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Try Again!

Despite the Sea God’s Trident not being at God-rank yet, it had unleashed the Indefinite Storm. The Indefinite Storm dispersed his Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break and dissipated his Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish as easily as silk was reeled from a cocoon.

It was those golden halos that neutralized his most mighty attack into nothingness. Additionally, the halos were also surrounding his body, and they would soon bind him.

‘I can’t let the Indefinite Storm get a hold of me. That would be the end of it.’

At that thought, golden radiance shimmered on Tang Wulin’s hand and the Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp. He cast golden halos of his own. He was using the Indefinite Storm as a counterattack to the Indefinite Storm!

This was the only idea he could come up with at the moment!

The golden halos came into contact with one another. Their collision resulted in some exceedingly bizarre changes. Tang Wulin was astonished to see that when the halos cast by his Golden Dragon Spear came into contact with his father’s Indefinite Storm, his father’s storm trembled ever so slightly. Then, his storm was completely devoured by his father’s.

‘What’s going on?’

As he widened his eyes, the golden halos had surrounded him and sealed off all escape paths. There was nothing he could do to counter even with his numerous soul skills.

The golden trident tapped Tang Wulin’s chest, and it felt like a mountain had been placed on him.

The feeling of dejection shot through his entire body. Tang Wulin looked at his father before him with a disappointed expression. He said in anguish, “I’ve lost.”

Although he had approximated his father’s capabilities, he only knew how great the difference was between them after they actually fought.

Judging by his cultivation base, he was already close to quasigod-rank, so he was not too far behind his father. Nevertheless, his father exuded a feeling of being at ease during the entire battle. Even when his father was confronting his Dragon Emperor Break combined with Dragon Emperor Perish, he was only hindered temporarily before easily neutralizing it.

The best phrase for his father would be ‘a man of great skill hides his talent’.

Whether it was the Bluesilver Emperor vine that suddenly grew out from his body or the Indefinite Storm that was unleashed so precisely, it felt as if everything had been planned in advance.

It was as if this battle was just a game of chess and his father had already placed his pieces on the board strategically before the game had even begun.

It was Tang Wulin’s first fight where everything was within the opponent’s control. This was a completely new experience for him.

Tang San looked at his dejected son. He retracted the Sea God’s Trident and smiled. The Indefinite Storm that restrained Tang Wulin’s body dissipated soon afterward as well.

Tang Wulin looked toward his father. Just as he was about to speak, Tang San had already spoken, “Try again!”

“Try again?” Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He was under the assumption that he would fail the Sea God’s Eighth Examination upon losing to his father. It seemed like that was not the case!

He was a wise man, so he immediately realized something. The Sea God’s Eighth Examination was obviously an opportunity for his father to guide him.

Just as his father had left him Old Tang in his spiritual word before, this opponent would help him to elevate through actual combat.

“Sure!” Tang Wulin nodded vigorously. He took a deep breath to calm himself and looked at his father with a burning gaze. In the next moment, he began launching attacks at his father once again.

The Golden Dragon Spear unleashed thousands of spear tips aimed at Tang San’s body. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline rose once again and spurted blazing heat into the air. The spear’s consciousness filled the space and entered the spearspirit realm instantaneously.

This attack was the Thousand Accusing Fingers!

He had unleashed the Thousand Accusing Fingers with a spearspirit rank and Divine Origin spiritual cultivation base.

Tang San pointed the Sea God’s Trident forward and unleashed his own Thousand Accusing Fingers. When it countered Tang Wulin’s attack with the same attack, the golden trident transformed into a dazzling light once again.

Piercing howls and crashing sounds echoed through the air.

If this was a contest of brute strength, Tang Wulin was definitely no weaker than his father. In fact, he might even have been superior. However, Tang San relied on his advantage with the golden trident to dominate him again.

That being the case, Tang Wulin was fully in combat mode after their earlier clashes. He made precise adjustments to the Golden Dragon Spear continuously and the spear was vibrating at a low frequency.

Their earlier collision had already told him that it was utterly useless to only rely on his strongest attacks to fight against a powerhouse like his father. He needed to look for a better opportunity to wear his father down.

The Indefinite Storm was still pressing on his heart and mind like a mountain. However, Tang Wulin believed that he would need to understand his father and his own abilities first in order to comprehend the Indefinite Storm even more.

The Golden Dragon Spear appeared to be slowing down yet in reality, Tang Wulin’s every move was targeted at Tang San’s most vulnerable areas during the process.

Tang San was akin to a lofty mountain. He was capable of blocking an attack regardless of where it came from. His technique was almost flawless. On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s attacks were like lightning strikes from the sky that attempted to leave behind marks on this lofty mountain.

The confrontation could definitely be described as unusually brilliant. It felt as if the Golden Dragon Spear had already fused with Tang Wulin’s body.

The Golden Dragon Body, Golden Dragon Roar, Golden Dragon Domineering Body, and a plethora of his soul skills were unleashed harmoniously. Tang Wulin was constantly bursting forth with an unending tide of awesome attacks. Moreover, each was more powerful than the previous one.

Meanwhile, Tang San stood there and endured his attacks. Tang Wulin did not manage to go one step beyond regardless of his efforts.

The father and son’s battle turned the sky gloomy and the ground dark. There was the sound of dragon’s roars while the howling of the ocean’s waves shook the ground. It seemed that they had nothing on their minds except for this battle!

Gigantic warships densely covered the vast, boundless sea.

The Sea God Army, Eastsea Army Corps, and Northsea Army Corps were the greatest fleets on the Douluo Continent. They plotted defensive lines to form a tight encirclement around the Northern Ocean.

The energy detectors that carried out deep-sea searches were the most accurate and precise devices available in the Federation.

The Sea God Army flagship, DS Sea God was cruising slowly. It was like a king in the midst of the naval fleet formed by numerous warships that inspected its people.

Even an ordinary soldier that had the chance to serve on the DS Sea God mothership was filled with a sense of pride. It was a temple to the navy forces.

The experience in DS Sea God would frequently serve as the highest honor for the navy officers.

The enormous DS Sea God was just like a beast. It was eighty thousand tonnes and was definitely the giant of the sea. No tempestuous storm nor mighty waves could harm it.

DS Sea God was equipped with almost every type of weapon available as well as its own radar scout group. Almost every type of reconnaissance equipment could be found here and could be used to link up with satellites in space. It could be said that the DS Sea God had assembled all the newest technology available in the Federation at the moment.

The Sea God Army’s officers would frequently say that they had the confidence to defeat all the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire’s navy forces with nothing but the DS Sea God.

The statement was not without merit! The gigantic mothership was fully equipped with its high-tech arsenal.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had always been the captain of DS Sea God mothership. The position was only vacated after he announced his retirement from the War God Hall. One could imagine how much Chen Xinjie valued the mothership.

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