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Zhangkong Vs. Hummingbird

‘I’m about to succeed!’ The thought rushed into the Darkness Hummingbird’s mind. In his view, Wu Zhangkong was still too inexperienced. Even with the four-word battle armor, he was utterly incapable of utilizing the battle armor’s upper hand. He was unable to resist the Darkness Hummingbird’s incredible offensive anyhow.Meanwhile, Wu Zhangkong could still use his other arm to block, but he would not be able to dodge in time. Meanwhile, the Darkness Hummingbird felt that the battle was all but over if he could just injure Wu Zhankong’s other arm. The Darkness Hummingbird was sure that he would quickly have even more of an advantage if he weakened the opponent in this way.

Thus, he never expected that Wu Zhangkong would not use his arm to resist the attack. In the split second it took him to arrive in front of Wu Zhangkong, the Darkness Hummingbird saw a dash of mockery flashing past his opponent’s eyes.

The two of them were so close that the Darkness Hummingbird’s pair of stakes were right in front of Wu Zhangkong almost immediately. On the other hand, Wu Zhangkong only reacted by closing his eyes.

No matter how swift the Darkness Hummingbird’s Gale Cannon was, it could not possibly compete against the speed that Wu Zhangkong’s could close his eyes!

Instantly, a metal mask dropped down from Wu Zhangkong’s helmet, covering his face.

“Ding!” There was the sound of a chime. Wu Zhangkong leaned his head back. In fact, his entire upper body was leaning back when he was stabbed.

However, as he was struck, a piercing ray of light shot out from his body. With his body as a guide, the radiance slashed the Darkness Hummingbird’s body as the two foes collided.

“Clang!” Purple-black light burst out of the Darkness Hummingbird’s three-word battle armor. Even so, a huge crack was cut into the battle armor by the Skyfrost Sword. The Darkness Hummingbird was even more astonished when he felt an icy chill surge out of the Skyfrost Sword and into his body. A layer of frost swiftly formed on the surface of his three-word battle armor.

‘How is that possible? Why is he capable of using this technique in a battle?’

‘Does he know how dangerous this is?’

‘It was just a mask. What if the mask was incapable of stopping my stakes? Wouldn’t he just die?’

The Darkness Hummingbird had no idea that Long Yeyue had assigned Wu Zhangkong as the leader of the squadron consisting of the Shrek Seven Monsters, the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi, Lan Muzi, and Tang Yingmeng because she recognized Wu Zhangkong’s aptitude! There was nothing more important than one’s capability on a battlefield like this. Nothing else could compare to one’s competence.

Wu Zhangkong had a clear understanding of his battle armor’s endurance. Thus, while he was repelled by the impact during the first collision, he was also gauging the endurance of his armor against the opponent’s attacks.

When the second attack came, the Darkness Hummingbird did not realize that Wu Zhangkong’s feathered wings on his back were folded upward to conceal his helmet when seen from behind. In other words, Wu Zhangkong was not only using his neck to brace against the impact from the attack, but also his helmet, its connection to his pauldrons, his cuirass, and his wings.

The main reason Wu Zhangkong chose to do this was that he wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible.

Humanity’s survival hinged on the outcome of this war. Being able to slay an enemy would bring mankind one step closer to victory. One more factor that made Wu Zhangkong choose to fight the Darkness Hummingbird was that evil soul masters could not be resurrected like the other abyssal creatures! They may have been formidable, but every time a high-ranking evil soul master was killed, it would weaken the opposing side in a real sense.

Hence, Wu Zhangkong wanted to utterly defeat the Darkness Hummingbird within the shortest period of time.

Wounding his opponent seemed to be taking a toll on him as well, but he was actually fully prepared. It was true that he could not accelerate to such extreme speeds as swiftly as the Darkness Hummingbird, but he was definitely not as passive as he appeared to be.

He had picked up some techniques by sparring with Tang Wulin. In order to defeat the opponent within the shortest time possible, especially when they were his equal or even superior, the best method was to ensure that the opponent was incapable of unleashing all his abilities.

He left his face vulnerable in order to set up an attack that the opponent could not avoid. It was undoubtedly the best choice since he was already fully prepared.

The Darkness Hummingbird had ended up underestimating Wu Zhangkong. The Skyfrost Dragon Ice Wu Zhangkong was no longer the youth that he could easily defeat years ago.

Thus, the Darkness Hummingbird did not know how to counter him.

As the Skyfrost Sword slashed, it contained Wu Zhangkong’s absolute zero temperature!

The terrifying super-low temperature froze the Darkness Hummingbird’s blood in a flash. His three-word battle armor could hardly withstand the razor-sharp Skyfrost Sword amplified by the four-word battle armor. He could only resist a small portion of the freezing temperature conducted by the blade. As it was, a momentary freeze was enough for Wu Zhangkong.

Seen from afar, Wu Zhangkong’s upper body leaned back after being stabbed, but the Darkness Hummingbird was then blown into the sky by his sword. Frost covered the surface of the Darkness Hummingbird’s three-word battle armor as he was being blasted away. His entire body was completely frozen.

Wu Zhangkong spread the wings on his back when he leaned far back like a stiff metal sheet. With a flap of his wings, his body rose into the air, trying to could catch up to the ice sculpture-like Darkness Hummingbird.

“Frost Song Moon!”

Wu Zhangkong unleashed his fifth soul skill. Nine gigantic Skyfrost Swords form an ice wheel to cut into the Darkness Hummingbird’s body ferociously for nine times. Not only that, but the sixth soul ring on his body was also glowing brightly as he unleashed his sixth soul skill, Condensed Frost!

The Condensed Frost had the ability to maintain the absolute zero temperature. There was nothing the Darkness Hummingbird could do except take the full force of Frost Song Moon.

With every cut it made, Wu Zhangkong felt like he was venting his pent up rage. It had been many years. His enmity for the Darkness Hummingbird and the agonizing regret he had over Long Bing were vented through the cuts.

He deeply regretted not having a heart-to-heart talk with Long Bing and not learning the truth earlier. If only he knew, perhaps Long Bing would never have died. They would not have left Shrek City so easily either.

If they had remained in Shrek City, the Darkness Hummingbird would not have acted so brazenly regardless of how bold he was!

In any case, there was no medicine against regret in this world. He had not broken his vow to Long Bing because he was not seeking revenge for her. He was fighting against the Holy Spirit Cult for all mankind!

When the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array appeared once again, the Federation’s powerhouses realized that the Holy Spirit Cult had to be wiped out completely. Otherwise, no one could tell how many more lives would be taken as they worked toward their evil goal.

“Boom!” The Darkness Hummingbird fell from the sky and came crashing into the ground. He did not manage to avoid any of Frost Song Moon’s nine strikes. At long last, Wu Zhangkong had injured one of the four great heavenly kings of darkness as quickly as possible by utilizing his risky battle technique.

He fell from the sky, and the Skyfrost Sword grew to an enormous size. With an icy aura and unstoppable momentum, the sword t----t at the Darkness Hummingbird lying on the ground.


The ground cracked apart. Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword stopped at the center of the broken ground. The Darkness Hummingbird had used his pair of Tail Stingers to block Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword.

He just managed to struggle free from the extreme cold with great effort. In fact, he had even detonated his three-word battle armor just to summon enough strength to resist it.

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