Obianuju - S01 E22

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Pure heart





The room was bathed in the pale early morning sunlight , the first ray of the sun shone through the glass-doomed window into the room , I squint at it as I forced my eyes open.

A hand was wrapped around me, holding me tightly .

Yawning, I stretched and turned my body sideways and saw Obianuju sleeping peacefully beside me , naked .

A light smile escaped from my lips and I wrapped an arm around her , breathing in her womanly musk . Instantly, a familiar feeling stirred deep Inside me , making my d**k harden

Sh*t! I didn’t bargain for this!

Slowly, i trailed my fingertip lightly over her breast and pull and tug on her n----e.

Her eyes flew open. In an instant , she was wide awake

“Demi! what are you trying to do?”

“I want to f**k you”. I bluntly replied

Her face paled and her eyes widened somewhat in shock

“No oooo! Please don’t, my “under is still hurting”. She begged and tried to wriggle out of my hold but I held her firmly , pinning her to the bed

“I won’t be hard on you”. I promised and began s-----g and biting on her breast.

“Ouch!” She moaned out as her nipples got erect

I smiled inwardly , now she is warming up!!

I moved my kisses to her lips , her neck , her beautiful collar bone and back to her breast ..

Jeez! her soft body was driving me all crazy!!!

“Deeeemi!” She moaned loudly, her fingers fisted in my hair , for balance and other reasons

I chuckled softly, “do you like it?

“Hum! Hum!” She nodded ,pursing her lips

“Then beg me”

“What!she retorted softly, throwing her head backwards

“Beg me to F**k you”. I repeated as she moaned in pleasure

“Please…Demi…..F**k… me”. She grunted, making me smile .

“Seems like someone is getting bad”. I teased and with that , I stroked my d**k in her hole and entered her in a single hard trust ,opening her , stretching her and forcing a moan of surprise from her.

She was ready , so ready and yet totally scared …

“Ade! Please take it easy on me”. She pleaded

“Sure!” I agreed and started to move inside her , my t----t slow and measured

“Yes baby! Just like that”. She let out a loud moan

Seriously! so this is how she likes it….. Amazing!

Lifting her hips , I move in and out of her slowly, taking her closer to her c----x

“I want to pee! I want to pee!” She screamed out,vibrating as she had her organm

I laughed softly and t----t into that special place again and again and kept on thrusting till I felt my organm building up……..

quickly, I pulled out of her , grunting in pleasure as I released all of my stuff on her….

“Ah! not again!” she mumbled but I heard her clearly.

I smiled lightly and rolled off her, panting hard

“Don’t worry! I will make use of condom next time”

“Condom! why?”She asked weakly

“So you can stop complaining”. I replied

With that , I got off the bed and padded to the bathroom, feeling her eyes on me…

Turning around, my guess was right , her eyes was on me …

“What!” I mouthed at her

she stuck her tongue out and looked away without a word!!

Funny girl!!

Entering the bathroom, i stepped into the bathtub, turned on the shower and took a quick bath; then I reached for my clothes which was hung on the door and hurriedly changed into it..

I returned to the room and found my “baby” sleeping soundly, my sperm dripping down her body…

She must be really weak!

“Baby!” I called softly as I leaned over to tap her shoulder gently

She stirred a little, mumbling some inaudible words

“Baby!” I called again, “we need to get going”

“Ahh! she hissed loudly, scratching her neck “leave me alone now”.

Like seriously!what kind of girl sleeps this deep?

Heaving a sigh, I was about tapping her again when my phone rang

I reached for it and saw the name “Kewe” flashing on the screen….

I received it

“Guy! Awfar”. I greeted first

“I dey oooo ” he responded, “where you dey?”

“I am still at the hotel”

“Ah! Demi! You better leave that place ASAP”. he advised , “Professor Banjo class is in an hour time and it is gonna be a practical test”

“Test!” I repeated in disbelief , but he didn’t inform us about it ”

“he didn’t inform us about it”. he micmic , haven’t you gone through the group chat?”


