Obianuju - S01 E23

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The days went by so fast and it was soon weekend , a Saturday noon to be precise.

I sat there with Kewe, on my bed , a lot of big books scattered around us

We were working on a project ,a research project on mental disorders and mental illness. It was a weekend assignment given to us by our “Crazy professor” and failure to submit on time will result in an automatic failing grade..

If you see the way we were sweating ,hen, you will take pity on us …..

I picked up one of the big books and flipped through its pages, searching for more information but found none.

In frustration, I tossed the book aside and raised my hand in defeat.

“I give up”

Kewe laughed . “the research don tire you?”

“As in ehen, I am fed up”. I huffed , resting my back against the wall . “that man just like to frustrate someone with his endless assignment”

“Swears!”he agreed . “me self , i am not only fed up but also famished

Famished ! I held my breathe knowing what next will follow!!

“Guy! shey your babe never cook finish?”

I let out the breathe , he has finally asked it!!

“No!” I replied flatly

“Ugh! Since morning”. he frowned . “what is she cooking sef?”

I bit at my lower lips not knowing what to say

how will I tell him that my “precious girlfriend” doesn’t know how to cook? that she is only ” practicing” and that I am her “taster”, how will I ……..

“Demi!”he called ,interrupting my thoughts “Erm..yes ..”. I quickly composed myself. “what were you saying?”

He smirked. “You sure sey your girlfriend never carry belle?”

“belle ke!”. I laughed long and hard . “no ooooo, I am not ready to be a father”

“hmmmmmh! what then are you thinking about?

“Wo! nothing much Jare”. I sighed. “I was just ……I stopped mid- sentence when the door creaked opened and Obianuju walked in , holding a big tray….

D**n! I cursed silently

I winked at her as a hint of signal but my “naive girlfriend” seem not to understand, she didn’t even notice me , she just walked briskly to us , smiling as she exposed those white teeth of hers …

“Baby! I prepared rice and fish stew”. She said proudly , placing the tray of food in front of me …

I looked down at the food and my stomach literally screamed help ..

I faked a smile , looking back at her

” please cover it up for me , I will eat it later”

“Cover what!”Kewe retorted in a huff . “abeg! abeg! bring the food , if you are not hungry, l am hungry”

With that , he grabbed a spoonful of rice and crammed his mouth full…

Instantly, his face drained of colour and he clung to his chest, wanting to spit out the food but I sharperly nudged at him not to …

I don’t want “my baby” to feel bad!

“How is it?” Obianuju asked ,staring intently at Kewe

“Hen… what .. did .. you … say?” Kewe picked his words as he chewed on the food , his mouth moving slowly

“I said how is the food?” She repeated,holding her hands together as she waited for an answer

Kewe swallowed hard . “erm

It is ..erm…delicious”. he glanced at me . “very very delicious”

“Really?” Obianuju asked excitedly and he nodded slowly

I bit at my lower lips trying so hard not to laugh. but then I saw “this weird”look on Kewe’s face and bursted into laugh…

A puzzled frown crossed Obianuju’s face

“why are you laughing? Is it because of the food?”

I stopped laughing when I saw the sadness in her eyes and a deep feeling of guilt hit me very hard , making me feel like a betrayer

I was mocking a girl who is doing everything in her power just to make me smile

“No babe! my voice was so low . “I thought of something funny”.

For a moment, she transfixed me with a penetrating gaze and then nodded

“you guys should eat , let me go clean up the kitchen

I smiled lightly , someone is truly learning!!

“Or do you need more rice?” She asked

“No”. Kewe and I chorused in unison

“Okay”. She simply said and walked out of the room

Immediately , Kewe faced me

“Guy!I don’t like what you did ooo”

“What did I do?” I feigned ignorance

He scoffed . “The food now , why did you signal me not to spit it out?

I sighed. “I don’t want my baby to feel bad”.

His eyes widened somewhat in shock

“She can’t cook??”

“She is learning”. I corrected. “It hasn’t been easy for her though, her health condition is making it all worst , but still she is still trying.

“Oh!” he exclaimed softly, pulling the tray closer to him

“And what are you doing?”I shot him a curious look

“Isn’t it obvious, I want to eat”

“Eat!”i repeated in disbelief

“Hum! Hum!” he nodded , “she wants to learn so we should encourage her by eating the food, be it cooked or half -cooked”

I smiled lightly, “Thanks man”

Picking up a spoon ,I scooped a little into my mouth to figure out her mistake….

