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Soul Devourmen

The Darkness Blood Demon was shocked. He later realized that the gush of energy was his soul power after having gone through a few twists and turns in his life. The act of devouring his grandfather’s soul had given him rank-1 soul power.He felt grateful for the gift left behind by his grandfather. He was overjoyed to discover that he had soul power at last. He went searching for an elementary soul academy to join since he now possessed soul power. Soon, he discovered that all the soul master’s cultivation techniques were incompatible to him including the meditation. His rank-1 soul power did not show any signs of improvement even after he cultivated for a full six months.

Hence, he was expelled from the academy since he could not elevate his cultivation.

Out of the blue, the Darkness Blood Demon suddenly recalled the situation which led him to possess soul power the first time. Perhaps, it was related to dead people?

He went to the funeral parlor and lingered around the place for a period of time. He finally achieved some gains.

He took the initiative to approach the dead corpses. After a few initial trials, he discovered that there was utterly no reaction when the corpse which was sent to the funeral parlor had been dead for quite some time. However, if the person had just recently died, he could feel the difference and absorb some energy from the corpse.

His soul power was thus elevated to rank-10 in less than a month akin to the speed of a shooting rocket.

Nevertheless, he did not have any money to purchase spirit souls. Since he was at a loss at what to do, he would head over to the funeral parlor daily to devour the souls month after month. His body had actually condensed its first soul ring spontaneously which allowed him to possess his first soul skill.

It was known as the Soul Devourment!

The soul skill allowed him to devour souls at a faster rate. In addition to devouring dead people’s souls, he could also devour the soul of an extremely weak person or even a child’s.

The discovery gave him a new direction in cultivation.

His experience of a bitter life from young coupled with the lack of education made the Darkness Blood Demon truly excited in acquiring the Soul Devourment soul skill. However, he failed to realize the danger of the skill.

Hence, he began using the Soul Devourment to devour all kinds of souls. After various attempts, he chanced upon some kind of pattern. Not only was he capable of devouring the weaker humans, he could also do it to the weaker creatures such as small animals.

One day, he realized the problem of this soul skill when a very ill person died soon after he devoured the person’s soul. Yet, he could not stop himself anymore at the time.

The Soul Devourment elevated the cultivation rate of his soul power at a tremendous pace. In fact, even his spiritual power elevated rapidly under the continuous nourishment from devouring the souls. It was worlds apart as compared to the time when he cultivated painstakingly in the past, but did not yield any results.

Under such circumstances, he naturally degenerated. Meanwhile, his first soul skill, the Soul Devourment effect was becoming more powerful following the elevation of his abilities. At the same time, it was getting more harmful. When he made a breakthrough to the rank-20 soul power and began acquiring his second soul skill gradually, he was already capable of using his Soul Devourment against ordinary people. By then, he had become an evil soul master in its truest sense.

In the beginning, he was cautious when he devoured the souls. Later, he committed the act openly. He would devour a person’s soul to death and continue on with yet another person. He was just like a drug addict. Subsequently, he thrived on this cultivation method.

Furthermore, the Darkness Blood Demon discovered that he got the most gain when he devoured a living man’s soul to death. The more complete the soul, the more beneficial it was to him.

Afterward, he began to realize that the effect of devouring a soul master’s soul was even better. The more powerful the soul master, the more elevation he would receive.

From then on, he was past the point of no return. In just a short time, he became renowned amongst the evil soul masters. At the same time, his presence drew the attention of the soul master’s organization. It was logical for him to join the Holy Spirit Cult where he was steadily promoted until he became the leader of the four great heavenly kings of darkness.

His cultivation rate was extremely fast even amongst the evil soul masters. Also, his fighting capacity was exceedingly strong and his spiritual power exceptionally powerful. He was terrifying in the sense that he could be everywhere and nothing could stop him.

The Darkness Blood Demon’s kills was perhaps only preceded by the Ghost Emperor’s in the Holy Spirit Cult. In fact, he even surpassed the Underworld King Ha Luosa. Wherever he passed, not a single root could grow. Whether it was a human being or any other life form, as long as it had a soul, it would be a target for his devourment.

Simultaneously, he was in an agonizing state. He had devoured way too many souls. Every soul would leave behind a wisp of consciousness in his sea of spirit each time the soul was being devoured by him. The existence of this remnant consciousness was especially agonizing for the Darkness Blood Demon. Consequently, he was having a hard time enduring it.

It was fine in the beginning. As the number of remnant consciousness increased, his mental state was affected akin to a psychotic breakdown. Moreover, these remnant consciousnesses were hostile toward him. They tormented his mind to the extent that he was losing his life force as well.

In reality, the Darkness Blood Demon was the youngest out of the four great heavenly kings of darkness. He was just over fifty years of age, yet his body had aged more than the Ghost Emperor’s.

The Darkness Blood Demon was well aware that the remnant consciousnesses of the life forms he devoured would have a terrifying backlash on him when he died. His soul would be torn apart by them.

Thus, he was constantly looking for ways to prolong his lifespan, so he could live longer. The Ancient Gold Tree in Shrek Academy was his target once before.

His eyes lit up as he was confronted by the Amorous Douluo. He was yearning for Zang Xin’s soul badly.

In order to suppress the chaotic consciousness in his body, he needed to devour an even more powerful consciousness to further strengthen his spiritual power.

In the past, the Ghost Emperor suggested a way that would help him break free from his current situation which was to cultivate the Divine Origin spiritual rank. It was only by achieving the Divine Origin that he would be able to transcend and completely destroy those chaotic consciousnesses.

The only way was to continuously devour even more powerful souls, so he could elevate his spiritual power to the Divine Origin before he died and faced the backlash.

Even though the Amorous Douluo was not a quasi god yet, he was a renowned powerhouse with a Limit Douluo rank. Hence, he was an ideal candidate for the Blood Demon. If the Darkness Blood Demon could devour Zang Zin, it would increase his cultivation base by another step at the very least. By devouring a Limit Douluo, he would possibly be elevated to a quasi god which meant that he would be a step closer to achieving the Divine Origin.

Zang Xin was filled with enmity toward the Darkness Blood Demon. As one of the most powerful people in the Holy Spirit Cult, there was no doubt that the higher one’s status was, the more threatening the person would be toward mankind. The sins of the Darkness Blood Demon were too numerous to be recorded, and his hands were covered in so much blood. The battle today was inevitable for both sides. It was also the best opportunity for Zang Xin to kill him.

Hence, the battle was in a complete pandemonium since its beginning.

The gigantic Blood Demon standing behind the Darkness Blood Demon leaned back its upper body. An immense gush of suction force burst forth instantly. Zang Xin felt his scalp went numb. At the same time, he felt his blood essence and soul were about to leave his body.

Despite being the Darkness Blood Demon’s first soul skill, the Soul Devourment was his core soul skill. It was the most crucial part of his cultivation technique which benefited him in every way. Even when he was fighting against an exceptionally powerful opponent, it could be used to weaken the opponent.

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