He chuckled lightly. “That is why na, the information is like an advert there”

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly

“So if you know what is good for you, you better hurry up or else that “crazy man” won’t hesitate to give you a carry over”

“Alright man, I will be on my way now “. I said and ended the phone call

Hastily, I put on my shoes , picked up my car keys along with my wallet and then faced Obianuju

“Uju!” I called ,touching her cheeks gingerly and that did the trick , her eyes fluttered opened

“Thanks goodness!”I mumbled in relief

“Demi!” She called softly, her eyes dim with sleep.

“Yes baby! I am here”. I sat on the bed and helped her sit up

“Thanks! she muttered, rubbing the sleep crust off her eyes . “You already dressed”. She observed

I nodded , “i need to be in school in the next one hour”

“School!” her eyes bulged out and she kicked out her legs ,wanting to get off the bed but I held her back

“What is wrong with you? I asked , staring into her pretty face

Her lips wavered . “8am! I have a class by 8am”

“So? Is that why you getting all worked up?

“I need to be in class by 8am”. She repeated, making me exhale deeply

“babe , It is already past 10, so it won’t….

“Past 10”. She cut in , “oh God! what will I do now?

“Nothing!” I plainly told her , “Just sleep till you get tired of sleeping”

She glared at me . “You are not serious”

“Of course I am”. I insisted, ” Missing your class today doesn’t mean you will miss it tomorrow”

She was quiet for a while and then sighed

“You are right”

I am always right”. I stated and she faked a frown

“Go away Jor!”

I smiled inwardly hearing the smile in her voice

I guess I am free to go!!

Standing up , I leaned over to kiss her briefly

“I will see you later”

“No, we will see in the evening”. She corrected , frowning slightly

“You spending the night at my place?” I asked to be sure

“hum! hum!”. She nodded , “or don’t you want me to?”

I scoffed silently, is she really asking me that??

“My place is yours “. I simply said and scurried out of the room

“I love you “. She called after me

“I love you too”. I mumbled to myself as I climbed down the spiral stairs into the reception and met a slim lady seated behind the desk…

“Morning Fine boy!” She greeted first , smiling sheepishly

“Good Morning ma, I want to……

“Abeg! Abeg!” She cut in rudely , “don’t address me as ma, my name na portable ”

“Oh! I am sorry”. I quickly apologise

“No now! Fine boy like you no need to say sorry”

I scoffed silently. “actually ma erm I mean portable , I rented a room here last night and ……..

“I know na “. She cut in again. “I stand for one corner dey look you, I bin dey eye you but you no give me face”

I continued, ignoring her stupid talk

“So my girlfriend will be checking out later in the day , do I need to pay an extra for the room?”

“Girlfriend! You mean that small pikin wey do birthday for here?”

Chai! Which kind of human being is this one?

She continued. “Fine boy like you no suppose befriend small small girls , you suppose date mature person…….

“Like you”. I completed and her eyes lit up

I smirked evilly ” I am sorry to offend you ma but you are not my type of woman”

“What!” She exclaimed with shock written all over her face

“Yes!i don’t date old brainless women like you”. I stated , ” so please don’t ever think you are better than my girlfriend”

She swallowed hard . “Okay”

“Good! so do I need to pay an extra money?”

“No!” she shook her head , you already paid for a twenty four hours room service”

Oh! I completely forgot

“Alright Portable , see you when we see”. I said sardonically and with that , I walked out of the building to the side of the compound where my car was parked…

Using the car key , I opened the door and climbed into the driver seat ; then I started the car and slowly drove out of the compound, down the untarred street to my hall building……


I wasted no time to get home as I took a short route to avoid the morning rush hour

I drove through the huge gate to the compound and parked out in front of my apartment, right beside my Bugatti divo….

Opening the door, I stepped out closing the door behind me and climbed up to the balcony…

I unlocked the door, pushed it open and walked in to see a messy and dirty sitting room..

Obianuju! I muttered and shook my head in disbelief as I headed for my room

I never knew she was this lazy!!

Entering my room , my jaws dropped

Really! Did she run a carnival party in here?