Dang it! the rice was half-cooked and salty, and as for the stew ,it was too bland, no taste at all..

I shrugged lightly. It is at least better than the soured taste spaghetti she cooked yesterday….

“You are lucky man”. Kewe suddenly said

“Lucky! how?”

“See now, your girlfriend is a source of Joy to you “. he talked with food in his mouth. “not like us that our girlfriend cause us nothing but pain”

I shot him a curious look . “Did Sarah hurt you?

“That b---h!”he bit his lips in anger. “she f**king cheated on me

“What! my eyes popped out in surprise

“Yes! I caught her pant down with that bastard, prince

“Prince! I repeated with a light chuckle.”no jo , that is not possible”

I couldn’t believe “pretty Sarah” would stoop so low to sleep with Prince , that good for nothing fool who only knows how to bully …

“Do I look like a clown? Kewe scoffed . “I said I caught them together”

“heeey! Cool it man , I am not prince”. I said with a note of laughter in my voice

He sighed. “I am sorry Jare! It is just too annoying”

“I understand! but when did this happen?”I was curious to know

“Yesterday night”. he replied and I nodded slowly

No wonder he didn’t pick up my calls!

“You should report to Dave”. I suggested

“Dave?”he repeated , staring at me like I was some crazy lunatic . “and do you think he will do a thing to his best friend?”

I shrugged lightly. “he should”

“Fine! he agreed, I will do that at the gang party this evening”

“Gang party?”

“Yes now, or have you forgotten about the weekend flexing things”. he reminded

My brain clicked in an instant

the one at Map hotel right?”

He nodded

“Alright!”I plainly said

The door suddenly flew open and Obianuju rushed into the room ,acting like someone is pursuing her…

Is she alright? I wondered, following her with my gaze

“Church oooo! I need to be in church ooooo”. she sang . her hands inside the wardrobe as she searched through it for clothes

“but today isn’t Sunday na”. I queried

She looked sideways at me and smirked

“It isn’t a church service, it is a choir practice”

Like seriously! when did she start singing!

“When did you start singing?” I threw the question at her

“Ever since I was a baby”. She replied and ran into the bathroom , a pink gown in her hand ….

Kewe laughed. “You never told me your girlfriend is a choir mistress”

“Shut up”. I barked at him and with that I sprang to my feet and began walking to the bathroom..

“Shuu! na so your body dey scratch you”. Kewe teased . “have patience till she come out now”

I scoffed silently , ignoring his sneer

he wasn’t my problem, Obianuju was

How could she not inform me about the so-called practice first? how am I even sure she is going to a practice?

Entering, I was just in time to see her Zip up the ugly shapeless pink gown..

Oh right! she is going to a choir practice!

“Baby!” She called in surprise. “Why are you here?”

“I came to beg you to stay”. I replied bluntly.

she laughed . “but I am not running away na”

“I know, I just don’t want you to leave my side”. I pinned her against the wall with my body. “you should know I am addicted to you”

She swallowed hard, her lips quavering as she stared into my face…

“Demi!” she called in whispers

“Yes baby”. I replied and smiled,knowing the effect I was having on her

“We can’t do it now”

“Do what?”I asked , my hands roaming all over her body

“F**k”. She gritted her teeth . “we..can’t..have .sex”.

I chuckled lightly. “because of your menses right?”

“Yes!”she nodded

“Fine!” I took in a deep breathe. “when will you be done with it?”

She shrugged. “hopefully , this night”

this night! my eyes lit up .

“but I won’t be sleeping here tonight”, she added ,making me frown


“Tomorrow is a sunday”. She replied , “and I want to keep it holy”

I scoffed . “Are you indirectly calling me your distraction?”

“No baby! you are far from that . you are a part of my life and your presence alone drives me crazy”

I smiled inwardly. “I feel the exact way too and that is more reason why I don’t want you to leave my side. You can go to your singing practice or whatever you call it but please come back …. I tried to say but she cut me off….

“Don’t try to convince me please”. She pleaded with a tone that would wring any heart , most especially mine as she was in control of it ….

“Fine!”I agreed , “so when will you return here?”

“After church tomorrow “.She smiled. ” if that is Okay by you”

“Of course it is”. I cheered myself up when I saw her smile

“Thanks!”she kissed me on the lips goodbye and ran out of the bathroom…..

