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The Abyssal Outburst

“Fire all secondary cannons. Focus on the aerial space above the medium and small-sized warships. The mecha troops are to remain inside the protective shield and fire at will to the outside. Avoid direct confrontation.”

After these orders were dispatched, dense radiance shot out all at once. The three great fleets were trying to weaken the purple-black rain pouring from the sky with an energy assault.

At the same time, numerous large-scale soul ammunition were fired at the humongous silhouette in the distance with deafening explosions.

However, after completing its attack, the gigantic whale sank and rapidly dove to the seabed.

The satellite lost its target, but the other detection equipment could still monitor its presence. While the gigantic creature was diving, it sent out a mighty wave in the direction of the three great fleets once again.

The wave contained a huge amount of energy that disrupted the reconnaissance soul devices. The whale’s signature turned blurry on the Sea God Army’s scanners.

“Quick, put all the reconnaissance soul devices to their highest setting and lockdown its position,” Chen Zeyu shouted urgently.

They would be left both blind and deaf without the ability to detect the opponent’s position. This would certainly be the most dangerous situation for them.

Then, the entire sea suddenly boiled over.

A violent oceanic current appeared in the sea almost instantaneously, and a tempestuous wave surfaced at once. The massive wave, dozens of meters tall, surged and turned the entire sea darker. The entire sea and the water element had become the enemy of the three great fleets. All the reconnaissance equipment was rendered useless.

Some of the smaller warships were tossed upward by the sudden wave. All at once, the three great fleets fell into a chaotic mess.

Blazing flames began to appear in the sea. The shields of the smaller gunboats were broken and their munitions were ignited by the corrosive acid rain, setting off a chain of sympathetic explosions.

The energy of a soul beast was limited. After all, God-ranked powerhouses were not allowed to arise in this world. Nevertheless, the energy of nature was unlimited.

Regardless of how mighty the Federation’s three great fleets were, they remained vulnerable when confronted by the supremacy of the natural world.

Chen Zeyu’s expression had changed drastically. He felt panic for the very first time. An unknown enemy was the most terrifying of all, and he had never encountered a situation like this.

“Quick, seek reinforcements from headquarters immediately. Seek reinforcements!”

The warning siren of the Central Army Corps had been blaring loudly ever since the humongous sea soul beast appeared. They had also been monitoring the situation.

There was no need for Chen Zeyu to request reinforcements when the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi had already dispatched the order. “Aerial forces from the Central Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps, prepare for take-off and combat. Invite the high-ranking personnel from the Spirit Pagoda, Shrek Academy, and the Tang Sect for a meeting. War God Hall’s War Gods, prepare for battle.”

The change in the sea came so unexpectedly that everyone at the scene was caught off guard.

Gu Yuena’s warning message had just been conveyed when the enemy appeared.

“Elder Chen, what is that enormous creature? Can you recognize it?” Yu Guanzhi asked Chen Xinjie.

On the matter of naval battles, no one was more experienced than the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. He was definitely the first of all men in combat at sea. Moreover, he was most familiar with the ocean because he was the Boundless Sea Douluo.

Chen Xinjie had a solemn expression. Just like his son, he had never seen such a large sea soul beast.

“We still don’t know what it is. We speculate that it’s a whale-type sea soul beast, but it is our first time seeing one this size. We can only pray that the creature is not related to the abyssal plane. Judging from how it is capable of manipulating astronomical phenomena and the sea, it is at the very least a quasigod-ranked powerhouse. Its cultivation base is even superior to mine. In addition, it relies on the sea to amplify itself. This is not something that our ordinary warships can resist. Supreme commander, I request clearance to head over there personally and help the three great fleets to stabilize the situation.”

“Granted.” Yu Guanzhi had been waiting for this request from him. On the other hand, the fighting capacity brought by the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie would definitely elevate their strength by at least thirty percent. Furthermore, they would easily be able to manage such a fearsome enemy with this quasigod’s assistance.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Three loud booms suddenly came through the frontline communicator in the command post, drawing everyone’s attention immediately.

All of them looked at the various soul communicators hanging on the wall in unison. They were astonished when they found that the explosions came from the exact location where the Blood God Army was constructing the Blood Gods Great Array! It was also the location where the abyssal passage had closed up.

The situation that they feared the most had arrived, and it took place at such a crucial moment.

Everyone on the scene could not help having a drastic change of expression simultaneously. In fact, Yu Guanzhi had stood up abruptly and shouted anxiously, “What’s going on?”

What happened next answered his question.

A huge gray-black pillar of light shot out from underground and disintegrated the entire unfinished Blood Gods Great Array. Although the artillery fire in the surrounding area had been swiftly launched, it was immediately swallowed up upon entering the gray-black light pillar.

Dark figures flew out from the gray-black light pillar. They were the massive Guardian Longhorn Beetles.

Countless abyssal creatures jumped off from the backs of these abyssal Guardian Longhorn Beetles like a swarm of bees and charged in all directions.

Yes, the abyssal passage had opened once again and the abyssal creatures had returned!

Before Yu Guanzhi could dispatch the order, all the defense systems were turned on. Loud explosions came from their arsenal of soul devices. Thule had been calm just a moment ago, but the fixed soul ammunition and soul beams turned it into a chaotic mess in a flash.

Shocked, Yu Guanzhi immediately turned to the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and said, “Elder Chen, you should head over to the Sea God Army. We can’t afford to lose control of the water. We won’t be able to keep the abyssal creatures from invading if they breach the sea’s defensive shield.”

“Sure,” Chen Xinjie answered. He turned around and left. No single person’s strength could possibly take care of everyone there, so he has to go where he could use his abilities to the fullest.

Yu Guanzhi turned toward Gu Yuena and said, “Pagoda Master Gu, sorry to trouble you. Please lead your Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses in the fight.”

“Alright.” Gu Yuena nodded. She turned around and left without any hesitation. For her, the abyssal energy meant a lot as well.

The unexpected attack shocked the entire federal legion. The only stroke of luck they had had was that they had yet to withdraw the troops. The most formidable armed forces of the Federation were still at the location.

Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s camp were alerted almost at the same time.

Ling Zichen, still recuperating, leaped up in the blink of any eye. She rapidly dashed out of the room and ran to the Life Subtree to gaze into the distance.

From her position, she could see the bombardment and the sound of artillery fire could be heard clearly.

Ling Zichen frowned deeply and muttered to herself, “They have recovered so quickly. It seems like the Eternal Heaven wasn’t a fatal blow to them. They could still turn into abyssal energy and be resurrected later even after being destroyed by the Eternal Heaven. The Eternal Heaven was only acting as a beam and only utilized around one-third of its total capacity! What a waste!”

As she spoke, she raised her head and looked toward the Life Subtree by her side.

According to the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali’s request, she was not allowed to leave due to her severe injuries. It would take the Life Subtree’s nourishment time to heal her, especially to replenish her body’s life source.

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