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Birthday party





It has been over three hours since Demi left and the night has taken over , its cool breeze filling up the room…..

I sat there on the bed , wrinkling my nose, my eyes fixed intently on the mirror in front of me.

Shakirat has been “painting” my face for close to an hour now and I was already getting fed up!

Ha! Nawa ooo! what is she even painting sef!I hissed silently, throwing her icy glares at intervals

“Ah! Babe! this one you are looking at me like this, I hope I am safe”. She started , blending the “red paint” on my left cheek

“Yes!” I grunted my response

She chuckled. “Or are you worried about your boyfriend meeting you half-ready when he returns …..

So she even know the reason!

“Just be fast with it”. I simply told her , making her frown

“Just be fast with it”. She micmic, “Do you think it is easy?”

“I know it isn’t but I am ….I paused, trailing off when my phone rang and I reached for it and saw the name Ade mi” flashing on the screen ..

“It is my boyfriend”. I muttered, receiving it

“Hey babe!” he greeted first, his voice was so low

“Ade mi!” I called ,” where are you?”

“I am still at the hotel”

” why?” I queried, glancing at the wall clock, “it is half past eight already and you ought to be on your way home, or won’t you come pick me up?”

There was a pause and then he sighed

“I don’t think So , I am so stressed out right now”

Like seriously!

” what about your clothes?…. I mean won’t you change into a birthday cloth”. I said ,trying to convince him

He chuckled lightly.”I am not the celebrant, you are?

Oh yeah! he always got an answer to all of my questions!

” but if you want, I can ask Kewe to come pick you up”. he quickly added

“No Thanks!” I said sharply , ” I will drive myself!”

“Oh! Alright , make sure you drive safe”.he warned

“Of course I will”

“Muah!” he blew me a kiss through the phone , and that is why I love you”.

I smiled hearing the smile in his voice

“I love you too baby” I said and ended the phone call…..

“hmmmm! I go love oooooo”. Shakirat stated teasingly, staring at me with “one kind eyes” as I smiled sheepishly

“Ehen! Go and love now! or did I hold you?”

“C’mon shut up!”she gave me a playful glare and took a red lip stick out of her make up bag; then she applied it on my lips and gestured at me to blot a little which I did , making a sound

“Good!” She remarked, dropping the lipstick on the table

“I am done”

Immediately, I got off the bed and ambled to the mirror stand , staring at my reflection

Wow! Is this me ?

I was filled with amusement and curiosity, I couldn’t believe the person staring back at me was me…

The ” nude painting”on my face matched the crimson gown I was wearing so perfectly ,my long hair was styled up in a messy bun and the diamond necklace stood out clearly, making me look like a fairly Princess ….

“You are beautiful Juliet!” Shakirat remarked , her gaze dispiritedly at my own reflection in the mirror ….

“Thanks! I muttered ,turning sideways to her, “you are also beautiful”

“Really!” She asked, staring down at her pink gown

“Yes!”I answered truthfully and her blush rose

“Thanks!”she appreciated, glancing at the wall- clock , “hurry up , it is already 9pm……

quickly , I put on a white sneakers , picked up my phone along with the car key, grabbed a white hand bag and then faced Shakirat

“Let’s us go!”

She nodded , throwing her hijab over her messy hair and we hurriedly rushed out into the cold night!!

Using the key , I opened the car door and carefully climbed into the driver seat ,

It was still a new car and needed lot of pampering!!!

“Mehn! This car is dope!” Shakirat remarked as she slid into the passenger seat …..

I smiled lightly

“But Juliet! You sure say you sabi drive …..

“before nko!I am an expert in driving”. I boasted , “or are you scared ni?”

She swallowed hard, shaking her head

I am not scared, I just don’t want to die”

I rolled my eyes, ” we are saying the same thing?

“erm I mean erm I am erm kind of nervous”. she stuttered and spat out gibberish or spell that went awry

I laughed hard and long , this girl will not kill me !!

“I am serious Juliet, I am nervous”. She repeated but this time around with a clear voice…

I stopped laughing and smiled lightly

“Don’t worry baby, sit back and watch me drive”

And with that, I Stepped on the brake ,started the car and slowly drove out the compound, onto the highway as I headed to the hotel , Time square hotel…..