Her clothes were laying around the floor, her bag on the table , shoes on the bed , even her undies was not left out , it was hanging on the wardrobe….

tsk…tsk…tsk…tsk .. this is so not called for!

quickly, I placed my phone and car key on the table ,kicked off my shoes , pulled of my clothes and went over to bathroom to freshen up , making a mental note to call the “cleaning lady”….

When done , I returned to the room, went over to the wardrobe, opened it and brought out a brief along with a dry cleaned cloth; then I hurriedly dressed up, put on a black boot ,place my books and laptop inside my backpack, sling it over my shoulders,picked up my phone and car keys and dashed out of the house , leaving the door unlocked …

climbing down the short step, I got into my car , started it and drove off speeding the school…..



Finally! After a rough drive, I got to school

I drove through the gates , down the tarred road till I got to the LLT3 ground and then I parked out in front….

Alighting from the car , I came face to face with …….Susanna!

I scoffed silently, was she waiting for me the whole time?

I sling my backpack over my shoulder , wanting to walk past her but she Jumped in front of me , blocking my path ..

“Move!”i said calmly

She shook her head . “No Demi, I won’t until you tell me that you love me”

I stared at the girl in front of me and the only emotion I felt towards her was that of pity …..

“Please tell me you love me” she pleaded , “I don’t mind being your side chick , I don’t mind being your second girl but please don’t leave me”

“Is this about my money?” I asked .

I was finding it hard to believe that a pretty girl like her would reduce herself so cheaply because of love ”

“I swear it isn’t because of your money”. She swore, her voice sounding so desperate. “Do you know what I am passing through? Do you know the insults I have to put with everyday?”

“Oh! It is about the shame then”. I drawled

“No No No, it isn’t , it has…….she tried to say but I cut her off

“ahh! cut me some slacks, will you? what is it that you don’t understand about me not loving you? I have a girlfriend Susanna, a girlfriend whom I cherish, a girlfriend that is already a part of me so do me a favour, no , do yourself a favour and forget all about me pleeeeeeasse”

With that , I shoved her aside and ran all the way to the laboratory..

I was already late , I just hope and pray that “Crazy Professor” listens to me….



As expected, the short man was already in the Laboratory and I walked in slowly knowing what next will follow.

“Stop there!” he barked at me and I did abruptly, facing him

“Good morning sir!” I greeted politely

He scoffed . “What is good about the morning? Ehen Adeoye , tell me , what is good about the morning??

Jeez! This man is clearly crazy!!

“Hun! So tell me , why are you late to class?”

I heaved a sign , glancing at Kewe who was seated in the front row

“I woke up late”

“What!” The man thundered , “how dare you say that to my face! oh! oh! oh! do you think because your father is the speaker of the house of assembly I can’t do anything to you or because he is close to this country president I can’t discipline you? My friend will you leave this class th…………::

“You dare not try that Mr professor”. A voice cut him off and even without looking, I knew who it was……..Dave!

The professor went pale with fright

“Erm .. Dave … erm .. what did you .. Erm “. he stuttered and a soft laughter ran through the class

Dave continued. “he already explained his reasons so what else do you need?”

“I am sorry”. The man apologised

“No,you didn’t offend me, Demi was the one you offended”. Dave stated

Panicking, the man faced me

“I am sorry Adeoye , please don’t be offended”

I scoffed silently. “Can I go sit down?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he nodded his head like an agama lizard …

I turned in the direction of Dave and met his gaze

“Thanks!” I mouthed at him and he looked away , smiling….





The pain in my heart just got worse , it ache so bad , making me feel so empty

He has a girlfriend! he cherish her so much! She was already a part of him!

Arrrgh! how dare he choose that.. that … weak thing over me!

Chai! Susanna Ijeoma Ibeh, you don suffer!

I even lessened myself in front of me and still , he rejected me .

hmmmh! Okay now! let’s see if he will stay stubborn for long!

