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Pull Out The Sea God’s Trident!

tang wulin was stunned for a moment. soon after, he had a heavy feeling of dejection throughout his entire body.

“father, let’s continue to fight. don’t leave.” it was heart wrenching for him. his father’s gaze was gentle. he had been watching tang wulin closely at all times when they were fighting against each other. it seemed as if his father was trying to fuse tang wulin’s silhouette with his heart.

tang wulin felt his father’s love for him which was steady as a mountain.

even though he was in a distant place, his father devoted all his efforts into making tang wulin more powerful so he could protect himself.

his father chose to leave the sea god’s trident behind under such trying circumstances and to remain by his side to guard him. perhaps, he was going to leave for real this time. unless tang wulin could find them, he might not get to see his father again.

tang san smiled and said, “we’ll meet again soon. son, trust me. we’ll come back for you, for sure. our family will surely be reunited. i won’t be running your life if i’ve a choice. i’ll try my best to protect my little qilin. now that you’re grown up, you should take the path that you deem fit. also, remember my earlier words.”

at this point, tang san took a deep breath. he stabbed the sea god’s trident and the golden dragon spear simultaneously into the ground. he then took a step forward and gave tang wulin a big hug.

tang wulin could not feel his father’s body because his father was just an illusion. yet, at this very moment, his heart was warm with a kind of bittersweet feeling.


his silhouette gradually vanished. tang wulin seemed to be able to see his father’s blue hair and sense his aura.

terms streamed down his face akin to an overflowing fountain as he hugged his father’s fading silhouette.

“the sea god’s eighth examination – battle between father and son is over. initiate the sea god’s ninth examination – pull out the sea god’s trident!”

the indefinite storm’s halos vanished silently. the golden dragon spear turned into a stream of radiance which fused into tang wulin’s forehead before vanishing without a trace, leaving only the gigantic sea god’s trident in front of him.

at the moment, it emitted a faint radiance and was firmly stabbed into the ground. tang wulin experienced the feeling of being reborn and fused with the sea just like before.

he took a step forward subconsciously and clenched the sea god’s trident’s s---t tightly. tears welled up in his eyes. tang wulin was shouting at the top of his lungs, “father, mother, i won’t disappoint you.”

“boom…” wu zhangkong’s body was tossed viciously into the air for a few hundred meters before he slammed into the rocks on the side of a mountain.

an icy cold aura flowed out of him and froze the abyssal creatures charging toward him.

he was barely injured. he had on his four-word battle armor skyfrost dragon ice for protection. he bounced up and stood upright instantly.

nonetheless, he looked extremely solemn under his helmet.

in the area nearby, the three great spirit dragon kings remained standing in defiance. it had been quite a while since they laid siege on the three great spirit dragon kings.

if the three great abyssal spirit dragon kings were gauged in a soul master’s terms, they would definitely be considered the most powerful control-type soul masters of today’s world. in fact, they were spiritual control-type soul masters.

the most terrifying part about them was their formidable control ability.

an ordinary four-clawed bat could transform into a creature as powerful as a title douluo instantly after being spurted with a mouthful of the spirit dragon king’s unconquerable mist.

the amplification effect would be even greater on a more powerful abyssal creature.

wu zhangkong was blasted by an abyssal evil sickle which had been spurted with the unconquerable mist earlier. wu zhangkong was the equivalent of a limit douluo when he was cladded in the skyfrost dragon ice! he was already a rank-97 hyper douluo, yet he was blasted away by an abyssal evil sickle’s full force strike. one could only imagine how terrifying the unconquerable mist’s amplification effect was.

fortunately, the squad of ten people drew the attention of the three great spirit dragon kings such that they were not focused elsewhere. both sides were in a stalemate at present.

meanwhile, the participation of the tang sect army prevented the worsening of the situation on the battlefield. they finally stopped the abyssal creatures from advancing outward. in fact, they were searching for the abyssal spirit dragon kings to kill.

although the individual capability of the abyssal spirit dragon king’s was powerful, collectively, they still did not measure up to the tang sect’s squad. they had abandoned the abyssal legion and fled at the crucial moment.

currently, the situation was stable. the second defense line was finally strengthened when the artillery fire reinforcements from the sea arrived.

however, the concern in wu zhangkong’s heart grew deeper upon assessing the situation. if the three great abyssal spirit dragon kings’ control abilities were so powerful, what about the spirit monarch then?

the spirit monarch was fighting against gu yuena at present. his ability had actually surpassed gu yuena’s. yet, he did not have any intention to control the battlefield as he had handed the responsibility over to his subordinates, the spirit dragon kings.

he had the divine origin-ranked spiritual cultivation base. if he had taken command of the battlefield, perhaps, the situation would be quite different now.

more importantly, tang wulin had yet to return. the abyssal creatures were suffering from more fatalities than the federal military. the death of a federal military soldier would result in his life force being seized by the abyssal creature instantly, while on the other hand, the abyssal energy of a killed abyssal creature would be absorbed back into the abyssal plane.

as one falls, the other rises. in this case, the abyssal legion had an endless supply of creatures. even if they could maintain the current situation, mankind’s legion would suffer from their weakening soul power and physical strength in a prolonged battle. how could mankind’s legion resist them then? in any case, even the tang sect army’s fighting capacity would be limited!

just as gu yuena anticipated, wu zhangkong was hoping that tang wulin would return soon.

the dazzling starlight illuminated the sky and immobilized the powerful abyssal creatures. the sword’s criss-crossing radiance exploded and tore the creatures into pieces.

xu xiaoyan was currently the brightest star on the battlefield. as the most powerful control-type soul master, her presence constrained the three great spirit dragon kings substantially.

the shoulder of the spirit dragon king on the left flank had a huge gash. the cut was made by ye xinglan’s sword while it was under xu xiaoyan’s control.

hence, the three great spirit dragon kings were even more cautious. occasionally, they unleashed their spiritual assault which was targeted at xu xiaoyan.

the star chain was linked to the shrek six monsters. the shared spiritual power among the six was used to withstand the three great spirit dragon kings’ assault.

the star chain was not connected to the others as it required conformity among its linked members. the shrek six monsters had been with each other for a long time, so they understood each other and worked well as a team. including the others would only create problems.

other than xu xiaoyan, the second brightest star would be the gale saber demon sima jinchi. the dragon slaying saber in his hand was the most potent weapon. anything crossing its past would be slain. almost no abyssal creature could withstand it.

the dragon slaying saber displayed the aura of a divine weapon after it was grinded by the golden dragon spear. sima jinchi did not have much opportunity to engage in a battle on normal days since he was always with tang wulin. the strength god a ruheng, on the other hand, was shining bright all this while, especially when they engaged in a collision with the war god hall and during the battle against the spirit pagoda.

actually, the dragon clan’s power saber sima jinchi who was always with tang wulin had a cultivation speed which was unusually swift due to the effect of the golden dragon king’s aura emitted from tang wulin. he had superb compatibility with the dragon clan’s power saber.

sima jinchi and yuanen yehui fended off the powerful abyssal creatures which were like the tides lashing against them. had it not been the protection of the three great spirit dragon kings’ unconquerable mist, the abyssal creatures on the mountain would have been killed by them.

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