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The Giant Tremor

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The Haughty Dragon Douluo was stunned upon witnessing the scene from afar. What was happening?

They were familiar with the location which included the attack range and the defense tower in the basecamp. Hence, the Emperor Sword Douluo and the God Sword Douluo were careful not to be in the defense tower’s range when they entered the basecamp. In his opinion, their timing was perfect.

Moreover, they had the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong’s control ability to weaken the opponents. He expected the two opponents to only last a few rounds before the battle concluded.

However, the few rays of starlight which descended from the sky changed everything. In fact, they did not even manage to acclimate to the situation before they were disrupted by the starlight.

Actually, the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong was in the most unfortunate situation. The strings of his Guqin had snapped. His martial soul stopped functioning naturally, and he was injured by the backfire. The feeling of being halted as if someone had pressed the ‘stop’ button was truly unpleasant to bear.

His continuous melody was suddenly broken. Even though it was momentary, he had to start all over and begin from the top. There was nothing he could do to continue.

He thought he could control his opponents easily with the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi shielding him. On the contrary, he did not expect such an occurrence.

Whether it was him, the God Sword Douluo, or the Emperor Sword Douluo, they were all puzzled at present. The starlight from earlier, what sort of ability was that? It obviously did not possess an attacking ability, yet they were immobilized.

The punches pushed back the God Sword Douluo and the Emperor Sword Douluo. Yuanen Yehui did not stop there. The aura on her body swelled abruptly, and her body enlarged instantly as well.

She unleashed the two great soul skills of the Diamond Titan and the Devil Titan in succession to boost her aura. Her first soul rings glowed soon after to unleash the Titan Strength. A yellow radiance surged around her body as she threw her double punches again.

The punches were thrown in opposite directions. It was the Cloud Vortex Divine Punch.

Just as she unleashed the double punches, the starlight in the sky transformed once again. Three rays of starlight descended from the sky, taking aim at the three persons respectively.

This time, the three Title Douluos were already prepared. The Demon Guqin Douluo unleashed a soundwave into the sky which transformed into a light screen to shield against the starlight. The Emperor Sword Douluo and the God Sword Douluo managed to catch a brief respite.

The married couple had good teamwork, and they understood each other well without having to communicate verbally. The Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu’s eyes glittered with a divine radiance. He made a forward cut with his Emperor Sword which produced an irregular dancing sword’s shadow. On the other hand, the God Sword Douluo’s sword emitted an intense radiance which soared into the sky to churn the two starlight rays.

They did not have the courage to brace the starlight’s hit anymore. The feeling of being controlled by someone upon being struck was definitely unpleasant.

The most terrifying part of Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Staff was its lethal manifestation. No matter how formidable one’s resistance was, one would be under its control when one was hit. The only way to evade the control was by breaking the attack or avoiding it at all cost.

Moving at the speed of light, the starlight was almost impossible to avoid. Thus, they needed to use extremely powerful soul skills to break it.

It was no easy feat to break the light. The starlight’s penetration was exceedingly powerful. With the elevation of Xu Xiaoyan’s cultivation base, the opponent needed a three-fold increase in soul power in order to resist the rays of the Dazzling Starlight casted by her. Furthermore, there were more than three rays of the Dazzling Starlight!

“Crack!” The sound akin to a cloth being ripped was heard. The vortex was cut up by the Emperor Sword, but in the next moment, the Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu felt an explosive gush of turbulent air in front of his face instantly.

The vortex a moment ago was as predictable as the chaotic explosion which followed. When the two vortices, initially spinning in two different directions, were broken, they were akin to two detonated bombs. They produced an exceedingly terrifying explosive force in an instant.

Long Tianwu had no choice but to use the sword’s shadow to shade himself to resist the chaotic air turbulence.

At the same time, the God Sword Douluo was rendered utterly incapable of helping her husband. Large stretches of starlight began to descend from the sky following the two rays of starlight. The starlight shot toward the four Title Douluos like a shooting cannon.

The starlight was so dense that not only the Demon Guqin Douluo but even the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi had no choice but to join in the attacks. He hurled his punches which were accompanied by the sound of a dragon’s roar.

