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The Water Repellant Tang Wulin

The Asiatic Apple Douluo hesitated for a moment before she said, “Although you won’t be fighting against the War Gods in the final three levels of the tests, I must warn you that this is the most difficult part of the test. As a War God, I can’t tell you about the test. I’m only allowed to wait here after bringing all of you to this point. This is the War God Hall’s rule.”

As soon as those words were uttered, the whole group was startled.

Shi Mengshan did not reveal anything, but she was actually warning them that the underground river was dangerous. Moreover, she insinuated that it would be a threat to them.

It was because she knew their capabilities. Nevertheless, she still chose to warn them under such circumstances. Otherwise, their safety would be compromised.

A Ruheng had mentioned earlier that it would not be an issue for him to swim underwater for two to three hours. Despite that, it was still deemed to be dangerous as she hinted. Hence, the danger was not due to the duration of the swim. As to the type of danger, she did not elaborate further. It was apparent that she was refraining from revealing too much.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Alright, thank you for going through the trouble to wait here. We shall head into the water together. Senior brother disciple, please cover the rear while I lead the way in front. Xiaoyan, stay in the center. The rest of you shall stay in the middle and help protect Xiaoyan.”

Shi Mengshan looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment. Her impression of Tang Wulin was that he was not a reckless person! Why did he choose to enter the river with the whole group in tow despite her earlier hint?

She could not help revealing her panicked expression. She was about to say something, but she found it difficult to utter the words.

She had already broken a few rules when she followed the squad from Shrek. Had it not been the Skycrosser Douluo’s leniency, she would not have been allowed to be here at all. Obviously, she was not allowed to elaborate further and expose the War God Hall’s secrets.

A Ruheng chuckled and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. He said, “Don’t worry. My junior brother disciple has never done anything that he’s unsure of. You’re only looking at the tip of an iceberg. Let’s go, junior brother disciple.”

Tang Wulin nodded in salutation toward Shi Mengshan. He then leaped into the river.

Meanwhile, Shi Mengshan witnessed a peculiar scene. At the very moment Tang Wulin entered the water, the river parted on its own as if it was making way for Tang Wulin. He somersaulted in the air and landed firmly on the ground below the water.

The underground river was very deep. It was over ten meters in depth at the entrance. Yet, it felt as if a space had opened up in the river upon Tang Wulin’s arrival.


It was obvious that he had not urged his soul power! He had not utilized any tools either. In fact, large scale soul devices could not be used here.

The rest of the people followed suit. One by one, they entered the underground river after Tang Wulin.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu followed Tang Wulin on both sides of him. The three assault-type soul masters opened the path in front.

Xu Xiaoyan, Ling Zichen, and Xie Xie were behind them. Ling Zichen and Xie Xie protected Xu Xiaoyan who was sandwiched between them. The Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi and the Body Douluo A Ruheng were in charge of bringing up the rear. The eight of them maintained a three-three-two formation as they advanced at full speed.

They were astonished when the surrounding water within a diameter of five meters, with Tang Wulin at its center, had completely vanished. The water was avoiding Tang Wulin intentionally. It moved in accordance with Tang Wulin.

The bottom of the underground river was an uneven rock surface. They were walking at a steady speed. With the space around them being devoid of water, there was adequate air which would last quite a while for them.

Xie Xie was the only person who understood the situation while the rest were shocked.

Among the Shrek Seven Monsters, those who had been with Tang Wulin the longest were especially shocked. They thought that they knew Tang Wulin well enough, but they did not expect him to have such an ability.

He was inherently a water repellant!

Tang Wulin did not explain much as he raised his right hand to summon the Golden Dragon Spear into his grasp. He walked forward with long strides and maintained the running speed of an ordinary person.

Yue Zhengyu raised his right hand and pointed ahead. A bunch of light bands shot out to illuminate the river ahead.

His Holy Light appeared weird and out of the world due to the water’s refraction as they were in an underground river.

It did not take long before Xie Xie said from behind, “I was at this spot earlier. I don’t know the situation beyond here. Please be careful, big brother.”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded and slowed down his walking speed. At the same time, he unleashed his full spiritual power and let his senses and perception spread into the distance.

Why did the water part for him naturally? It was because he was the son of the Sea God!

In the past, he relied on his power to stop the entire army from the Douluo Continent in the sea. Furthermore, he prevented a war from happening at the time.

Such was the situation in the sea, what more of the river before him.

The rivers, lakes, and seas were all seas in the end. As mentioned by Ling Zichen earlier, the underground river would converge with the Ming River, and the sea would be its final destination. In other words, the underground river was connected to the sea.

As the Sea God Child, why should Tang Wulin worry that the river would bring him trouble especially when he had the Sea God’s Trident with him?

For most people, the senses and perception attributes of their spiritual power would diminish in the river. However, in his case, it was the exact opposite. His detection was enhanced a few fold wherever there was water such that his detection prowess would be able to detect much further than before.

Finally, Tang Wulin stopped walking after they covered another thousand meters. Just then, he seemed to have a realization.

“So, that’s the case, huh.”

“What have you discovered?” Yuanen Yehui asked.

Tang Wulin smiled. “I know the test of their sixteenth level. You can’t feel it now because we are not in the water. Actually, there’s already a suction force in the water since the beginning. If we were in the water, we might think of it as the flowing speed of an ordinary underground river. What’s more, the faster the flow speed, the faster we can swim ahead.”

“Even if a Title Douluo were to swim to this spot, it’ll still take some time. Worried about his air consumption, the Title Douluo will try to swim in a hurry. Yet, if he were to swim at full speed, he would be in trouble soon. It’s because the river’s flow will become faster ahead. There’s a deep, humongous hole about two thousand meters away. I don’t know the origin of this deep hole but it’s highly possible that it’s a huge underground spring. The current there is extremely swift such that it formed a gigantic vortex. It would not be easy to struggle free from the vortex. Furthermore, the oxygen in a person’s body will be exhausted in the process of struggling free. That’s where the trouble lies, but I’ve no idea how the War God Hall is going to save the person under such circumstances. The Asiatic Apple Douluo’s warning was true. This place is extremely treacherous.”

Upon listening to Tang Wulin’s explanation, the crowd could not help drawing in a cold breath.

No matter how powerful a person was, as long as he was not a God, he could not possibly fight against nature.

In an underwater world where it was nearly impossible to breathe, how could a person break free when one was churned by a vortex that was inescapable by mankind’s standards? Especially when the person was already exhausted from swimming previously. Perhaps, it would take special talents for a person to pass this level. Besides, it was only possible if the person discovered the problem in advance.

However, one’s spiritual power detection underwater was extremely limited. Hence, it would be even more difficult to detect the danger.

A Ruheng squinted his eyes. “In that case, perhaps three or four of us might make it to the shore if all eight of us were to charge through the level at the same time.”

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