“I will video call you this night”. She called out to me

“Alright!”i mumbled , my voice barely audible

Returning to the room, i came face to face with Kewe’s curious gaze

He laughed. “Guy! this one your face is like this,I hope all is well”

“Yep!”I replied popping the p as I Joined him on the bed

“Eyaaa! you are already missing your girlfriend right”. he teased and yes he was right I was already missing “my baby” ,the keeper of my heart….:






I made a fast stop at the market to get a “cooking book”before driving down the busy road to church..

After a 10min drive , I got to the church.

I drove through the gate into the bushy compound and parked out in front of the big building; then I stepped out of the car and walked in just in time to hear the chorister sing one of my favourite song ,oceans (where feet may fail) by hill -song.

with a wide smile, i walked up to them , humming the song ..

Seeing me , the choir master signalled them all to stop and when they did , he focused all of his attention on me…

“And you are…….

“Obianuju”. I completed , wearing the same wide smile

I was really excited!

“Uju! Uju! … oh! You are the lady who called me yesterday?

“Yes Sir!”

“hmmmm! tell me , how did you get my number?”

“From my roommate”. I replied, pointing to Faith who was seated in the front row

“Yes bro Dan, I gave it to her”. She said as if confirming my words

“Oh!”Bro Dan nodded. “so why are you interested in Joining the chorister?i mean who motivated you”

“My mum”

“Your mum!” he arched his eyebrow

“Yes! she called me yesterday and urged me to work in the house of God

“Interesting!”he remarked. “have you ever sang before?”

I nodded

“In which church?”

“The church head quarter”. I folded my hands behind my back “. I am the assistant choir mistress in its teenage church”

“Really?” his eyes widened in surprise

I nodded, feeling nervous all of a sudden

The eyes on me was d**n much!

He Continued. “Why then have you not been coming to church?”

“I do come but I sit at the back bench”. my voice came out in whispers

He stared blankly at me , as if contemplating what to do about me and then he smiled lightly

“You are welcome to peace parish choir”

I widened my eyes in surprise, Just like that!

mehn! Connection is needed every where…

“So what voice part do you sing”.

“Soprano sir”

“It is Dan”

Oh!Dan, I make use of Suprano”. I quickly corrected myself

he smiled lightly. “Good! let’s hear you sing”

“Sing! as in now?”


Taking a deep breathe, I cleared my throat and began singing the chorus of the same song , oceans( where feet may fail)




Spirit lead me when my trust is without border


Let me walk upon the waters


Wherever you would call me


Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander


And my faith will be made stronger


In the presence of our saviour……


When I was done , the choristers loudly applauded, making my head swell

“Wow! you have got a really wonderful voice”. Bro Dan remarked

“Yes oooo”. a voice wove out from the crowd . “Let her the lead the ministration”.

“how is that possible”. another voice screamed out . “Faith is the leading lady

In a split second , the choristers was divided into two groups

those who wanted me to

lead the ministration versus those who wanted Faith to lead the ministration

I stood there , transfixed on the spot , my eyes darting back and forth

Shuu! is this the way choristers behaves here?

“Quiet! Quiet!” Bro Dan shouted and instantly, peace returned

“Thanks goodness!” I muttered, sighing in relief

Bro Dan continued. “What is wrong with you all? Is this the way you are meant to behave?”. he paused , staring at me for a moment before he continued. “Truly! she got an angelic voice but she can’t lead the ministration because she is newest chorister here so please stop all of the unnecessary arguments, okay!!!!

“Yes Bro Dan!”. They chorused almost in unison

“Good!”he remarked and then faced me

“You can go have your seat”

With a curt nod , i walked to the seat beside Faith and sat down….

“You have got a good voice!” She praised

I looked sideways at her , meeting her gaze

“Thanks!” I muttered and she looked away, smiling



Finally! after a two hours practice, the choir master rounded up with a prayer and bade us bye ….

I got up from the seat and walked up to Faith who was talking and laughing with a tall dark and handsome guy ….

She was so engrossed in the “discussion “that she failed to noticed me

“Faith!” I called and only then did she look in my direction

“Ahh! Uju!when did you get here?”

“Just now”.the guy replied, his gaze fixed on me

Oh! So he noticed me!

“I am victor by name”. he introduced, stretching out his hands

“I am Obianuju”. I took his hands into mine,shaking it

He smiled lightly. “You are very beautiful Obianuju and ………..

“is in a very serious relationship”. Faith cut in, frowning. “so can you please take your sweet mouth somewhere else”

“but Faith I am only trying to be friendly”. The boy, victor said , his face blushing with embarrassment

“Wo!Uju! Let us go”. She merely said and began marching to the entrance…..

“What is wrong with her?

