?

Its surprise attack had been prepared earlier. It relied on the opportunity provided by the energy storm. It chose the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi because it could sense that he must have been the slightly weaker fighter on mankind’s side.

However, it had never expected that this human being could be that resolute. He had not avoided it when he was confronted by a lethal strike. If the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi chose to flee at the time, the Sickle Emperor would have immediately targeted the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan next to him instead. Moreover, if Nan Gongyi had retreated, the Sickle Emperor would have been able to infiltrate the team’s formation with greater ease. This would allow it to create more opportunities for the other abyssal powerhouses, leaving the War God Hall even more vulnerable.

Nan Gongyi had not withdrawn but confronted the deadly attack. He had chosen a battle technique that would be damaging to both of them, despite knowing that wounding his opponent could very well cost him his life.

Even after detonating his three-word battle armor, he could not possibly withstand a fully powered suicide strike from the Sickle Emperor. As they say, ‘when two opponents cross paths, the brave one wins’! When Nan Gongyi’s fist struck the Sickle Emperor’s body, he would not have survived if the Sickle Emperor had cut him with both sickles. Even if he had had two lives, he would have been killed.

Nevertheless, if that had been the case, the Sickle Emperor’s injuries would have been even more severe as well. If one were to say that its fighting capacity had weakened by fifty percent after their collision, it would have gone down by seventy or eighty percent if he had sacrificed everything to slay Nan Gongyi. Furthermore, it would probably be killed by the counterattacks from the rest of the War God Hall’s team.

Thus, the Sickle Emperor chose its dear life at the critical moment. The blade’s radiance unleashed was supposed to be the Double-blade Combined, but it retracted one of the blades to defend itself.

In the end, Nan Gongyi was able to survive and it was still badly wounded.

Nan Gongyi had paid a heavy price, but the Sickle Emperor was ranked fourth out of the nine abyssal powerhouses. On the other hand, Nan Gongyi was genuinely one of the weakest of the War God Hall. More importantly, he put a stop the Sickle Emperor’s sideways advance, foiling the creature’s plan to disrupt the War God Hall’s battle formation.

This one exchange had proven the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi worthy of his position as a War God!

As this was happening, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue also made a move.

As the leader of the War God Hall, he did not help Nan Gongyi during the surprise attack. His eyes were calm as he swiftly hurled the Skycrosser Divine Spear in his hand like a bolt of lightning.

When he tossed the spear, neither the opponents nor his own team knew who his target was.

Both parties’ field of vision was greatly affected by the energy storm. All the shadowy figures before them were distorted.

The Skycrosser Douluo domination of the Black Monarch earlier had been witnessed by all the powerhouses. Hence, almost all the abyssal powerhouses felt their chests tighten instinctively when he threw the Skycrosser Divine Spear.

Throwing the spear also acted as a war horn, initiating their offensive. The numerous War Gods of the War God Hall made their moves almost simultaneously.

The Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui put his palms together before his chest. His eyes instantly turned gold-red, and the seventh soul ring on his body began to glow. The huge sun above his head descended rapidly and engulfed his body, swelling to three times its size. This was his martial soul avatar, the Vast Sun’s Descent!

The Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong suddenly threw the Demon Guqin in his hand. To everyone’s surprise, the control-type soul master had actually tossed away his martial soul that he used to control the battle. This astonished the Demon Empress and the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses watching the battle. What was he trying to do? They had never heard that the Demon Guqin Douluo had such a tactic! Was he not supposed to use the instrument’s melodies to control the entire battle? The abyssal creatures did not seem to mind the negative control brought by the sound.

In the next moment, the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses were stunned. This was because Mo Zihong had not thrown the Demon Guqin at his opponents but toward the huge sun that had just completed the Vast Sun’s Descent.

Not only that, the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong had also cracked into a faint, ghastly smile, and the seventh soul ring on his body was illuminated. In the distance, the Demon Guqin that he had hurled was glowing brightly.

In the next moment, the Demon Guqin elongated. Mo Zihong had transformed himself into a ray of light ahd shot toward his Demon Guqin like a moth flying into a flame. The guqin left a long trail of light behind it.

It was a ray of white radiance that looked just like a luminous beam lying horizontally across the sky. However, when it fused with the Vast Sun Douluo’s Vast Sun’s Descent, the giant sun abruptly changed.

The round sun extended on both sides and turned itself into an oval. The ray of white light lay across the gold-red oval and transformed into a strand of glowing silk

Just as he was launching himself, Mo Zihong’s ninth soul ring was also glowing.

The ninth soul ring was the ultimate weapon for any soul master. It was their highest ranking and most powerful soul skill.

Having ignited his ninth soul skill, Mo Zihong had transformed into a stream of white radiance. He landed on the white silk earlier in an incomparably precise manner.

The glowing silk from the Demon Guqin split into seven all of a sudden. The descended vast sun changed its form once again. It turned into an enormous gold-red Guqin.

“What’s that? Is that a martial soul fusion skill?” the Ghost Emperor standing next to the Demon Empress could not stop himself from saying.

Let alone the Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor, the people from the Federation were staring at one another in confusion. The powerhouses from the Spirit Pagoda, Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and even the military were all shocked.

‘It can also be done in this manner, huh?’

Everyone was aware of the Emperor Sword Douluo and God Sword Douluo’s martial soul fusion skill, but since when were two completely unrelated powerhouses like the Vast Sun Douluo and the Demon Guqin capable of possessing such an ability?

When the two of them completed the fusion and merged as one entirely, the intense waves of energy that appeared in the air had even surpassed the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue. The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie might have been the only person from the ranks of the War God Hall that could have rivaled them.

All this time, the soul masters were aware that the wealthiest soul masters’ organization was the Spirit Pagoda. Before it was destroyed, Shrek Academy was the mightiest soul masters’ organization.

On the other hand, the War God Hall was the organization that could be placed in the same category as the Spirit Pagoda, Shrek Academy, and the Tang Sect. For the vast majority of soul masters, they were only aware that it was the gathering place for the elite warriors from the military, but very few knew how formidable they were. Most of their recognition came from the Federation, but this seemed to indicate that the War God Hall was not the most powerful soul masters’ organization. At the very least, it was the newest one, and it seemed to be the weakest overall compared to the other three great organizations.

Nevertheless, this was the moment when the Vast Sun Douluo and the Demon Guqin Douluo used their abilities to show everyone else that the War God Hall had its own hidden secrets as well. In any case, they would never hesitate at such a crucial life-or-death moment where the destiny of the entire Douluo Continent was on the line. This was when they chose to unleash their true capabilities!

The Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu and the God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun’s martial soul fusion skill was also the martial soul fusion skill between War God Two and War God Thirteen. It was already an exceedingly fearsome move, but in this case, the Vast Sun Douluo was ranked first out of all eighteen War Gods while the Demon Guqin Mo Zihong was ranked fifth!

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