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Will We Win?

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“Hmm.” Su Mengjun nodded.

The two great War Gods remained quiet on the river bank. They unleashed their spiritual power to sense the energy fluctuation coming from the distance.

On the other hand, the numerous War Gods from the War God Hall and the rest of the people from Shrek in the War God Battlefield were also watching the competition through the large screen at the moment.

There were only Strength God Body Douluo A Ruheng, Xie Xie, and Yue Zhengyu that remained here to watch the battle from Shrek’s side in reality. Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan were left waiting upstairs.

Naturally, there were a few War Gods from the opposite side that joined them to watch the battle as well. At the moment, War God One Vast Sun Douluo had already become invigorated after recuperating for a while. However, he was still looking at Body Douluo A Ruheng with a strange gaze.

There was even helplessness and rage in his eyes when he saw the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan standing beside A Ruheng with a content look on her face.

War God Hall had never been suppressed in such a manner before. Some came looking for a fight at their place. Not only had they been losing all the time, even War God One had lost and a War God was even taken as the opponent’s wife. This was a case where they gained nothing but rather had double the loss.

There were also the hard feelings that Ao Rui had in his heart.

Not just him, but the few other War Gods that had lost the competition were not in a good mood either. They were casting an obviously hostile look at Shrek’s side.

They placed all of their hopes into the five-on-five battle happening in War God Battlefield now.

In their perception, the Deputy Hall Master Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue’s decision was excellent. Even though Guan Yue was a Limit Douluo, Tang Wulin had a history of challenging Limit Douluos in the past. They did not have the confidence to say that Guan Yue would win for sure if there really was a fight.

They came to a full realization that the visitors from Shrek did not bear friendly intentions after witnessing A Ruheng’s display of strength. They became vigilant and cautious. If they were to continue to engage in one-on-one battles, they were almost certain that they would lose even more at the end. This was equal to War God Hall losing to Shrek Academy and Tang Sect! None of the older generation powerhouses from the opposing side came, but only the younger generation. They were almost the most powerful lineup from War God Hall other than the missing Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. The disparity between the two sides was rather huge.

The group battle was different on the other hand. If they could achieve victory in this round, they would be acquiring a victory equal to five rounds. Even if they could not be described as gaining a complete victory over all the battles, they were at least not at a disadvantage.

Hence, they were filled with anticipation and confidence for this group battle.

This was the War God Hall’s homecourt! They would never believe that they could still lose despite being in a favorable situation. It was the opponent’s first time in the War God Battlefield and they had yet to familiarize themselves with everything here. If the War God Hall were to lose despite all this, then they would truly bring shame upon themselves.

A Ruheng had been observing the situation in War God Battlefield all this time. He had been watching with close attention since Tang Wulin brought his team to explore the place. The competition finally began at present.

They could clearly see the movements of both sides through the large screen.

“Dear, do you think we will win?” A Ruheng asked Shi Mengshan by his side. He had been holding Asiatic Apple Douluo’s hand ever since he brought her back to their side. Shi Mengshan had actually attempted to struggle quietly for a few times, but how could she possibly fight against A Ruheng in strength.

However, it was precisely due to this action of A Ruheng that allowed her to sense his deep affection for her. As a result, she did not struggle anymore and allowed A Ruheng to hold her hand just as such.

At present, Shi Mengshan took a glance at him upon listening to his question for her and shook her head. “You won’t.”

A Ruheng cracked into a smile. “That’s not for certain. I’m very confident in my junior disciple brother.”

Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui had naturally overheard their conversation on the opposite side. He could not help scoffing coldly. “That’s just overconfidence. Don’t forget that this is our base.”

A Ruheng chuckled. “Why don’t we make a bet then? You’re the first War God, right? I believe that you must have massive financial reserves. My wife is a member of your War God Hall so you’re going to be gifting some dowry when she gets married right? Why don’t we make a bet on the dowry? If your side loses then you must give a good dowry for my wife. I’m not asking for too much. It will suffice as long as there are a few tonnes of all types of rare metals. I’ll be asking my junior disciple brother to make my wife a customized set of four-word battle armor later as my gift for her.”

Shi Mengshan could not help feeling shy and infuriated when she heard this shameless man addressing her as his wife. Just as she was about to reprimand him, her scolding words got stuck in her throat at once when she heard him say that he was going to give her a set of four-word battle armor.

At her cultivation base and age, there were not many things in this world that could attract her eyes. However, a four-word battle armor was undoubtedly one of the most attractive possessions for her. Especially after she changed her cultivation method. Her three-word battle armor could albeit allow her to wield the powerful weapon but she was incapable of sustaining the effort for a long time. However, it would be completely different if her battle armor could be upgraded to four-word battle armor. Shi Mengshan was very confident in herself.

She raised her head to take a glance at the man by her side who was much taller than herself. She could not help feeling warm and fuzzy in her heart. Even though she was only acquainted with the man for a short period of time, he treated her so well. At least, no other man had treated her so dearly in her life.

Perhaps, she made an impulsive choice. However, Asiatic Apple Douluo did not have the slightest regrets for her choice at the time.

She was feeling warm and fuzzy but the Vast Sun Douluo was infuriated on the opposite side.

‘What do you mean by gifting a few tonnes of all types of rare metals? Do you think that rare metals are as abundant as Chinese cabbages? We don’t have anything to spare in our place either!’ He was even more infuriated by Shi Mengshan’s attitude. In fact, the numerous War Gods on his side had a change of countenance after listening to A Ruheng’s words. Their hostility had actually reduced.

A Ruheng appeared to be an extremely crude man yet every word spoken from his mouth was straight to the core. ‘We can make our own four-word battle armor and we can make it for anyone we want. Can you?’

Ever since Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua’s health deteriorated, it had already been a very long time since a new set of four-word battle armor was produced on the continent. On the other hand, they saw these armors on the people from Shrek this time. It was easy to see the significance of this matter. Besides, Tang Wulin’s identity as the Divine Craftsman was no longer a secret.

Shi Mengshan would get a four-word battle armor just by marrying into their side. This thought had moved the numerous War Gods. They realized that it would be hopeless for them to possess a four-word battle armor in case they offended Shrek and Tang Sect.

A Ruheng’s words weakened their imposing manners.

“You’re demanding too much. Do you think rare metals can be acquired so easily?” Ao Rui furiously said.

A Ruheng frowned. “So it turns out that your War God Hall is so poor huh! You can’t even procure a few tonnes of rare metals to give a War God as a wedding gift.”

Ao Rui inhaled a deep breath. He came to the realization that he was incapable of winning in a battle of words against this man. “There are many uncertainties. If Asiatic Apple Douluo is really willing to marry you, we can allow her to choose a few types of rare metals that suit her needs for the battle armor. Of course, the prerequisite is that all of you must win first.”

Ao Rui would still need to show due respect for Shi Mengshan because they had been colleagues for so many years after all. Moreover, he was confident that Shrek would not win for sure.

“Alright, then it is set,” A Ruheng said without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“What if your side loses?” Vast Sun Douluo coldly said.

A Ruheng spoke with a strong sense of righteousness as if he had given up many gains for this, “Then we won’t ask for dowry anymore.”

“What?” Vast Sun Douluo almost vomited blood from rage. This man was shameless. He had abilities that could rival a Limit Douluo! How could he be so shameless!

‘What do you mean by you won’t ask for dowry anymore? By making this bet, it’s your advantage if you win but you lose nothing in either case?’

“What’s wrong with that?” A Ruheng asked with an astonished expression. It felt as if everything he had just said what he was thinking in his mind. A person that was not especially close to him would not be able to see the slightest flaw from his expression.

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