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The Amorous Douluo vs. The Blood Demon

A radiance flickered in Zang Xin’s eyes. He moved the Amorous Sword in his hand. Suddenly, a feeling of indignity burst forth from his body such that the emotional fluctuation around him drove his soul power to a higher intensity in an instant.Coupling his emotions with his martial soul had always been Zang Xin’s unique cultivation method. Without any hesitation, he unleashed his most powerful domain, known as the Amorous Love Loathes Itself For Wrongly Devoting Love To The Heartless, as he fought the Darkness Blood Demon.

A halo emerged from underneath the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin’s feet. The halo flickered and caused the surrounding air to warp violently. Even the Darkness Blood Demon was caught in a trance seemingly due to the fluctuating emotions.

The Darkness Blood Demon was affected such that the chaotic consciousnesses in his mind burst out akin to an oil blowout. He was startled, so he hastily regained his focus to suppress the turbulent consciousnesses in his sea of spirit. He challenged the Blood Demon who was standing behind him. A layer of flames arose from the Blood Demon’s body instantly to shield off the fluctuating emotions in the surroundings. At the same time, twelve vengeful spirits, pitch black as ink, emerged and charged wildly at Zang Xin.

Zang Xin pointed with his right hand such that the Amorous Sword projected a sword screen from which the emotions burst forth.

His gaze was in a trance-like state soon after as if he was recalling something. In the next instant, the Amorous Sword became unusually bright as the indignant emotion turned into agony and sorrow. An intense feeling of sadness spread out in all directions.

He had an extremely rich experience in fighting against the evil soul masters, so he was well aware of their greatest fear.

Despite their powerful abilities, the evil soul masters faced many problems of their own too. For example, the unstable spiritual state suffered by the Darkness Blood Demon was frequently seen.

Due to their heinous acts, their spirits were tainted with cracks regardless of how they attempted to hypnotize themselves. When the cracks enlarged, their mental states were affected with their changing emotions.

Consequently, Zang Xin was not in a rush to attack the Darkness Blood Demon as he wanted to first induce the Blood Demon’s deepest emotions.

Despite being at Limit Douluo ranks, a few of the evil soul masters’ strengths could become weak. This was why the Holy Spirit Douluo was extremely effective in killing and hurting the evil soul masters.

The twelve vengeful spirits lashed toward the sword screen repeatedly. However, the Darkness Blood Demon’s emotions were affected. His spirit began to change with each consciousness emerging one at a time such that he lost focus at the moment.

On the other hand, the Amorous Douluo was not feeling well either. His sea of spirit was being affected by the Limit Douluo-ranked Soul Devourment. It was apparent his head of black hair was turning gray gradually. Although the change was slow, it was happening continuously.

The battle was certainly ghastly. However, none of mankind’s soul masters nor the abyssal creatures dared to approach the battlefield at present.

The emotional fluctuations and the soul devourment were occurring all over. Furthermore, neither of these two soul powers could be resisted.

The Darkness Blood Demon had been known to grow stronger as the fight continued, while the Amorous Douluo was similar too. They were at par with each other. However, the Amorous Douluo had a slight advantage with his battle armor.

Compared to their stalemate, the battle between the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi and the Ghost Emperor on the other side was earth-shattering.

Gigantic skulls flew in the sky and constantly attacked the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi with different attack techniques such as lashing, pulsating, blasting, and others. On the other hand, Cao Dezhi held the Heartless Sword to fend off the Ghost Emperor’s attack over and over again in a calm, steady manner.

The booming sounds were accompanied by green flames dispersing in the sky. Cao Dezhi’s eyes flickered with faint, cold glints. He had entered into his Heartless Iceheart state.

Once in the Heartless Iceheart state, he would be placid and his abilities at its most potent power.

It was not his first time fighting against the Ghost Emperor. The Ghost Emperor had made a name for himself way before Cao Dezhi. In fact, Cao Dezhi almost died in the hands of the Ghost Emperor when he lost a battle many years ago.

