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The Holy War Begins!

Both of them were suffering from the injuries they had sustained. Besides them, there were numerous abyssal powerhouses.Among these abyssal warriors, there were new creatures that the humans had not seen before. They came in different forms and sizes, but they were all emitting fearsome auras.

By the Life Subtree on the side of the humans force, the twenty-seven people representing mankind in the match leaped up. Led by Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, and Guan Yue, they flew into the sky toward the Demon Empress and her chosen team. The great battle was on the verge of breaking out!

As the leader of the organizations that sent out the most number of participants for the bet, Tang Wulin was duty-bound to be the representative of mankind’s legion.

He flew out slowly and looked toward the Demon Empress with a calm gaze. “I wonder if you’re ready, Demon Empress?”

The Demon Empress sneered. “It should be me asking if you are ready. Go ahead and send out your first team lineup.”

Tang Wulin replied plainly, “It’s only fair for us to send out the first team together.”

The Demon Empress scoffed disdainfully. “We might as well send out our team first. How about that?” As she spoke, she waved her hand, and nine silhouettes flew out from behind her.

Just as expected, the Demon Empress would not participate in the earlier matches. None of the Holy Spirit Cult’s warriors were amongst the first team of enemies. They were all abyssal powerhouses.

The champion at the front was an old man who looked completely human. Had it not been for the faint abyssal aura that surrounded his body, it would be easy to mistake him for a member of the Holy Spirit Cult.

The person appeared to be over forty years old, and his face was redder than a date. He had a straight nose and a square jaw. He appeared to be perfectly composed. The only thing that made him different from a human being was his eyes. His eyes looked extremely ghastly. In fact, they did not appear to be eyes but two skull-like objects encrusted into his eye sockets. His eyeballs took the form of skulls. It was everyone’s first time seeing such a ghoulish being.

His aura was nothing extraordinary and it did not give off a feeling of dominance. Everything about him appeared to be bland and mundane. Nevertheless, the more mundane he was, the more dangerousness he seemed.

The fighters around him were the more familiar faces to the humans. There were two monarch-ranked veterans, the Black Monarch and the Bee Monarch. It was the first time they had seen the remaining six abyssal powerhouses as well, and every single one of them had an exceedingly frightful aura. It was apparent that they came from the thirty highest levels of the abyss.

Tang Wulin looked at Guan Yue standing by his side, and the Skycrosser Douluo nodded at him. He then led the War God Hall’s warriors as they flew forward. They arranged themselves in a line facing the nine abyssal powerhouses.

Tang Wulin suddenly spoke, “Hold on.”

The Demon Empress looked toward him and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

Tang Wulin replied coldly, “If this were a bet between us and the Holy Spirit Cult, there’d be nothing more for me to say. However, if we are betting against the abyssal creatures, there’s something that I need to say upfront. Given that this is a battle to the death, then the abyssal creatures that are killed can’t be allowed to escape. Thus, I’m requesting you to seal the abyssal passage first. Otherwise, our people will stay dead if they are killed while the slain abyssal creatures can return to the abyssal plane to be resurrected. I’m afraid this isn’t very fair to us.”

The Demon Empress squinted as she stared at Tang Wulin while the numerous abyssal powerhouses behind her could not help shuffling restlessly. Without a doubt, they put a high value on their lives. They represented the different abyssal levels. If they were to truly be killed, it meant that the level they came from would be completely cleared away. It would take an incredible amount of energy to form a new level again. If they hoped to rebuild it, the abyssal plane would need to rest and recuperate for a very long time.

When Tang Wulin destroyed two levels in the past, the abyssal plane spent a very long time remaking them. Moreover, the remaining abyssal levels had been slowly developing for many years to reach their current state.

On the other hand, the abyssal plane had suffered from great losses due to the great battle. The leaders of a few levels had already been slaughtered by the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena, and then their life source was devoured by the Silver Dragon Spear. As a result, they were incapable of returning to the abyss for resurrection. Because of this, a few abyssal levels exploded and were completely destroyed. This would require a very long time to rebuild.

