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I Haven’t Lost

He simply could not imagine why this situation would happen. She was supposed to be his woman! She had been dating him! Although Qiangu Zhangting had figured out that there was a special relationship between Gu Yuena and Tang Wulin, he was always under the assumption that he was the only man that had taken Gu Yuena based on the illusion in the past.At that moment, he had to watch helplessly as Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena stood side by side. They appeared to be such a well-matched couple. The intense jealousy in his heart almost drove him to madness.

‘No, no, no! Nana is mine. She’s mine. How? How did it come to this?’

After he was defeated by Tang Wulin before, everything changed too quickly. The changes kept coming at any moment, especially after Gu Yuena was appointed as the Spirit Pagoda’s new Pagoda Master. It was simply unimaginable for him!

Nevertheless, the reality was right before his eyes. Everything had already happened. The only hope and pride in his heart was that she was his woman.

He realized how foolish he was. Had she never broken off her relationship with Tang Wulin all this while? She represented the Spirit Pagoda, yet she was holding hands with the leader of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect! How could she do that?

In the sky, the Vast Sun Douluo’s Sunny Sky collided with the Bee Monarch’s Tail Stingers, causing a huge explosion. Both parties appeared to be caught in a temporary stalemate, but it ended in the next moment.

A faint silhouette seemed to be squeezed out from the energy storm generated during the explosion. It dashed out soundlessly and made its way to the side in a flash.

It was moving to the farthest position at the War God Hall’s left flank where War God Eight, the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi was at.

The illusionary silhouette moved with exceedingly swift speed like a shadow between the energy turbulence. In fact, it had even utilized the amplification effect of the energy turbulence to a certain extent. Its velocity was beyond comparison. By the time Nan Gongyi reacted to the situation, the silhouette was already approaching him.

Nan Gongyi could tell that the figure before him did not have a human form but was a mantis-like creature. It raised its hand and slashed with a blade. An incomparably sharp aura immediately cut the space open. In Nan Gongyi’s perception, he felt as if his world was cut in two by the opponent’s attack. It felt as if the entire world was crumbling on both sides.

So swift, so powerful!

Nan Gongyi was a War God with a great deal of combat experience. He had relied on his capabilities to earn his place as War God Eight.

A dragon’s roar burst out from the inside of him, and Nan Gongyi’s entire body emitted a bright glow. He did not pay attention to the cutting force approaching him, but he struck out with his fist.

As he saw it, this was the simplest action he could perform. Moreover, he relied on his perception to throw the punch and had not judged based on sight.

At their level, they placed most of their trust in their instinctive reactions that occurred during a battle. These instincts were cultivated strenuously and strengthened by concealing their spiritual power.

It would be easy to conceal oneself physically on many occasions but very difficult to hide one’s spiritual instincts.

Thus, Nan Gongyi had to change his mindset before he threw the punch. He first placed himself in a state of facing death unflinchingly. It was apparent that the opponent’s attack had been building since the start and it was certainly unleashed at full power. Trying to dodge would be very difficult. Furthermore, the opponent could possibly unleash continuous attacks. The act of avoiding the first attack was equal to giving away his initiative. Could he continue to evade the entire time?

Although this was a battle of nine-on-nine, he was not counting on his companions to help him. Both parties sent out nine participants. If he was incapable of constraining even one opponent, what would be the point of being placed on the team?

On the other hand, his teammates’ actions were their own responsibilities. In his view, his current actions would help accomplish his mission.

It happened so quickly, Nan Gongyi did not have time to ponder too much. Everything he did was thanks to a battle technique that had formed naturally after working together as a team with his companions for many years in addition to adhering to the War God Hall’s spirit.

The punch appeared to be simple and unsophisticated, but it had actually concentrated all his essence. The strength of his entire body had been condensed into a single point to throw the punch. The Haughty Dragon’s repentance resonated through Heaven and Earth!

That blade cut onto Nan Gongyi’s body eventually. It was supposed to be a sure-win strike.

However, Nan Gongyi’s body suddenly shifted at the exact moment he was cut by the blade. The three-word battle armor he worked suddenly burst forth with a dazzlingly bright light as if it had caught on fire. Flames gathered to seal the damage from the cut. The blade’s radiance flashed and the piercing sound of something shattering could be heard echoing through the entire scene.

One could clearly see with the naked eye, the three-word battle armor that the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi wore exploded with a loud boom as if it was stripped away from his body. It filled the sky with a bright radiance.

In any case, the explosion caused by the battle armor served to give him more time.

As the blade cut his body, his fist had also struck the void. He did not strike the location of the shadow but about half a meter away from its side. He threw his punch at what appeared to be empty space, but it seemed to have collapsed soon afterward. The original illusionary shadow vanished, leaving behind only the blade’s residual radiance. Then, a figure stumbled out from the collapsed space.

Just as expected, it was a mantis-like abyssal creature. Its entire body was duskgold in color, and it appeared to be much smaller than an ordinary Abyssal Evil Sickle. It was only about two meters in length. Its chest had caved in and one of its two sickles had snapped. A large amount of abyssal energy was gushing out from its wound.

Nan Gongyi had turned his body ever so slightly after he was done delivering the punch to prevent his vital parts from being struck. He relied on the opportunity provided by the explosion of his three-word battle armor.

A streak of blood appeared on his left shoulder. His left arm had been completely severed and dropped down from the sky. However, fresh blood did not gush out from his wound. The exceedingly calm Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi had already sealed his blood flow.

There were many details to this battle, but it had all taken place very quickly. Almost immediately after the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui and the Bee Monarch were ferociously fighting against each other, the silhouette appeared. Both participants collided and parted, the three-word battle armor exploded, Nan Gongyi’s arm was severed, and the opponent was severely wounded.

The entire collision was over in less than two breaths. Both sides had exchanged blows only once, but it had resulted in such horrifying results.

Nan Gongyi burst out laughing aloud and shouted, “I haven’t lost!”

When his punch hit the opponent, he knew that he was the victor in this exchange. He appeared to have sacrificed his heavily damaged battle armor in exchange for his life, and it cost him an arm. It could be said that he was suffering from great losses. However, Nan Gongyi was aware that it was worth it for a simple reason. The opponent was more powerful than him!

The opponent that performed a sneak attack on Nan Gongyi earlier was the leader of the Abyssal Evil Sickle Clan, the Abyssal Evil Sickle King. It was also known as the Sickle Emperor in the abyss, and its abilities were all focused on its attacks.

An ordinary Abyssal Evil Sickle was already so frightful, let alone the king of the Abyssal Evil Sickles. One could imagine how great its offensive capabilities were.

It possessed unmatched speed and attacking ability. In the abyss, even those creatures that ranked higher dared not provoke it. It was also the creature that had the greatest chance of challenging the ten great monarchs in the near future so it could be promoted from emperor-rank to monarch-rank. If it was evaluated based on mankind’s soul master standards, the Sickle Emperor’s attacking ability could compare to a Limit Douluo-ranked quasigod’s or maybe even greater.

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