By the time we arrived at the hotel , it was already pitch dark.

I drove through the huge gate into the compound “Jam – packed ” with cars , a handful of people mingling around …..

Jeez! Are they all here for my birthday party? I thought and said aloud , looking around for a space to park

“Well! they should be”. Shakirat shrugged , “as i invited all of our course mates”

“You did what!” I retorted in surprise

“I said I invited all of our course mates”. She repeated, “I invited them through the WhatsApp group chat…..

I stared at her in disbelief. “Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Nothing!” She retorted with a mischievous smile and I scoffed silently, driving into a small space, parking….

Now we are back to the beginning!”

Opening the car door, I Slid my legs out one by one as I alighted and all eyes turned in my direction, it was as if they were all waiting for my arrival”

“The birthday girl is here”. I heard voices whisper

I latched unto my bag , feeling shy all of a sudden

“I hope I am safe!” I muttered

Shakirat laughed . “Of course you are!”

“Why then is my heart beating so fast!”

She smiled lightly, holding out her hand to me and I reached for it , clasping it tightly as we walked to the hall, ignoring the stares and the murmurs …:

“Uju!”a familiar voice called from behind us

I stopped in my steps , letting go of Shakirat’s hand as I turned around and saw Funmi running towards us!!!

“Kai!see the way her breast is Jumping!”shakirat remarked , her intense gaze fixed on Funmi

I had to bit at my lower lips to stop myself from laughing …..

Na only her dey see everything!

“hmmmh! Uju! You are looking nice ooo”. Funmi remarked as she got closer

“Thanks!” I blushed

“So where is the car?” She asked,her eyes darting all around

How the hell did she know …… I paused , trailing off when I remembered I posted it on my WhatsApp status…..

I smiled lightly. “My “baby” is over there”. I pointed to the black car

“Awwwwh!” She looked towards the car , staring at it for some moment and then looked back at me

“Congratulations Bestie! I am very happy for you”

“Bestie!” Shakirat mumbled but I heard her clearly!

I smiled , she should know she is my number one friend!!!

Funmi continued. you see ehen , i told Faith about it and she was acting like a “doubting Thomas”

“It is not her fault na”. I defended Faith , “her browsing phone is spoilt so she is…………

“Lost in her own world”. Funmi completed and we all laughed

“Speak of the devil! here she comes”. Shakirat drawled, nudging at me to face forward and when I did , i saw Faith .she was literally flying towards us as her steps was quick and long …..

“This one she is walking like this , is she coming to fight us?” Funmi asked , facing me

I merely shrugged,

if you ask me , na who I go ask!

“Hum! Hum!” Faith cleared her throat, panting wrathfully

“What is wrong with you?just tell me, what exactly is wrong with you?”. She huffed , looking daggers at me

Shakirat , Funmi and I exchanged puzzled look

What is wrong with her?

She continued, holding her waist as she vibrated

“Have you forgotten the family you came from so soon! how could you accept a car from a guy who is bent on destroying your future!”

I scoffed silently, what is this one saying?

“hmmmh! Faith , how do you know the boy wants to destroy her future?” Funmi asked sardonically

Faith hissed loudly. “Isn’t it obvious! It is because………

“You are jealous” . Shakirat cut in , and an awkward silence for more than ten second occurs ; then Faith chuckled nervously

Shakirat continued. “Or tell me , aren’t you jealous?”

“And why would I be?” Faith retorted in a huff

“Cos he f**ked and dump you”. I fired at her and without waiting for her response ,I walked past her to the hall….

It is not her fault, I was the one who waited to listen to her!


I entered the large hall Just in time to hear the M.C ( Master of Ceremony)round up the opening prayer

Like seriously! they started the party without the celebrant, who does that? only the crazy ones like the ones seated in here…

Standing at a corner in the hall, my eyes wandered around the crowded hall for Demi and I saw him in front,talking in whispers to the SUG president,Kunlexy who was acting as the D.J( Disc jockey) in this party, my party

I stood there on a spot, contemplating if I should go to him or not when a voice from behind me whispered …..

“Go and meet him!”

