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Do You Still Recognize Me?

At the thought of this, Wu Zhangkong spread the wings behind his back and leaped into the sky while radiating extreme coldness. He flew toward the direction of the Darkness Hummingbird.As opposed to Wu Zhangkong’s immediate recognition of the Darkness Hummingbird, the Darkness Hummingbird did not recognize Wu Zhangkong who was cladded in his four-word battle armor Skyfrost Dragon Ice.

Wu Zhangkong was much more mature now as compared to the time when they first met. Moreover, he was concealed by his battle armor.

The Darkness Hummingbird had just defeated a Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouse. He was about to kill the powerhouse, when, all of a sudden, he sensed a gush of icy cold aura lock on his body. Subconsciously, he turned around to look.

The Skyfrost Dragon Ice battle armor suit was as white as pure snow. The color was specially requested by Wu Zhangkong. Long Bing’s favorite color was pure white. She once told Wu Zhangkong that it would be awesome if all of mankind could be as fair, noble, and unsullied as snow.

The tall Wu Zhangkong cladded in his four-word battle armor held a sword flickering with an ice blue radiance. Not only was his aura powerful, he was also incredibly handsome and heroic such that the Darkness Hummingbird was awed by his presence despite being a male.

“Darkness Hummingbird, do you still recognize me?” asked Wu Zhangkong coldly.

The Darkness Hummingbird was stunned for a moment. Confusion flashed past his eyes for a moment, but he was retreating rapidly while maintaining vigilance.

He was only cladded in a three-word battle armor. He was a rank-98 Title Douluo, yet he did not possess a set of four-word battle armor. The person before him was obviously cladded in a four-word battle armor, and his cultivation base was certainly powerful as well. This person’s abilities were definitely not inferior to his under the amplification of a four-word battle armor.

“Who are you?”

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes reddened gradually. “Who am I? Do you still remember your daughter whom you killed?”

The Darkness Hummingbird was stunned for a moment at first. Gradually, he recalled the identity of the person before him.

“It was you? That little bstrd who used the ice sword!” The pitch of his voice went a little higher.

Wu Zhangkong’s grip on the Skyfrost Sword tightened while cold radiance shot out from his eyes!

The Darkness Hummingbird squinted his eyes. “That wicked girl Long Bing actually sacrificed her life for you. I didn’t expect you to live such a good life. Look at you. You’re even cladded in a four-word battle armor. Seems like I shouldn’t have shown mercy the last time. I should’ve killed you too, so that you won’t have the chance to develop to this extent.”

Wu Zhangkong’s lips were tightly pursed. The icy cold aura from his body was growing more dense. “Darkness Hummingbird, did you ever regret causing Long Bing’s death? Do you know that she even made me swear not to seek revenge from you before she died, just because you’re her father?”

The Darkness Hummingbird was startled momentarily. An unnoticeable change flashed past his eyes, but he regained his composure. “She was a fool. You wouldn’t be standing before me now if you had come seeking revenge from me earlier. You would’ve turned into a corpse sooner, so I don’t have to waste my effort now.”

Wu Zhangkong muttered to himself, “Long Bing, did you hear that? He doesn’t have the slightest regret for what he did, and it didn’t even cause him the slightest pain. He doesn’t deserve to be your father. Although he brought you into this world, he only brought you pain and agony. I wonder how many innocent lives have been taken by him. Even if I’m not doing this for you, I’m going to seek justice on behalf of the heavens.”

In the midst of muttering to himself, all of a sudden, two rays of cold glint arrived before him akin to the piercing of heaven and earth.

The Darkness Hummingbird’s weapon was a pair of stakes. The stakes were gray-black with toxin on its tips. It was also his martial soul, the Tail Stinger!

Out of the four great heavenly kings, he was an agility-type soul master renowned for his speed!

It was how he got his moniker, the Darkness Hummingbird.

Wu Zhangkong’s silhouette suddenly turned illusory. The two Tail Stingers penetrated the spot where his body was earlier which was only an illusory shadow now.

Wu Zhangkong had utilized the Tang Sect Technique Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!

At the same time, icy lines of blue silk threads bloomed on the battlefield as Wu Zhangkong unleashed the Frost Scar!

The lines of the Frost Scars sealed all the directions to stop the Darkness Hummingbird from advancing by leaving a densely-woven huge net in the sky.

