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Sea God Douluo

The only question that he had left was, who was actually capable of stopping the Demon Empress that was already a Real God before him? Could he do it?

“Your insanity will drive you to destruction,” Chen Xinjie said coldly. As he spoke, his body began to change.

The Boundless Sea Universe battle armor was flaring up as if it had caught fire. It made his entire body seem translucent.

Chen Xinjie raised his hands slowly and made a lifting gesture as if he was carrying something heavy in his arms.

A sky blue helmet slowly formed in his palms.

From the moment the helmet appeared, the sea beneath his feet calmed down once again. The stillness spread into the distance at a shocking speed.

When it passed, the sea became peaceful and the purple-gold taint from the God power soon faded. The water returned to its prior crystal-clear blue hue.

The Demon Empress was stunned for a moment. There was a frown on her face as she asked, “Is that a divine weapon? Is that a divine weapon related to the sea?”

Chen Xinjie calmly replied, “There has always been a clan that guards the sea quietly in the human world. They stay in a corner of the ocean and protect it. The clan has always elected a head for every generation to act as the sea’s ambassador, and I’m the head of the clan for the current generation.”

The Demon Empress seemed to realize something when radiance burst forth from her body. “The descendant of the Sea God. You’re actually the descendant of the Sea God?”

Chen Xinjie nodded calmly, “That’s right. I’m the Sea God Clan’s head that guards the sea for this generation. As such, my title should not be the Boundless Sea but the Sea God. I’m the Sea God Douluo of this generation.”

The Demon Empress was so filled with rage that her eyes seemed to be about to burst into flame. She looked at Chen Xinjie with a gaze filled with a mighty hatred. Nevertheless, her spiritual power was not strong enough to affect the transformation that was taking place in the sea underneath her at that moment.

“You’re actually Tang San’s descendant?” She was almost squeezing the words out through her clenched teeth.

Chen Xinjie shook his head and said, “No, I am not the Tang Sect founder’s descendant. In fact, our Sea God Clan’s lineage is far older than Tang San. Our clan has existed from the time human soul masters first appeared so very long ago. The Sea God’s blood flows in our veins. It is the Sea God that keeps us here to protect his lineage and search for the fated person. At the same time, we guard the sea as well.

“Twenty thousand years ago, the Tang Sect’s first master, the brilliant Tang San, appeared on the Sea God’s Island. On the other hand, the Sea God’s Island was guarding the Sea God’s real treasure. It was the Sea God’s super divine weapon which was known as the Sea God’s Trident. Tang San passed the examination and received the Sea God’s recognition to finally become the real Sea God. On the other hand, most of his examination was prepared by our clansmen.

“The Sea God’s Trident was pulled out by Tang San and the Sea God’s Island ceased to exist soon after. Our mission at the time had been completed. Afterward, Tang San achieved Godhood and entered the Divine Realm, yet he did not stop continuing our lineage. He felt grateful for our clan’s contributions, so he helped to pass down our lineage and continued to protect the sea.

“In order to commemorate Sea God, he built the Sea God Lake and the Sea God’s Island at the core of Shrek Academy. Everything he did was in remembrance of the Sea God and our clan. Every generation, the Sea God Douluo protects the sea without a word. Ten thousand years ago, we were supposed to get involved when the Sun Moon Continent collided into the Douluo Continent, but the Divine Realm still existed at the time. The Sea God Tang San told us that this was the fortuitous opportunity for the entire world to advance. As a result, we did not partake in the event. Afterward, he stopped coming and we couldn’t feel the existence of the Divine Realm anymore either.

“However, I must tell you that Sea God’s lineage has not ended. We are still protecting it. Hence, if you wish to destroy the sea and ruin the entire world, even if you’ve become a so-called Real God, you’ll have to step over my corpse first.”

The Demon Empress squinted and stared at Chen Xinjie with a complicated look in her eyes. She muttered to herself, “Why? Why does the Sea God show no concern for his subjects in the sea, yet he passed down his lineage to humans? Humans that are despicable, shameless, and only care about slaughter and destruction.”

Chen Xinjie said coldly, “Are you in any position to talk about slaughter and destruction?”

A look of deep sorrow flashed past the Demon Empress’ eyes. “How could I not be? Since when? I’m only a young maiden unfamiliar with worldly affairs. I only wanted to be with my husband and live a happy life with my family, but my husband is dead and my family is destroyed. On the other hand, you humans caused all this. You said I should step over your corpse, right? Alright, I shall kill you first, then I’m going to annihilate all humans so I can avenge my husband. Ah!”

She let out a loud shout! The Demon Empress lifted her hands and made a gesture like she was pushing against the sky. The purple-gold hue on her body rapidly turned thicker, darker, and heavier. The surrounding sea had kept its clear blue color due to Chen Xinjie’s presence, but the sky soon turned purple and black.

The Demon Empress’ eyes became blood-red instantly, and her whole body was filled with savagery. She abruptly swung her raised arms in Chen Xinjie’s direction.

The air quickly became thick and sticky with Chen Xinjie’s body at the center. The air around them suddenly vanished and the space turned into an empty vacuum. An immense tearing force burst forth from the vacuum and ripped at his body from all directions.

Yes, this was an attack that had achieved Real God rank!

The flares burning on Chen Xinjie’s Boundless Sea Universe battle armor began fluctuating violently. It was as if his entire body was about to be torn apart by the flares.

However, the helmet on his head suddenly bloomed heavy blue halos that transformed into a blue barrier of light that shielded him from all sides.

There was a flash in Chen Xinjie’s eyes. The blue flares that were burning on his body rapidly grew stronger and filled his light barrier in an instant.

His eyes turned unusually bright and shimmered with intense blue-gold brilliance. He took a step forward and swiftly charged out from the vacuum. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived above the Demon Empress. He stretched out his arms and pressed downward.

It felt as if the surrounding sea was fully connected to him. The sea repelled the Demon Empress’ presence violently. The force of the boundless sea was mobilized by Chen Xinjie and turned into an immense pressure that pushed down on the Demon Empress.

Chen Xinjie had unleashed the Boundless Great Sea!

The Sea God Tang San had left behind the helmet that Chen Xinjie was wearing. He forged the divine weapon with his hands in the Divine Realm based on the helmet worn by the Sea God. Moreover, the quality of this divine weapon was equal to the original helmet. It was gifted to the descendant of the Sea God Douluo in the past as a guardian weapon of the clan.

Only the generations of Sea God Douluos were worthy of donning this helmet.

It was passed down to the Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie for this generation.

With the divine weapon, even the Demon Empress’s God power could not weaken Chen Xinjie’s ability to command the sea. The attack unleashed by Chen Xinjie was also at God rank!

The purple-gold hue on the Demon Empress’ body was spreading and growing wildly until she looked like she had turned into a cocoon of light. The purple-gold light cocoon began to spin at high speed like a top. It forced its way out of the Boundless Great Sea before surging straight into the sky.

In the next moment, she turned around and transformed herself into a purple-gold meteor. She flew at Chen Xinjie, and the purple-black color in the sky was tainted with purple-gold.

Chen Xinjie turned his palms upward as blue radiance blazed out of his eyes. It felt as if the sea had become his foundation. The Sea God Helmet on his head glowed brightly to help him turn the sea’s power into a gigantic pillar of light.

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