If Tang Wulin’s suggestion was adopted, their abyssal passage would be sealed, preventing them from returning during the next three rounds of combat. This would allow them to be killed by the humans. If the abyssal plane were to sustain too many losses, it would shake the foundations of the entire abyss. They had no idea how long it would take for the abyss to recover from such a thing.

Hence, how could the abyssal leaders possibly agree to that willingly?

The Demon Empress squinted her eyes and said in a deep voice, “You’re pretty shrewd, aren’t you? As it stands, this is not my decision. I will have to discuss it with them first.”

As she spoke, she formed a screen of purple-gold light with a wave of her hand. It shielded her and the abyss’ numerous leaders so they could discuss privately without the humans listening.

Through the light screen, Tang Wulin could vaguely see that the abyssal emperors and kings reacted emotionally at the start. The Demon Empress was speaking with her back facing him. He had no idea what she was saying to them, but the abyssal leaders gradually calmed down. They turned to one another, exchanging awkward glances one by one.

They showed a myriad of peculiar emotions including rage, reluctance, and fear.

It did not take long before these abyssal leaders’ eyes revealed that they had finally calmed down. However, they also showed deeply ingrained loathing when they looked toward Tang Wulin’s side as if they had deadly intentions for mankind.

The purple-gold light screen opened up, and the Demon Empress squinted slightly as she looked at Tang Wulin. She said in a deep voice, “We agree to your terms. We shall seal the abyssal passage temporarily. Other than the abyssal creatures that are already here, no new abyssal creatures will be appearing before this battle ends. Additionally, if they die, they won’t be able to escape and return to the passage. As for whether you take their abyssal energy or not, that depends on you.”

Tang Wulin felt chills in his heart. The result of the Demon Empress’ discussion was what he had hoped for, of course. However, they had come to a conclusion too quickly. Yes, it happened far too quickly.

This was an important matter that involved the lives of more than fifteen abyssal leaders. It would be a crushing blow to the entire abyssal plane if they were killed. At least, it would ensure that the abyssal plane would not be attacking the Douluo Continent for the next few thousand years.

That being the case, the entire discussion over such an important matter had taken up less than a few minutes. The Demon Empress had already convinced the numerous abyssal powerhouses to agree to the terms. The Demon Empress was not even an abyssal leader!

There had to be a reason behind this. Otherwise, how could the Demon Empress convince so many abyssal powerhouses?

In any case, the battle was about to begin, so there was no point in trying to think about this further. At that moment, it would be better for him to put it off until later and focus on winning the match.

The nine abyssal powerhouses that had already walked out from the Demon Empress’ side flew forward slowly. The man with a face as red as dates had eyes that flickered. He appeared as steady as a mountain.

The Black Empress and the Bee Monarch were at his sides while the remaining six abyssal kings were right behind them.

On the Federation’s side, the War God Hall’s Hall Master, the Skycrosser Douluo, advanced slowly with the Skycrosser Divine Spear in his hand. The rest of the eight War Gods followed closely behind. It could be said that this was the most formidable lineup that the War God Hall could produce at the time.

Guan Yue’s expression was calm. Despite this being a life and death battle, he showed no emotional changes. The other War Gods were unusually calm as well as if this was just an ordinary battle for them.

Only the people that were more familiar with the War God Hall would know that the first lesson taught to its members was calmness. The basic quality of every single War God was the ability to remain unperturbed even if Mount Taishan was collapsing before oneself.

The more they were engaged in a life and death struggle, the more they were able to enter a calm state. It was only by doing this that they would be able to utilize their most effective abilities when it was most vital.

Hence, those familiar with War God Hall would know that the calmer the War Gods were, the greater their fighting capacity. They were at their peak form.

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