Taking my phone out of my bag , I dialled a number I saved as a “dark strange lady”

The person picked up on the second ring

“Hello! who is this please?” A feminine voice rang through

“It is Susanna”. I replied coldly

“Oh!Susanna”. her voice became so low . ” I have been expecting your call ever since, I was even thinking you were no longer interested”

“The girl! how do we get rid of her?” I asked , impatiently

There was a pause and then she sighed

“We are not getting rid of her , we are only teaching her a lesson”

“Whatever!” I screamed into the phone . ” I don’t care, I just want my boyfriend to come back to me”

“Fine! Fine! I have heard you but you need to calm down first

I huffed , “Okay ! I have calmed down oooo, so what should we do?”

“hmmmm! do you know any guy that can assist us with our plan?” She asked, making me scoff

“What about you, don’t you know any one?” I snapped at her

“No! I don’t know much people like that , I am still in my first year”

Seriously! a lady who looks over 26 years old , unbelievable!!!

“Fine! I will search around for guys”

“Search!”she repeated

“Yes! my “errand girl” knows a lot of touts , I will scope her into introducing about three of them to me”

“Good!three should be okay”. She agreed , just keep me updated

“Okay! so when are we going to carry out the plan?” I was so desperate

She chuckled. “Relax babe and Just trust me , you will be right in Demi’s arm before next week…..

Han! Han! Next week is too far na , but what can I do? nothing, I have no other option but to wait!!






The sound of my phone ringing disrupted my sleep and I groaned out of my sleep and reached for my phone which was on a low stool beside me

I opened my blurry eyes to check out the caller and noticed it was Shakirat….

Smiling lightly, I received it

“Hey Shakirat”. I greeted first

“Juliet! how are you?”her voice was so low

“I am fine”. I replied , “how was class today?”

“Class ke! I was about asking you the same thing”

“Han! Han! Don’t tell me you didn’t attend class?”

“I didn’t oooo, I was very weak”

“Hmmm! Nawa oooo! Me self, it was your call that woke me up”

“My call ke! by 1:00pm….

hmmmh!i give you three gbosa for sleeping

I laughed. “It is not my fault, it is that stupid red wine we drank na”

“I hope your boyfriend didn’t scold at you sha”

“boyfriend! no oo, he didn’t notice sef, he was crazily drunk”

She giggled . “Demi will never cease to amaze me … ehen! Lest I forget , have you told him about the wristwatch”

“wristwatch! wristwatch! wristwatch!…. oh! I completely forgot, I will tell him about it this evening”

“Okay dear, I just called to check on you”

I smiled lightly. “Thanks bestie”

“Alright na! See you in school tomorrow”. She said and ended the phone call ….

Phew! It time to go home !

Tossing the phone on the bed , I dragged my self up from the bed and went into the bathroom.

I stepped into the bathtub , turned on the tap and using a small bowl, I washed the already dried sperm off my body and then clean up my “under”….

When done , I reached for my gown and undies which was hung on the door and hurriedly changed into it ; then I returned to the room , put on my sandals , picked up my car keys and phone , grabbed my back and walked out of the room , climbing down the spiral staircase into the reception

“Good morning ma!”I greeted the receptionist on seat

“Morning!” She grunted her response, “you don dey go abi?” her gaze was fixed on the big book in front of her

“Yes ma!”

“The key nko?”

“Erm I left it in the door knob”

“You can go”. she brushed me aside like I was not important

Oga ooo! what is wrong with this one? did she get out on the wrong side of her bed?”

“Okay!” I simply said and walked out of the building to a smaller part of the compound where “my baby” was parked ….

Without wasting time , I slid into the driver seat , started the car and drove to my hostel at a normal speed…..



By the time I arrived at my hostel , it was 2:00pm on the dot

I carefully drove into the bumpy compound and parked out in front, beside the caretaker “Kabu kabu” car ..

Stepping out, I almost stepped back in

The eyes on me were much ,it was as if they wanted to swallow my “baby” and I , but God no go gree!!

quickly , I closed the door behind me ,waited until I heard it clicked close and began walking to the entrance..

“Hmmmh! Uju, your car is fine ooo”. a slim fair girl remarked , her gaze fixed on “my baby”

“Thanks!” I said softly and climbed up the short step , walking through the long passage to my room.

