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The Sea God Army Crisis

At present, the captain of the DS Sea God mothership was the newly-appointed regimental commander of the Sea God Army. He was Chen Xinjie’s direct disciple who was personally hand-picked by him to be his successor. Moreover, they had a much deeper relationship which was their clan lineage.

The three shining stars of a general were pinned atop Chen Zeyu’s shoulders signifying his position as a colonel general. He had just gotten the promotion recently after taking over the position of the Sea God Army’s regimental commander.

Chen Zeyu was over sixty years old. He looked proud and fulfilled after becoming the Sea God Army’s regimental commander.

He had enlisted in the army for decades and had worked hard with prudence. He started off as a private and relied on his own efforts to rise up the ranks. Before he was a general, no one knew that he was actually the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s son.

All that he had achieved was based upon his own hard work. Chen Xinjie had never used his status to help with Chen Zeyu’s promotion other than guiding Chen Zeyu’s cultivation. It was Chen Zeyu who chose to enlist in the army. His father was his idol ever since he was young.

However, he only realized his father’s tremendous influence over the army after he became a general.

When Chen Xinjie transferred him to the Sea God Army and announced to all the military officers that Chen Zeyu was his son, Chen Zeyu was misperceived from then on.

All his hard work in the past seemed meaningless now. Whenever his name was mentioned, the first thing that came to mind was that he was the Boundless Sea Douluo’s son. He knew only too well the story of the son following a talented father’s footsteps.

The youth and competitiveness in him once made him confront Chen Xinjie over his special treatment. Chen Xinjie’s response was simple. He said, ‘If you wish to step out of my shadow, then you must surpass me first. If you can’t surpass me, you don’t have the qualifications to inherit the Sea God Army!’

Just over this, Chen Zeyu made countless sacrifices. He worked even harder and consistently took risks. Yet, with his natural endowment, he was still not as impressive as his outstanding father.

It had already been a full twenty years since he was transferred to the Sea God Army. Nevertheless, he had only been promoted to the rank of a lieutenant general. His father still remained to be the Sea God Army’s regimental commander.

All the generals were loyal to his father. Even though they had deep respect for him, he was well aware that the respect was due to his father.

When Chen Zeyu cultivated with great effort to the Hyper Douluo rank, he realized that he could never surpass his father in his lifetime. His father’s standing was way too high above him. So, how could he surpass his father?

In short, his father was a quasi god! He was the true mainstay of the army. During that time, he was quite dejected and even felt like giving up.

Nevertheless, it was precisely then that his father made a mistake. His father resigned resolutely at the height of his career. He relinquished all his duties as the Sea God Army’s regimental commander and the War God Hall’s hall master.

As a result, Chen Zeyu was appointed the Sea God Army’s regimental commander when he was in a quagmire. At the end of it, he was finally promoted to the rank of colonel general.

It was like a dream to him. His father only met him once before he left. His father told him that he was the master of the Chen Clan from that point onward. Any future decision of the clan would be his responsibility.

Chen Zeyu wanted to know more. He felt he was not fully prepared to take over yet. Even if he had waited a long time for this day, he was completely nonplussed when the day finally arrived.

However, Chen Xinjie did not give him the chance to ask. Chen Xinjie left without warning after completing a simple handover. In fact, he did not even tell Chen Zeyu of his whereabouts.

Chen Zeyu’s mother had passed away a long time ago. All this while, he knew that his father did not have a good relationship with his mother. In fact, he had gotten wind of the gossip. When he learned that his father had gone over to Shrek Academy, he realized that the gossip was true.

Yet, Chen Zeyu did not concern himself over the matter. He was already the master of the Chen Clan. His father was over a hundred years old and had sacrificed his entire life for the clan and the army regardless of his current decision. Chen Zeyu now bore the responsibility, so it was up to him.

As for his father, Chen Zeyu figured that it was up to him to do as he liked so long as he was happy.

When the abyssal war began, his father returned to the command post. Chen Zeyu got frustrated as most of the high-ranking generals came upon learning of his father’s return. They asked, “Old regimental commander, when are you coming back to the Sea God Army? When are you going to command the DS Sea God again?”

When his heart was filled with hesitation, at long last, he felt his father’s love for the first time.

Chen Xinjie came over to the Sea God Army’s camp personally, but he announced that he would not be commanding the Sea God Army, and the regimental commander was Chen Zeyu. He offered his support to Chen Zeyu in all areas. From that moment on, Chen Zeyu felt that he could finally mobilize the high-ranking generals in the Sea God Army for the very first time. He no longer anticipated his father’s return anymore.

When the war began, the stress at the frontline made him realize that he was expecting the opportunity.

Finally, when the artillery fire was launched alongside the Eternal Heaven, it seemed as if the war had already ended.

Chen Zeyu would never forget how he felt when he commanded the Sea God Army to open fire. It was an ineffable joy. Perhaps, this was the feeling that every high-ranking person would feel.

At present, he was standing on the tallest watchtower on the DS Sea God and gazing out into the distance.

The bitter cold wind naturally dissipated against his body. In fact, he did not wish to head back even. As a soldier, he felt an intense sense of being when he was on the battlefield.

What a waste it was that only a part of the Sea God Army would remain. According to the command headquarter’s plan, when the Blood God Army’s Blood God’s Great Array was completed, he would lead the DS Sea God to return to its original post.

There would be a permanent military station here, but not all the army corps would remain.

He had some regrets. The war had already ended before he could show his capabilities. Although he did not enjoy being at war, he wanted to prove himself badly.

Chen Zeyu focused his gaze and leaped up before landing on the bridge. He loved looking out to sea, but it was time for lunch.

He landed slowly. Under his soul power’s control, the air surrounding him was akin to having companions who transported him to a soft landing.

Just then, Chen Zeyu suddenly felt the DS Sea God under him sway once.

He was stunned for a moment at first. He wondered if he was caught in a trance. The DS Sea God weighed eighty thousand tonnes. How could it sway? Especially when the breeze was gentle and the sun was warm.

Out of the blue, the sound of a piercing, warning siren echoed through the entire DS Sea God mothership.

‘We are under enemy attack!’

Chen Zeyu’s gaze turned sharp instantly. His body which had landed earlier rose into the air once again.

He turned on his military soul communicator immediately. “This is Chen Zeyu. Give me a situation report. Has something triggered the warning siren?”

“Reporting to the regimental commander. Reporting to the regimental commander. We’ve suddenly encountered an unknown crash in the ocean currents. At the same time, we’ve discovered that there’s a large living creature approaching us from the north. It’s travelling at an extremely swift speed.”

Chen Zeyu was surprised, but he had already dispatched an order. “Prepare for level one combat. Inform the Northsea Army Corps and the Eastsea Army Corps that there’s an enemy attack.”

As he spoke, he turned around and flew toward the DS Sea God’s command post. He knew trouble was approaching.

The DS Sea God mothership swayed violently again, although he was on firm ground, walking in quick strides toward the command post.

Chen Zeyu’s expression turned unpleasant at once. He had been in the DS Sea God for many years, so he was very familiar with the DS Sea God. The ocean current that crashed into the DS Sea God to make it sway was definitely violent. On the other hand, if it was caused by a living creature, just how powerful was the living creature which they were about to fight against?

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