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The Abyssal Legion’s Commander

Each of them was a deadly opponent. Even the clan heads from after the thirtieth level of the abyssal plane could not compare to the might of one abyssal Spirit Dragon.

The entire Spirit Clan numbered just about fifty, but they relied on their strength to support the Spirit Monarch in his goal of being the second overlord of the abyss.

The Spirit Monarch brought along a dozen Spirit Dragons with him this time. It was considered a huge investment. If the abyssal Spirit Dragons were killed, it would require the abyssal Sage King to unleash some origin power to resurrect them. Usually, the Spirit Monarch cherished his clansmen beyond comparison.

When the Spirit Dragons’ eyes lit up and unleashed that ghastly blue glow, everything within one hundred meters in front of them was pulverized by a terrifying tremor including energy shields. Not even rare metals could withstand that.

The Spirit Monarch was the monarch of the abyssal Spirit Dragons. His clan was renowned for having the most spiritual power. They were the rare abyssal creatures that relied on spiritual power as their main combat method.

The terrifying part about their spiritual power was that it was almost invisible, which was different from any other energy. When unleashed, it would first strike at the victim’s origin power.

Every Spirit Dragon was equipped with Spirit Domain spiritual power. On the other hand, not every human soul master could achieve Spirit Domain spiritual power, which was even the case for Hyper Douluos!

Moreover, the strength of their spiritual power allowed the Spirit Dragons to flee from danger by detecting possible enemies nearby and reacting accordingly. What was more fearsome was that the Spirit Dragons could link their spiritual power together and produce stronger effects.

As a result, the more Spirit Dragons there were, the greater their fighting capacity.

Of the numerous Spirit Dragons present, there were three that were each about one hundred meters long. They were standing side by side on the mountain peak with their eyes glowing with that blue radiance.

These three abyssal Spirit Dragons raised their heads simultaneously and shrieked. One could clearly see that each of them released a blue halo from its head. The three halos fused into one before rapidly spreading out into the distance to encircle the entire battlefield.

More abyssal creatures were already surging out from the abyssal passage like a tide. They seized the opportunity when the defensive line weakened to launch simultaneous attacks in all directions.

Astonishingly, the abyssal legion had gone from a disordered mess to a well-organized fighting force after spreading out.

The various clans were not moving individually but appeared to be working together. Furthermore, the cooperation was extremely well-coordinated. The abyssal creatures rapidly charged toward the defensive line built by the federal military and began to destroy everything they neared.

In the federal military’s command headquarters, Yu Guanzhi recovered from the shock after being stunned momentarily. Everything displayed on the widescreen made his expression change drastically.

The structure of the entire federal military’s defense system was meticulously designed with a plethora of powerful defense-type soul weapons including large-scale heavy ion beams. Nevertheless, it had collapsed within such a short period of time.

Yu Guanzhi found it simply unacceptable, but he knew very well that as the supreme commander he could not panic. He immediately inquired, “What is the position of the forces from the War God Hall?”

“We are about to arrive at the frontline.”

“Send out all the mecha troops from the Central Army Corps. Order the Western Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps to strengthen the defensive line. We must regain the defensive position.”

His lips were tightly pursed. He was well aware that they could not defeat such a formidable enemy just by relying on the army. He could only pin his hopes on the powerhouses at the frontline to stop the enemy’s advancing footsteps.

The defensive position on the frontline had been breached almost immediately. There were at least five troops made up of abyssal creatures that charged in a single direction. After the line was broken, they headed straight to the mountain slope that the Spirit Dragons had occupied.

“Those huge lizards are commanding the abyssal creatures. We must defeat them all.” An unknown speaker yelled this loudly. Dozens of figures dashed toward the slope at once. The warriors from the War God Hall had arrived.

They were joined by the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses. They did not care about communicating with each other in the meantime. The War God Hall’s War Gods were led by The Hall Master, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue, as they dashed toward the mountain.

According to their plans for the construction of the defensive line, the inner ring was equipped with the most powerful soul weapons. Defense soul weapons had been placed on the surrounding mountain peaks and then there was the outer ring. There were only three defensive lines.

Two of the defensive lines had been breached and were occupied by the abyssal Spirit Dragons. Who would have thought that it would only last so long?

Thus, the Skycrosser Douluo made a prompt decision. He knew he had to seal the breach first. Otherwise, the abyssal creatures could charge out from it, and the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

However, just as he was leading the War God Halls’ powerhouses to dash toward the mountain slope, something separated from the abyssal legion. The figures at the front were as swift as ghosts. It was the Mo Mei clan.

The Mei Empress flying at the head opened her arms like a bird spreading its wings. She was traveling at an unusually swift speed and had arrived before the Skycrosser Douluo almost in a split second.

She swayed her body and created dozens of clones in the blink of an eye as if she was attacking all the War God Hall’s War Gods simultaneously. Every single War God could clearly feel that she was targeting them.

Streams of a piercing aura intertwined in the sky like a large net made up of sharp blades, blanketing all of them.

Guan Yue let out a cold grunt. He agilely used the Skycrosser Divine Spear to point at the air, instantly locking on to the Mo Mei clan. There was a crisp ringing sound, and the Mei Empress stumbled out from her group of clones in a panic.

Her expression was one of surprise and bewilderment. The Mei Empress created her clones once again, but there were only seven copies this time. The clones parted first then overlapped onto one another. A hand stretched out before transforming into an illusionary light shadow that was slapped onto the Skycrosser Divine Spear.

“Ding!” There was another ring. The Skycrosser Divine Spear bounced up, and Guan Yue’s body was charging forward rapidly. He t----t the spear and the air went stagnant all of a sudden. He unleashed Surpass Heaven and Earth!

The Mei Empress had yet to react to the situation before Guan Yue’s spear was upon her.

Caught in a flurry, Mei Empress’s body just managed to flicker before she blocked the blow with her shoulder.

She let out a muffled grunt, and her body stumbled as she spun rapidly.

The Skycrosser Douluo had always been a humble man that hid his strength. Even the powerhouses of the War God Hall were unaware of the extent of the Skycrosser’s real capabilities.

On the other hand, he would not show the slightest reservation when he was engaged in a battle.

He did not pursue the Mei Empress because his priority was to seal the breach. Guan Yue waved his hand and beckoned the War God Hall’s powerhouses that had already dashed toward the mountain.

However, something caught Guan Yue’s eye. He suddenly saw the abyssal Bomb Bees swarming toward them like dark clouds blotting out the sky.

The Bomb Bees could tell that the breach was well-protected, but this was genuinely the best opportunity for them. If they could charge out from the tight encirclement, the world at large would be theirs for the taking. Additionally, the abyssal creatures were adept at mass slaughter. If they could charge out of the barrier, their presence would result in intense panic across the Douluo Federation within a short period of time. By then, the army at the frontline would be restricted, and they would simply wait for its total downfall. Once the army had collapsed, everything would end soon enough.

The Bee Empress’ compound eyes flickered. She was levitating in the air faraway while Bomb Bees were spurting out from below her. Under her command, they spread across the sky.

Their mission was to stop the aerial reinforcements.

Not only was the Bee Empress there, but a black silhouette also appeared before Guan Yue. The figure had exquisite facial features and a deathly aura. It was one of the ten great kings of the abyss, the Black Empress.

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