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Demon Dragon’s Instant Kill

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Like a beam of bright light, Tang Wulin landed on the ground and arrived at the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi’s side. They took one glance at each other, and Sima Jinchi said, “It’s right in front of us. I think that it’s still in a deep sleep. Let’s see how I’m going to wake it.”

As he was speaking, Sima Jinchi leaped up and flew to the top of a huge tree. He waved his hands and soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Surprisingly, all nine of his rings were black. However, it was even more ghastly that his black soul rings were quite different from ordinary ten-thousand-year soul rings. There was an additional layer of faint golden striations on the surface of his rings.

This was not an ordinary trait for soul rings as it was due to Tang Wulin’s nourishment.

Yes, it was entirely due to Tang Wulin.

Sima Jinchi’s body was the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber while Tang Wulin possessed the Dragon God’s bloodline. Even though the Golden Dragon King was only a portion of the Dragon God, it was also the purest form. As a result, Sima Jinchi was naturally nourished by Tang Wulin as the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber. Under such circumstances, his cultivation base was elevating continuously. At the same time, the quality of Dragon Clan’s Power Saber was also in a gradual recovery process.

Moreover, the Power Saber was sharpened by the grindstone, the Golden Dragon Spear. This resulted in the continuous enhancement of these two great divine weapons.

Sima Jinchi’s nine black soul rings were on display. Sima Jinchi stood aloof on the top of the tree majestically, surrounded by the faint golden striations. He looked almost like he was unstoppable.

He held the Dragon Slaying Saber in his right hand and waved it in the air abruptly.

At once, the sky and the ground around them changed color. The illusionary shadow of a black dragon could be faintly seen not too far in front of him. In the next moment, the black dragon was cut into two halves.

Not a sound was heard, but the War Gods that were watching the battle from the outside felt an intense suppressive feeling on their chests upon witnessing the scene. It felt as if they had endured a violent spiritual assault.

What was that?

At that moment, an enraged dragon’s roar came echoing from the front.

There was a valley in the center of the dark forest, and all the plants inside it were black. In fact, even some rocks were black as well. In the deepest end of this black as ink world, a gigantic dragon’s head was raised at the sound of the furious roar.

It had sensed the aura coming from Dragon Slaying Saber.

Sima Jinchi had already broken through his limits at this point and he had successfully become a Title Douluo. His cultivation base had elevated to a far higher level than it had been.

A Ruheng had cultivated the Golden Dragon Body, so how could Sima Jinchi continue to be a match for him if he did not possess sufficiently potent abilities?

A Ruheng dared not endure a blow from Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Clan’s Power Saber form, despite his Golden Dragon Arhat level. This showed the power of a divine weapon.

1The powerful hold the Dragon Slaying Saber had over the Dragon Clan was obvious. The Darkness Demon Dragon’s raging roar turned into a cry that was a combination of surprise and bewilderment at once. This was because it could clearly sense how terrifying the approaching enemy was.

Even so, this was its territory. In its simulated consciousness, it was supposed to destroy all humans that invaded its land without exception. As a result, a massive silhouette slowly arose from the gigantic dragon’s cave.

The Darkness Demon Dragon was entirely black as ink. After reaching a cultivation base of one hundred thousand years, it had grown to a total of one hundred meters from head to tail. Its enormous wings were spread open and its entire body was emitting purple and black smog. The virulent smog was highly corrosive. This was also the reason this entire patch of forest was tainted with that black colour.

A terrifying aura arose from its body, and the Darkness Demon Dragon flapped its wings and flew up from its cave.

Sima Jinchi raised his head and let out a roar into the sky. He raised the Dragon Slaying Saber high into the air as his nine soul rings shimmered on his body.

The Darkness Demon Dragon had spotted him. It immediately gave out a brazen roar.

Of course, it was capable of sensing the immense threat radiating from the Dragon Slaying Saber and the enemy’s hostility. However, it was utterly incapable of being timid as any hesitation would mean its death. As a result, it was going to spare no effort in fighting the enemy and it would fight to achieve victory regardless.

