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The Battle Of Father And Son Part 2

The feeling was so intense that he felt like he was struck by lightning. The Dragon Emperor Charge was shaken out of his control. His body stumbled sideways and he was left exposed.

Although it was just a momentary collision, it brought Tang Wulin a very profound feeling. The first thing he felt was the disparity between himself and his father. The difference was not in their cultivation bases, but their control over their bodies.

He assumed that he was already very skilled in that area, yet he could only control himself. On the other hand, he felt like his father had returned to his original state!

‘Return to his original state’ was the precise phrase to describe the feeling. His action of backing up then and swinging the Sea God’s Trident was continuous yet simple. It appeared to be unsophisticated and unimposing, but it was this action that broke his two great Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law techniques!

Tang Wulin retreated from the strike while the Sea God’s Trident paused for a moment. However, Tang San did not stop at all. He lifted his left foot and fired a blade of red light at Tang Wulin. Was Tang San’s attack the same as the effect of the evil devil killer whale’s shank bones that Tang Wulin had absorbed recently?

Tang Wulin did not know its name, but he could confirm that it was the same. Not only that, Tang San’s left hand had also made a grasping gesture in his direction.

A gigantic blue-green hand, more accurately a sharp claw, appeared out of thin air. It reached for Tang Wulin’s body, and then the red light blade sliced at him from below.

Those two attacks linked up at an incredibly swift speed.

Tang Wulin was unaware that Tang San’s claw attack was known as the Azure Slow Divine Claw, and it was granted by the Azure Oxypython’s right humerus bone in the past. It gave him an exceedingly strong control ability.

The more formidable Tang Wulin’s opponent, the more it would trigger Tang Wulin’s potential. When he was fighting against his father, he felt an unprecedented excitement. It compelled him to launch a counterattack without the slightest hesitation.

The Golden Dragon Spear vanished in a split second. Tang Wulin extended his right arm and also made a grasping motion. His hand unleashed a giant duskgold claw known as the Golden Dragon Nirvana Divine Claw! This was the mighty attack cultivated from the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear’s right metacarpal bone.

The two claws collided and produced a sharp howl.

The Azure Slow Divine Claw was shattered by the impact while the remnant duskgold radiance still managed to reach Tang San.

However, rays of azure-colored radiance were seen circling around Tang Wulin’s body, slowing his movements.

Meanwhile, the Evil Devil Killer Whale Axe from Tang San’s evil devil killer whale shank bones was neutralized by another ray of red light conjured by Tang Wulin as it came from below.

Tang San moved the golden trident in his hand in a circular motion in front of him to neutralize the Duskgold Dreadclaw’s residual attack. Tang Wulin’s shot out a barrier of seven-colored electric light to counter the Azure Slow Divine Claw’s slowing effect.

None of them managed to triumph over the other.

Tang Wulin took the initiative to go on the offensive.

The air surrounding his body seemed to turn sticky in a split second, and he let out an earthshaking roar.

It was the Golden Dragon Roar!

A gigantic golden dragon’s head emerged and roared furiously with a Divine Origin-ranked spiritual cultivation base.

The deafening roar turned tainted everything around them with a golden hue.

Tang Wulin knew himself very well. He was well aware that there was still some disparity between his cultivation base and his father’s. He speculated that his father was a real quasigod at this point. Moreover, he must have been at the higher end of the quasigod rank.

However, his father’s spiritual rank may not necessarily be greater than his own. After all, Tang Wulin’s spiritual cultivation base had already achieved Divine Origin realm by luck. Thus, Tang Wulin unleashed the fearsome attack that combined sound and spiritual power.

The deafening Golden Dragon Roar drowned out the howling ocean waves completely. Tang San’s expression was frozen momentarily as if his mind had gone blank.

Tang Wulin was upon him in an instant. Gold and red hues surged from ground in a wide circle. It was the Blood Golden Dragon Domain. With his four-word battle armor, he was the Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin!

In Tang Wulin’s mind, his four-word battle armor was definitely his biggest advantage in this battle. After all, battle armor did not exist in his father’s era.

He relied on the Golden Dragon Roar to prepare for his deadliest attack.

The four-word battle armor immediately amplified his aura, enhancing his abilities exponentially. He raised his left hand and made a guiding gesture. A vortex-like a black hole appeared in the center of his palm and sent out a powerful suction force.

It was Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

Regardless of which technique his father adopted to resist this attack, he was confident that he could rely on Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break to suppress his father’s abilities. Additionally, his father’s fighting abilities were already hindered by the Golden Dragon Roar.

He clenched his right fist tightly as scales swiftly emerged on it. It transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw And he threw a punch with it. Heaven and Earth overturned while the sun and moon were pitch black for a moment.

It was Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish!

Tang Wulin understood that he could not possibly compare to his father’s actual combat experience. Even if his father’s cultivation base was lowered to a rank before he had achieved Godhood, his father still had twenty thousand years of combat experience! As a result, he decided to end the battle in the shortest time possible. It was only by doing so that he would be able to rely on a powerful outburst to achieve victory.

As a result, he combined Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break and Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish. When it was combined with the effect of his Golden Dragon Moon Song armor, this was his most powerful attack.

An unfathomably strong aura bloomed like an explosion at the exact moment when Dragon Emperor Break and Dragon Emperor Perish were unleashed simultaneously. In fact, Tang Wulin had even utilized the Tang Sect Technique known as Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon with it. Its devouring power was stronger like controlling a crane. Its offensive power was more ferocious akin to capturing a dragon.

At that very moment, he felt enlightened by the application of the two great Dragon Emperor Forbidden Laws such that his control over the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law was elevated by one more level.

Tang San’s gaze regained its prior clarity in that instant when the Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish was unleashed. On the other hand, his body was already pulled toward Tang Wulin under the Dragon Emperor Break’s guidance at this exact moment.

Despite the golden trident being so heavy, it looked as if it had completely sunk into the mud-like vortex.

Yet, Tang Wulin realized that he saw a smile on his father’s face at this moment. Yes, it was a smile.

In the next moment, Tang Wulin felt his entire body tighten. Clear blue-gold vines as thick as fingers crept all and swiftly bound him. Although the vines were shattered by the Dragon Emperor Perish’s outburst in the next moment, it stopped him momentarily.

Where did the vine come from? As these vines did not come from him, they were incapable of resisting Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor.

At the same time, Tang San seized the opportunity during Tang Wulin’s momentary pause to conjure golden halos using the Sea God’s Trident.

He drew a ring clockwise and another counterclockwise. These halos transformed into words that melted away the devouring power and neutralized the perish power.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling being awestruck. His father should be under the Golden Dragon Roar’s sway, yet he was the one feeling like his Divine Origin spiritual power was about to be devoured by these halos.

It was an Indefinite Storm!

The thought came into his mind at once!

He knew that the Indefinite Storm was extremely effective and he was skilled in the attack as well. His father had saved him twice and he used Indefinite Storm to do so. He had even told his son about the importance of the Indefinite Storm before.

Be that as it may, Tang Wulin only realized what the Indefinite Storm truly was when he confronted the real Indefinite Storm.

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