The Haughty Dragon Douluo’s martial soul was rather peculiar. It was not the martial soul of a true dragon but a special entity which was similar to the dragon souls that Tang Wulin encountered in the Dragon Clan’s graveyard in the past.

When the Haughty Dragon Douluo’s martial soul awakened, he received the acceptance of a dragon soul which transformed itself into his martial soul.

As a result, his battle technique was unsophisticated but filled with the Dragon Clan’s aura. Every single one of his nine soul skills was accompanied by the Dragon Clan’s ability. However, he was incapable of transforming into a true dragon when he unleashed his martial soul avatar. It was only a dragon possession which could not even produce dragon scales.

Despite lacking in the Dragon Clan’s powerful defense, his spiritual level was slightly more powerful than those having ordinary true dragon martial souls.

His fists were his best weapons. Each punch which was thrown took the form of a dragon.

Each time the stars in the sky glimmered, a ray of starlight descended and shot toward one of the four Title Douluos.

Similarly, even the Demon Guqin Douluo who was a control-type soul master felt shocked. ‘She has such a powerful control ability. Not only is it difficult to resist her starlight, more importantly, I’ll definitely be under her control if I’m hit!’

It was fine to be under her control, yet the opposing team had a powerful assault-type soul master. He could tell that the married couple, the Emperor Sword Douluo and the God Sword Douluo were having difficulties coping with the opponent’s assault.

None of them had expected that a soul master with such powerful control abilities lay hidden among the Shrek Seven Monsters. On the other hand, the surprise had directly affected the group battle. At the very least, nothing was as simple as they imagined. It was more complicated than they had expected. Thus, the battle would drag on.

At present, waves of loud booming noises were heard coming from the distance. Apparently, the sounds were produced from the collision between Tang Wulin and the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue. The arena shook furiously once in a while, and it shook them to the core.

One more person from the opposing team had yet to appear on the battlefield. On the other hand, it was highly probable that a new member would be added to the opposing team. They would need to finish off the opposing team quickly.

“Nan Gongyi!” The Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu shouted at Nan Gongyi.

They had been companions for many years, so their teamwork was very good. There was no need for words. Nan Gongyi was equally aware of her role.

According to the soul master’s law, the more powerful the soul master’s control ability was, the weaker his or her defense and attacking abilities were.

The best way to cope with the opponents’ assaults was to finish off the opposing team’s control-type soul master first.

When the Emperor Sword Douluo shouted Nan Gongyi’s name, he shook the Emperor Sword in his hand once. A gush of powerful, heavy, and boundless sword’s consciousness burst forth instantly while the sixth soul ring on his body glowed brightly. It was the Sovereign Descent of the Emperor Sword!

The silhouette of a man wearing a crown emerged behind Long Tianwu. It descended upon them with the incomparably powerful overbearingness of a sovereign as if it was trying to crush the mighty lord of heaven. The Emperor Sword enlarged and casted a terrifying shadow over ten meters long. It descended from the sky and went straight toward Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui was calm and composed. The fifth soul ring on her body glowed brightly. A yellow layer of strange crystal glow enshrouded her entire body and made her shine peculiarly. All of a sudden, she roared in rage.

“Boom…” Violent tremors burst forth from her body abruptly. In that instant, her height which was less than ten meters initially suddenly grew to a hundred meters. The terrifying tremor radiated throughout the entire arena such that Nan Gongyi was affected despite being quite far away.

The Emperor Douluo felt the Sovereign Descent being swept by a violent storm. The Emperor Sword swayed in the storm and slowed down at once.

On the other hand, the enlarged Yuanen Yehui only lasted for a moment. In the next moment, she delivered another round of Cloud Vortex Divine Punch to blast away the Emperor Sword.

It was the Titan Giant Ape’s fifth soul skill known as the Giant Tremor.

Yuanen Yehui seldom unleashed this soul skill because the original Giant Tremor consumed a lot of her soul power. The soul power consumption no longer exhausted her when she became a Title Douluo. Her soul core could circulate easily to replenish her soul power. When she unleashed this attack, it immediately shocked all the four War Gods.

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