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Supernova Divine Light

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The God Sword Douluo guarded the sky above the arena, so the Emperor Sword Douluo and Yuanen Yehui were on equal footing in a one-on-one battle. It was obvious immediately that the Emperor Sword Douluo was utterly incapable of suppressing Yuanen Yehui despite his cultivation base. It became a battle of strength between two well-matched opponents.

Nan Gongyi took the dragon form and unleashed his third soul skill, the Dragon Travel Thousand Miles! His speed increased exponentially and resulted in a series of phantom shadows as he charged straight at Xu Xiaoyan.

At the same time he was charging toward Xu Xiaoyan, his fourth soul ring shimmered. He threw a punch into the air as he unleashed his fourth soul skill, the Dragon Battle In Wilderness! It was an attack that was aimed at the defense tower.

He understood clearly that he would need to make his way into the attack range of the defense tower in order to attack Xu Xiaoyan. He made a preemptive attempt to evade Xu Xiaoyan’s influence.

A ring of golden light suddenly appeared on the path which he took. Although Nan Gongyi had no idea what it was, he shifted his body instantly and relied on the speed of the Dragon Travel Thousand Miles to deviate from the path and cut out an arc in the sky. Nevertheless, he continued charging toward Xu Xiaoyan.

A loud boom was heard in the sky. The Dragon Battle In Wilderness allowed him to neutralize the defense’s light beam which descended from the sky. Nan Gongyi was already familiar with the strength of the defense. So, he was well prepared to neutralize the attack.

He watched closely as he approached Xu Xiaoyan from the front.

However, he was astonished as the beautiful girl before him was smiling away. In fact, her expression did not change at all. His chest tightened in fear for a moment. Could it be that she had a way to neutralize his attack?

Just as he was trying to assess the situation quickly, a star burned out in the sky. Soon after, a ray of starlight dropped from the sky while Xu Xiaoyan’s fifth soul ring began glowing around her body.

Right away, Nan Gongyi noticed that something was off. He raised his hands hastily and blasted a dragon-form airflow in an attempt to resist the starlight’s illumination.

However, the starlight was completely different from the ones earlier. The moment the starlight dropped from the sky, the surrounding space warped completely in response.

The dragon-form soul power collapsed almost instantly when the starlight landed on Nan Gongyi.

The Haughty Dragon Douluo felt his entire body stiffen for a moment. In reality, he had already sunk into a pitch-black world.

Not a ray of light could be seen, not an ounce of the energy element could be sensed, not even a gulp of air could be breathed. It felt as if he was already placed in a vacuum in that instant.

An intense fear flooded his chest at once. He was completely confused about his current state. Then, he felt the soul power inside his body being drained away at top speed as if the surrounding dark space was engulfing his soul power rapidly.

On the other hand, in the eyes of the audience in the outside world, they could see a ray of starlight casting down from the sky and the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi disappearing from Shrek’s basecamp.

He had vanished without a trace!

What the f--k was going on?

The Demon Guqin Douluo was preparing to launch another control attack because Xu Xiaoyan shifted her attack target and removed her control over him for a moment. Meanwhile, he watched as Nan Gongyi suddenly disappeared.

Xu Xiaoyan looked toward him with a sweet smile on her face. She pointed the Star Staff in her hand toward him.

Mo Zihong felt his hairs stood on end instantly.

Subconsciously, he raised his head and looked toward the sky. Yet, he could not see any starlight appearing in the sky.

Meanwhile, the vision before his eyes dimmed for a moment. A silhouette suddenly appeared before him.

Mo Zihong dished out a slap without hesitation. He did his level best to deliver the slap!


Nan Gongyi screamed out in agony. He was blasted away by the impact of Mo Zihong’s slap. He tumbled over and landed in the distance in a dizzy and confused state.

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. She pointed the Star Staff toward the sky. Rays of dazzling starlight casted down from the sky once again to suppress the entire scene!

At present, the people could finally see the soul rings underneath her feet which amounted to nine. Undoubtedly, she was a Title Douluo too.

In fact, she was a Title Douluo way before Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie.

No one knew what happened on that night. Under the curtain of darkness and the illumination of the dazzling starlight in the sky, she made the successful breakthrough to become a Title Douluo in the observatory built especially for her by Shrek Academy. Her martial soul evolved and mutated into a variant soul of an extremely special entity.