I found the door wide open and I walked in Just in time to see Faith end a call , a mischievous smile on her face…

I hissed silently. what mischief is this one cooking up?

Seeing me ,she jumped up , startled , placing her phone on the table

“Uju! when did you get here?”

See question??

I rolled my eyes and went over to the kitchen, ignoring her silly question

I opened up the bigger pot and it was empty..

“hmmm! Nawa! so there is no food in this house?” I thought and said aloud as I returned to the room

“no money to buy foodstuff na”Faith said, making me scoff

“you should have told me now. I frowned , “you know I hate stuffs like this”

“Hmmm! Madam! No vex”

“I am not vexed oo, I am just saying my mind”

With that , I tossed my hand bag on the bed , ambled to the mirror stand , picked up a hair brush and began brushing the long hair…

The hair was so tangled and fallen out … uhm!…I guess it is time to fix a new hair …..

“Should I come help you”. Faith suddenly asked

I looked at her in the mirror, meeting her gaze

“No!”I declined , “I will be fixing a new one tomorrow”

Her eyes popped wide open. “but Uju, the hair isn’t even up to a week”

“It is more than a week”. I corrected

“Oh! So what hair will you be fixing?”

I shrugged . “I don’t know yet”

“hmmmm! you should re -fix the bone-straight weavon”

“Bone straight! which bone straight! Is it the one that I have dash Funmi?”

“You dashed Funmi the bone-straight!” She retorted in surprise

“Yes, any big deal about that”

“No oooo”. she smiled, “I was just surprised…. erm …erm …come and dash me this one na”

“Which one? I turned around and frowned at her , “is it this Lace wig?”

She nodded

I scoffed . “And tell me one reason why I should dash you?”

“We are sisters”. her voice was so low

Sisters! My foot

She continued. “See Uju, I know you are still angry with me but believe me when I say I was only looking out for you”

“Really! by condemning me”

“No babe!”she shook her head , “I didn’t condemn you, I did all that based on sisterly love”

Oh right!

“Great! thanks for the sisterly love”. I stated mockingly

She sighed. ” so will you dash me the wig?”

“Hum! hum!” I nodded and she Jumped up excitedly

“Thanks sis”

“It is nothing”. I kept the brush on the table and went into the bathroom to freshen up

I needed a long , cool and refreshing bath”

“Erm Uju! I fit see #2000 for you hand”. Faith called out from the room

“Haaa! I don’t know but check my bag first , how much is there?”

There was a pause and then she answered


“Okay now! take #1500 and leave #1200 for me”

“Alright! Thanks so much”

“It is nothing”. I assured, “are you going out ni?”

“To my boyfriend place”

“hmmmh! Okay oooo, safe Journey”. I said and began removing my clothes …

The cotton pants on me was “doing me some how” and when I pulled it down, I saw a little stain of blood

Chimo! My period ….ugh!…I just pray I don’t get bogged down by pain….






Atlast! after a six hour practical test , the professor left the class and instantly , a wave of relief swept through the class..

“how was the test bro?” Prince was was seated behind me , asked

“Bad” I answered truthfully

“Same with me”. he sighed, ” you will see the man later right?”

I nodded , my gaze fixed on Ademilade who was talking with a girl , a wide smile on his Face …. well! I wasn’t surprised as he and Kewe were the brainiac of the class , a hard test like this was like ABC to them …..

Standing up , I walked up to him , a light smile on my face…..

“Guy ! Awfar”. I greeted

He shifted his gaze to me , wearing the same wide smile

“Dave! He called , “thanks so much for today”

“Arggh! It is nothing”. I waved it off

“No, it is something”. he insisted , “I could have had a major carryover if not for you”. his voice was so calm..

I stared blankly at the “pretty boy” in front of me wondering why someone would want him dead.

Though he might be stubborn and at times mean , he was still very young……

“How old are you?” I was curious to know

He shot me a puzzled look . “my age , why?”

“Just tell me”

“Fine! he sighed, ” I am twenty”

Instantly , I heard a loud bang in my head

twenty! that Moremi of a woman wants me to get rid of a twenty year old , but why? Is it because of property?….. unbelievable!

