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Battle Against The Demon Empress

“Ding!” She was stabbed!Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear unerringly pierced the Demon Empress’ lower abdomen. Yet, the invincible Golden Dragon Spear was stopped. It felt as if it had pierced something hard and bounced away.

At the same time, the space in the surroundings turned purple-gold completely. The Demon Empress executed a t----t gesture into the air with her palm.

It was not a special skill but a pure outburst of godly power.

Tang Wulin had known that the Demon Empress before him was no longer an ordinary human being during their prior engagement. Perhaps, she had yet to achieve Godhood, but her power was already of Godhood rank.

The power of his opponent far exceeded his expectations. However, the current Tang Wulin was no longer the same person he was in the past.

He had used the Golden Dragon Spear in his left hand earlier. Meanwhile, he used the Sea God’s Trident in his right hand to draw a circle in front of his body to counteract the Demon Empress’ slap.

Compared to the circle drawn by the Golden Dragon’s Spear, the circle drawn using the Sea God’s Trident was even more precise and the pure golden color was brighter and heavier.


The Demon Empress’ palm appeared in the center of the circle. Subsequently, the Demon Empress felt a gush of powerful suction force appear around her palm. In the next moment, the god power in her palm was s----d into the circle.

The feeling was exceedingly peculiar. She was quite confident of her abilities, yet she felt her palm was being emptied at this very moment. Meanwhile, the gigantic Sea God’s Trident swept across her in an arc with a light ray. In the next instant, it was already at her shoulder.

The Demon Empress’ expression changed drastically. She had the courage to brace the Golden Dragon Spear but not the awe-inspiring Sea God’s Trident which lashed her body.

A purple-gold radiance flashed once. In the next moment, she was behind Tang Wulin. She pointed with a finger. The surrounding air was suddenly isolated from the rest, creating a vacuum.

Tang Wulin felt his entire body slow down. His motion of executing an arc with the Sea God’s Trident was seemingly halted. It felt as if the world he was in no longer accepted his presence. He felt the intense repulsion of the world.

This was the impact of god’s power. It allowed the wielder to become the dominator of a simulated world of a certain size. It could only be achieved with a power that surpassed the domain. That was true godly power.

Realizing that Tang Wulin’s movement had slowed down, the Demon Empress pointed her finger at Tang Wulin’s back.

All of a sudden, thousands of the Bluesilver Emperor surged out from Tang Wulin’s back. A momentary howl projected a light shadow into the Demon Empress’ spiritual world soon after.

The silhouette who had left behind an indelible impression in her memories appeared before her. It instantly gave the Demon Empress a crushing blow.

The silhouette had long, blue hair and a deep gaze. It was precisely Tang San, the Sea God Tang San!

Even though she had never truly seen the Sea God Tang San before, she immediately recognized the silhouette as Tang San. There was no other person who had a similar look.

In the next moment, she was blasted away by the Bluesilver Emperor. At the same time, the Sea God’s Trident in Tang Wulin’s hand cut across the air to break the small space that constrained him. He turned around and stood facing the Demon Empress once again.

He was already at the apex of mankind and was fighting against the Demon Empress’ avatar who possessed god power. It was not going to be an easy battle.

Had it not been his elevation attained through the Sea God’s Nine Examinations earlier and the few test battles against his father, which gave him the experience to fight against a god, perhaps he would have lost by now.

He finally understood why the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue were sacrificed despite their cultivation base.

The Demon Empress awakened from her trance. Her eyes were already filled with a deeply-ingrained enmity when she looked at Tang Wulin once again. “I was right. You are his descendant, or his successor at the very least. Both of you look alike. You must have inherited his bloodline, for sure. There is no debt without creditors, no hatred without a cause. I’ve finally found the right person. I’ll make sure you die a graveless death today, so I can avenge my husband!”

At this point, the Demon Empress raised her arms in a manner akin to supporting the sky. The sky turned purple-black instantly while her aura began to elevate wildly.

Tang Wulin pointed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand at the Demon Empress while the Sea God’s Trident in his right hand was pointed at the Northern Ocean faraway. He savored the providence from the sea.

Currently, he was wielding the Sea God’s Trident. He was a true Sea God’s successor. Everything in the sea existed for him.

The dense water element was converted into the purest energy surging in from all directions. Most of Thule was made of ice, and it was a part of the sea. Meanwhile, the ice and water elements turned into the purest form of energy which was infusing into Tang Wulin’s body.

He could not achieve Godhood because of the planar suppression. Yet, his aura continued to slowly elevate to the God rank. He was approaching the breakthrough point.

The battle between Gu Yuena and the Spirit Monarch on the other side was already in full swing.

The Spirit Monarch’s silhouette flickered in the sky. Her indomitable spiritual power burst repeatedly to blast away Gu Yuena’s various elemental attacks.

However, there was nothing he could do to approach Gu Yuena. There was a massive ring of elements which surrounded Gu Yuena’s body. He was most fearful of the space element amongst all the elements. It felt as if there were countless blackholes around her. He risked being devoured if he were not careful.

Compared to the earlier battle, the Silver Dragon Princess could not be fathomed at present. The strength of her offensive was seemingly the same, yet the Spirit Monarch did not have the courage to approach her.

The Spirit Monarch could not figure out why the situation could deteriorate to this level. It was not like this before! Could it be that…

The Spirit Monarch’s mind was working at top speed all this while. He suddenly figured out a possibility.

Could it be that the female human before him had concealed her abilities earlier?

It was the only explanation which could possibly result in the current situation. She was probably concealing her abilities even now.

At the thought of this, the Spirit Monarch felt the chills down his spine.

He only realized that mankind was not as easy to kill as he had imagined since he came to the human world.

In the abyssal creatures’ opinion, the abyssal legion would have achieved an immediate victory under the leadership of the numerous abyssal powerhouses. With the Douluo Continent plane’s deterioration, the lord of the Douluo plane’s limited suppression over the abyssal passage, and the Holy Spirit Cult’s guidance, they were supposed to acquire a large amount of life source.

Although the Spirit Monarch made it to this place and achieved some success in his mission, he learned that mankind would not be easily disposed off the moment the Eternal Heaven was launched.

Moreover, he felt immensely threatened by the Demon Empress’ godly power.

He was well aware that the abyssal Sage King still could not come over. Regardless of how weak the lord of the Douluo Continent’s plane was, he would never allow the dominator of the other plane to descend upon it. At most, the abyssal Sage King could only project a portion of his power. It was highly improbable for him to come because he would end up being annihilated.

Under such circumstances, even if they managed to defeat mankind, their lack of control over the Holy Spirit Cult could give them trouble.

‘No, I must finish off the battle as soon as possible. I must gain control over the situation first. Then, I shall send more abyssal creatures to seize the life force.’

Everything else would no longer be an issue when a large amount of life force was seized. By then, it was highly possible that he could attempt a breakthrough to the God rank too. He would become the leader of this world with the support from the abyssal Sage King.

‘As for Gu Yuena’s hidden abilities? Hehe. Who doesn’t have anything to hide?’

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