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Infrasonic Weapon

Tang Yingmeng opened the way so the group could continue to fly toward the third defensive line.

Meanwhile, a total of twelve different soul aircraft appeared on the battlefield, escorted by over three hundred soul fighter planes in the distance.

No one had ever seen soul aircraft like these in combat. Leave alone the powerhouses from the Tang Sect and the Spirit Pagoda, even those from the War God Hall had never caught a glimpse of them.

In reality, the vast majority of officers from the Western Army Corps, the Northwest Army Corps, and the Southern Army Corps were confused.

Compared to the normally streamlined fighter planes, these soul aircraft appeared to be slightly chubby. Each of their enormous fuselages was five times larger than usual. Moreover, their middle portions were especially stout and there was a cauldron-like part on each plane’s back that appeared extremely odd.

‘What is that? Is that the Federation’s new weapon?’

Wu Zhangkong immediately changed his mind after noticing the arrival of these planes. “There’s no need to go over there. Let’s help the War God Hall.”

As he made up his mind, the capabilities of the twelve unique aircraft were already taking effect.

A soft buzzing sound spread across the battlefield. The sound was not that loud, so it would not be noticed through all the artillery fire unless one was listening carefully.

Naturally, the abyssal creatures did not notice. It did not seem to leave any effect either.

Many of the flying abyssal creatures were dashing toward the fighter aircraft, including the abyssal Bomb Bees.

However, the three hundred soul fighter planes were already the entire Central Army Corps’ resources. When there were so many fighter planes firing, even the abyssal Bomb Bees could not approach.

The abyssal Bomb Bees were the clan with the weakest individual strength, so they were the first to react to the buzzing sound.

The Bomb Bees were flying at high speed when their bodies began to shiver. This immediately turned their organized flight path into a chaotic mess.

The Bomb Bees suddenly began to burst open, with their abdomens splitting apart. They turned into abyssal energy and died.

This was different from the melodious rhythm that Tang Yingmeng had used to blow them up before. It was as if the Bomb Bees had rotted from the inside out before dying.

What was more horrifying was that it was not just one or two bees. It started with only a few individuals, but within moments the abyssal Bomb Bees’ corpses rained down from the sky. They turned into abyssal energy one after another before dispersing into nothingness.

The Bee Monarch was commanding her clansmen to control the entire battle when she suddenly felt a sense of weakness radiating through. Her aura had withered substantially, leaving her astonished.

Every abyssal Bomb Bee was like a part of her body. She was highly adept at calculating and making plans, so she could command a whole swarm of abyssal Bomb Bees through her compound eyes.

It was of no concern to her whatsoever if just a few of her bees were dead. The abyss’ resurrection ability would soon replenish them.

Nevertheless, if too many of them were slain, the Bee Monarch would suffer a backlash effect.

After only a short while, more than one-third of the Bomb Bees had fallen. It was an astronomical number of deaths!

Even all the artillery fire and the bombardment earlier had not taken such a toll on the abyssal Bomb Bees.

The Bee Monarch hastily commanded the abyssal Bomb Bees to retreat. Only half of the initial number of Bomb Bees could flee into the distance, leaving the many corpses behind.

Meanwhile, the twelve strangely shaped aircrafts had already spread out with the numerous soul fighter aircraft escorts and swarmed toward the third defensive line that was under the abyssal creatures’ attack.

The buzzing sound had clearly become louder. Various abyssal creatures below began to turn disorderly.

In the beginning, the abyssal creatures that were still actively engaging in the battle were only agitated. However, some of them soon exploded and their abdomens burst open. Their innards flew out and fluids of many colors seeped out from their bodies just like what happened to the Bomb Bees.

Many of the abyssal creatures were being struck by the same across the battlefield. The pressure on the third defensive line was reduced instantly.

Yes, this was the result produced by an infrasonic weapon, one of the newest weapons in the Federation. It and the heavy ion beams were reputed to be the two great soul technologies that were the most advanced in the Federation.

The advantage of using an infrasonic wave was that it had a very wide area of effect. The weapon utilized the resonance of a specific frequency to kill the enemy.

Moreover, the infrasonic weapon was not destructive to the environment. This was because anything that was not on the specific frequency would not be affected, including humans.

It was apparent that the frequency of the infrasonic wave on these twelve aircraft was adjusted to target different species of abyssal creatures precisely.

More accurately, it targeted abyssal energy.

Humans had been studying the abyssal energy and its unique traits for a few thousand years. The Blood God Army was not only posted to guard the abyssal passage but also to collect samples and data for research into the abyss.

The development of infrasonic weapons was not only meant for the abyssal creatures, as they could be used to target any living being. Humanity hoped to explore the cosmos in the future.

In recent years, the research had yielded some promising results. The twelve infrasonic aircraft on the battlefield were the first batch of experimental subjects.

The power of the infrasonic weapon was great, but there were many issues as well such as its massive size, lack of defenses, and the large military escort required when in use. Thus, it had yet to be mass-produced.

Previously, the infrasonic weapon was not considered as crucial to the military as the heavy ion beam weapon.

However, it was unexpectedly effective when used in combat this time. A large number of abyssal creatures were killed with a single shot, and the threat to the third defensive line was neutralized temporarily.

The abyssal Spirit Dragons’ shrieks were heard reverberating through the battlefield one after another. They relied on their spiritual power to produce high-frequency tremors in an effort to resist the infrasonic weapon’s attack.

Although their efforts did not manage to stop it completely, they would not simply die without a fight.

Wu Zhangkong and the group from Shrek Academy had already landed on the mountain peak in the meantime. There were no Limit Douluos among them, but almost everyone possessed a set of four-word battle armor, even if some were incomplete. Their arrival on the battlefield immediately helped to reduce the pressure on the War God Hall’s numerous War Gods.

“Protect Xiaoyan. Let’s kill those monstrous lizards.” Wu Zhangkong pointed his Skyfrost Sword at the three great abyssal Spirit Dragons.

The group of ten immediately adjusted their battle formation. The Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu were at the front. Wu Zhangkong and Lan Muzi were in the middle while the rest were at the back surrounding Xu Xiaoyan. They charged toward the three great Spirit Dragon Kings together.

Xu Xiaoyan’s incredible fighting prowess made her the best assault-type soul master for the task at hand on many occasions. The most fearsome part of her soul skill was its near-perfect success rate. It was almost impossible for her attack to fail.

The Spirit Dragon Kings were equal to Limit Douluos and possessed awesome spiritual power. Only her ability to control could possibly destroy the Spirit Dragon Kings completely.

Without the leadership of the three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings, the enemy’s fighting capacity would certainly weaken even more with the addition of the infrasonic weapon. They would be able to stabilize the situation.

Just as the fighting at the main combat zone was flaring up, the battle in the Northern Ocean had already reached its c----x.

The enormous purple-black back appeared on the sea surface once again. The two warships and the dozen medium-to-low level warships were slowly quieting down.

The gigantic whale launched another attack at an unusually swift speed. Although the three great fleets were being cautious when defending against threats from the water, they could not stop its surprise attack.

Torpedo-type weapons that struck the whale were about as effective as scratching an itch through a boot.

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