On that fateful day she called , she kept on ranting about her husband being unfair to she and her daughters.

Her story was getting too long so I promised to call her back .I quickly copied her number into my phone and deleted it from Tobi’s phone.

Calling her back that night, I received a mouth- watering deal.

Kill my step-son and receive a million dollars..

I was speechless, a million dollars could buy all of my so-called wealthy father properties and change will remain . but can I betray a member of the gang because of money?…..hmmmmmh! I don’t think so and ………

“Dave! You alright?” Demi asked, interrupting my thoughts

I quickly composed myself. “erm yes, I am alright”

He nodded slowly , staring at me weirdly

“Oh! erm , There is a gang party this night and I need you to be there”

He sighed softly. “I am sorry Dave , I don’t think I will be able to attend”

“Why?” I asked , feeling the anger brimming

No body dares go against my words!

“My girlfriend will be spending the night at my place and …………..”

“Obianuju right ?” I asked and he nodded

“Alright! stay with her”. I agreed and began walking out of the class when a familiar voice asked from behind me

“Why did you do that?”

Prince! So he overheard our conversation!

“Why did I do what?” I feigned ignorance

“Ahh! Dave”. he hissed lightly in anger . “You have never listened to anyone excuse, so why now?”

“I don’t know”. I answered and that was the truth…

Perhaps! I don’t want his girlfriend to be worried

Why? My subconsciousness asked

Because I love … no! no!no! because ..erm …she is .. Demi’s girlfriend

Are you sure about that? It mocked me

“Shut the f**k up”. I screamed at it , attracting some curious stares …

Sh*t! This is all messed up!






Alone in the room , I was reading a novel when a knock sounded on the door

“Who is that oooo?” I answered

” is it me”. A female voice replied

Is it me kwa! who is speaking this bad English? I wondered

Getting off the bed, I made for the door and opened it to see a dark chubby girl

Who is this one??

“Aunty good afternoon”. She greeted , playing with her hands shyly

“Afternoon! how can I help you?”

“Erm… you wan wash cloth or ….. she paused , her intent gaze fixed on me

“Ah! Aunty, na you be dis?”

I stared at her puzzled , Is this one crazy!!

“See!young lady , if you don’t have anything meaningful to say , can you please leave my door?

“No na!” She smiled lightly , “Na me Kemisola , or you know remember me again?”

“Kemi! Kemi! Kemi!” I repeated , staring hard at her face

“Aunty Susanna’s girl”. she added ; instantly my brain click

“Oh! Sussanna’s errand girl?”I asked to be sure and she nodded excitedly

“Wetin happen na, I no dey see you for Aunty Shakirat side again”

“Wo! It is school stress . So why are you here? I changed the topic

She chuckled nervously. “erm I dey look for work, incase you get any menial work wey you wan do , I fit help you”

“Awww baby”. I sighed softly “you came late , one woman like that assisted me with my clothes not quite long”

Her expression of happiness swiftly turned to one of sadness

“but I will give you something to hold body”. I quickly added and her eyes lit up

“Thanks ma”

“Wait here!” I told her as I ambled to the table, picked up my white bag , took out a one thousand note and then returned to the door ….

“Take this!” I handed the money to her

“Ha! Thanks you ma” . She squealed in delight, jumping up excitedly

I smiled . “but why aren’t you in school like the others?” I was so curious to know

“hmmmm! Aunty , na my money for WAEC I dey look for like this”

So she is still in secondary school !

“So how much are we talking about here?”

She sighed sadly . “na #20,000”

Seriously! Just #20, 000!

“Fine! do you have a bank account?”

She shook her head like someone who is in trance

“hmmmmmh! Okay !let’s do it this way , come tomorrow evening and I will give you the money ”

“Aunty! she called with her eyes wide open, “you wan give me the money , the whole #20,000”

I nodded

“Haaa Aunty! you go suceed for this life”

I chuckled lightly. “Amen!”