Moreover, the Dragon Slaying Saber held the incredible dominance and destructive power of the Dragon Clan, but one should never forget that it was a part of the Dragon God’s horn. This meant that it was also highly nutritious to the Dragon Clan.

Even though the War God Hall had simulated the one-hundred-thousand-year Darkness Demon Dragon using various methods, it was still capable of sensing that if it could fuse with the saber in the human’s hand, it would transform in an unimaginable way. Perhaps, it would stand a chance of breaking free of this plane.

As a result, the Darkness Demon Dragon’s gaze carried a certain amount of fear as it paid close attention to Sima Jinchi, but it was also filled with greed.

“Roar!” There was another roar, and the Darkness Demon Dragon spat out a mouthful of black dragon’s breath at Sima Jinchi.

Meanwhile, Sima Jinchi smiled at this exact moment.

If he had been by himself, he would still be confident enough to defeat this Darkness Demon Dragon. After all, the Dragon Slaying Saber’s suppression was impressive enough. He would just need a very long time to best the creature. In any case, he was not all by himself!

Other than himself, the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber, there was also the true overlord of the Dragon Clan!

A silhouette silently emerged from Sima Jinchi’s back. Sima Jinchi t----t the Dragon Slaying Saber in his hand forward and cut the dark miasm in half. He leaped up, and a faint light of nine colors burst forth.

Dazzling golden battle armor covered Tang Wulin’s entire body, and a golden radiance was shooting out from his eyes.

His suit of armor was still three-word battle armor. Not a single piece of four-word armor was on his body, but the air that surrounded his body had still condensed into an almost solid form.

His right hand grabbed at the air, and the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi transformed into a giant saber that landed into his palm. He had been keeping his Golden Dragon King aura concealed, but it gushed out like an unexpected storm at this very moment. He unleashed it into his surroundings.

The Darkness Demon Dragon spat out a mouthful of its putrid breath. It had been prepared to launch an all-out attack earlier, yet it felt like its blood was going to freeze as soon as the aura abruptly blew against its face.

It had been suppressed instantly by a superior power and could not move at all.

The formidable Beast God Di Tian’s cultivation base was close to one million years when its bloodline had been suppressed by Tang Wulin to a certain level. This Darkness Demon Dragon only had a cultivation base of one hundred thousand years.

In this War God Battlefield, the only soul beast more powerful was the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King. When the Darkness Demon Dragon was confronted by the two-fold suppression of the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber and the Golden Dragon King Bloodline, it felt like it was even about to lose its ability to fly.

The space that surrounded the Darkness Demon Dragon suddenly warped violently, trapping it completely.

A dazzling radiance of nine colors flashed past in an instant, leaving behind a splendid yet piercing glowing stream in the sky.

Darkness Demon Dragon’s gaze turned dull almost immediately. It was floating in the air without moving at all. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had landed on the other side of the valley. The Dragon Slaying Saber in his hand had already turned back into the Gale Saber Demon Sima JinchI.

A stream of golden striations shimmering with a nine-colored light appeared on the Darkness Demon Dragon’s forehead. It continued down from there to its neck, chest, abdomen and all the way to its tail.

Soon after, rays of the nine-colored light burst forth from the golden striations.

“Boom!” The Darkness Demon Dragon’s massive body exploded with a loud, violent boom, and a burst of glowing purple-black mist spread out of it.

The entire War God Battlefield shook violently. A voice that sounded as if it came from the lord of Heaven and Earth echoed down from the sky.

“The Darkness Demon Dragon has already been killed.”

The purple-black mist dispersed off into all directions and diffused into the surroundings.

In the War God Battlefield, in the forest on the War God Hall’s team side, the Skycrosser Douluo was killing the soul beasts rapidly when he stopped moving. There was an incredulous look in his eyes.

What was happening?

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