An assault-type soul master was supposed to have a suppressive effect over an agility-type soul master. Furthermore, Wu Zhangkong’s speed was equally swift.

The Darkness Hummingbird moved at a high speed. His Tail Stingers destroyed the Frost Scars one at a time, but it also slowed down his advancing speed.

He had a rich combat experience as one of the Darkness four great heavenly Kings. His silhouette flickered continuously in the sky. With each flicker of the air around him, it exuded a strange, peculiar feeling.

The Darkness Hummingbird was not in a rush to charge forward, as he was looking for an opening among all the blocked directions.

Wu Zhangkong shook the Skyfrost Sword in his hand gently. A layer of faint ice mist spread out soon after, filling the air. The ice mist bloomed in all directions. Under the protection of the ice mist, the Frost Scars unleashed earlier began cruising through the air akin to the fishes in the water. The Frost Scars became even more unpredictable with an even more powerful attacking ability.

The Darkness Hummingbird had a solemn expression. He could tell that it was Wu Zhangkong’s low-level soul skill. If Wu Zhangkong was capable of utilizing such a low-level soul skill, it was not as simple as utilizing the amplification effect of the four-word battle armor. It was evident that Wu Zhangkong’s abilities were exceedingly powerful.

The pair of Tail Stingers were retracted. The pair of transparent wings behind his back vibrated releasing a deep buzzing sound soon after.

The ice mist in the surroundings could not approach his body due to the tremors of the soundwaves. In the next moment, a cold glint flickered in the Darkness Hummingbird’s eyes. A soundwave burst forth instantly and transformed into a loud buzzing sound which dispersed the surrounding Frost Scars. Simultaneously, the Darkness Hummingbird’s body vanished instantly akin to a meteor flashing past.

The Darkness Hummingbird had dashed past the lockdown of the Frost Mist and the Frost Scar. Along the way, the pair of Tail Stingers stabbed into Wu Zhangkong’s chest.

The attack came swiftly. It seemed as if the Darkness Hummingbird had an energy propulsion mechanism on his back. The loud sonic boom which indicated he had broken the sound barrier was heard coming from behind him as he made his way to Wu Zhangkong. At the same time, the booming noise affected Wu Zhangkong’s ability to hear and feel.

It was known as the Gale Cannon! It was the Darkness Hummingbird’s fifth soul skill which he enjoyed using the most.

The soul skill had an exceedingly strong effect when it was used to escape or attack. It elevated him to reach the ultimate speed instantly.

Many soul masters were capable of achieving high speeds, but it involved a lengthy process. However, the Gale Cannon did not need to go through such a process. It relied on the Darkness Hummingbird’s soul power to elevate him to top speed immediately.

Wu Zhangkong was caught off guard. When he fought against the Darkness Hummingbird in the past, he did not trigger the Darkness Hummingbird into unleashing any powerful soul skills. He was severely injured just after a few hits. Currently, the Darkness Hummingbird was using his trump cards. In order to rank second among the Darkness four great heavenly kings, his abilities had to be exceedingly powerful. Furthermore, an evil soul master was generally more powerful than a soul master of the same rank.

In response, Wu Zhangkong managed to lift his Skyfrost Sword to shield his body.

“Clang.” A crisp sound was heard. The pair of Tail Stingers struck the Skyfrost Sword to produce a tremendous force which slammed the Skyfrost Sword against Wu Zhangkong’s chest.

Wu Zhangkong let out a muffled humph. He was blasted away by the impact. The other day, the Darkness Hummingbird’s body only spun once in the sky before he neutralized the impact. He followed up by unleashing his fifth soul ring, the Gale Cannon once again at close range!

After the collision, Wu Zhangkong was blasted over ten meters away. Before he had even landed, the Gale Cannon was unleashed at him once again. The Darkness Hummingbird had already made his way to Wu Zhangkong in a split second. He stabbed the pair of stakes straight at Wu Zhangkong’s eyes this time.

The weakest point of a four-word battle armor was, perhaps, the eyes.

It was the Darkness Hummingbird’s ultimate goal. The earlier collision resulted in Wu Zhangkong’s right arm being sore and numb from holding the Skyfrost Sword. Even though he was recovering swiftly, the opponent’s attack came too soon. How could he fully recover in such a short period?

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