“Any body wey plan bad against you go use their head carry am”


“Your good go speak up for you when trouble go come”

“Ah! Amen oooo”. I replied, laughing , ” See Kemi! It is okay ehen , come tomorrow and continue with your prayers”

She nodded , wiping her tears with her palm

“God go bless you ma”. She said softly, walking toward the entrance

I watched her go for a moment and then I closed the door and went into the bathroom to check out myself.

The pad had only a little stain so I returned to the room with a look of satisfaction.

I glanced at the wall clock ,It was 6;10pm

is time to go to my Demi’s place!!!

quickly, I pulled off the short gown I was wearing and changed into a longer one , put on my slippers , grabbed my hand bag , toss my phone and car keys inside it and rushed out of the room , walked through the long passage and got outside Just in time to see Rinzy jumped over the gutters ….

“Arinze! I called , smiling as he looked in my direction.

“Ah! Uju! how are you?

“I am fine”. I replied , climbing up the short step to him , “hmmm! this one you are here , are you here to see me ?”

“before nko! who will I come to see?”

“That fine girl na”. I smiled mischievously, “the one staying in the first room?”

He knitted his eyebrow. “Elizabeth?”

“Yes Elizabeth”. I nodded and he laughed

“Chai! you no go kill person, Elizabeth is just a friend”

“Hmmmh! a friend that you are always coming to visit , is that one a friend”, I mumbled to myself

“Hen! what did you say?” he asked

“I said I don hear”. I lied and he smirk

“Actually that is not the reason why I am here”. he cleared his throat. “I am here to borrow your car”

“Borrow my car or what did you say? I squeezed my face , shaking my head . “no oo, “my baby” is not for rentage”

“Please , it is only for today na”. he begged

Today! It sounded like forever to me!

“Don’t beg me oo! at home when I use to beg for your car nko , do you usually give me?”

“Han! Han! but that is all in the past na,i am a changed person now”

Oh right! he is now a changed person

“Okay ooo!so what do you want to use my car to do?”

he frowned lightly. “Must you know?”

“Yes ooo, I must know!” I insisted and he sighed

“Fine! I am going on a dinner date with this fine girl and I don’t want to disappoint”

“hmmmh! Oya na! You can make use of it”. I agreed and his face lit up

“but I don’t want to see any crash on “my baby” ooooo”

“Sure, you won’t”. he promised , ” so where is the key?”

I took the key out of my bag and handed it to him

“Not a single crash”. I reminded and began walking to the road

“Where are you going?”he called after me

“Demi’s place”. I replied, my eyes going left and right for a bike

“Alright ooo, Just be careful”

“I will”

I soon saw a bike and I flagged it down; immediately, the bike man pulled out of the road and stopped in front of me

“Fine girl! wey you dey go?”

“Brown building at Ijesha road”. I replied

“Oya na! enter , your money na #350”

“Haba! I no get #350” . I opened my bag for him to see . “na only #200 I get”

“200#! he repeated, turning his head slightly . “Oya! make we dey go”….

Rolling my gown a little , I climbed on the bike and the bike man kicked the engine, driving off ….



Finally! we got to the brown building and the bike man drove through the huge gate into the compound, parking directly in front of Demi’s apartment…

Paying him , I climbed down the bike , looking around

Demi”s Venza was missing which only means one thing , he wasn’t around!!

Guess he is still busy at school!

I climbed up the short step to the balcony and to surprise the door to his sitting room was left wide -opened, also the aroma of meat cooking and fire filled the room, tempting my taste buds

Who is cooking? I wondered and headed for the kitchen…

Entering , my head literally exploded fire

Right standing in front of me,cooking, was an extremely beautiful girl with big ass , the exact type of girl Demi likes

Who is she? what is she doing here?

Seeing me, she flashed me an angelic smile

“Demi’s girlfriend right?”

I nodded slowly, how did she know?

She continued. “I guessed right , Demi told me you would be here”

“Who are you?”I asked ,a feeling of jealousy burning inside me

“Oh!” She chuckled lightly. “Pardon my manners! I am Amaka , your boyfriend’s cleaning lady”

Cleaning lady! Like seriously! this fine girl …. unbelievable!

