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The Real Mastermind

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At least the students from Shrek Academy recalled when the incident took place.The power of the Eternal Heaven could blast the ground until a few thousand meters underground. Nothing would be left, not even corpses and bones.

“How dare you, Zang Xin! Don’t forget that your people are in my hands too. Tang Wulin and the rest are still here. Give the Eternal Heaven back to my son and I’ll let your people go.” Qiangu Dongfeng was becoming exasperated in spite of his shrewdness.

All his meticulous plans had turned awry at this point. He could not accept it at all!

Zang Xin heaved a soft sigh. “Brother Qiangu, why haven’t you understood the situation yet? Since His Excellency, the Boundless Sea Douluo told us the storage location of the Eternal Heaven and helped us acquire it, do you think you can harm Wulin and the others in his territory? You’re the only person who fell for the trap this time! We’re not asking for too much. Just tell your son to transfer some coins to our Tang Sect.”

Meanwhile, a ray of radiance descended from the sky and landed on the center of the eighteenth level of hell of the War God Hall. A silhouette emerged from the radiance soon after.

The person was dressed in an extremely simple patterned robe. His attire looked to be from the generation when soul devices had not been invented. His silver hair was combed neatly which revealed his high ideals. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he had a rather perplexed expression on his face.

Qiangu Dieting could not help roaring in rage upon seeing this person. “Chen Xinjie!”

The person was precisely the current War God Hall’s Hall Master, the Sea God Army’s commander, a Limit Douluo, and the quasigod Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie!

Chen Xinjie heaved a sigh as he looked at all the people on the scene. “I’m sorry, Brother Dieting. I’m sorry for doing this to you. However, I’ve been living my entire life for the clan, for the glory, for the War God Hall and for a sense of achievement. Yet, I can’t help examining my conscience and realized that there are too many people that I’ve disappointed, especially her.”

“I’ve already tendered my resignation to the Federation, and I’ve been released from all my responsibilities. From now on, I’m not related to the War God Hall and the military. I’m just an ordinary soul master now. Next, I’ll be heading to Shrek to be by her side. The previous Chen Xinjie is already dead from the moment I told her the truth in secret. I’m now an old man who has given her the rest of his life and let her treat me in whichever way she wants. I’m sorry for this.”

At this point, Chen Xinjie bowed deeply in salutation toward the father and son with a deep apologetic look in his eyes.

Qiangu Dongfeng could not refrain himself from saying, “Hall Master, how could you do that? You should know that this is treachery toward the entire Federation and that makes you a perpetrator of the Federation!”

Chen Xinjie said calmly, “Compared to the sins I’ve committed toward her, this is nothing. I’ve said it. The previous Chen Xinjie is already dead. I’ll take whatever punishment that’s meted by the Federation. Whoever from the War God Hall wishes to punish me can go ahead. For her sake, I’ll fight back since I must return to her side and use what’s left of my life to compensate for my wrongdoings.”

“He’s crazy.” Qiangu Dieting roared in rage.

“Chen Xinjie, you can’t meddle in the matter between Shrek and us now, at the very least.” This was his only hope now. The only way to turn the tide now was to take down all the people from Shrek to the best of their abilities.

“That’s impossible. Don’t you understand yet?” Another voice was heard as another silhouette descended from the sky and landed beside the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. It was the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue.

“Guan Yue, not even you…” Qiangu Dieting’s eyes widened in surprise.

The usually gentle-mannered Skycrosser Douluo was looking at them with a cold gaze at present.

“If not for the stability of the continent, I’m going to keep both of you father and son here today, Qiangu Dieting. I’m afraid that there are certain things about me that you don’t know. I graduated from Shrek and I was one of the candidates for the Shrek Seven Monsters at the time. Afterward, I left the academy to join the War God Hall to repay Chen Xinjie’s favor. However, I’ll always be a part of Shrek. You should know that the Atlas Douluo, whom you killed by cooperating with the Holy Spirit Cult, is my senior brother disciple. Had it not been for the lack of evidence, don’t think that you’ll be able to leave this place today.”

The War Gods descended from the sky in succession, one after another and landed behind the two Hall Masters.

At present, Qiangu Dongfeng was going crazy. There was a saying that too much plotting and scheming is the cause of one’s undoing. He never expected that he would be facing the consequences before his eyes today.

“All of you are taking the Federation’s official paychecks. You are the War Gods who received the Federation’s cultivation. How could you betray the Federation and help these two traitors?” Qiangu Dongfeng was at a loss for words.

As the lead War God, the Vast Sun Douluo walked to Guan Yue’s side slowly and said, “The Hall Master is my teacher. Everything I have is given by the Hall Master. The Hall Master’s decision is my decision.”

At this point, he paused for a moment before he took a glance at Qiangu Dongfeng in disdain. “Moreover, is what we’re doing here considered a treachery to the Federation? I’m afraid that you’re mistaken. Both of you are cunning and tyrannical. The Spirit Pagoda has been developing recklessly and cultivating its own private army in secret. I wonder who the traitor to the Federation is. Perhaps, it’s best for the Eternal Heaven to be in the hands of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. It’s time for the military to make its own judgements while the Federation shouldn’t be under the control of ambitious schemers like you.”

Such was the present situation. The father and son were reduced to despair now. They just realized that they had fallen prey to someone else’s scheme at the end.

Chen Xinjie looked toward Tang Wulin with a complicated gaze and said, “Tang Sect Master, let them leave. After all, it’s my bad for doing this to them. This is my final wish. After this, I shall join you to return to Shrek Academy. What do you think?”

“Alright, we shall abide by the Hall Master’s wish,” said Tang Wulin respectfully.

The victory was not brought by Tang Wulin in this matter. In fact, it was not even due to the efforts of the Amorous Douluo nor the Heartless Douluo. It was the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

On that very day when Chen Xinjie told Long Yeyue that the Eternal Heaven was stored in the eighteenth hell level, the Spirit Pagoda came up with a plan. The Spirit Pagoda gave something to the War God Hall which made it difficult for the War God Hall to turn down. In fact, Chen Xinjie was in a muddled state of mind at the time. He was resentful after being rejected by Long Yeyue. Furthermore, he had thought about waging war.

Chen Xinjie felt as if his heart was pierced with a sharp sword when he learned from Long Yeyue that she was pregnant with his child in the past. In fact, that was the reason she chose to marry someone else before she left.

Long Yeyue told him two things. She was pregnant with their child, but the child died. That was why she loathed him so much. The other was that she had never betrayed him albeit she married another man. He had always been the only man in her heart over a hundred years!

At the time, Chen Xinjie’s heart was filled with mixed emotions. All his hopes were dashed to pieces.

Long Yeyue’s grudge was fully explained during that moment. In fact, there was utterly no need to explain anymore.

Chen Xinjie realized that he owed her too much. Opposed to Long Yeyue, he married someone else. He had descendants and status. He was standing at the pinnacle of the human world.

On the other hand, what about her? She had been hiding in the depths of Shrek all this time. She did not have anything, not even a descendant. She had spent the rest of her life alone.

In comparison, he knew that he owed her too much.

Under such circumstances, how could he possibly fulfill the agreement between him and the Spirit Pagoda?

Actually, the real mastermind behind the plan executed by Tang Wulin was not Tang Sect’s two Limit Douluos. It was not Elder Long, Yali or even Tang Wulin. It was formulated by the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

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