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The Bet

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“What’s wrong with you? You wish to take advantage of us when you win and refuse to pay when you lose. How is that acceptable? Do you have no shame?” Vast Sun Douluo was already exasperated. As the first War God, he had already lost count of how long it had been since he was as furious as today.

“That’s the case huh?” A Ruheng frowned. “Your War God Hall is so fussy and calculative. That is out of my expectation.”

Vast Sun Douluo’s face had already turned green with rage upon listening to A Ruheng’s words. Even Shi Mengshan could not stand to see the proceedings of the situation anymore and strenuously shook A Ruheng’s arm.

A Ruheng took a glance at her and saw the exasperation in her eyes. Then he chuckled and said, “Alright, alright. Due to the respect for my wife, we will be forced to repay with the same amount of rare metal if your side wins.”

Ao Rui said, “We don’t want rare metals. If your side loses, forge a set of four-word battle armor for our War God Hall.”

This was indeed the reason why he was so caught up in the bet with A Ruheng!

Even though rare metals were expensive, as the gathering ground for the most powerful powerhouses in the federation, War God Hall had abundant resources. They were actually lacking in four-word battle armors!

As the first War God, he was only second to the Hall Master. If they were to receive a set of four-word battle armor, then it would undoubtedly be given to him.

A Ruheng raised his eyebrows. “Hey, do you think that I have a moronic mind just because I have well-developed limbs? I’m still capable of calculating a little. Can you compare a set of four-word battle armor to a few pieces of rare metals?”

‘A few pieces of rare metals? Your proposal is for a few tonnes!’ Even though Ao Rui’s heart was burning with rage, he had already calmed down. He had no choice but to remain calm because the matter was related to a four-word battle armor.

“What do you suggest then?” Ao Rui coldly asked.

A Ruheng said, “Twenty types of rare metals, ten tonnes each.”

“You are…” The word ‘d*mned’ was rolling on Ao Rui’s tongue but he could not bring himself to say it. Had it not been his inability to defeat the opponent, he would never be so polite and would have asked for a high price already.

“Don’t you think that a four-word battle armor is worth the price?”

One of the reasons why Blacksmith’s Association was the wealthiest association in the federation that was only second to the Spirit Pagoda was because of the extremely high cost of high grade forged metal.

Of course, A Ruheng was obviously asking for a high price since the beginning. Yet, it was true that the value of one set four-word battle armor was almost worthy of that price.

Ao Rui was feeling more and more disgusted by this man. If he was given an opportunity, he wanted to slap this man to death!

“That’s impossible,” said Ao Rui coldly.

“Forget it then.” A Ruheng drew back wisely in the face of overwhelming odds. He shifted his gaze back to the large screen and watched the competition that had just begun. He acted as if nothing had happened at all.

On the other hand, Vast Sun Douluo felt like he had punched onto cotton and had nowhere to vent his pent up anger. He was feeling extremely unpleasant.

Tang Sect and Shrek would certainly have rare metal resources, yet it was true that War God Hall could not make their four-word battle armor!

Ao Rui’s obsession with four-word battle armor was naturally the most persistent because he was already getting close to becoming a Limit Douluo. In fact, he was even under the assumption that he was missing that tiny bit of juncture that resulted in his inability to break through to the Limit Douluo rank. On the other hand, he could almost confirm that the tiny bit of juncture would come if he possessed a set of four-word battle armor.

Why did he bother to exhaust himself to persuade and quarrel? He had even silently swallowed insult and humiliation for the four-word battle armor? After all this, the man on the opposite side just said ‘forget it’ and ended everything just like that? Yet, there was nothing he could do. He was going to be infuriated to death!

Ao Rui’s chest was heaving while his fists were tightly clenched. It felt as if he was going to have an outburst in the very next moment.

Meanwhile, War God Nine Thunder Flame Douluo Jiang Zhanheng came to his side. His lips hummed as he whispered something to Ao Rui.

Ao Rui’s expression relaxed down upon listening to his words. ‘That’s right! I must be thrown into confusion because I was too concerned.’

Jiang Zhanheng’s words to him were very simple. It had only consisted of a few words. “They can’t possibly win.”

The words enlightened Ao Rui at once. No matter how high the bet was, it would be meaningless as long as the opponent could not win, right? On the other hand, he could acquire a set of four-word battle armor with ease.