“hmmmh! Miss Amaka , if you are his cleaning lady , why then are you cooking for him?”I fired at her

“That is because I don’t like stuffs going to waste”. She fired back at me , “I noticed the Egusi(melon) was getting stale so I decided to put it in good use…

Immediately, a feeling of shame engulfed me and without saying a word , I turned around and walked slowly to the room ….

This girl just indirectly called me Lazy…chai! Imagine the way she is running her mouth…okay now! let my boyfriend come first!

Pushing the door , I walked into the sparkling neat room and threw my bag to the wall in anger, my phone and the diamond wristwatch came falling down

Eewwo! My phone! I screamed so loudly and rushed to pick it

Thankfully , it wasn’t broken!

Oh God! thank you.i muttered my appreciation, straightening up ; then I kicked off my slippers and collapsed on the bed …

I was feeling weak , tired and hot at the same time so I pulled off my gown and flung it aside, unclasped my bra and did the same thing to it , flung it aside ….

Satisfied, I laid down on the bed , reached for my phone , about to dial Demi’s number when the door creaked open and he walked in

I jumped to my feet and rushed to hug him

“Baby! I called excitedly. “I really missed you”

“So did I”. his voice was so cold

I pulled out of the hug to stare at his face

“You alright?”

“Yes!” He answered, his eyes wandering around the room”

“Ehen! you see , I want you to send that Amaka of a girl away and tell her never to return anymore”

“And why should I ?” He asked flatly

I scoffed . “She insulted me , she made me feel like I can’t cook , she ………

“can you?” he cut in , his gaze fixed intently at me

“What!” I swallowed hard. I was a bit taken aback by his question..

“See Juliet!I fully understand the reason why you can’t cook but as for the cleaning aspect, I can’t seem to pinpoint an exact reason”.

Juliet! I stared at him in surprise, he called me Juliet for the first time!!

He continued , seething in anger

“Just take a good look at this”. he half yelled,pointing to my bra which was laying on the floor, is that where it is suppose to be?…. argh!for crying out loud , you are a woman so pleaaaaaseee behave like one”.

Tears rolled down my eyes and I sobbed, looking at him with puppy eyes …

I was expecting him to pet me but he didn’t, instead he stormed out of the room , leaving me all on my own..

I cried loudly , more in anger than in pain

how dare he walk out on me!

“That is because he wants you to take correction”. a little voice in my head said

“Correct myself !”I muttered ;

instantly I sprang to my feet and began putting away my stuffs , I threw my gown into the wardrobe,put my slippers in the shoe rack and ……….the bra where should I keep it sef?

“You should wear that” . Demi said from behind me

I hissed silently, when did he get here sef?”

“Okay!” I simply said and bend over to pickup the “diamond wristwatch”

“What is that?” he asked , his gaze fixed on the small box

“Wristwatch” .

He scoffed. “I meant to ask how you got it”

“Dave gave it me”. I replied and he eyes grew wide in anger

“as a birthday gift”. I quickly added and he softened

“Oh!”he exclaimed lightly, “it is beautiful, keep it but don’t wear it ”

Seriously! who does that?

“I will get you a more better and expensive one”

“Thanks!” I smiled

“You don’t need to thank me , it is my duty”. he caressed my face, staring deep into my eyes

There was an awkward silence and then he sighed

“I am sorry for yelling at you, I was seriously pissed off”

I smiled inwardly, he just did what I wanted!

“I am sorry too”. I apologised, “I won’t act all lazy again and also , I will learn how to cook”

he shook his head slowly. “No baby! You don’t need to”

“I want to”. I insisted, “and in return I want you to promise me something ”

“Which is?” he arched his eyebrow

“Quit smoking”

The atmosphere in the room became so tensed , like i said something bad but did I ????

He burst into laughter . “is this a 50/50 kind of thing?”

“No , it isn’t. I am not just comfortable with the way you smoke”

“but I don’t do it in front of you”. he defended himself

“I know , but I kinda feel like it is not right”.

He was quiet, as if lost in thought for a while and then sighed

“I will try”. he pulled me closer to him, “it won’t be that easy though

I smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, I will be right behind you”




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