I smirked. “Shakirat, leave my back or else I will fart in your mouth”

She laughed, Jumping to my side

“Idiot! as if she knows how to fart”

“Hen! hen! because I am a robot abi

“No, you are a fairy Princess and fairy princess don’t fart”. She stated her views , stupid views as I would call it ….well!since she called me a fairly Princess , I had no other option but to smile…….

“So go meet your handsome Knight”. she quickly added

I shook my head vigorously, “I can’t”

“Why?” She asked , softly

“I am scared”. I replied in the same soft tone”

She stared at me concernedly . “Is it because of the crowd?”

I nodded

“Oh Juliet! Don’t spoil your day with your shy nature, you need to “pepper” all of the bad belle people”….

“Like Faith”. My subconsciousness completed and that did the magic, I found myself “cat walking” to the front

If you see eyes hen , you go fear

“And finally the celebrant is here”. the M.C announced and only then did Demi look in my direction

He smiled tiredly , motioning me to come closer which I did , counting my steps…….

“What took you so long?”he held unto my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes

“Nothing!” I simply replied , searching through his gaze ….

There was something odd about him , his eyes was so dull, it was like he was high on …….smoke

“you have been smoking?”

he bit his lips , looking away

I scoffed silently. “Really! is that the reason you didn’t come pick me up?”

He exhaled deeply . “No! I was so busy!

“Of course you were!”I retorted, about to blast him when the M.C called my attention….

“It is time for the celebrant to deliver her birthday speech”

“What! I exclaimed in surprise, staring hard at Demi as I silently waited for his explanation

He merely shrugged. ” I also didn’t expect it , you have no other choice but to do it”….::

” No! I can’t. I shook my head, “i don’t know what to say”

“Just say anything,nobody dares mock you!

With a curt nod , I walked step by step to the M.C, grabbed the Mic and swallowed hard , facing the crowd …

I looked closely through the crowd and all the faces seemed so unfamiliar

Who even invited them here?

“Erm! I cleared my throat, “firstly , i want to thank God Almighty erm for life”

“Yes ooooo! a voice wove out of the crowd, ringing in my head .

That voice ! I could recognise it from anywhere……Rinzy!

So my brother is here! Unbelievable!

“A special thanks to my parent , siblings, friends and most especially the special one who made all of this possible”. I turned sideways to Demi, he wasn’t even looking at me,his gaze was fixed on his phone ….

I rolled my eyes. “He is no other person but my boyfriend,Adem…….

“Shut up!”. a loud angry voice echoed out of the crowd and instantly, a ripple of murmur swept through the hall….

quickly, I turned in the direction to See Susanna charging blindly towards me …….

Oh no!not again!

“You lying b---h! Demi is mine and not yours”. She screamed loudly, about to fly at me, but Demi was quick to stop her…..

he held her by the arms , shaking her vigorously

“What is wrong with you?” he half yelled,

“It is you Demi”. She said , bursting into tears …

Demi scoffed .”I regretted ever knowing you , how dare you try ruin my girlfriend birthday with your so-called love!

“No babe!I didn’t ruin anything, I was only trying to claim…….she tried to say but Demi cut her off , seething with anger

“Get the hell out of here “. He thundered , shoving her roughly against of the wall and a wave of laughter filled the air

A sudden happiness caught me unawares , I felt it trickling In me and my eyes went wide in smile…..

“You alright?”Demi asked , facing me

I nodded

“Are you sure? “his voice was shaky, i can take you out of here, call off the party and organise another one If you want …

“No! Don’t!” I hushed and he knitted his eyebrow, searching through my gaze ………

“I want to enjoy this party to the fullest and a thousand of “Susanna” cannot stop me…..

“Thanks”. he smiled lightly and then faced the M.C

“Let’s Keep the ball rolling”






The shame was unbearable , I couldn’t stand it any longer . with my head bowed down , i quietly left the hall…..

I was deeply hurt! I felt cheated!

Demi pushed me away , he pushed me away because of ….that… that ….thing , but why?

Is it because she is beautiful? but I am also beautiful na!!!!

Chai!see disgrace, why did I even come here sef?

“That is because you were curious”. My subconsciousness replied and yes , it was right!!!

I saw the open invite on the WhatsApp group chat and was really curious to know how big the party would be, now see what my curiosity has caused!!!!

