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Shrek And The Tang Sect’s Revenge

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Tang Wulin said calmly, “No one can stop the revenge of Shrek and the Tang Sect. Even if you manage to gather all the armed forces of the continent today, you still can’t stop Shrek’s revenge. Thousands of human lives were lost because of someone’s selfish reasons in the past. Did the Federation give Shrek and the Tang Sect a proper explanation? In order for us to observe discipline and obey laws, the laws must first be fair. It was an unprecedented catastrophe. How can it be justified by having a few politicians leave office? Have you ever investigated the truth behind the incident? Since the Federation can’t do a good job, we shall do it ourselves then.”

As he was speaking, Tang Wulin squinted his eyes and raised his right hand toward the sky.

“Rumble rumble rumble!” A deafening boom was heard. It felt as if the air between heaven and earth became agitated.

An invisible dragon’s roar echoed through the entire space. The sky darkened instantly with lightning lighting up the sky. An immense pressure descended from the sky as if a heavenly calamity was about to befall them.

The major general before Tang Wulin turned pale in fear.

He was a Title Douluo-rank powerhouse whose ambition was to become a divine mecha master. He had just achieved the Title Douluo rank recently.

The current Tang Wulin, the young Tang Sect’s Sect Master impressed upon the major general that he was the overlord of the place. Needless to say, the major general did not put up any resistance.

Meanwhile, the seven great Limit Douluos stepped forward simultaneously from Tang Wulin’s side. The auras which they had been suppressing earlier were unleashed abruptly at this very moment.

The Terrifying auras burst forth instantly.

Two giant swords, each over a thousand meters in length appeared out of thin air and floated in midair.

The colors of the giant swords were white and green. It felt as if the swords were about to cut open the sky. In the process of getting entangled with one another, an incomparably sharp aura burst forth from the swords before they descended from the sky.

The Amorous Sword and the Heartless Sword were conjured out of Thought Concretization!

The mechas descended from the sky and dropped to the ground. In fact, the mechas lay limply on the ground. There was utterly nothing the mecha masters could do to control their mechas when they were confronted by the terrifying aura.

Meanwhile, the sound of two giant dragons’ roars was heard. The two giant dragons which were over a thousand meters in length emerged in the sky. The dragons were white and black in color. They let out deafening roars as well.

“Crack, crack, crack!” The sound of fractured glass could be heard from the distance. It was where the media personnel gathered to witness the scene after learning that the war of a lifetime was about to occur. However, their video equipment had shattered in succession under the terrifying, thunderous roars. They could not continue with their filming.

1Soon afterward, the remaining high-order mechas in the sky landed on the ground in succession. Even the most powerful mecha dropped down from the sky.

In one breath, the two mecha troops lost their fighting capacities!

Tang Wulin continued to walk. He advanced a step at a time and walked past the red mecha master.

The powerful mecha master with a major general rank did not have the courage to say anything to stop them. His face was twitching away.

It was too terrifying!

In his mind, the earlier scene left behind an intense trauma.

Almost all the soul masters who chose to become mecha masters thought that the future belonged to technology. Most of them believed that no matter how powerful a person was, one could never compete with the powerful soul technology.

Yet, the previous scene had the Title Douluo convinced. It turned out that a soul master could be more powerful when his or her power was elevated to a certain extent. In fact, he regretted his choice of choosing the mecha master’s path despite having a good natural endowment. His ability to breakthrough to the Title Douluo realm was due to his utilization of numerous resources, yet he had not made any further progress.

Wherever the people from Shrek went, the mechas had to give way. The strange phenomena happening in the sky did not fade away. The pitch black curtain in the sky accompanied them as they progressed slowly toward the Spirit Pagoda which stood soaring in the distance.

It was definitely an unprecedented great war and the most powerful collision among the few great forces on the continent today.

They only relied on their auras to suppress the two mecha troops and rendered them incapable of fighting anymore. How terrifying that was!

There was no lack of admiration for the heroes and powerhouses. The soldiers from the mecha troops were terrified but envied them at the same time.

Those were the true powerhouses! It turned out that Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were actually powerful to this terrifying extent.

Tang Wulin did not speed up but their distance from the Spirit Pagoda was closing up swiftly as if the ground was shrinking by kilometers.

At the top of the Spirit Pagoda tower.

Dozens of troops were already on the alert and combat-ready. Every single one of them had a solemn and reverent expression.

Qiangu Dongfeng had already predicted the arrival of this day much earlier. However, he never expected that Shrek Academy would adopt such a method to seek revenge.

They did not utilize the Eternal Heaven but chose to challenge the Spirit Pagoda openly and with dignity. It made him extremely furious when he learned that Shrek Academy’s revenge was only on his Qiangu Clan.

Undoubtedly, it was a crushing blow to the internal organization of the Spirit Pagoda.

The mastermind for the great catastrophe in the past was precisely the Qiangu Clan although many high-ranking personnel within the Spirit Pagoda were unaware of it. When Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect made the announcement to seek revenge, the high-ranking personnel in the Spirit Pagoda who were in the dark regarding the past incident felt uneasy, naturally. In fact, some even raised objections.

It was only that their objections were temporarily suppressed by Qiangu Dieting’s dominance.

Qiangu Dongfeng announced that the event would be an all-or-nothing for the Spirit Pagoda. Currently, the people in the Spirit Pagoda must stay united. If anything were to happen internally, then, the entire Spirit Pagoda would lose to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. How could the Spirit Pagoda contend with them anymore in the future?

“He has yet improved again. We must kill Tang Wulin today regardless of the risks we have to take,” said Qiangu Dieting coldly.

On the contrary, he had calmed down at the moment. As he was confronted by the powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, the ex-Pagoda Master was not only fearless, he exuded a grand, overbearing aura which could support heaven and earth. It was precisely because of this quasi god that the people in the Spirit Pagoda did not panic.

Dozens of the Spirit Pagoda’s top powerhouses were gathered in the same room.

“Follow me as we fend off the enemies!” shouted Qiangu Dieting aloud. The glass windows on the top level of the Spirit Pagoda had all shattered. He took a step forward and leaped into the sky.

He raised his right hand and sent his staff surging into the sky. The staff exploded with a powerful aura beyond comparison as it tried to pierce through heaven and earth.

As soon as the quasi god made a move, the color of the sky and ground changed drastically. Qiangu Dieting floated in midair. His aura soared multiple-fold. The heaven and earth aura emitted from the Coiling Dragon Staff filled the entire space between heaven and earth. He was fearless in spite of the many opponents he had to fight. The aura infected every powerhouse from the Spirit Pagoda.

Soon after, Qiangu Dongfeng appeared by his side. His aura had also exploded from his body to complement Qiangu Dieting’s aura.

Three more silhouettes instantly appeared by their sides. The auras from the three silhouettes burst out simultaneously. It turned out that they were all Limit Douluo-ranked auras.

They were the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu with another two elderly people. One of them was a woman. The other was the Purgatory Douluo Qiangu Qingfeng who looked senile. They stood by Qiangu Dieting’s side.

Incredibly, they had five Limit Douluos!

They were the Spirit Pagoda’s secret inheritance.

How could they not have adequate inheritance when they were the number one organization on the continent after Shrek City was destroyed?

Having powerful capabilities was the source of one’s power. Even though many powerhouses in the Spirit Pagoda had retired due to old age, they would still fight for the Spirit Pagoda when needed.

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