He could now clearly see the whole situation. The baldie on the opposite side appeared to be wise yet it was utterly meaningless for him to make such wise judgment when his side did not possess sufficient abilities.

Ao Rui’s emotions were much calmer after these thoughts. He spoke with a deep voice, “Alright, Body Douluo. We shall accept the bet. I am representing the War God Hall to consent to the conditions proposed by you.”

A Ruheng darted him a look. “Consenting? What if I don’t feel like making the bet anymore? What if your side decides to cheat in the competition, what am I going to do?”

“That’s enough!” Shi Mengshan could not refrain herself anymore. She came from the War God Hall after all so she could not bear to see this person insulting her organization in such a manner.

A Ruheng rubbed his head and said in a slightly awkward manner, “Alright, alright. Don’t be angry, wifey. Your wish is my command. It’s not that bad for us to be at a slight disadvantage. Let’s make the bet according to the proposal earlier. They will keep their promise, right?”

Shi Mengshan glared at him. “Shut up. The competition has begun. Let’s watch closely.”

Vast Sun Douluo’s state of mind that had just calmed down with great effort went amok. This man had almost driven him to rage despite acting like a docile little lamb before Shi Mengshan. It was simply…

The people shifted their gaze toward the large screen at present. The bet was already set. The victory and defeat would be determined by this ongoing competition.

Vast Sun Douluo was in a better mood after he shifted his gaze to look toward the large screen and watched the competition taking place in War God Battlefield. He fully believed that the opposing team would not stand a chance at winning at all.

He could see that Shrek Academy’s team was branched out into three paths. Ling Zichen took the middle path alone while two people took each of the left and right paths. They adopted a two-one-two formation.

The expressions on the numerous War Gods’ faces relaxed even more upon seeing the formation. It was clear that these people were not that familiar with the War God Battlefield!

On the other hand, it was the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong that took the middle path from War God Hall’s team. The husband and wife team, Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu and God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun took the right path which was meant to control Shrek’s right path.

The person taking the left side was War God Eight, Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi. On the other hand, Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue had already dove into the forest.

Guan Yue’s martial soul was a spear, it was the Skycrosser Divine Spear. Back then his Skycrosser Divine Spear was equally famous as the Sea God’s Pavilion Master Yun Ming from Shrek Academy and they were known as the Double-heaven Divine Spear.

It was only that Yun Ming’s growing speed was truly too fast afterward. His cultivation base was elevating rapidly such that he had soon surpassed Guan Yue. Yun Ming became the number one powerhouse in the world while the moniker of Double-heaven Divine Spear faded from people’s memories.

However, one could imagine Guan Yue’s abilities as he was capable of cultivating to the Limit Douluo-rank.

He unleashed the Skycrosser Divine Spear and wielded it unrestrainedly as soon as he entered the forest. The soul beasts turned into the radiance that dissipated wherever he passed and shot toward the rest of the four War Gods fusing into their bodies that were spread out in all directions.

This was the standard combat method used by the War God Hall’s numerous War Gods in the War God Battlefield. The main control soul master would be overseeing in the center of the field and coordinated with the entire team’s effort. As for the other two paths, two people would be in charge of breaking through and harassing on one path and the other path was guarded firmly. The other remaining War God would be in charge of clearing the soul beasts in the forest. The War God would kill the soul beasts to enhance his team’s overall ability. When their overall ability was amplified to a certain level, they would look for the opposing team’s flaws and gather their strength for the breakthrough. They would suppress the opposing team while simultaneously killing the soul beasts in the opposing region to pull apart the cultivation disparity between the two teams and finally win the competition in one go.

The numerous War Gods had been working together with one another for a long time so one could imagine the level of their coordination. Guan Yue was cleaning up the soul beasts with an incomparably swift speed.

On the other hand, just as the few War Gods including the Vast Sun Doulu had a proud expression on their faces, they watched as Tang Wulin had also bored into the forest. However, they soon witnessed a scene that bewildered them.

They could not help being startled upon witnessing the Overlord Dragon rise from the ground with its incomparably huge and tall silhouette as it displayed its incomparably overbearing posture. They watched as a golden dragon shot out and flew toward the other patch of forest.

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