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A Whale?

The swaying of the warship did not stop him from making his way into the ship. He was soon at the command post. Someone immediately reported the current situation to him.

“Switch over the screen. I want to see the visuals,” shouted Chen Zeyu.

The visual detectors did not produce a true image, but a projection which included the shape and energy level from the data gathered by the reconnaissance devices.

The visual detectors could detect up to very long distances and provided a summary and analysis of the data for corresponding action. It was the most advanced reconnaissance system adopted by the Sea God Army.

The large screen switched over rapidly with large amounts of data flashing by. Soon, a scene appeared before everyone.

It was genuinely a gigantic creature. Moreover, it was approaching at a shocking speed. According to the data analysis, the enormous creature was travelling at five times the speed of the DS Sea God under full throttle. Such a speed had never been recorded in the sea.

The more terrifying part was its size. It was a thousand meters in length. Its length together with its shape was on par with the DS Sea God mothership!

Chen Zeyu was a top student in school. He could memorize the vast majority of the sea soul beasts and the powerful marine creatures.

As far as he could recall, there was absolutely no creature of such enormous size in the world of the sea soul beasts.

“Dispatch my order to the DS Sea Heaven, the DS Sea Earth, the DS Sea Empress, and the DS Sea Governess to lock down the target and launch three rounds of torpedoes,” ordered Chen Zeyu.

“Reverse the DS Sea God. Dispatch order to the Northsea Army Corps and the Eastsea Army Corps to disperse and fall back. Assume all round defence!”

His order was quickly dispatched and implemented at once.

From a high altitude perspective, the large and small warships began to spread out into the surroundings rapidly. They formed a gigantic semicircle with the opening of the semicircle aimed in one direction. It was akin to a large pocket with an open mouth awaiting the enemy.

Three rounds of attack were equal to thirty-six torpedoes being shot at the enormous silhouette. It was an exploratory attack.

In the next moment, a massive oceanic current was unleashed from the enormous creature. The thirty-six torpedoes could not evade the onslaught and ended up exploding in succession in the sea.

The surface of the seawater surged in the distance. The muffled explosions turned into water pillars gushing skyward.

“Aim all the artillery fire at the target. Prepare for deep sea bombardment. Mecha troops, take to the skies and prepare for an aerial attack.”

The orders were dispatched immediately while Chen Zeyu’s expression turned extremely solemn. The enemy was not an easy target. What sort of enemy could it be?

Based on the current visuals, it seemed to be a fish-type creature with an enormous body. Yet, what sort of fish could be this huge? It was simply unprecedented. Even the legendary million-year soul beast could not seemingly be that large.

“Colonel! The unknown creature is slowing down. It looks as if it’s going to float to the surface.” The orderly reported the latest situation.

Chen Zeyu’s eyes lit up. He immediately dispatched the order, “Mobilize the satellite. I want to see it when it surfaces.”


The large screen split into two separate screens with one side displaying the visual detector’s view just as before while the other displayed a satellite image zooming in from the sky.

The humongous creature floated up as expected. Its gigantic body was a grand sight to behold.

The satellite was locked into position at its present maritime space and awaited silently.

Finally, a dark blue, gigantic hump broke the surface. In the next moment, a gigantic water pillar surged skyward.

The water pillar was over fifty meters in diameter. When it spurted, a rainbow-like glow appeared in the surroundings. The gushing stream was a few thousand meters in height making an enormous parabolic curve!

The surging water pillar condensed into an incomparably large water ball in the air. It was over five hundred meters in diameter with a purple-black radiance pulsating inside. In the next moment, the water ball shot straight toward the DS Sea God mothership guided by the parabolic curve.

“Beep, beep, beep!” The piercing sound of a warning siren echoed through the entire warship.

The energy level of the water ball was at its maximum akin to an oil blowout.

“Fire ground-to-air soul cannon. Fire the DS Sea God’s main cannon.” Chen Zeyu dispatched the order rapidly.

The Sea God Army reacted to the order swiftly. Thousands of soul cannons and soul beam attacks rose into the sky instantly to fend off the gigantic water ball.

“Boom…” The water ball hundreds of meters in diameter exploded in a loud boom when it was struck by the first attack. Many more attacks missed their target after penetrating the water screen.

Meanwhile, the entire sky turned dark and gloomy. An intense oppression radiated through the three great fleets.

Large dark clouds gathered while the dispersed water ball became the source of the dark clouds. Soon after, purple-black lines of water began pouring down from the sky, akin to a heavy downpour, on the three great fleets.

It was precisely then that the satellite projected a full image of the humongous creature onto the large screen in the DS Sea God’s command post.

It was blue-black in color. Its humongous body had a large head, but smaller tail with overlapping devilish striations which looked like ferocious faces covering its entire body. When the satellite zoomed in on the blue-black color, it revealed a condensation of countless vengeful spirits.

A large, round hole could be seen clearly atop its head.

A whale? Was it a whale?

How could a whale be so humongous?

The story of a legendary soul beast suddenly emerged in Chen Zeyu’s mind. It was the million-year deep sea devil whale king!

Legend had it that the Tang Sect’s first ancestor, Tang San killed a million- year deep sea devil whale king twenty thousand years ago and turned it into his ninth soul ring. If the creature truly existed, had it not been killed by Tang San already? How could it be here?

Moreover, he recalled that the legendary deep sea devil whale king was only a few hundred meters in length! Chen Zeyu’s chest tightened involuntarily with the feeling of an ominous presentiment.

“All warships, turn on your protective shield to maximum power!”

The layers of protective shields immediately emitted a faint white glow on the warships. At the same time, the battle formation of the three great fleets were reconfigured.

The Douluo Federation’s three great fleets made a grand display of their qualities at the moment. Although it had been a long time since an actual battle took place, there were no lack of combat drills on normal days.

The larger warships were positioned at the frontline. The flagships and motherships of the three great fleets were at the frontmost while the lesser warships were positioned on both sides of the formation. The smaller warships trailed the wake of the armada.

Undoubtedly, the larger warships were equipped with high-powered protective shields which enabled these warships to mitigate the more severe attacks since they were at the frontmost during a siege.

Just as the three great fleets began to change their battle formation, the purple-black rain fell from the sky which blotted out the sky and covered the earth.

All the soldiers of the three great fleets felt that they were trapped in hell. They could hear sharp, howling noises amidst the terrifying, raging roars.

In fact, they clearly saw the vengeful spirits shrieking wildly outside the protective shields. It was a shocking scene. A number of soldiers with weaker capabilities began to feel dizzy and were nauseated upon hearing the noises.

“Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof…” The dense thuds were heard coming from the protective shields of all the warships which resulted in the formations of the densely-arranged halos.

The halos appeared as light spots forming on the outside of the protective shields.

The piercing sounds of the warning sirens were blaring in all the warships, especially the small and medium warships which were on the move.

“Regimental commander, the protective shields of our rank-3 gunboats are going to fail soon. According to the data analysis, it’s due to the corrosive diffusion of the halos which is exhausting the protective shields’ energy,” reported the operations officer urgently.

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