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Double Phoenix Battle

She took a deep breath and muttered to herself, “I know and I can see that you’re in love with Yali. She is genuinely the kindest woman in this world and she is worthy of your love. Hence, I’m confessing to you today not because I’m hoping to get anything else out of this. I just can’t hold back anymore. I want to seize the opportunity before I turn thirty years old and while I can still muster the courage to confess the deepest thoughts in my mind. I beg you not to speak. There’s no need to reject me because I know and I understand. I really don’t want to hear that from you and I don’t need you to confirm it. Please leave me with a good memory.”Yun Ming was about to speak, but her words kept him silent. Leng Yaozhu was a wise maiden and this was why she said what she had.

Yun Ming heaved a sigh softly and shook his head, “Why do you have to do this to yourself?”

Leng Yaozhu raised her hand and put a finger to his lips. “I said don’t speak, alright? Listen to me. I will leave after I’m done with my confession.”

“Yulai and I are different. Her love for you is even wilder and more intense than mine. In other people’s perception, her temperament is a little extreme, yet I know that her heart is really very fragile. She was supposed to be the successor of our clan, but the elders didn’t understand her enough. I was given the position instead. Her fragility needs care and love. It feels like she has turned into another person ever since you rejected her. If you can, will you please spare even a little of your love for her? She is my younger sister and I don’t want to see her continue to suffer like this. I am fine with having nothing, but I really can’t stand seeing her like this anymore.”

Yun Ming was stunned for a moment before he gave a forced smile and said, “You’re saying…”

Leng Yaozhu appeared to be a little pale. “I don’t understand why I am behaving like this, but everything I’ve told you today is my sincere confession. If you can spare a fraction of your love, please give it to Yulai. I beg of you.”

Upon saying that, she gave Yun Ming a deep bow before she turned around and left.

The swords of fire and darkness clashed continuously and emitted violent energy fluctuations.

It felt as if there were dark flames burning deep inside Leng Yulai’s eyes. Her savagery was heavily tainted with enmity.

She shouted in her heart, ‘Why? Why did you try to snatch him even though you obviously knew that I loved him so much when you were my elder sister? You snatched my position as the clan’s successor. I made peace with it because you were the sister that was dearest to me since we were young. I loved him so much that I would have sacrificed my life for his love. When he rejected me, I almost died from the agony. Meanwhile, the sister that treated me with such kindness had betrayed me as well. Why? Why did you have to do that?!’

Fiery radiance shot out from Leng Yaozhu’s tear-filled eyes. Her eyes showed toe pain in her heart.

Her heart was also crying out, ‘Why? Why did you kill him?! He was the man that we loved. Although he never spared any of his love for you, shouldn’t we retain good memories of him in our hearts at the very least? You’re my younger sister, yet you killed the man I loved the most. Why did you choose the life of a degenerate? Why do you destroy everything good?!’

The four swords collided. Leng Yaozhu’s cultivation was obviously superior to Leng Yulai. Though it was not a huge difference, the evil soul master’s biggest disadvantage was the quality of battle armor at their level.

Leng Yaozhu was clad in a set of genuine four-word battle armor. It was custom-made by the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua using her clan’s vast resources. It was also the crucial factor that allowed her to accept the position of the Spirit Pagoda’s deputy pagoda master.

On the other hand, Leng Yulai only had three-word battle armor. The disparity between them resulted in a clear difference between their abilities, despite their similar cultivation bases.

After a few collisions, Leng Yulai’s strength was steadily fading. Meanwhile, peculiar flares began to condense behind Leng Yaozhu.

The flares were the secondary variant resulting from the Variant Fire. It would only appear during actual combat. The flames gradually condensed into the shape of a water droplet. She was capable of producing up to seven formidable droplets.

Leng Yaozhu called it the Heavenly Phoenix Truefire. It was capable of producing unlimited power when it was utilized. It was the secondary variant produced from her martial soul after she gained her four-word battle armor, which was also something that the Darkness Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai did not possess.

Thus, Leng Yaozhu’s attacks were growing more and more powerful, despite Leng Yulai’s repeated assaults.

At that moment, she was not just fighting for herself but for all mankind.

In fact, she did not even have the courage to think about how many people were killed or hurt by her sister over the years after she became one of the Holy Spirit Cult’s four great Darkness Heavenly Kings.

Her only hope now was to capture her sister so she could take her back. Even if it meant spending the rest of her life atoning for her crime against her sister, she did not wish for her sister to die on this battlefield. As a result, she went on the offensive as soon as possible. She held nothing back because she did not want someone else to fight her sister!

Even so, how could Leng Yulai have known about her sister’s arduous efforts? The enmity in her heart peaked when she was confronted by Leng Yaozhu’s storm-like offensive. The twin swords of darkness in her hands flickered continuously and burst forth with a blaze of dark radiance. As she fell back, her eyes begun to take on a dark purple hue.

‘She took everything of mine and now she’s still trying to kill. Then, I shall…’

On the main battlefield, there was one area where no other battles were taking place. It was where Tang Wulin and the Demon Empress were clashing.

When Tang Wulin flew toward the Demon Empress with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and confronted the purple-gold light orb she had unleashed, his eyes were already glowing with a dazzling brilliance. Rather than retracting the Golden Dragon Spear, he t----t it toward the light orb.

The instant both of them collided, the orb exploded with a vast purple-gold radiance as thick as liquid. It moved toward Tang Wulin right away.

Tang Wulin was calm and composed. He used the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand to draw a fine arc. The gushing purple-gold radiance followed the arc and formed a circle under the guidance of the Golden Dragon Spear. It was sent to the side and flew back to the abyssal passage.

The Demon Empress could not help feeling shocked upon seeing the unexpected change. One should know that she was utilizing God power! That could not be compared to soul power.

If one were to describe her using soul master terms, she could be considered at rank-100. Nevertheless, her opponent had actually discharged her God power just like that. It was simply unimaginable.

Tang Wulin had already lost count of how many times he practiced that technique with his father in the world of the Sea God’s Trident as time did not exist there. He may have had no concept of time, but his understanding of the Indefinite Storm and actual combat experience were elevated immensely.

This method of unloading power was the essence of Indefinite Storm.

On the other hand, the stream of purple-gold radiance immediately triggered a loud explosion after landing on the abyssal passage, killing countless abyssal creatures in the explosion.

What a waste that the energy emitted from the deceased abyssal creatures would be immediately devoured and absorbed by the passage. Tang Wulin did not get a chance to devour it.

Nevertheless, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear had almost reached the Demon Empress after he unleashed the technique.

The Demon Empress sneered coldly. She put her palms together in an attempt to clasp the spear with her palms.

However, it was also at that moment Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear suddenly began to pulsate. The process was as swift as a lightning strike. The Golden Dragon Spear seemed to have already split into two with one spear pulling back and the other thrusting forward. The target was the Demon Empress’ lower abdomen.

It was the Demon Empress’ first time feeling such pressure ever since she elevated her cultivation base to God power. Tang Wulin’s combat technique appeared very simple, but he was capable of evading the effect of her God power. It was simply unimaginable.

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