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Where Are The Rest?


At that moment, the terrifying energy seemed to make the entire sea boil over. Though they had already fled into the distance, the three great fleets were tossed by the waves. Many smaller warships were close to tipping over.

Fortunately, those warships were attached to the larger ships which aided in maintaining balance.

From the three fleets’ position, they could see the purple-gold and sky blue explosion in the distance. The scene was simply apocalyptic!

Everything happened so quickly. The terrifying explosion felt just like the bugle announcing the end of the world.

The voice of the Demon Empress blasted into the air was heard saying, “Chen Xinjie, I would like to see how long you can last when you’re sacrificing your life to utilize the Sea God’s power. You’re still a man, not a god! I’m the Real God!”

In the next moment, the purple-gold and sky blue color in between the sky and sea had already transformed the surface of the sea into another world.

At the core of Thule, dragon roars echoed around the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue’s body. The unstoppable twin dragons of light and darkness churned the abyssal kings’ bodies into pieces.

As Shrek Academy’s greatest warrior, she led the numerous Limit Duolous of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect to help Gu Yuena and the Spirit Pagoda’s fighters on the battlefield. Together, they managed to stabilize the situation.

They were at the center of the fighting. The Spirit Monarch led the abyssal plane’s side. There were more than thirty abyssal monarch-ranked and king-ranked powerhouses doing battle.

Gu Yuena was resisting the Spirit Monarch with much effort while the rest were ferociously fighting against the elite abyssal creatures.

The abyssal powerhouses each had different abilities. Their many skills came in a variety of peculiarities, especially those of monarch-rank. Though the Skycrosser Douluo had the upper hand in his duel with the Black Empress, even the quasigods were having a hard time resisting the monarch-ranked creatures when fighting one-on-one.

The abyssal kings from the thirtieth level and above were even more formidable than humanity’s demigod-ranked Limit Douluos, especially those without four-word battle armor.

Additionally, all that mankind had was little over a dozen Limit Douluos.

Thus, it could be said that they had just managed to stabilize the situation.

Of the numerous Limit Douluos, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue’s performance in killing an abyssal king from below the eightieth level was not the most impressive. The Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo’s joint efforts to unleash the Double-sword Combined were not either. It was the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali that was commanding almost the entire scene with holy light circulating her body.

The Holy Spirit Douluo had one of the Life Subtree’s leaves in her mouth to replenish her life force. Her brilliant holy light covered the entire battleground, and twelve six-winged archangels surrounded her. Numerous powerful boosts continued to land on mankind’s warriors.

The holy light was not as lethal to the abyssal creatures as it was to the evil soul masters, but it still had an exceedingly strong suppressive effect.

It was precisely due to her leadership that the situation could remain stable.

The only issue was that the abyssal creatures would turn into abyssal energy when they were slain and then flee immediately.

Gu Yuena’s Silver Dragon Spear had the ability to devour abyssal energy but the Spirit Monarch’s Divine Origin spiritual power was suppressing her. She could only utilize less than ten percent of the devouring ability. This meant that the abyssal plane did not suffer severe losses of abyssal energy even after many mighty abyssal creatures were destroyed.

The area surrounding Gu Yuena’s body had already turned into a pool of seven colors. She used all sorts of attributes skillfully to blast at the Spirit Monarch continuously. The Spirit Monarch was blockading her, but she was doing the same to him.

The Spirit Monarch’s spiritual power was too great. If an ordinary abyssal Spirit Dragon could produce such impressive effects on the battlefield, then the Spirit Monarch would definitely cause much damage if he had the opportunity to dominate the battlefield.

As a result, she was devoting every effort to constraining him, the enemy’s leader. She would not give him a chance to make a move.

As she fought, Gu Yuena would look toward the powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect occasionally. A wisp of anxiousness would flash past her gaze every once in a while.

“Has he arrived? Where is he?”

‘Why is he not here when he is the most important of all the warriors from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect?’

‘He shouldn’t be absent on the battlefield at this time!’

Their auras were connected. If he was engaged in some mission nearby, she would certainly be able to detect his presence. She could not sense any aura that belonged to him.

‘Where is he? If he’s here, perhaps everything would be different. At least, the abyssal energy won’t be getting away so easily!’

The remaining six of the Shrek Seven Monsters were fighting on the other side of the battlefield, but he was missing.

She was not the only person with these questions, as people from the Spirit Pagoda as well as the War God Hall were wondering too.

‘Where is the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, the Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin?’

“Buzz…” There was a shimmer of golden light. Dejected, Tang Wulin stumbled onto the ground once again. He did not even want to get up this time.

He still had plenty of energy, but he had already racked his brains trying to think of how to achieve victory. He had already gone through countless possible methods and abilities, but he did not manage to defeat his father no matter what he attempted.

Tang San was still looking at Tang Wulin with a smile. His eyes were gentle and kind, yet he did not show any mercy to his son when they were engaged in battle.

Tang Wulin had already lost count of how many times he had been defeated by his father.

The most troubling part was the Indefinite Storm. He exhausted himself over and over again fighting against it, but he could not figure out a way to break free from the attack.

He had his own techniques such as Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break, but it paled in comparison to the Indefinite Storm.

Both were control-type abilities, but the Indefinite Storm could break almost any other skill.

“I can’t beat you,” said Tang Wulin with a forced grin.

Tang San continued smiling. “Let’s go again.”

Tang Wulin said, “I can’t beat you no matter how many times I try! Even if the rank of our cultivation bases is the same, you have more experience. More importantly, you have the super divine weapon in your hand. The Sea God’s Trident’s suppression effect overwhelms me.”

The smile on Tang San’s face grew wider. He rotated the Sea God’s Trident in his hand all of a sudden and passed the trident’s s---t to Tang Wulin. “Alright, let’s switch then.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at his father in confusion. He did not know how to react.

“Come! I thought you said that the suppression of Sea God’s Trident on you is overwhelming? Then, let’s switch weapons. Give me your Golden Dragon Spear,” Tang San said with a smirk.

Tang Wulin passed the Golden Dragon Spear to his father instinctively and took the Sea God’s Trident.

As soon as the Sea God’s Trident came into his hand, an unprecedented sense of potency radiated through the super divine weapon and into his hand.

The feeling was incredible like a sea had infused into his body. In a split second, it filled him with boundless vigor and vitality.

Although he was able to use a portion of the Sea God’s Trident’s power in the past, everything was completely different this time. The super divine weapon felt like it was a part of his body. When he had it in his grasp, it felt as if the entire sea had fused with him as one.

The feeling was beyond wondrous. All his fatigue was swept away, both physically and spiritually. In that instant, he reached a pinnacle that he never had before.

The Sea God’s Trident had no feelings of arrogance nor harshness. It was a feeling of endlessness, all-embracing and one with Heaven.

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