Tears of pain welled up in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks , all I wanted was to leave this place , so I pick myself up and ran ….

I kept on running till I got to the gate , and bumped into someone , a dark ugly girl!

“I am sorry!” I mumbled my apologies, taking a few step forward when she asked

“You are Susanna right?”

I stopped in my step , turning to face her

“Who are you?”

She smiled lightly. “Well! Let me just say a friend!

Friend!hell no! She is too ugly to be my friend !

She continued. “I saw what happened in there , the way Demilade bullshit you so I rushed out here knowing you would want to leave for home ”

I stared at her puzzled

She came out here because of me, but why?

“Do I know you miss?” I asked, staring into her face

She smiled lightly. “No you don’t , but I know you. you are Demi’s ex- girlfriend right!

I scoffed silently, is she trying to play games with me?

“and I can help you win him back”. she quickly added

“What! was the only thing I could say as I was short of words….

“Yes! You can win him back and that is only when you try”

I scoffed silently, Try! So I can disgrace myself again

“no, I am not interested “. I simply said and began walking through an untarred road!!

I was expecting her to back off but she didn’t, instead she rushed to me , blocking my path

“What if Demi begs to come back to you?” She asked with all seriousness and I was forced to hear her out

Demi begging me! It will be fun to watch!

“And how do you intend on doing that?”

“Simple!” She grinned evilly, “we will just have to get rid of the obstacle hindering your relationship with him

“Obstacle!” I repeated ,scratching my wig as I tried to think……….or wait a minute! is she referring to Juliet , if yes , does getting rid of her means ———killing her…..

My whole body shuddered in fear at the thought of this

“Juliet! You want to spill out her blood?”

She stood frozen for a moment , staring at me like I am some horror movie and then she shook her head vigorously

“No way ! I will never do that ”

I sighed in relief ” What then do you mean by getting rid of her?”

“erm I just want us erm to teach her erm a lesson, I erm want to erm cut off her grown wings”. She stuttered, not sounding as confident as before but I was too pained to care, I wanted my boyfriend back

“What if we beat her up?” I suggested

“No, that will only make Demi more overprotective of her , Let’s have guys teach her a very good lesson

“Like rape her?”

She nodded with a far away look

“Demi will have no other option but to discard her , then you would be his queen again”

“hmmmmh! It sounds like a good idea , but why are you helping me? I really wanted to know

A wry smile played on her lips

“I am not helping you , we are helping each other”. she stated and I shot her a confused look

“I don’t like Juliet either and I want to cut off those proud wings of hers”

Interesting! I never knew the “asthmatic thing” had another enemy!





Eighteen little flames flickered on top of my birthday cake.

I stood there, by my cake,all eyes on me ; then I bent down towards the cake and began to blow out the flickering flames in twos and threes.

As I did , the two cameramen invited and my friends clicked off on their cameras .when I had blown out the eighteenth candle , the guests applauded….

smiling lightly, I pushed the knife into the cake , slowly depressing it as I made a cut.

what followed next was another round of applause and I beamed happily , my gaze fixed on Ademilade who had been beside me, all through!

“What!” he mouthed at me and I looked away without a word

I wanted to tell him how grateful I was , I wanted to tell how how Lucky I felt but I guess i will have to wait till the party was over”….

“Now, it is the celebrant dance , ladies and gentlemen! we invite the celebrant and her boyfriend to the dance floor!” The M.C announced, signalling to the Disc jockey ( D.j) and almost immediately , a Popular music filled the air , Davido’s Risky to be precise …..

I wriggled my body excitedly, taking Ademilade hands into mine as l led him to the dance floor

He chuckled softly.” I almost forgot you are dance crazed”

We danced apart for some time . And then afterwards, when the music grew slower, Demi drew me into his arms and we clung together like Siamese twins ….

We were no longer dancing, we just stood there staring at each other

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The guest chanted and with a light smile , Demi leaned in to Kiss me….