“I am very very sorry about that”. I mumbled my apologies and ran after Faith

“Faith! Faith!”. I called but she didn’t stop, she kept on marching until she got outside;then she turned around and faced me

“Yes”.she answered smiling

I scoffed silently, Is this one insane or what?

“What is the meaning of what you did in there?” I fired at her

“What did I do?”she asked , putting on an innocent face . “Oh! Is it about victor? she chuckled lightly. “that was all to protect you jare”.

“protect me”. I shook my head in disagreement. “the only thing you did in there was to embarrass the poor boy”

“And so? what if I embarrass him nko?”She retorted nonchalantly, she wasn’t even feeling remorseful

“Oh!”was the only thing I could say as I was d--n speechless

I never knew I was living with a nut case until now

She continued. “You going home?”

I nodded slowly

“Good! She remarked and opened my car door and was about climbing in when her phone suddenly rang ..

she stopped short to check out the caller and her eyes lit up in an instant

“Who is that?” I asked curiously

“No one important”. she replied ,banging the door closed . “I need to reach somewhere first”

“And where is that?”

“erm the mar….no …the mosq….wo! Uju! you ask a lot of questions. Just go , I will meet you at home”

with that , she walked toward an opposite direction and began running

What is wrong with her?

I stood there on the spot , watching her till she took a corner bend and then I climbed into my car, started the ignition and drove slowly out of the compound, down the bumpy road to my hostel


Getting to my hostel , I drove into the compound and parked out in front, right beside a white Benz——-Tobi’s car

Tobi! what is he doing here? does he have a friend……or wait a minute! Is he here to see Funmi…

quickly, I stepped out of the car , climbed up the short step and ran through the long passage to Funmi’s room.

I pushed the door open and walking in , I bumped into someone—-Tobi

“Tobi!”I called softly, looking at him and then at Funmi who was curled up in the bed, crying

“What is going on here?” I threw the question to no one in particular

“Nothing!” Tobi simply answered and walked past me , out of the room …

I followed him with my eye for a split second and then I faced Funmi

“What is wrong? I moved closer to her . “why are you crying?”

“It is Tobi , please help me beg him”. she muffled in between tears

“Tobi! what did he do?”

“Please help me beg him , tell him I love him”. she pleaded , tears rolling down her eyes

Seeing her tears made my heart churn in pain and without saying a word, I dashed out of room , ran through the long passage and got outside Just in time to see Tobi climbed down the short step

“Tobi!” I called

he stopped in his step , turning to face me

“Obianuju! he called flatly and I climbed down the short step to him, frowning

“You should apologise to my friend for hurting her”

“Hurt! he scoffed . “and how did I hurt her miss? she was the one who called telling me she needs to see me , how she got my number , I don’t know . I respected her and rushed all the way here only for her to start spilling out trash about love ……..

” that is because she loves you”. I cut in , defending Funmi

“Love!did I hear you say love?” he retorted in a huff . “No babe , I can’t return that love because i am in love with someone else”

I let my body grew stiff as I was so shocked but nevertheless, I knew I had to say something..:

“The girl you love , does she hurt you so much?”I asked calmly and he seemed taken aback by the question

I continued. “does she make you cry?”

“Why are you asking me all this?” he retorted, searching through my gaze

“Just answer my question”

he sighed “No”

“why then are you making my friend cry?”

“Simple! I don’t love her”. he replied bluntly, making me sigh

“See Tobi, i am not forcing you to love her, I just want to talk to her, you know tell her something that will make her happy”

“Is that what you want? he asked coldly


“Okay! I will do that”. he agreed

Like seriously!Just like that!

“but in return, I need a favour from you”. he quickly added

I nodded , urging him to continue

“hug me please”. he begged

hug!is he for real!

“Can you do that?” he asked , his intense gaze fixed on me ,making me uncomfortable

It is only a hug right?

“Yes!” I answered with my tiniest voice and that was all he needed , he pulled me close to him and hugged me tightly

I went limp on his chest, counting the seconds and that was when I heard it , the sound of his heart beating, it was racing so fast like ……..Ademilade’s own..





The pounding in my chest was getting louder and louder and I quickly pulled out of the hug for fear that it might explode

I was madly in love with the girl in front of me , no doubt about that . but what can I do? Nothing, she belongs to Demi and I am Demi’s friend ….

“You alright?” She asked , staring into my face

I nodded slowly

“Why then is your heart beating so fast?”

I smiled , pinching her nose lightly

“So you heard it?”

