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Your Conscience Must Be True At All Times

As Tang Wulin held it, he immediately felt his entire body cleansed and born anew. It felt as if he was brought back to a new life.

He clearly felt every part of his body from head to toe. Every single cell in his body cheered for joy with the perception of his Divine Origin spiritual power.

It felt as if there were countless small worlds born in his body, and every small world was nurturing thousands of lives.

The marvelous feeling was ineffable. Tang Wulin just stood there while his body was enshrouded in a pale blue-gold emission.

Tang San looked at his son with a faint smile on his face. He raised the Golden Dragon Spear and pointed it at Tang Wulin from a distance.

At once, a gush of wild aura burst forth from the Golden Dragon Spear. The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang San’s hand was akin to an evil dragon baring its fangs and waving its claws waiting to devour someone.

Tang San looked at Tang Wulin calmly and said in a deep voice, “Your conscience must be true and your values too, at all times. There can only be integrity when the three reflections of the world are honest. Any wild emotion is only a representation. Perhaps, it can nourish our bodies or even our minds. Yet, it can never infiltrate our souls. Thus, you must have sobriety and calm in your soul regardless of the changes and difficulties you encounter in life. Only then will you be given a new lease of life!”

Each word uttered by Tang San was akin to a thunderclap striking Tang Wulin’s sea of spirit. It triggered his Divine Origin’s spiritual power to fluctuate violently. The huge, golden words condensed from the divine consciousness were emblazoned in the sky above his sea of spirit.

Tang Wulin felt his spirit caught in a trance. It felt as if his sea of spirit was about to be crushed by the immense spiritual pressure.

It was precisely then that he felt the pure, mild aura radiating from the Sea God’s Trident in his hand continually nourish his body and his spirit to inscribe the golden words into the deepest part of his soul and fuse with him as one.

Tang Wulin lost track of time before he finally regained consciousness. However, his pupils constricted instantly when he attempted to fix his gaze as the golden evil dragon had already arrived before him.

Tang Wulin fell back a step subconsciously and made a flipping motion with the Sea God’s Trident in his hand. He unleashed the spearspirit realm and returned to his original state.

With a simple flip, the Sea God’s Trident landed precisely on the evil dragon’s head.

“Ding!” A crisp sound was heard. The Golden Dragon Spear returned to its original form. However, at that instant, Tang Wulin felt his golden trident become weightless. The feeling of pushing it against a solid object earlier disappeared. Rather, he noticed the Golden Dragon Spear had vanished.

The spear’s radiance exploded right in front of him and enshrouded his entire person within a split second.

‘The Thousand Accusing Fingers can be used in this manner too?’ The idea arose in Tang Wulin’s mind at the moment.

His body curled in as he unleashed the Golden Dragon Domineering Body which made his four-word battle armor Golden Dragon Moon Song’s surface as smooth as a mirror. At the same time, he used the Sea God’s Trident to cut out an arc in the sky as if he had practised the drill countless times.

He had lost count of the number of battles he fought against his father. Nonetheless, he learned a lot during the battles.

The most important lesson he learned was to simplify the complicated.

In the battle against his father, Tang Wulin discovered that his father rarely utilized complex skills. Each skill he used appeared to be ordinary and monotonous. However, the monotony actually encompassed a myriad of transformations.

Tang San did not verbalize his instructions. He merely showed his son the way during the battles. He continually used his actions to guide Tang Wulin so that Tang Wulin could comprehend the process instead.

What did it mean to simplify the complicated? It meant executing the complicated using the simplest skill possible.

His father utilized a simple arc to make Tang Wulin feel like he was sinking into deep mud earlier. It made him feel as if he would still be suppressed regardless of the resistance he put up.

Tang Wulin imitated the move many times over so as to gain repeated experiences. Then, it began to dawn upon him.

Simplifying the complex could be used on any ability with its key point being the summary. In other words, he should search for the core process. Only then would thousands of possibilities be available by unleashing the core.

In a word, this process was Refinement!

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law applied the theory of combinatorics. It was an efficient technique which combined all his abilities to form a few, more powerful lethal strikes. Tang Wulin discovered after fighting against his father that his Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law was indeed powerful. However, it lacked diversity, especially in the follow-up moves. He found that his abilities would be exhausted after unleashing just a single attack such that he was rendered incapable of creating follow-up moves, not to mention the need to link the moves together.

On the other hand, he began to learn about refinement when he fought against his father. He finally understood when he executed the arc perfectly. Not only did it allow his spear technique to enter the spearspirit realm, his whole person entered the miraculous, yet mystical world as well.

He went from being able to withstand a few moves from his father at the beginning till he was able to fight against his father for longer periods. As long as his father did not unleash the Indefinite Storm, he would be able to resist his father for a long time.

“Ding!” A ray of the spear’s radiance projected from the Thousand Accusing Fingers was unleashed from the Golden Dragon Spear in Tang San’s hand. It collided into the arc unleashed from the Sea God’s Trident. The Thousand Accusing Fingers was triggered, and the spear’s radiance arrived before Tang Wulin instantly.

The evil dragon was right in front of his face with its ferocious aura. It was about to devour Tang Wulin instantly.

Tang Wulin’s heart beat violently and made a loud ‘thump’ akin to the sound of a beating drum. His blood essence gushed and transformed into the Dragon Air which spurted out abruptly. He relied on the propelling force to push his body backward.

At the same time, the Sea God’s Trident in his hand shook violently akin to clouds blooming in the sky such that everything in the surroundings became warped.

It was the Millenium Cloud!

Tang San flipped the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand gently without causing any disturbance. However, a blue-gold halo appeared around his body akin to a light door. He took a step to cross the light door as if he was traversing a thousand years. In the next moment, the clouds were left behind.

“Father, you’re cheating!” The words escaped Tang Wulin’s lips.

He saw that his father was using an ability which he possessed after he achieved Godhood. The Time-space Shuttle he utilized surpassed mankind’s capability. It was obviously a divine skill.

Tang San smiled widely. The Golden Dragon Spear had projected golden halos which headed toward Tang Wulin. It was precisely the Indefinite Storm.

On the other hand, it was completely different this time. The halos were so solid it felt as if they carried nature’s laws and the universe’s rules. In the next instant, the halos had enshrouded him.

Tang Wulin unleashed the Indefinite Storm with the Sea God’s Trident without the slightest hesitation.

The Indefinite Storm was somehow different with the super divine weapon in his hand. The golden halos appeared as solid objects with the sea as its foundation. It seemed as if they were fused, condensed, and transformed from the power of the three rivers and the four seas.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The halos collided and disappeared. However, the vastness of the universe could not be stopped by the sea.

“That’s the Universe’s Sea!” Tang Wulin blurted.

In the next moment, he was already cupped sturdily by the halos together with the Sea God’s Trident.

The radiance vanished. Tang San came to his son and took back the Sea God’s Trident in his son’s hand. He could not help chuckling upon seeing Tang Wulin’s furious expression. “Do you think I’m cheating?”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin had a recalcitrant look in him.

Tang San smiled and said, “This is the oppression of Godhood. You need to experience it, because you may be confronted by such a feeling not long after this. Brace it with courage, my son.”

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