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The Underworld Emperor Was Injured Nex

Gu Yuena swiftly leaped up and stretched out her right arm behind her. As she leaned back, the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand turned into a ray of incandescent radiance. She threw it directly at the abyssal passage.

After the violent tremor earlier, the abyssal passage had only just stabilized. It had regained its ability to devour abyssal energy on the battlefield once again.

The Silver Dragon Spear descended from the sky, and where it passed, a large amount of abyssal energy was taken by force. Not only that, the tip of the Silver Dragon Spear was also pointing straight at one of the Holy Spirit Cult’s two emperors, the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa.

At that moment, Ha Luosa’s opponent was the Titan Douluo Yuanen Zhentian.

Judging by their cultivation base, Yuanen Zhentian was supposed to be slightly weaker than Ha Luosa. However, Yuanen Zhentian had received guidance from his ancestor the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming and that had improved his abilities substantially. Although he still could not measure up to a well-established powerhouse like Ha Luosa, he was still capable of resisting for a certain period. One should not forget that he was clad in the four-word battle armor personally forged by Tang Wulin.

Besides the magnificent four-word battle armor, his Titan Giant Ape martial soul granted him incredible endurance. Yuanen Zhentian did not hope to distinguish himself but to render his service. His defense was flawless. The Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa was formidable, but it would not be so easy to defeat Yuanen Zhentian quickly.

Then, the dazzling silver spear came shooting at him like a brilliant rainbow.

Ha Luosa sensed the tremendous threat approaching almost immediately. Having just devoured a large amount of abyssal energy, the Silver Dragon Spear carried an incomparably majestic and powerful influence. More importantly, he felt the terrifying spirit aura attached to the Silver Dragon Spear when he sensed its presence.

It was a spiritual aura that exerted immense pressure on him.

As an evil soul master, although he had cultivated his spiritual power to the peak of Spirit Domain, he was still some distance from the Divine Origin rank. Nevertheless, that did not stop him from detecting the presence of a Divine Origin cultivation base.

Sensing that something was wrong, Ha Luosa made a prompt decision. He shook the Underworld King Sword in his hand to project thousands of phantoms. The Underworld Hell began to emerge in the surroundings and pushed the Titan Douluo Yuanen Zhentian before him away. The twelve great Death Knights arranged themselves in a line in front of him.

Ha Luosa delivered a slap to the back of the final Death Knight with his left hand. At once, incomparably fearsome underworld energy burst forth, linking him with the twelve Death Knights instantly.

The leading Death Knight had a spear in its hand. It tilted the spear in an upward motion as it was confronted by the Silver Dragon Spear coming at him like a bolt of silver lightning.


There was no sound of a collision. The first Death Knight’s body shook as the tremor rippled through the rest of the Death Knights one by one.

Ha Luosa’s expression changed drastically, and radiance flickered across his body. He was about to retreat and evade with the Underworld King Sword raised in front of his body as protection.

Nevertheless, the Silver Dragon Douluo Gu Yuena was fueled by rage and enmity when she threw the spear, and it had absorbed a large amount of abyssal energy. How could Ha Luosa stop it so easily?


What happened next was shocking. The Underworld King Sword blocked the Silver Dragon Spear but impact snapped the blade. A portion of the broken sword’s tip pierced Ha Luosa’s shoulder. Though Ha Luosa had tried to stop the Silver Dragon Spear, it was more than he could handle. It penetrated his right breast, a gush of blood splattering.

Fortunately, this was the Silver Dragon Spear. It was mainly used to amplify the many types of attributes. If Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear had pierced him, he would have lost half a life even if he did survive.

Ha Luosa screamed out in agony. His body instantly turned into gray-black smog and dispersed into the surroundings. He dared not attempt to endure more of the Titan Douluo Yuanen Zhentian’s attacks.

With a flash, the Silver Dragon Spear vanished from the sky and reappeared in Gu Yuena’s hands.