“Yes na”. she squeezed her face like a baby. “when I am not deaf”. she mumbled the latter part but I heard her clearly

“Okay!”I simply said and climbed up the short step to the balcony.

Turning around , I found her staring at me

Did she figure out anything?

“What!” I mouthed at her

“Thanks”. she smiled and looked away

I nodded slowly and began walking through the passage

My heart felt light, it was as if a burden has been lifted off my chest, a good thing right?

Entering Funmi’s room , I found her looking out of the window

“Funmi!” I called softly and she turned around, a surprise look on her face

“Tobi! you came back for me”

“No I did… I stopped mid- sentence when I remembered Obianuju’s words

“tell her something that will make her happy”

“erm …yes.. I came back for you”. I quickly changed my words

She smiled , moving closer to me

You don’t need to lie ,I know you came back because Uju asked you to

Bingo! how did she know?

There was an awkward silence and then she asked

“You love her right?”

I frozed on the spot, a thousand and one thing running through my head

“What.did. You. say?” I managed to ask

her smile deepened. “You don’t need to lie , the look in your eyes tells it all”

“Fine!Fine!i love her”.i agreed. “but what can such feelings bring?”

“A one sided love Just like mine”. she replied ,tears rolling down her eyes freely and a pang of guilt hit me

“Funmi!”i called softly

“Yes!” she sobbed silently , wiping away her tears. “I know I am not up to your taste , I know I am not beau……::

“And who told you that”, I cut in before she could spell out the word..

she gulped down hard , making a noise.

“You are beautiful Funmi”. I stated and that was the plain truth…..

My phone suddenly rang and I took it out of my pocket to check out the caller and noticed it was Demi

Smiling lightly, I received it

“Guy! Awfar?”. I greeted first

“I am alright”. he answered, “where are you?”

I glanced at Funmi before answering him

“I am at pretty’s queens villa”.

“queen’s villa! my girlfriend’s hall!”. there was a hint of surprise in his voice . “what are you doing there?”

I chuckled. “Easy man! I came over to see a friend”

There was a pause and then he sighed

“Okay man! so when will you be home”

“home!” I repeated to be sure I heard right

The Demi I know hardly visits people home

“Yes now, I am on my way to your place but if you are not chanced I can drive back…….he tried to say but I cut him off

“Don’t! I will be home shortly”

“Alright then, don’t keep me waiting”. he said and ended the phone call

Immediately, I faced Funmi

“I need to be on my way now , I will check on you later”

“Check on me”.her eyes lit up. “and when will that be?”

I shrugged lightly “hun! I can’t really say , I will call you sha”

and to my upmost surprise, she jumped on me , holding my tightly

I held her in my arms and a feeling of regret and remorse stirred deep inside me..






Restlessly , I paced up and down the room as I waited for the dark ugly girl

Ah! nawa ooo! what is keeping her long? or is she no longer interested in the deal? no ooo

she should better not try it ..

Frowning, I reached for my phone, about to dial her number when she rushed into the room , panting

“I am very sorry Susanna”. she apologised. “I was delayed in the church”

Oh right! she even goes to church!!!

“what about the guys? she asked , looking around. “I thought you said they were already here

“I said they would soon be here”. I corrected and that was the exact moment my errand girl , Kemisola walked into the room, three hefty guys following behind her

“Aunty Susanna”. she called with her local accent . “this na the boys wey I talk sey get mouth well well.

I stared at the boys one by one and then smiled

“Good evening!” I greeted

“Evening”. the fat one among them responded. “What do you us to do for you?

I shifted my gaze to the “ugly girl”and signalled her to take over

She cleared her throat and then faced the boys

“Hello guys!” She greeted. “My name is Faith and you are?”

Interesting! so her name is Faith!

“My name is Biggy”, the fat guy replied

“Good!” she smiled. “we have a small job for you Biggy”

“Okay!” Biggy nodded , urging her to continue

“we want you to discipline a girl a for us”

He smiled , rubbing his hands together

“And who is the girl?”

quickly , she took a picture out of a bag and stretched it out to Biggy but Kemisola snatched it out of her hand, looking into it

The anger in me exploded and I screamed at her

“Give the picture to him you fool”

Panicking , she handed the picture to Biggy and bent her head in shame

I snapped my fingers at her, eying her coldly

“Oya!leave this place before I decend on you”

without a word , she gave me a long look before running out of the room

“Stupid girl!” I called after her and then faced the others

“Continue Jare”

Biggy smacked his lips as he stared at the picture

“Chai! but this girl fine ooooo”

I scoffed silently. “Can you do it or not?”

