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Weakness Ligh

On the other hand, the abyssal creatures at the third defensive line could not advance anymore because the main forces at that location were stopped by the fighters from Shrek Academy. They had all been killed by the infrasonic aircraft’s strikes, and the third defensive line had been stabilized. With the aerial forces escorting them, the infrasonic aircraft were wiping out the scattered abyssal creatures that managed to cross the second defensive line. Then, the aircraft worked their way inward.

The Spirit Monarch slapped at the air. The gesture caused violent tremors and detonated elemental energy that Gu Yuena had launched at him.

Gu Yuena could clearly see a sudden flicker in the Spirit Monarch’s eyes. It was a blood-red light. His incredible spiritual power had been released for a moment before he quickly retracted it.

‘What is he doing?’

A thought came into her mind. In the next moment, hidden figures suddenly emerged from the shadows. They were abyssal Spirit Dragons.

The scales that covered them were different from before. Their entire bodies were a red as bright as blood.

The Spirit Dragons swiftly leaped into the sky. They widened their mouths and blasted out red light.

‘So the Spirit Dragon Clan still has this trick up their sleeve?’

Although all of humanity’s powerhouses in the battle did not know what that was, they felt their chests tighten as soon as they saw the creatures spurt out red light.

This was because the abyssal Spirit Dragons had aimed their attacks precisely at the fighter aircraft in the sky.

The fighters rapidly turned on their protective shields. They readied their arsenal of weapons to attempt to hinder the red light.

However, all the soul beams and soul protective shields were rendered useless when they came into contact with the red light. It went straight through the shields and landed on the soul aircraft.

It tainted the aircraft with a red hue.

Over fifty soul fighter planes were turned red, but they remained airborne. Nothing else appeared to have occurred. In fact, even the protective shields remained intact.

What was the purpose of the red light?

The uncertainty lingered in everyone’s hearts as they started at the soul fighter aircraft in the sky.

Their speed and maneuvers were unaltered and they did not crash either!

At that moment, gigantic figures rapidly shot out into the air from the abyss.

They were peculiar creatures about thirty meters in length each. They appeared to be slightly smaller than the Spirit Dragons and had enormous pairs of wings on their backs that looked rather similar to a bat’s. They had a ferocious appearance and their entire bodies were duskgold in color. Their highly unusual bodies looked a little similar to a human’s but only to a certain extent. They each had four limbs and two heads. All of their joints were covered in bony spines.

There was no doubt that this was a brand-new species of abyssal creature. Even the Blood God Army had never seen it before.

Moreover, out of the one hundred and eight levels of the abyss, they were definitely from the top.

A few hundred of these abyssal creatures flew out, heading straight for humanity’s aerial forces.

They flew extremely fast, like dazzling duskgold streams.

The infrasonic aircraft turned their weaponry to the highest setting and unleashed violent infrasonic waves at the sky.

However, one by one, the soul fighter planes that were struck by that red light earlier exploded as soon as the infrasonic waves were unleashed. They turned into fireballs in the sky.

What was happening?

The formation of the soul fighter aircraft was concentrated around the infrasonic aircraft in order to protect them. When the aircraft that had been touched by the red light exploded, some of the other soul fighter planes got caught in the blast. The sky was filled with numerous fireballs at once. One-third of the planes were lost instantly!


What was the red light spurted out by the abyssal Spirit Dragons?

The abyssal creatures knew it as the Weakness Light. The name sounded simple, but it was one of the Spirit Dragons’ most sinister tricks.

Whether it was a living creature or an object, an entity’s life force would immediately drop exponentially upon being hit by the Weakness Light. In other words, those soul fighter aircraft appeared to be fine, but in reality, their metal was rapidly weakening. The planes had been made extremely vulnerable. When the infrasonic aircraft emitted their waves once again, the soul fighter aircraft began to shake ever so slightly, even though they were not supposed to be affected. This mild tremor was more than their newly fragile fuselages could withstand and that triggered the explosions.

The Weakness Light was the abyssal Spirit Dragons most fearsome technique, but using it was so exhausting that they could not recover by devouring other abyssal creatures.

Hence, the Spirit Dragons rarely utilized this ability. The clan that came flying out from the abyss next was reputed to be the abyss’ most formidable aerial force. They were known as the abyssal Devil Puppets.

The Devil Puppets were magnificent flyers and even better warriors. Their humanoid bodies enabled them to possess many types of combat skills which were rare commodities among the abyssal creatures.

They lived on the fourth level of the abyss.

Their presence was specifically meant to deliver a fatal blow to the soul aircraft struck by the Weakness Light.

The infrasonic aircraft were the perfect response to the Bee Empress’ Bomb Bees because the bees were weak individually. On the other hand, these abyssal Devil Puppets had exceedingly tough bodies. They were some of the most durable of all the abyssal creatures.

They seized the opportunity to rapidly charge at the soul fighter aircraft during the massive mid-air explosion.

There were also a few Devil Puppets swooping down from above. Four to five Spirit Dragons jumped onto their backs and were carried off into the sky.

The Spirit Dragons were capable of flight, but that would consume their energy, and their flight speed was not that swift.

Judging by their size, an ordinary abyssal Spirit Dragon was slightly bigger than a Devil Puppet. However, the few Devil Puppets that dove down from the sky had the strongest bodies. Their speed had not reduced at all despite carrying the Spirit Dragons. Then, they immediately flew back to the sky at full speed and caught up to their companions.

There was no doubt that the infrasonic weapons did get the abyssal plane’s attention. Such devices that could affect the tide of battle from all directions gave them cause for fear. If these soundwave aircraft could force the abyssal legion back into the abyssal passage, mankind would have a greater advantage and could possibly drive them out of the plane. This was something that the abyssal passage would never accept willingly.

Meanwhile, a series of snow white-colored mechas suddenly flew out from behind at full speed one after another. These mechas were traveling at high speed too and positioned themselves between the soul fighter aircraft.

The snow-white mechas were only around five hundred in number, which was not huge. Their distinguishing feature was all of them carried a heavy artillery type weapon on one shoulder. The muzzles were aimed in the direction of the abyssal Devil Puppets.

If Tang Wulin were there, he would certainly be able to recognize that this was the Blood God Army’s mecha troop. The weapons on their shoulders were the heavy-ion beam gun, similar to that which Long Yuxue used to fight against the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear in the past!

More accurately, those were heavy-ion beam cannons. This was evident as the weapons on the shoulders of the mecha troop were obviously much heftier than the heavy-ion beam gun used by Long Yuxue.

The abyssal creatures were emerging in an endless stream. Moreover, many powerful abyssal creatures were coming out for the first time. This caught the human forces off guard.

Nevertheless, mankind had been developing at high speed for thousands of years, especially their soul weapons. They had more than just a superweapon like the Eternal Heaven!

The presence of Devil Puppets resulted in a large number of soul fighter aircraft being destroyed. The federal military’s supreme commander, the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi, could not sit by and watch anymore, so he sent out their trump card.

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