The reaction of the on lookers was maddened as they screamed so loudly, their voices almost drowning the loud music…

I chuckled lightly as I broke the kiss , staring into my boyfriend face

“I love you Demi”

“I love you too”

“Uhm!uhm!” The M.C cleared his throat, ” Ladies and gentle men! By virtue of the special power conferred in me as the mouth piece of this night party of the year , the floor is now declared opened!Feel groovy! Steal the show, if you can! But don’t fight ! Be happy ! Love , and do no damage! The night is far spent . And the booze with flow, non- stop! Ladies and gentlemen, take charge!

Instantly, the light dimmed and boys and girls paired up, and swooped to the dance floor

“Can I have a dance with you miss?” a voice asked from behind me ….

Swiftly, I turned around and met the gaze of …..Tobi

“Tobi!” I called, smiling

“Can I dance with her?” he repeated, his gaze fixed on Demi

“Sure! Demi agreed and leaned over to whisper to me

“Have fun babe!”

I frowned. “Where are you going?”

“To the next room”. he replied and began leaving the dance floor

I followed him with my eyes till he out of sight and then shifted my attention to Tobi who was staring at me with eyes full of admiration….

“You are very beautiful!” he remarked

“Thanks!”I smiled shyly

Just then , I felt his hands on my waist as he starts to sway in time to the slow -but not to slow —sexy rhythm of the song …..

I gulped down hard nervously , i wasn’t comfortable with the way he was touching me…….

“Can you ..erm .. please … remove your …hand .. from my waist”. I begged and he immediately let go of my waist …..

“I am sorry”. he apologised

“It is nothing”. I tried faking a laugh but it came out dryly

“Erm I need to go Join my friend”. I said and without waiting for his response, I shoved my way through the crowd looking around for Shakirat and saw her at a quiet corner dancing with ——- Dave!

I froze on the spot , what is the bastard doing here? who invited him to my ……I paused , when I remembered he and Demi belongs to the same cult group!

but still ! that doesn’t still give him the right to mess up with my best friend!

Boiling in rage , I marched up to them and pulled Shakirat away from him , forcefully

She appeared to be startled for a moment and then quickly composed herself

“Why? She asked in whispers

I scoffed, ignoring her question as I faced the bastard

“What are you doing with my friend?”

The Bastard laughed , exposing his white dentitions

So he even have white teeth!

“Actually I am with her because of you”

Because of me!” I repeated, glancing at Shakirat who had a dazed look on her face

“Yes! I knew you would come looking for her so I decided to hang out with her ”

“You bastard!” Shakirat huffed , gritting her teeth in anger , ” so you mean I was your play tool

“Yes!” Dave bluntly replied , “glaring at her coldly, ” call me a bastard one more time and I will show you how a bastards behaves …

A strange fear gripped me , like a vice around my guts

” she is sorry”. I apologised on Shakirat’s behalf and he smiled lightly, moving closer to me

“please don’t be scared of me, it makes me feel like a bad person!

“Okay! I simply said , listening to the sound of my heart beating, it was so fast !

He continued. “I only waited to give you this”. he took a small box out of his pocket and handed it to me….

I looked down at the box and then back at him

” what is this?”

“It is your birthday gift , you can open it”

Slowly, I opened it and saw the most beautiful wristwatch I have ever seen in my life

“Wow! a diamond wrist watch”. Shakirat whispered

My eyes literally went inside it and came out again ,but no, I couldn’t keep it .

My boyfriend can buy me a far more expensive wristwatch than this

I closed the box , wanting to hand it back to him but he shook his head

“It is your birthday gift so please keep it”

“My boyfriend will get angry”. I made an excuse

He chuckled . “And why would he? no Uju! he won’t

I sighed in defeat

“and also, I don’t buy birthday gifts for people, you are my first”

I shot him a curious look. “Why?”

“because you are special”.he replied, a confused jumble of emotions burning his eyes






It was well past midnight , 3:00am to be precise and the noise coming from the hall was still popping loud….

I sat there on a chair , tired, my eyes already heavy!

I needed to sleep !

Taking a last draw of my cigarette, I crushed the butt beneath my heel and lazily stood up

“You leaving!” Kewe who was beside me , slurred

I nodded

“Really! by this time?” he retorted with a wide open eyes

“I ain’t going home , I booked a room”

“Oh! he exclaimed softly, “a good thing you did , Juliet needs it

“Sure!” I agreed , ” What about you?

he shrugged lightly. ” well! I will crash at Tobi’s place since it is only a stone throw away from here

“Okay!” I simply said and staggered out of the room..