“Han! han! that one na small thing”. he boasted . “but what exactly do you want us to do to the girl?”

“gang rape her and record it”. Faith answered with a far away look in her eyes ….

Record it! this is so gonna be interesting!

He nodded . “a very easy task, but where do we see the girl?”

“Yes that is true”. I butted in . “how will he get the girl?”

Faith smiled . “Don’t worry, I will call her now to meet me at Liberty Junction”

“Liberty Junction”. Biggy nodded and faced the two other boys

“Guys! you heard what she said right?”

“Yes boss”. they both chorused in unison

hmmmh!so he is the boss!

“Good!” he remarked and the handed the picture to the taller between them

“wait for the girl at Liberty Junction and once you see her , bring her to the Lions den…

Lions Den! where is that? I wondered

“Okay boss!” the boys chorused almost in unison and they left the room

Biggy Continued, a mischievous smile on his face

“so it is time to talk about the pay”.

“Sure!”I agreed. “how much will you collect?”

” #350,000″. he answered and Faith gasped audibly in shock

“#350, 000! for what na?”

“It is okay”. I hushed her to keep quiet. “I will pay it”

“Biggy grinned lightly. “Good girl!”

“but that will be after the Job is done”. I quickly added

he was quiet for a moment and then he nodded in agreement

“I will inform Kemisola as soon as I am done with my part of the deal”

With that , he left the room

A light smile escaped from my lips and my eyes held a glint of happiness

Now I can have Demilade all to my self!!!

“But don’t you think that Kemisola of a girl will rant on us”. Faith queried

“No”. I shook my head. ” she can’t, she is just a dummy who can’t survive without me”

“Okay oooo” . she leaned against the wall, clapping her hands lightly. “So are we going to wait here till the task is done”

“Wait kwa! let’s go party Jare”

“Yaay!” She screamed , shaking her body excitedly

“Oya now!which hotel are we rocking?”

I shrugged lightly. “hmm… Timesqu… no, let’s go to Map hotel……





It was way past sunset and the weather was so warm , it’s cool breeze filling up the whole room

I sat there on the rug, my earpiece in my ear, listening to music when my phone beeped signifying a text message….

I looked down at the phone to check out the sender and noticed it was Faith.

I clicked on the message and read it

Please meet me at Liberty Junction”

I scoffed silently. is she for real!Liberty Junction, to do what!!!!

quickly, I dialled her number and she picked it on the second ring

“Uju! Please I need your help”she pleaded , a hint of tears in her voice

I became alarmed. “Where are you”

“Liberty Junction!”. she replied . ” please hurry up now”

“but what exactly is … I stooped mid- sentence when I noticed the call was no longer connected , she hanged up on me ….

Like seriously!

I dialled her number again and it rang till her voice mail picked up

Han Han! why is she not picking up na! or is the trouble really much!

hastily, I got up off the rug , put on a white slippers and rushed out of the room ….

I was so worried that I forgot to lock the door

Climbing down the short step, I crossed the mini road and began walking up a hilly road, a road leading to the Liberty Junction

Faith! what exactly is wrong with her?


The junction was quiet and silent as usual and I stood there by the road side , my eyes wandering around for Faith but she was no where in sight

I hissed loudly. what is this na? or is she playing games with me ni?

looking down at my phone ,I was about to dial her number when a voice from behind me called

“Fine girl!”

quickly, I turned around and met the bloody gaze of a fair tall man…

My heart skipped a bit

“Who ..are .. you?” I managed to ask

He smiled widely, exposing his crooked teeth

“Follow me quietly or I will stab you”. he threatened and only then did I feel the cold steel pressing down my skin …….

Oh God! A knife !

“please don’t kill me”. I pleaded . “I will follow you wherever you want”

“Good girl!” he remarked, putting away the knife and that was it , I decided to take my chances

I picked myself up and ran towards the opposite direction but it was of no use ,he easily caught up with me …

“You b---h!” he cursed and the next thing that followed was a thunderous slap across my face

“Mummy oooo”. my lips quivered and I began to cry

He scoffed . “Do you think you can run away from me?”

“No ooooo”. I held my cheek , whimpering as the tears rolled down my eyes

“then come with me and stop causing unnecessary attention”

With that , he held my hands and dragged me along as he walked over to a red kabu kabu car

He opened the rear door and instructed me to get in and when I did, he got in beside me and motioned the man behind the wheel to drive off…..




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