Xu Xiaoyan gave herself a title which she liked a lot. Her title was simple and straightforward. It was the ‘Starry Sky’.

She was the Starry Sky Douluo Xu Xiaoyan. Subsequently, Long Yeyue personally verified Xu Xiaoyan’s soul skills following that day and made a proclamation at the time. The Light Dark Douluo made only one remark!

“The number one control-type soul master under the starry sky!”

It was the description given to Xu Xiaoyan!

The common people were only aware of Tang Wulin’s power as the leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters and Yuanen Yehui’s powerful twin martial souls. In fact, they even learned about the sharpness of the Star God Sword and the unpredictable changes of the Space-Time Dragon. They knew about the Holy Sacrifice of the Holy Angel martial soul and the food-type Title Douluo with the steamed buns martial soul.

Yet, the public hardly knew that there was such a person reputed to be the number one control-type Title Douluo in the Shrek Seven Monsters!

If Xu Xiaoyan was described as a person who was constantly overshadowed by her comrades in the past, she was now a completely different person. She was capable of linking up her comrades such that the Shrek Seven Monsters operated as a complete whole.

Sometime ago, during Shrek Academy’s enrollment day, Xu Xiaoyan had yet to achieve breakthrough to the Title Douluo stage. If the seven-on-seven battle were to take place then, she would certainly be one of the eliminated soul masters from Shrek Academy.

After becoming the Starry Sky Douluo, she had become more powerful and her control ability was unparalleled. She was capable of turning day into night with just a thought.

It was her fifth soul skill, the Supernova Divine Light!

It was an incomparably powerful control-type soul skill. She used the energy produced from a supernova to transport the opponent into a vacuum. The opponent’s power would be extracted in the vacuum and transferred to a location determined by Xu Xiaoyan within a hundred meters. When she used her Star Staff to aim at the opponent earlier, it was to achieve such a purpose.

What was used to gauge a person’s strength? It was precisely the display of one’s real strength. It was the strength which belonged only to Xu Xiaoyan!

The Supernova Divine Light was her fifth soul skill. It was considered a divine skill for a control-type soul master. The Supernova Divine Light had a terrifying advantage. Apart from its absolute immobility effect, it also paid no heed to the enemy’s defense.

The starlight in the sky was derived from Xu Xiaoyan’s seventh soul skill. It was the Dazzling Starry Sky Domain. As soon as the domain was formed, a total of one hundred and eight stars appeared in the night sky. Before all the stars burned out, the Supernova Divine could be utilized continuously. Each time it was unleashed, it would result in the burnout of a star.

In other words, Xu Xiaoyan could utilize the Supernova Divine Light for a hundred and eight times in total. Before she exhausted all the hundred and eight attempts, it would be utterly impossible for anyone to hurt her.

By relying on the amplification of the Dazzling Starry Sky Domain in addition to her third soul skill, the Dazzling Starlight and her fifth soul skill, the Supernova Divine Light, she could exercise control over the entire battle.

Although there was only Yuanen Yehui on the battlefield other than herself at the moment, she was fearless. For the first time, the Starry Sky Douluo Xu Xiaoyan displayed her topmost control abilities to the people in the world.

“Defeat her by all means!” The idea emerged in Mo Zihong’s mind at the moment.

The control-type young maiden was truly terrifying. He could understand how powerful the opponent’s control abilities were because he was a control-type soul master too.

Such powerful control abilities were simply unprecedented. He must finish off the opponent quickly. Otherwise, they would be in deep trouble in this battle.

He cladded his battle armor instantly and unleashed his battle armor domain without the slightest hesitation. A deep melodious rhythm was heard resonating throughout the entire scene such that everything in the spacious base camp slowed down.

The melodious rhythm produced by the domain could not be broken by any means. It could not be stopped even if Mo Zihong was under another person’s control. Simultaneously, the Demon Guqin Mo Zihong had an outburst.

His fingers continued to pluck the strings of the Demon Guqin. Ripples of soundwaves burst forth and shattered the starlights in succession. With the amplification of his battle armor, the starlights shooting down at the God Sword Douluo and the Emperor Sword Douluo in the distance were also resisted.

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