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The Dragon God’s Hear

“No, no, that’s impossible. That can’t be true.” The Spirit Monarch’s expression had changed dramatically. He refused to believe that there was someone whose spiritual power could rival a rank-2 God on the Douluo Continent plane. How was that

possible?!Nevertheless, every change he felt in the surroundings was telling him that it was real. Her words were not lies. His rank-3 Godhood’s divine consciousness was overwhelmed by the fearsome tide-like divine consciousness surging in from all directions. He was rendered completely incapable of resisting.

He wanted to elevate to rank-3 Divine Origin, but he would need a long time to recuperate afterward. The other option was to devour abyssal creatures of adequate strength to replenish the lost abyssal energy he would burn during the process.

He was only close to achieving rank-3 Divine Origin, but he had yet to achieve that rank.

However, the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena before him was different. During her earlier outburst, her spiritual rank had surpassed his. His opponent had seized control over the entire locked space. The facts were clearly telling him that everything she had said was true.

“It’s not impossible. Do you know why I bothered to tell you so much?” Gu Yuena spoke coldly and slowly raised her right hand. Her hand gradually turned into a sharp claw. It did not look very big, but it exuded a sense of dominance that could overturn the universe and control both Heaven and Earth.

“Why?” The Spirit Monarch looked at her in alarm.

Gu Yuena said calmly, “I’m only trying to procrastinate so the human beings outside won’t think that I finished you off too quickly.”

“Human beings outside? You…you’re not a human being?” The Spirit Monarch looked at her in astonishment.

Gu Yuena heaved a soft sigh. “I’m seeking revenge on mankind too, but my method is different from yours. Moreover, I met him. Your abyssal plane only has the courage to invade the Douluo plane because of the Divine Realm’s disappearance. That’s right. It’s true that the Divine Realm on the Douluo plane has vanished, and I have no idea where it went either. Nevertheless, I’m still here. I can regain my best abilities if I want to. In fact, it would even be possible for me to rebuild the Divine Realm. What a waste that I met him. In any case, reigning vengeance upon the humans should be my task. How can I allow your dirty abyssal creatures to do it?”

“What…what are you actually?” The Spirit Monarch stared at Gu Yuena’s right hand. The intense feeling of fear continued to pump through his heart.

“It’s not important for you to know who I am. Hmm, it’s about time. I don’t want him to worry, so I’ll have to kill you now.”

As she spoke, her right hand slowly moved toward the Spirit Monarch.

The Spirit Monarch let out a panicked shriek. He held nothing back as he unleashed all of his divine consciousness. He was well aware that this was possibly his last chance to resist. If he failed, he would die.

Nevertheless, at Godhood level, the difference of a single rank was as vast as the distance between Heaven and Earth. He felt the overwhelming pressure pushing down on him from all directions like a mountain. What terrified him even more was the myriad of pure elements emerging around Gu Yuena’s body soundlessly. The many different elements were flowing like water, even though the space he conjured was a vacuum.

Every single type of element was far more vivid than the elemental attributes on the Douluo Continent plane.

The nine-colored crystal hanging on Gu Yuena’s neck emitted a misty brilliance as if it was summoning something. There was also an indescribable arrogance to it, lofty and mighty.

If Tang Wulin could see the crystal, perhaps it would awaken some of his memories. He met Gu Yuena at the Dragon Valley in the past. Gu Yuena had stayed behind in the Dragon Clan’s graveyard so she could acquire something important that the Dragon God had left behind.

It was the core of the entire Dragon Clan’s goal, known as the Dragon God’s Heart!

It was not a real heart, but the core of the Dragon God’s essence that remained, just like the Golden Dragon King’s essence infused into Tang Wulin’s body by the Golden Dragon King.

The difference was that even Gu Yuena was incapable of absorbing its power for her own use. Both she and Tang Wulin were just a fraction of the Dragon God’s power. They could only utilize the energy of this Dragon God’s Heart by combining themselves into one.

As the real God King in the past and the most powerful divine beast that could only be defeated through the joint efforts of a few God Kings in the Divine Realm, the Dragon God’s Heart left behind by the Dragon God was a real super divine weapon on its own!

Even though there was nothing Gu Yuena could do to fuse with it, she could still utilize its power to a certain extent.

In the super divine weapon’s presence, how could the Spirit Monarch possibly compare? After all, no matter hard he tried to elevate his divine consciousness, she was the most powerful divine beast in the Douluo Divine Realm.

The Spirit Monarch could clearly feel his divine consciousness being compressed little by little. The process was utterly irreversible, and the pressure had a fearsome aura.

He could feel his divine consciousness being broken down gradually. It was disintegrating with every minute and second that passed.

He had thought the woman before him had been at a disadvantage, but at this point, she was an untouchable God. She was scrutinizing him like he was an ant as he gradually headed toward his death.

He was struggling wildly and unleashing all of his divine consciousness, but his efforts were futile. He was helpless to do anything as she watched his life source deplete little by little.

She slowly lift the Silver Dragon Spear. Cold radiance shot out from Gu Yuena’s eyes.

“Boom!” There was a loud explosion in the purple-gold sky that felt as if the entire world had ignited. Tang Wulin retreated to an even higher altitude. He looked down at the Demon Empress below with a solemn gaze.

The opponent was already equipped with God power. Even if she was not a real God yet, she was not far away from being one. This was his first judgment.

The most terrifying part about God power was not that it far surpassed soul power, but more importantly, there was its terrifying recovery ability. The Demon Empress’ God power was recovering at a shocking speed, despite the fight that she was engaged in.

In other words, Tang Wulin was up against the Demon Empress at her peak form at all times.

Had the Sea God’s Trident in his hand not threatened his opponent, perhaps he would be in an even more difficult position.

He took an instinctive glance at the black space nearby. Tang Wulin felt like there was something pulling him to that location.

Moreover, it felt as if the attraction did not come from Gu Yuena.

It was a very strange sensation. The feeling of intense longing arose in his heart.

‘I think she’ll be fine. She’s going to be alright.”

The Demon Empress lifted her head to look at Tang Wulin as well. She was genuinely astonished by their fight earlier. This human being was capable of rivaling her in her God-rank form. It was simply unbelievable.

She was under the assumption that the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had reached the peak of human capability. Yet, judging by the current situation, Tang Wulin with the golden trident in his hand was even tougher to deal with than Chen Xinjie.

Whatever the case, she actually felt rather relieved. At least, the person standing before her was not the Sea God Tang San. He was just a human being. What was there to be afraid of?

At that moment, the rest of the battles in the combat zone were still rather well-balanced. On the main battlefield, the Holy Spirit Douluo relied on her holy soul skills to reinforce mankind’s legion while weakening their opponents.

A divine glint flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes, and he raised the golden trident once again. His divine consciousness burst forth and blanketed the entire battleground.

Something strange was taking place.

All the abyssal Spirit Dragons emitting a dark green glow and having a tremendous effect over the battlefield suddenly trembled. One by one they exploded and turned into huge puffs of thick abyssal energy. The three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings were not spared either.

On the inside of the abyssal passage, there was a deafening explosion, and all of Thule shook violently.

The passage warped along with the space around it.

The swarm of abyssal creatures gushing out from the abyssal passage exploded before turning into abyssal energy.

It seemed as if the abyss had lost its ability to retract the abyssal energy. The energy remained floating freely in the air.

At the same time, the pitch-black space had also exploded with a loud boom, filling the sky with light.

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