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The Darkness Hummingbird!

At present, the Darkness Hummingbird looked just like a good-looking middle-aged man. On the other hand, he had another identity as well. His family name was Long, and he was Long Bing’s father.

Wu Zhangkong fell in love with the Darkness Hummingbird’s daughter in the past. The Long Bing whom he loved deeply was the descendant of an evil soul master.

In any case, he utterly did not know of it at the time.

Long Bing did not inherit the Darkness Hummingbird martial soul, but she inherited her mother’s. However, she was cultivated by the Darkness Hummingbird following in the footsteps of an evil soul master.

As one of the four great heavenly kings of darkness, the Darkness Hummingbird exploited his daughter as a tool to be used. He had cultivated his daughter since young. To Long Bing’s advantage, her martial soul was not an evil soul master’s, hence, he ensured she would be accepted into Shrek Academy as a student. Coincidentally, it was also the same year Wu Zhangkong was accepted into the academy.

They were the best students in their class. Long Bing was icy cold in temperament because of her conditioning in growing up amongst the evil soul masters. She was repulsive to strangers on most days. However, she was truly beautiful. Wu Zhangkong happened to be seated next to her.

He could not stop himself from gawking at her statue-like beauty during lessons everyday. For unknown reasons, the strikingly beautiful silhouette was etched into the depths of his heart.

On the other hand, Long Bing’s psyche was changing as well since she joined the big family of Shrek Academy. It was her first time to learn of such a place in the human world which was warm and not all about mutual deception. The egoistic persona taught by her father was morally wrong.

She witnessed with her own eyes when students helped each other during some group spars. In fact, some students would even take on the attacks for their companions. She saw everyone go from being classmates to companions, at the same time, revelling in the camaraderie.

Days passed, and all that happened affected her temperament without her notice.

No man was inherently born malicious, not evil soul masters. Moreover, she was not an evil soul master. On the contrary, she even had a kind heart.

Yet, the Darkness Hummingbird sent her to Shrek Academy for a purpose, which was to gather information on Shrek. Also, he wanted her to enter the inner court, so she could gain access to the classified information of Shrek Academy.

Long Bing began to suffer from agonizing emotions in her heart. She instinctively grew repulsive toward her missions.

It was during this time when she began to take notice of Wu Zhangkong.

It happened during an internal group challenge. They were paired as a group coincidentally. Due to her minimal interaction with the others, she had few friends in spite of her beauty. Her icy coldness even stopped the male students from approaching her.

They were both teenagers in their primes at the time. They cultivated together every day and worked on their collaboration with each other. The saying about Wu Zhangkong’s white robes and blue sword did not just happen in a day! He was one of the top students in the class. He was also a passionate youth at the time.

She was affected by his passion gradually as she was smitten by his suave looks and sunny personality. Gradually, they became a couple without much effort.

At the time, Wu Zhangkong swore to the heavens that he would work hard to become a four-word battle armor master when he graduated from the outer court. His four-word battle armor would be named Skyfrost Dragon Ice! He named it after his Skyfrost Sword and Long Bing’s name.

Long Bing was soon overwhelmed by all the attention. However, she was torn between the love of her passionate lover and the pressure from her father.

Following her enrollment in the inner court, the Darkness Hummingbird began to make demands on her daughter. He coerced her to steal the intel from Shrek Academy.

In the meantime, Long Bing was apprehensive about taking on the mission. Yet, she was afraid to disobey her father’s orders. On the one hand, she was in love with Wu Zhangkong, not to mention Shrek Academy which she extolled. On the other hand, she was well aware that she was a descendant of an evil soul master.

She did not have the courage to tell others about this, not even Wu Zhangkong. She was afraid of losing the man she loved and losing everything good that she ever had.

Thus, she continued in this quandary and agonized over following her father’s orders.

There was a saying that ‘walls have ears’. Shrek Academy was a place where the powerhouses were as abundant as the clouds in the sky. It was the number one academy on the continent after all.

There were a large number of Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses in the inner court. One day, she was caught red-handed prying into Shrek’s database.

Wu Zhangkong who was head-over-heels in love with Long Bing at the time was shocked. He pleaded desperately with the academy and vouched to the teachers on behalf of her that she would never commit theft. Long Bing was in tears at the time.

Shrek Academy was just an academy after all and not a soul master’s organization like the Spirit Pagoda. With the irrefutable evidence, the truth was right before Wu Zhangkong’s eyes regardless of what he wanted to believe. However, the academy only removed Long Bing from the inner court and expelled her from Shrek Academy considering her act did not result in any loss for the academy.

The day she left, the stubborn Wu Zhangkong decided to leave together with Long Bing against the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi’s advice. They left Shrek Academy together. When he was given a choice between his lover and the place to which he was sentimentally attached, he chose love instead.

He held her hand and, together, they walked out of the academy. Just as they walked out of Shrek City, the Darkness Hummingbird came.

The Darkness Hummingbird was raging mad when he scolded Long Bing for being useless. He then proceeded to scold Wu Zhangkong as well.

It was precisely then that Wu Zhangkong realized that his persistence was a mistake. Long Bing was really a spy sent by the evil soul masters. He had fallen in love with the descendant of an evil soul master just as Long Bing had been lying to him all this while.

One could only imagine the agony in his heart at the time. He kept asking Long Bing, “Why?”

Yet, was Long Bing not in immense agony too?

The Darkness Hummingbird was experienced and vicious. He could tell the close relationship between this young man and his daughter at a glance. A person who was accepted into Shrek Academy was obviously an outstanding genius. He immediately changed his tune and tried to form an alliance with Wu Zhangkong. He told Wu Zhangkong that he would allow his daughter to be with him provided he would willingly be a spy in Shrek Academy.

Wu Zhangkong was a proud man. Furthermore, he had just discovered that he had been deceived by his lover. He would rather die than yield!

A murderous intent arose in the Darkness Hummingbird’s heart soon after. He was going to kill Wu Zhangkong, and then take Long Bing away.

Although Wu Zhangkong was already in the inner court at the time with a rather impressive cultivation base, how could he possibly compare to the Darkness Hummingbird who was one of the four great heavenly kings of darkness? After a few rounds of battle, Wu Zhangkong was severely injured.

Just when he was about to unleash a fatal move on Wu Zhangkong, Long Bing shielded Wu Zhangkong and braced the fatal blow for him.

The Darkness Hummingbird was stunned as he watched his daughter fall before him. As her father, he did not even try to save his own daughter. Instead, he turned around and left immediately. He flew away and vanished completely in an instant.

Meanwhile, the severely injured and dying Long Bing was in Wu Zhangkong’s arms. Before she died, she related everything about herself. At the end, she died in Wu Zhangkong’s arms, and thus, her life ended at a young age.

Long Bing held Wu Zhangkong’s hand tightly and made him promise not to seek revenge from her father before she died. She was still her father’s daughter regardless.

Later, Wu Zhangkong headed to the Coastal City to be a teacher. Despite the enmity in his heart, he never sought revenge for Long Bing’s sake as the enemy was none other than Long Bing’s father!

At the moment, he remembered the Darkness Hummingbird’s ruthlessness when he saw him on the battlefield. The hatred in his heart had elevated to its peak level.

The malicious man was willing to kill even his own daughter. If not for Long Bing, he would have killed him for righteous reasons.

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