I had too much to drink and it was telling on me…

Leaning against the wall , my eyes wandered around the still crowded hall for my girlfriend and I sighted her on the dance floor, dancing with two of her friends——Shakirat and Funmi….

I scoffed silently, doesn’t she get tired of dancing!

I lurched up to her , holding her waist from behind

“Ademilade!she called excitedly as she turned around to look at me …

I chuckled softly

“Where have you …. she paused , frowning , “You went to drink right??”

“Let’s go sleep”. I simply told her, I was in no mood to argue with her….

Her frown deepened. “Sleep where?”

“Upstairs”. I replied , pointing to the spiral staircase

“You rented a room here?” She asked, searching through my gaze

I nodded

“Then what about my friends?”

“Friends! I repeated , looking towards the two girls .

They were no longer dancing , they were staring at us…

I sighed deeply , taking my wallet out of my pocket ; then I opened the wallet and brought out a few notes, handing it to Funmi

“Use that to rent a room”

“Oh! Demi!thank you so much”. Funmi appreciated while the hijabite girl just stood there , smiling

“so can we go now?”I asked Obianuju

“Yes! Yes! Let me get my bag first”. she said excitedly and when she did , we began walking toward the stairs….

I was trying so hard to walk straight !

Obianuju laughed. “Ah! Demi , don’t go and fall ooo”

“I won’t” I assured her

“Hmmmh! with the way you are walking like tototolo like this”

What! Did she just compare me to a turkey!

Climbing up the stairs, she kept on teasing me

“Should I carry your up?”


“Back nko? she asked with so much seriousness and I was forced to laugh

“With which back?” I teased back

“This one now”. She replied , touching her back

I bit my lips as my tired eyes roamed all over her body…..

Her rounded ass, pointed breast…. Gosh! I was already having a hard on!

“Okay!”. I simply said

Leading the way, we climbed up the stairs, walked through a short passage to a last room ; then I took the key out of my pocket , opened the door and we both walked into sparsely cleaned room….

“Yippee!” Obianuju giggled, tossing her bag on the bed as she walked to the bathroom

I leaned against the door , watching her for a while and then I moved closer to the bed and collapsed on it ….

I was just too tired!

Kicking off my shoes , I took my phone and car keys out of my pocket, placing it on the small drawer beside the bed ; then I stood up , pulled off my clothes, went into the bathroom and found my girlfriend near the bathtub, naked

“Baby! I called as she turned in my direction

“Demi”. She called in surprise, ” Why are you here?”

“Isn’t it obvious! I want to bath”

She swallowed hard, her gaze fixed on my my hardened d**k


I smiled lightly, stepping into the bath tub

“And why haven’t you bathed?”

“The water, it is so freezing cold”. She replied , squeezing her face like a baby

“Come here!” I gestured her to climb into the bathtub and when she did , I grabbed her waist , bending her over slightly…

“I want to f**k” I whispered softy into her ears, pinching her left nipples lightly

“Ouuch!”She moaned softly, parting her legs

I laughed. “You don’t need to part your legs , I am gonna take you from behind”

“Oh! She nodded , acting like she understood what I said!

She is the perfect definition of innocent!

I allowed my hands roam all over her soft body, and then slid down a finger in her c--t!

She was so f**king wet , no wonder she readily opened her legs!

I stroke my d**k in an opening before entering her , thrusting in and out of her slowly

“Baaaaaaby!” She moaned loudly, making my head vibrate with pleasure

I wanted the sex to be crazier so I turned on the shower

“Ewwwo! she screamed , and made to run but I held her more tightly and rammed into her harder….

Her soft moans instantly turned to pleas

“Ah! Demi! Please! Stop! It is hurting”. She begged

As much as I wanted to listen to her , I couldn’t just stop f**king her as she was driving me crazy .

it is really quite unfair….

I t----t and t----t again , and kept thrusting till I felt my pressure building ; then I pulled out of her immediately, spilling all of my stuffs on her ….

Grunting in satisfaction , I held her whimpering body tightly as the steam of the water washed away the stress of the day…….




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