Fortunately, he collaborated with the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin to unleash the Douluo-Swords Combined to defeat the Ghost Emperor for the first time.

The Ghost Emperor was observing the battle nearby between the Amorous Douluo and the Darkness Blood Demon as he attacked the Heartless Douluo.

The Ghost Emperor was in charge of the entire Holy Spirit Cult when the Demon Empress was not around. He was considered the most superior of them all. He was even capable of fighting against the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming. He was truly the best powerhouse of the Holy Spirit Cult. Yet, he still dreaded fighting against the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo.

In a certain sense, the most powerful person from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy was not the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue. In fact, he did not fear Chen Xinjie much before he learned that the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had achieved the Divine Origin realm. The only people whom he was concerned about were the two peak powerhouses from the Tang Sect, the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo.

The most terrifying part about the two Limit Douluos was not their individual abilities. Despite the fact that the Heartless Douluo was a quasi god, the Ghost Emperor was not concerned. The only thing the Ghost Emperor worried about was their martial soul fusion skills.

Out of all the Limit Douluos on the continent, they were the only pair capable of possessing the martial soul fusion skills. In the past, the Ghost Emperor suffered a great loss due to their martial soul fusion skills. One could only imagine how powerful it was.

If the Ghost Emperor were to hazard a guess, the only thing that could threaten the Demon Empress would be their martial soul fusion skills.

In the past when he was confronted by the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo’s martial soul fusion skills, they were both only Title Douluos while the Ghost Emperor was already a Limit Douluo at the time.

Yet, it was precisely these two people who were not Hyper Douluos, the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo who used their super powerful martial soul fusion skills which caused him a great loss.

At present, they were already Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses. He had no idea how powerful they would be if they were to unleash that martial soul fusion skills. Hence, he was very concerned about this.

The Ghost Emperor had mobilized the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul weapons to blast Shrek City. Apart from killing the Atlas Douluo, the other major goal was to kill either the Amorous Douluo or the Heartless Douluo.

However, they were in the Tang Sect’s headquarters at the time. They were fortunate to have survived.

Hence, the Ghost Emperor was prudent and vigilant when he fought against the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi. He was worried that Cao Dezhi might suddenly unleash the martial soul fusion skill. It was a powerful skill with a wide coverage.

Ever since these two people achieved the Limit Douluo rank, they had yet to unleash their martial soul fusion skills. It remained a mystery in the soul masters’ world. No one knew the extent of their martial soul fusion skill’s power. They could only speculate based on the results they themselves had achieved after they became Limit Douluos.

Thus, the Ghost Emperor prudently retained thirty percent of his power. In case the situation worsened, he would fall back first. He would be safe as long as he could avoid being struck by the soul skill.

Because the martial soul fusion skill was extremely powerful, the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo would be totally exhausted after unleashing it even once.

The Ghost Emperor was smirking as he watched the Darkness Blood Demon fight against the Amorous Douluo. If both the Darkness Blood Demon and the Amorous Douluo ended up being defeated, his chances of victory would be higher without the martial soul fusion skill hanging over his head.

Currently, he felt rather anxious. He was confused why the Demon Empress did not finish off Tang Wulin after being engaged in the battle for such a long time.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena charged into the abyssal legion’s side. She was unstoppable. She had already killed a few abyssal powerhouses. Now, the Bee Monarch was charging toward Gu Yuena with her twelve great Diamond Bomb Bees. They managed to stabilize the situation with great effort. However, it was not known how long they would last in the presence of the Silver Dragon Spear. After all, even the Spirit Monarch was killed by Gu Yuena.

Gu Yuena was unpredictable. In any event, no one would be able to stop the Demon Empress who had already possessed God power. If that were the case, even if Gu Yuena could be more powerful, she would still end up dead in the Demon Empress’ hands.

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