The Silver Dragon Douluo Gu Yuena stood there as deep as the abyss and as lofty as the mountain. It felt as if she was the overlord of the entire battlefield.

Her breathtaking spear technique astonished everyone as well.

It was used to kill the Spirit Monarch first and then severely injured the Underworld Emperor. In that instant, Gu Yuena’s reputation was elevated to an unprecedented height, surpassing the Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin who was fighting against the Demon Empress ferociously.

Gu Yuena’s ice-cold gaze swept past the sky. In the next moment, her eyes landed on the Ghost Emperor.

The Ghost Emperor felt chills run down his back as soon as she looked at him.

He had a rather good understanding of mankind’s soul masters, yet he found that he had no idea where Gu Yuena came from.

Since when did the Spirit Pagoda have someone with such overwhelming abilities? She was not much weaker than the Demon Empress who had possessed God power, was she? In addition, there was Tang Wulin who was capable of resisting the Demon Empress’ attacks. It seemed like the situation at this battle was already getting out of control.

The abyssal legion had turned into a scattered mess when the Spirit Monarch was killed. They were ineffective despite their large quantity. The crucial factor was that far more of the elite human warriors had come than they had predicted!

Gu Yuena took a deep breath as she struggled to calm her emotions. She knew that she should not be overly conspicuous with her performance at this point. She lowered the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand and sat cross-legged on the ground as if she was recovering from overexertion.

She did it on the battlefield surrounded by numerous abyssal creatures, but none dared come within a thousand meters from her. One could see that all of them had been shocked by her astounding offensive capabilities.

On the other side, the abyssal creatures that occupied the first mountain slope could not endure without the leadership of the three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings. Wu Zhangkong, the other six Shrek Monsters, and the rest managed to force the creatures back. They worked together with their aerial forces to stabilize and strengthen the defensive line there.

Xie Xie revealed himself as he came out of the void. He looked at Gu Yuena seated on the ground faraway in awe and said in confusion, “Since when has Gu Yuena become so powerful? I think that her abilities might even surpass Big brother.”

Yuanen Yehui glared at him and said, “What’s wrong with us women being powerful? She has always been a little more powerful than the captain.”

Xie Xie heaved a sigh and said, “I can only hope that she won’t abandon Big brother after she becomes the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. All of you should know how much my big brother loves her.”

The group was overcome by emotions upon hearing his remarks. They had seen the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo and the Darkness Phoenix Douluo’s Thought Concretizations earlier. It all came down to the word ‘love’ at the end!

The six monsters on the scene were three couples. They gazed at one another and could not help feeling the emotional turmoil in their hearts even more profoundly.

A misunderstanding was really the most terrifying thing in this world.

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes were filled with disappointment. It would be have been superb if she was still with him at that moment! Wu Zhangkong squinted as he looked at a silhouette in the sky. An intense feeling of fury burst forth from him instantly.

The four great heavenly kings of darkness were the Darkness Blood Demon, the Darkness Phoenix, the Darkness Bell, and another one was known as the Darkness Hummingbird. The Darkness Hummingbird was the person that Wu Zhangkong hated the most in his life.

As the commander of the rescue squadron, he had to give due consideration to the overall situation by stabilizing the second defensive line that had been breached earlier. That being the case, he had already seen the Darkness Hummingbird when the four heavenly kings of darkness appeared together with the Demon Empress earlier. Even if it had been a long time since he last saw the Hummingbird, the deeply-ingrained hatred and agony in his heart had never left.

Had it not been for him, Long Bing would not have died. Had it not been for him, the person that Wu Zhangkong loved the most would never have left him. He would never have abandoned Shrek Academy either.

In a sense, his actions in the past were a betrayal of the academy! However, his teacher never blamed him. After all, the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi permitted him to return.

The Darkness Hummingbird was ranked second among the four heavenly kings of darkness. He was preceded only by the Darkness Blood Demon.

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