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The Deep Sea Devil Whale King Forsaken By The Sea God

“Alright, alright, alright. Although I managed to figure out that you had some connection with him, I didn’t expect that you would be so closely related. This is quite fortunate. There are no debts without creditors and no hatred without a cause. Your father killed my husband, so today shall be the day that you pay your debt in blood!”Tang Wulin was taken aback. “My father killed your husband?”

Meanwhile, the owner of a pair of bright eyes hidden among the group from the Holy Spirit Cult covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Her eyes had filled with tears instantly. She never expected that he was actually Tang San’s son!

The Demon Empress’ voice was trembling ever so slightly due to her agitated emotions. “Twenty thousand years ago, my husband was the omnipotent entity that commanded the waves and the sea. His name stirred fear all over the continent. He was the real king of sea soul beasts. He was the one-million-year deep sea devil whale king! It was your father that killed my husband just so he could seize my husband’s soul ring and soul bone.”

Astonished, Tang Wulin exclaimed, “You’re a soul beast? You’re a deep sea devil whale too?”

The Demon Empress answered haughtily, “That’s right. I’m the deep sea devil whale king now. I had no choice but to take my daughter and travel afar in an attempt to escape your father. I went through countless hardships and torment just to achieve what I have today. Man is the greediest creature ever. It is your kind that destroyed our homes and ruined our world. You won’t stop even after nearly driving the land soul beasts to extinction. You tried to do the same to our sea soul beasts.”

“Wait!” Tang Wulin suddenly interrupted the Demon Empress. He had a puzzled look in his eyes as he spoke with a deep voice, “I admit that humankind is at fault for all the harm done to the soul beasts. However, it seems like your husband’s situation is not as simple as just a human hunting soul beasts.”

The Demon Empress said in rage, “How is it different?”

Tang Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “I’ve experienced a similar situation and that is why I find it different. In my case, the deep sea devil whale king that I encountered recently was you? You should have been able to feel the Sea God’s Trident in my hand at the time. In fact, you even felt my father’s aura, right? Then, you chose to flee!”

The Demon Empress was stunned. She looked at Tang Wulin in amazement. “It was you?”

She truly could feel it at the time. More accurately, it happened when she first completed her breakthrough.

Even though she had not yet managed to finish the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, the energy she gained was enough for her to achieve the breakthrough.

She had experienced a momentary trance-like state as she reached the level of God power. It felt as if her entire body had been transported to another world. At the time, she could clearly feel a familiar aura. It was the aura of the Sea God’s Trident that killed her husband in the past, and also that of the Sea God Tang San.

Her first reaction was to charge forward to annihilate it, but soon enough, she was cowed by the aura. It was an overwhelming and terrifying feeling of utter dominance. Thus, she made the decision to retreat. Furthermore, she felt like she was in a grotesque world at the time. She could not tell at all if it was an illusion or reality. After hearing Tang Wulin’s remarks, she learned that it had really happened. ‘Does that mean that the Sea God Tang San genuinely left his power behind?’

Tang San said in a deep voice, “I engaged in closed-door cultivation to complete the examinations of the Sea God’s Trident. During the process, there was one trial where I had to confront the deep sea devil whale king. If the previous deep sea devil whale king had already died at my father’s hands, then I must have been fighting against you, right?”

The Demon Empress looked at Tang Wulin with an icy cold gaze. “So what about that?”

Tang Wulin said, “You chose to flee at the time. Thus, I passed that examination smoothly. I did not understand how this was all connected at the time, but I have understood it all now. The Sea God’s Trident is a divine weapon, in fact, a super divine weapon. In order for it to acknowledge me, I had to pass its tests. I had to go through the Sea God’s Nine Examinations to become its master. All of the trident’s examinations were very difficult and each one had its own significance. This included when I was sent to help out the devil soul great white shark clan to defeat the evil devil killer whale clan. It was because the evil devil killer whale clan slaughtered so many sea creatures that the sea’s ecological balance was affected. Given that, will you please tell me what your husband did? Why was he so forsaken by the Sea God that my father had to hunt him down?”

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s remarks had brought many mysteries of the Douluo Continent to light, especially those related to the Sea God Tang San. There Sea God’s Nine Examinations had a brief mention in the Tang Sect’s historical records, but it was certainly not as detailed as Tang Wulin’s words.

Additionally, his words further proved that he truly was the Sea God’s son!

Meanwhile, mankind’s elite warriors felt that they had witnessed a revelation, and they began to look at Tang Wulin differently.

Tang San was definitely the foremost legendary figure in the history of the Douluo Continent. He was the one and only, so it was simply unbelievable that Tang Wulin was really his son.

“Nonsense!” the Demon Empress roared, her emotions in turmoil. The purple-gold glow on her body pulsated and transformed into a gigantic pillar of light. She fired it directly at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin drew a ring with the Sea God’s Trident to neutralize the energy. He said in a deep voice, “You should know very well if I’m talking nonsense or not. Moreover, all that you have done has proven that I wasn’t talking nonsense. You built the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array to kill millions of people. Could it be that you don’t deserve to die? Will the Sea God show concern for a subject like you? You have just shown that everything I said was true with your actions. Hence, I believe that even if your husband was not as ruthless as you are now, he must have done something damaging to the entire sea.”

The Demon Empress’ chest heaved while her eyes were staring straight at Tang Wulin.

Was Tang Wulin right? He was!

In the past, how did the deep sea devil whale king cultivate a one-million-year cultivation base? Could it be that he really cultivated for one million years? That was impossible, of course.

The scales of ten year, one hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years, and one million years were used to measure soul beasts’ cultivation base. The truth was that very few soul beasts cultivated and elevated following this timetable.

Most of the soul beasts were constantly elevating. The act of breaking through to a new realm would be equal to cultivating normally for a number of years.

The previous deep sea devil whale king’s methods were exceedingly ruthless and cruel. Just as the Darkness Blood Demon devoured souls, he devoured everything in his path. The deep sea devil whale king was almost peerless in the sea. He relied on his fearsome abilities to consume the weaker creatures constantly and nourish himself. He wreaked havoc across the ocean especially after his cultivation broke through to one-hundred-thousand-years. Multiple areas of the ocean turned into dead zones because of him. He became even more fearless after achieving a one-million-year cultivation base. Just like the evil soul masters, the deep sea devil whale king was determined to propel itself to Godhood by devouring all the creatures in the entire sea.

The one-million-year deep sea devil whale king’s only saving grace was perhaps his love for his wife and daughter.

Nevertheless, his actions had genuinely affected the ecological balance of the entire ocean. This was why it was chosen by the Sea God’s Nine Examinations.

The Demon Empress seemed to have regained her composure. She looked at Tang Wulin and said with a deep voice, “There’s no use in discussing it. The members of the Holy Spirit Cult no longer consider ourselves human beings anymore. Very well. Since you’re the son of Tang San, it will be fitting that I take my revenge on you. Do you dare to gamble on this?”

Tang Wulin replied calmly, “Let’s hear it.”

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