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He Was Killed Eventually

His entire body was shaking and blood was pouring out from his seven orifices. The battle armor he wore was falling apart as well.The amplification effect of Wu Zhangkong’s four-word battle armor was too strong. There had not been an enormous difference between their cultivation bases. The disparity of their battle armors resulted in huge disadvantages for the Darkness Hummingbird. Moreover, he was hit by such a formidable attack.

“Long Bing. Do it for Long Bing. Don’t…don’t kill me…” He looked at Wu Zhangkong as if he was begging for mercy. He slowly lowered his two Tail Stingers that had been blocking the Skyfrost Sword.

Cold radiance shot out from Wu Zhangkong’s eyes. “Long Bing? Who are you to talk about Long Bing? She was only a tool in your eyes, a dependable tool to you at most. If you had even a little love for her as your daughter, you wouldn’t have hurt her like that. In fact, you left without even looking back when you knew you had severely injured her. Did you know that I might have been able to save her if I had not been so badly wounded? If you had had any humanity, you would have taken her back to Shrek Academy!”

At this point, Wu Zhangkong’s eyes were glistening with tears.

At that time, both he and Long Bing were severely injured. Long Bing lost consciousness after speaking to him.

The best recovery-type soul master in the world, the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, was at Shrek Academy back then. If Long Bing had been taken to the academy, Yali would certainly have been able to save her at the time.

As it was, the Darkness Hummingbird chose to turn his back and leave them. Wu Zhangkong gave everything he had, leaving behind a trail of blood, but he only managed to move Long Bing less than twenty meters before he blacked out.

By the time he regained consciousness, Long Bing had been dead for some time. This incident left him with severe internal injuries.

This was also why Wu Zhangkong was still at six rings when he met Tang Wulin in the past. The Holy Spirit Douluo healed his internal injuries when he returned to Shrek Academy. Wu Zhangkong’s abilities also recovered soon after which ensured his accelerated elevation over the years. He was supposed to be one of the successors of the Sea God’s Pavilion in the past!

Wu Zhangkong did not hesitate at all after hearing the Darkness Hummingbird mentioning Long Bing, but his heart was filled with rage.

‘What sort of father could be so malicious to his own daughter?!’

“To protect the common people of the world from evil soul masters and for Long Bing’s soul in heaven, you have to die!” Wu Zhangkong shouted aloud. His battle armor began to glow brightly, and he t----t the Skyfrost Sword with all his might!

“Clang! Clang!” The Tail Stingers broke as the Skyfrost Sword savagely pierced the Darkness Hummingbird’s chest.

The Darkness Hummingbird’s eyes were still wide as he looked at Wu Zhangkong in the sky, and his lips twitched ever so slightly until he finally died. It was not known whether he was regretful or obstinate. Out of the corner of his eye, a teardrop rolled down his face.

At that moment, the Darkness Hummingbird felt as if he could see a little girl that would hug his thigh fearfully and call him ‘father’ when she was young. He felt as if he could see the young maiden that clenched her teeth in determination as she cultivated under his strict orders and punishment.

All his memories gradually faded into darkness. One of the Holy Spirit Cult’s four great heavenly kings of darkness was dead!

Wu Zhangkong gasped for breath loudly. A piercing pain radiated from his neck continuously. The blow he had taken earlier had actually injured him. Nevertheless, it was the pain in his heart that was the most intense at that moment.

“I’m sorry, Long Bing. I didn’t keep my promise to you. I couldn’t stop myself from killing him after all. Did you see that? He cried. Perhaps, he regretted everything he did in the past. If there is a next life, don’t be his daughter anymore. If there is a next life, I hope that he will be reborn a kind person.”

At this point, tears were streaming down his face. On the other hand, the constant knot in his heart over the years cake undone as if the death of the Darkness Hummingbird melted it away.

Meanwhile, the situation on the battlefield was looking better and better for the federal military. Although Tang Wulin had not managed to finish off his opponent, he could still stop the Demon Empress’ ferocious offensive.

Without the command of the Spirit Dragons, the abyssal legion had become a scattered mess. They could charge forward frantically, but they were gradually dwindling under the effect of the Blood God Army and the infrasonic aircraft led by Zhang Huanyun. As the fighting continued, massive numbers of abyssal creatures were slain.

Tang Wulin was so preoccupied with his own savage battle that he could not deal with anything else. On the other side, Gu Yuena plunged herself into the combat once again. Where she passed, the abyssal creatures were killed in succession as if she was the wrath of Heaven. Her Silver Dragon Spear devoured a massive amount of abyssal energy.

In her hands, the Silver Dragon Spear rapidly killed six king-ranked abyssal powerhouses. Meanwhile, a series of loud booming noises came from the abyssal passage. It was obviously a sign of the abyss’ levels collapsing.

At the same time, the battle between the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin and his opponent before him had reached its c----x.

The enmity between the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and the Holy Spirit Cult could be described as being as vast and deep as the sea. Hence, when the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses arrived, the Amorous Douluo confronted one of their four great heavenly kings of darkness, the Darkness Blood Demon. For his part, the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi was fighting against the Ghost Emperor.

The Darkness Blood Demon was a middle-aged man with a tall and slim figure, completely concealed in a large crimson cloak. He had an exceedingly ghastly martial soul, a dark red vengeful spirit. It was the so-called Blood Demon and that was how he got his title.

The Darkness Blood Demon was also a quasigod-ranked Limit Douluo. Judging by his cultivation base, he was not that different from the Amorous Douluo. Thus, the battle between these two warriors was frightfully intense.

The Darkness Blood Demon was skilled in casting all sorts of curses. Any soul master fighting against him would find him troublesome.

This was not the first time these two were fighting against each other. The Darkness Blood Demon was the one who killed Tang Wulin’s adoptive parents Tang Ziran and Lang Yue in the past.

Of the four heavenly kings of darkness, the Darkness Blood Demon was renowned for his mysterious and ghastly manner. A horrifying entity took form, about three meters tall with a dark red body. Its face was pitch-black, and it had two blood-red, pulsating eyes like flares.

There were nine soul rings on its body. Each of the soul rings was as black as ink and looked like they had fused with its black-red body as one.

The vengeful spirit did not appear to have a human form, but was more like a bulging m---d. The air surrounding it appeared to warp at its presence.

The Darkness Blood Demon was definitely the purest form of evil soul master. His martial soul was extremely weak when it first awakened. In fact, it did not even possess any of its own soul power. It appeared to be a useless martial soul that could not be cultivated. At the time, the Darkness Blood Demon was constantly being mocked by his peers, especially those who gained associated soul power during their martial soul awakening.

His parents passed away when he was young and he was brought up by his grandfather. When the boy was eight, a sickness took his grandfather, and the Darkness Blood Demon’s life story took a sinister turn.

Even after his martial soul had awakened, he knew nothing about it. Then, on the day his grandfather died, it appeared spontaneously, looking like a ball of air. The Darkness Blood Demon watched as his martial soul suddenly seemed to be drawing energy out of his grandfather’s corpse. It appeared as if it had s----d out something from the man’s body.

In fact, he thought he could hear his grandfather screaming out in agony, but he did understand what was happening at all. Then, his martial soul revealed itself for the first time.

It was an entity with hideous facial features like a vengeful spirit. It looked just like a ball of air, but it took on a faint red hue after it devoured his grandfather’s soul. Though it was still unclear, he could finally see its entire body.

When his martial soul awakened in the past, many did not acknowledge that he really had one. He had never expected that he would feel such an incredible gush of energy within him.

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