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Planar Lock

At the thought of this, the Spirit Monarch no longer hesitated. He made a prompt decision and swayed his body once to retreat into the distance. The glint in his eyes suddenly turned dark blue.Gu Yuena had been observing his changes all this time while simultaneously monitoring the battle between Tang Wulin and the Demon Empress. She was ready to provide reinforcements at any moment.

The sudden change of the Spirit Monarch’s aura startled her. She hastily shifted her attention back to the Spirit Monarch.

The Spirit Monarch’s body swelled up rapidly. He instantly turned into an abyssal Spirit Dragon fifteen meters in length.

It was only fifteen meters. Compared to the other abyssal Spirit Dragons, his size was way smaller.

In comparison, the three great Spirit Dragon Kings were each over a hundred meters.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover the differences.

The Spirit Monarch’s abyssal Spirit Dragon was quite different from the other abyssal Spirit Dragons. Despite being the same species, its color was different. His abyssal Spirit Dragon was only fifteen meters long but it was dark blue. Upon his complete transformation, the abyssal energy floating in the sky suddenly surged wildly toward him.

What frightened Gu Yuena the most was that the Spirit Monarch’s spiritual power was soaring and elevating violently although his own power was not elevated much.

Upon achieving the Divine Origin, one’s spiritual power would still be ranked, of course. Only that, the rank might not exist in the human world.

In the Divine Realm, one’s spiritual power was ranked in accordance to one’s Godhood rank. It was divided into four ranks. A God Officer corresponded to the Divine Origin spiritual power while the rank above a God Officer was the rank-3 Godhood. One of the requirements was to achieve a rank-3 Divine Origin spiritual power which was then followed by the rank-2 Godhood, the rank-1 Godhood, and the God King rank.

Naturally, these ranks corresponded to the rank-2 Divine Origin and the rank-1 Divine Origin. Also, there was the God King realm which only the God Kings like the Sea God Tang San could achieve.

When one’s spiritual power achieved the God King rank, it was equivalent to one being granted the ability to control an entire plane. It was an incredible energy that could enshroud a number of planets in the cosmos.

On the other hand, the Spirit Monarch’s current transformation was the elevation of the Divine Origin spiritual power to the rank-3 Divine Origin.

The elevation to this rank was not to be dismissed lightly. The whole process of elevating from the weakest rank to the Divine Origin was still less than a tenth of the spiritual power needed to elevate the Divine Origin to the rank-3 Divine Origin!

Gu Yuena did not expect the Spirit Monarch’s spiritual power to sublimate till he could achieve Godhood.

Besides, she had a peculiar feeling about it. Ever since the war with the abyssal creatures began, the Spirit Monarch was the first abyssal creature which had an aesthetic feeling to it.

The color was a faint, dark green and it appeared to be glowing from the inside out. Each scale on its body was translucent, seemingly carved from jade. Its pair of eyes were akin to sparkling jewels. It was hovering in the sky. In fact, even the purple-black sky of the Demon Empress could not conceal its brilliance.

The sublimation of its spiritual power achieved a wholly new rank. Even the Demon Empress was momentarily distracted by its presence.

Despite the Demon Empress’ soul and spiritual powers having achieved God rank, she had no idea of the changes which could occur in the presence of an even more powerful spiritual rank. Moreover, she had her objective of using the abyssal creatures. She did not want to lose her control over the abyssal creatures. Neither did she wish for the Spirit Monarch to become overly powerful!

At the moment, the Spirit Monarch’s transformation had become the focus of the entire scene.

An even more shocking scene emerged soon after. All the camouflaged abyssal Spirit Dragons revealed themselves on the battlefield. They raised their heads toward the sky with their bodies on the ground as if they were worshipping the Spirit Monarch in the sky.

It was even more terrifying when these abyssal Spirit Dragons underwent changes in their bodies as well. A dark green glow appeared on the surface of their scales.

The Spirit Monarch’s transformation had affected his entire clan into following his transformation as well.

All their auras were elevated soon after. The changes were especially obvious in the three great Spirit Dragon Kings. Their eyes turned dark green. They were suppressed by the Shrek Six Monsters initially, yet their entire bodies began to emit powerful auras following the change to their eyes.

They spurted the Unconquerable Mist once again, but not to elevate the abilities of the abyssal creatures in the surroundings. It was to destroy the abyssal creatures so as to devour and absorb the massive abyssal energy. Consequently, it strengthened their bodies and enhanced their auras. Thus, they were able to fend off all the attacks against them. The spiritual tremor produced by a Spirit Dragon’s raging roar could actually break Xu Xiaoyan’s soul skill.

Meanwhile, the abyssal creatures had launched a counterattack against mankind’s legion under the command of the evolved abyssal Spirit Dragons.

As the number two powerhouse of the abyssal plane, such were the Spirit Monarch’s true abilities!

The Spirit Monarch’s icy cold gaze remained fixed on Gu Yuena’s face all this time. His aura was constantly undergoing changes. It was difficult to tell what he was about to do.

In the next moment, a gigantic light pattern appeared on top of his head. His icy cold voice was heard speaking the human language.

“Planar Lock!”

In an instant, the large space occupied by him and Gu Yuena turned pitch black. At the same time, an enormous black light orb appeared in the dark sky under the close watch of the people around them. All the elemental attributes within the coverage of the light orb vanished completely. Gu Yuena and the Spirit Monarch had also vanished into the light orb.

Tang Wulin who was engaged in a ferocious battle against the Demon Empress was startled by the scene as well. Just as he was heading over to provide assistance, he heard a voice which made him stop immediately.

It was Gu Yuena’s voice. In just a few simple words, her voice calmed him.

“Trust me!”

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena had been acquainted for such a long time. They encountered each other in Shrek a long time ago and they parted ways later on. Other than the love they shared, the mutual trust they had in each other was there all this time.

Tang Wulin had been uncertain at some point, but Gu Yuena had proven her actions to him repeatedly. She had not disappointed him even once.

Hence, he was certainly confident in her actions when he heard from Gu Yuena. In fact, they would be even more powerful if they were to combine their efforts.

Mankind’s legion engaged in a full-scale battle with the abyssal legion once again. As the commander of the battlefield, the Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun immediately ordered the Blood God Army’s heavy-ion cannons to fire at the abyssal Spirit Dragons below to suppress them.

It was true that the abyssal Spirit Dragons enshrouded in green radiance had elevated abilities. Apart from their ability to devour their opponents to enhance their fighting capacities, their combat techniques remained the same as before.

Moreover, the powers of their Unconquerable Mist and Weakness Light were both enhanced. Although their spiritual powers had a qualitative leap when they were enshrouded in the green radiance, there were also accompanying flaws. They could no longer camouflage themselves as the green radiance around their bodies could be seen. Their locations would thus be exposed.

The heavy-ion beams targeted the abyssal Spirit Dragons specifically. The abyssal Spirit Dragons had no choice but to hide behind the other abyssal creatures in order to dodge the attacks.

At the same time, the infrasonic wave beams were working in sync. The Bee Monarch’s abyssal Bomb Bees were constrained at the very least.

The Unconquerable Mist was most effective at the ground level. Its effect in the sky was limited because the mist would disperse once it reached the sky, while it could still remain for a while on the ground.

The situation was a stalemate just as before.

At present, there was a blackhole on the main battlefield where the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena was isolated from the rest of the world

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